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Murad Age Reform AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser 200 ml
Murad Age Reform AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser 200 ml
Price: £34.00

4.0 out of 5 stars A nice gentle exfoliating cleanser for use on your face and neck..., 2 Aug. 2015
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
Length:: 2:02 Mins

The Murad 'Age Reform' AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser is a skin exfoliating cleanser for use on the face and neck for polishing away dullness and excess cellular debris, whilst priming skin for further treatment products.

Inside the usual Amazon cardboard packaging you get a medium-sized rectangular cardboard box which contains the 200ml tube of exfoliating cleanser. The packaging itself is sleek, confidentially understated and stylish in a quality and luxurious way.

Application is simple and hassle-free. Simply dampen the skin of your face and neck and then massage in a small amount of the exfoliating cleanser. Once the cleanser has been thoroughly massaged into the skin, rinse with warm water and pat dry.

Please note the accompanying video shows my wife applying the cleanser to the back of her hand. This is simply to show the product in the video and does not imply that the product is designed for application to your hands (although personally we see no reason why it shouldn't be).

The Murad AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser is a nice, gentle exfoliator with very small granules which make it feel like it's giving the skin a thorough clean but without the irritating scrubbing sensation that some harsher exfoliators can give.

Neither the packaging, nor the directions on the tube, nor the included product sheet state whether this particular exfoliator can be used daily or not. The general rule is to exfoliate two to three times a week, but often with these gentler formulas they are suitable for everyday use. However the Amazon listing does state that the 'Suggested Use' is 1-2 times a week - so I'd go with that!

Whilst applying the exfoliating cleanser, a good, thick consistency to the cream allows for a nice and easy-to-work-with lather without having to use too much of the product. This means that the 200ml tube is likely to last you a good few months - especially if only used 1-2 times a week.

The AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser works well as a gentle but effective cleanser. The tiny granules do their thing nicely - without irritation or soreness. However, it should be noted that this is only designed to be 'Stage One' (i.e. the cleansing / toning stage) of a three stage skin treatment process. The included product sheet then goes on to explain that you should use further Murad products for Stage Two (the target / repair stage) and Stage Three (the hydrate / protect stage). As such, it really should be explained more on the packaging and listings that this is purposefully designed to be used alongside other products for a full treatment - and not necessarily as a separate product.

Nevertheless, it's still a darn good exfoliating cleanser - which at the end of the day is what the product is designed to be.

Creative Sound Blaster Roar 2 Speaker - Black
Creative Sound Blaster Roar 2 Speaker - Black
Offered by BoraComputer
Price: £140.75

5.0 out of 5 stars By far and away the best portable speaker I've owned to date..., 2 Aug. 2015
Length:: 3:49 Mins

The Creative Sound Blaster Roar 2 is a portable wireless speaker which links up to your phone, tablet or PC etc to deliver a truly incredible sound quality through a portable and feature-packed device.

Upon opening the box up for the first time you realise how much more compact the Sound Blaster Roar 2 is compared with the original Creative Sound Blaster Roar. Here's a handy measurement comparison between the two modes:

Sound Blaster Roar 1:
21cm (W) x 12cm (D) x 6cm (H)

Sound Blaster Roar 2:
18.5cm (W) x 10.5cm (D) x 5cm (H)

With such a compact size the speaker really is an incredibly portable piece of audio equipment that's absolutely ideal for taking away with you.

Aesthetically speaking, the speaker looks much more stylish and sexier than the original Sound Blaster Roar did (which to be honest looked like a solid grey box). The main shell of the speaker is still constructed from a black coated metal which covers most of the speaker's surfaces. The sides have the Creative logo emblazoned along the two 'pulsating bass radiators'. All in all the design of the Sound Blaster 2 is definitely sleeker and perhaps more contemporary - but nevertheless remains wonderfully understated.

Underneath the black mesh of the speaker you have one active high-excursion driver that really pumps out the bass, along with dual top-facing 1.5" premium drivers either side of it. Cranking up the volume on the speaker, you hear absolutely no amalgamation of sound, no loss of acoustics through unwanted blending, and a clear distinction between the spectrum of notes being reproduced.
Bass-wise, the built-in subwoofer along with the two pulsating bass radiators provide some properly earth-shattering and stomach-churning bass depths - plummeting downwards to mind-boggling levels when music dictates such depths.

