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Xbox One Console with Kinect
Xbox One Console with Kinect
Price: £389.00

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4.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant console, 2 Dec 2013
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
having bought the xbox one, on release day i was relieved not to have any issues with it! it was fast and easy to set up, and all though the game instillations took forever, i was playing games within no time. now onto more specific details:

(1) the console itself:
its well built and very quiet, doesn't overheat due to the power brick (not an issue really). graphics wise, it can run games at 1080p (Forza5) the majority for the time being don't run at 1080, and to be honest its early days for the console so there is no reason to worry that native 1080p wont become a reality!. storage wise the console has 500gb and has mandatory game installations, and with games up to 50gb the hard drive will fill up fairly quickly.

(2) The use interface:
the UI is great, finally a good use for the 'windows8' layout as it is easy to navigate and see all of your games,apps and films etc. with kinect, navigating around the console is fast and easy (however if you chose not to use kinect, your experience isn't being limited). the new UI is far more advanced than its predecessor, with the ability to 'snap' any app,film or television show with ease!

(3) The controller and Kinect:
the controller is really good. feels great when holding it, the triggers and new thumbsticks are far better than the 360's as well as the improved dpad. the controller has a long battery life (compared to the Dualshock4) and after trying both controllers this is the better one. the Kinect, is much better than the 1st one. although i only use it for voice commands, and not any of the games, i cannot give a full review on it. however on games such as ryse and deadrising 3, the ability to command your troops or distract zombies is a nice feature and as the console develops im sure Kinect will become even better with a further expansion on voice commands etc.

(4)The games:
in my opinion the strongest launch since the original xbox. Ryse is a brilliant and beautiful game, DR3 is fun and impressive with the amount of zombies and Forza is by far the best racing sim i have played in a while. with great games already at launch, and highly anticipated games next year, it is truly a great time to be a gamer!

(5) The negatives:
the Kinect sometimes will pause a game/select something if i'm talking to someone or playing a video, this is a little irritating, but the kinect is optional so it wont effect everyone. the console is big, although well built compared with the PS4 it is much larger. currently you cannot view storage space to manage games easily, but im sure they will add it eventually. ALOT of the features sit behind a pay wall/require internet which for some people can be an issue but we never know is microsoft will change this. finally the price, i understand the Kinect is the reason for this but it is more expensive than its compettetor.

overall rating 7/10
while this is a great console, and i'm having lots of fun, there are noticeable flaws that the system has. however i have no doubt that this was not the right console for me, if you enjoy great games, films and Tv then this is the console for you

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