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Konica Minolta Dimage E500 Digital Camera [5Mp, 3x Optical, 2" LCD]
Konica Minolta Dimage E500 Digital Camera [5Mp, 3x Optical, 2" LCD]

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2.0 out of 5 stars Terrible Battery Life, 30 Jan 2008
This camera was a present so its hard to gripe about it without feeling a little guilty but it truly has an appalling battery life. I could hardly turn it on and take a picture without it flashing red, even with high quality batteries. The pictures were of a decent standard but hardly worth the trauma when so many photo opportunities were missed.

Naked Empire: 8 (Sword of Truth)
Naked Empire: 8 (Sword of Truth)
by Terry Goodkind
Edition: Paperback
Price: £9.99

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2.0 out of 5 stars No plot spoilers included..., 4 Nov 2004
To be honest, as harsh as it sounds I would have to say that this book really isn't up to the standard of Goodkind's previous works. The reviews of Goodkind's books seem to be incredibly controversial but please keep in mind that people will like or dislike different elements. For me though I have to say Goodkind's forays down the road of philosophy and moral behaviour are just getting too intense for me.
Like many of reviewers on this book I'm an avid fantasy reader having read many of the greats of both past and contemporary novels, and what I appreciate most is a good story. For me that is what the genre is all about, a work of imagination where you can enjoy the characters and in some way experience a different world through them.
'Naked Truth' and its most recent novels preceding, all seem intent on creating a microcosm of this world and instructing us all on the proper way to think and behave. Whereas in the first few books of series Richard was likeable to the point of being adorable and yet had his faults, he's now becoming sanctimonious. He seems to be elevated to the point of sainthood revealing some higher truth, and frankly Jennsen and that ridiculous goat irritate me to the point of frustration. I despaired at reading 'Pillars of Creation' and tended to skip pages of self pitying anguish or redundant dialogue.
How long will Richard arguably the most powerful wizard for thousands of years which we are frequently reminded of, remain in complete ignorance and yet be so incredibly intelligent and intuitive?! Will Kahlan and Richard continue to be separated at every turn? If I was either I probably would have given up or committed suicide by now because I don't think a person could take as much as they do, no matter how heroic.
And yet I continue to read Goodkind's novels and will probably continue to till the culmination of the series, in hope that they will return to their former glory. Please don't let this put you off his other books in the series- the first three, and perhaps the fourth and fifth too, are artful and amazing stories with excellent characters. Just don't take for granted an enjoyable, return to form narrative (though undoubtedly insightful) in 'Naked Empire'.

Trickster's Choice (Aliane)
Trickster's Choice (Aliane)
by Tamora Pierce
Edition: Hardcover

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5.0 out of 5 stars I won't spoil the plot for you, but..., 13 May 2004
The book was fantastic and hugely enjoyable. At 18 years of age I'm occasionally embarrassed at my continuing enjoyment in fantasy books (especially when displayed in the children's section of book shops) but when I saw a review for this book on the American site by a 13 year old who found this book childish and badly written I felt I must defend Tamora Pierce's honour. I have read all of her books and ordered 'Trickster's Choice' from America after my sister and grandma told me how much they enjoyed the book.
I have to say I couldn't put it down after it arrived and read it at every opportunity, finishing it in the same day. Not only are the characters ones you can identify with but I also loved Alianne's witty sense of humour and the banter between her and Kyprioth, the trickster God. Pierce has not attempted to play happy families and the discord between Aly and her mother makes the book all the more believable; the plot has not been sacrificed for the sake of sentimentality but presents a realistic mother/daughter relationship.
For fans who have read The other Tortall series your curiosity about the other characters will be fulfilled with amusing glimpses into their lives (I loved these, you cant keep the smile off your face) but they don't pull the plot down, Aly is a character who does not need the success of the previous heroines to draw in readers.
Overall I found this book a great read which will always put you in a good mood with its humour and light tone, while tackling issues such as racism and morals. It will suit people of any age (within reason of course), which means the whole family can enjoy. I was disappointed only with the fact that I can't look forward to three more books (Tamora Pierce usually writes quartets) but I'm eagerly awaiting the sequel- if only to find out about Nawat! Go on read it and see what I mean.

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