For those that really care about the quality of the sound, the warmth of notes, depth and coverage of the bass, the acoustic notes and clarity of the overall sound produced - then the Sound Blaster Roar 2 is definitely something you'll want to take a good look at. Creative know their business. They know how to produce good-quality mid-to-high-end speakers and audio equipment. And this compact speaker is no different.

Furthermore, if you're looking to really fill a room with sound, then on the rear side of the speaker there's a 'Roar / TeraBass' button, which when pressed once increases the overall loudness, depth and spaciousness of the audio output. Pressed a second time and the speaker intelligently boosts bass when audio levels are low. Furthermore, having played around with the TeraBass function with a number of different tracks I can confirm that it really does work. On old low-fi Burzum tracks and ropey live bootlegs, the bass comes out in absolute force; seemingly plucked out from the menagerie of distorted madness, and pretty much births a whole new version of the track.

Outside of the superb sound quality, the Sound Blaster Roar 2 (like with the original model) also offers up a whole host of additional features. First off, I have to comment on the ease of set-up. It's an absolute doddle. Whether you're linking your device (such as a smart phone) using the NFC-Enabled Bluetooth function - whereby you simply tap the corner of the speaker with your phone and you're done - or pairing it up using the normal Bluetooth pairing settings, it really is completely hassle free.

On the reverse of the speaker is where the vast majority of the different inputs, buttons and switches are located. Here you'll also find USB, micro USB and Aux-in jack ports, allowing you to connect up the speaker system via a cable to your PC, laptop or whatever.

For added mobility, the speaker system also has a microSD card slot where you can insert a micro memory card full of music and play the songs directly through the Sound Blaster Roar 2 without the need for an additional device. The speaker system also has a built-in 6000mAh battery which delivers around eight hours' worth of playback before it needs recharging. Furthermore, should your phone etc need recharging whilst you're out and about, you can simply connect it up to the speaker and it will charge your smart device or other USB device via the USB port on the rear of the unit. Handy!

Another handy feature on the speaker system, is the pairing with your bluetooth phone which when connected up allows you to answer incoming calls via the speaker (it has an in-built microphone), along with all the usual 'conference call style functions' and even record the conversation on a microSD card should you wish.

Sound quality on calls is once again incredibly good - picking up a voice from across a medium-sized room (we tested it out in our livingroom). At both ends of the call the voices could be easily heard, without any distortion or breaking up.

Aside from the numerous features and handy gadgetry included on the Sound Blaster Roar 2, you can also download a product specific control panel for your PC or Mac which allows you to set-up and customise different audio profiles and preferences for using on the speaker system. Once you've hooked up the Sound Blaster 2, the software is incredibly user-friendly - with a clear and easy-to-use interface for you to play about with the sound until your hearts content.

All in all this is nothing short of a top-class portable speaker system that achieves an incredible high-quality sound; especially considering the compact size of the hardware. Crammed to the rafters with features, this is an incredibly portable speaker system that offers so much more than the vast majority of other models on the market. Size and weight wise this really is a very portable speaker. Furthermore, the sheer quality of the audio output is quite frankly breath-taking. Where the original Creative Sound Blaster offered up an incredibly clear and defined sound, this second model has pushed the sound quality even further. The end result is a follow-on model that exceeds its predecessor, providing a better quality sound, thicker and deeper bass, and somehow its much smaller and lighter.

PLEASE NOTE - This product was supplied to me for free for a 100% unbiased review.

TONOR 7 inch A33 Quad Core 4.4 KitKat Tablet PC, HD 1024x600 Display, Dual Camera, 9GB Nand Flash, WI-FI Tablet Pad (Red)
TONOR 7 inch A33 Quad Core 4.4 KitKat Tablet PC, HD 1024x600 Display, Dual Camera, 9GB Nand Flash, WI-FI Tablet Pad (Red)
Offered by TonorDirect
Price: £79.65

5.0 out of 5 stars Considering the pricetag this is a great little tablet (especially for kids & teenagers)., 25 July 2015
Length:: 7:31 Mins

The Tonor 7" A33 Android Tablet is a small budget-priced tablet that's ideal for kids and teenagers etc.

Inside the medium-sized box you get the Tonor Tablet which measures approximately 18cm (W) x 12cm (H) x 1cm (D). You also get a Touchscreen Stylus measuring 11cm x1cm, a USB-to-Miscro USB cable, a 3-Pin UK Plug adaptor, a 2-Pin US Plug adaptor, a set of earphones, a spare screen protector, and a small instruction manual.

Setting up the Tonor Tablet is incredibly simple. After charging the tablet for the first time you just need to turn it on, unlock the screen using a finger-swipe on the on-screen lock, and then link to your Wi-Fi. After this has been done you're good to start playing with the settings, downloading Apps and games, surfing the internet, and using the camera function etc.

The functionality of the Tonor tablet works in much the way as an iPad etc. The main screen / desktop screen has all of your downloaded Apps displayed on it. You've also got various menus and settings located on the menu bar. You can scroll from left to right on the desktop screen to reveal further Apps you've downloaded etc. It's very much like any other tablet.

On the edge and reverse side of the tablet you have volume up and down buttons, a slot for a SD card (memory card), the power on/off button, a 3.5mm earphone socket, and the micro-USB input for charging the tablet with / linking with a PC etc.

As long as you have reasonable Wi-Fi coverage where you're using the tablet the speed at which it downloads apps, searches the internet and streams videos is generally pretty good. When using pre-downloaded games etc, the tablet is once again reasonably quick and doesn't seem to struggle with larger files or loading-up games much.

The Tonor tablet comes with a screen protector already stuck on the screen (it also comes with a spare). Possibly because of this, when using the on-screen keyboard or selecting options in menus it does sometimes require a slightly harder touch than you'd normally give - and often we've had to press on an option multiple times before it actions it. But this really is a minor point and something you'll quickly find yourself getting used to.

The camera function on the tablet is probably the biggest disappointment. There's a lens on both the front and back of the Tonor tablet. Sadly the image quality through both is pretty shoddy and struggles massively in low light. You can take both photos and record video footage with the Tonor tablet - but due to the low quality of both you'll probably decide not to really use this function much. But at least it's there in case you do want to!

All in all my wife and I (and in particular our kids) are very happy with the Tonor tablet. The 7" size is ideal for taking around with you. There's enough storage space with the built-in 8GBs available for plenty of Apps and games etc. Being able to slot in a SD memory card to further boost the storage space is also excellent. The screen's image quality is more than adequate for general use - and video footage looks fine (okay - so not the same quality as you'd get with an iPad etc, but plenty good enough considering the budget pricetag). The only disappointment with the tablet is probably with the camera function which you really notice the difference with. Nevertheless, this is only one function of many, and considering the price, I still believe the Tonor Tablet deserves to be awarded with a full five stars (especially considering our two kids absolutely love it!).

Please note this product was supplied to me for free for a 100% unbiased review.

Under Ground
Under Ground
by S. L. Grey
Edition: Hardcover
Price: £11.69

3.0 out of 5 stars A story with plenty of potential, but sadly ends up lacking in some much needed characterisation..., 24 July 2015
This review is from: Under Ground (Hardcover)
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
First published in July of 2015, ‘Under Ground’ was the fourth offering from S.L. Grey – a collaboration between the US author Sarah Lotz and South African author Louis Greenberg.

DLS Synopsis:
When the first signs of the AOBA virus reaching the US hit the media, panic erupted. The virus had already swept across the majority of Asia, mercilessly killing those that came into contact with it. And now the first reports of AOBA casualties on American shores had started to emerge.

Whilst around them families prayed for salvation in the face of the oncoming epidemic, those few that had the foresight to invest in The Sanctum hastily made their way to its secret location out in the middle of Maine. With the population of the US bracing themselves for widespread mayhem, the Sanctum had become a salvation for the handful of families who had bought into it.

A luxurious, supposedly self-sustaining survival condo located in the middle of nowhere, The Sanctum was a project that Greg Fuller had put all of his money into building over the past few years. Still in the process of building built, the half-complete underground bunker sported eight levels, including a gym, swimming pool, medical bay, recreation room, chicken coop and hydroponics room.

Yoo-jin and Stella Park, together with their computer-game-obsessed teenaged son, Jae, headed straight for the Sanctum as soon as news of the AOBA Virus hitting US shores broke. Not far behind the Park family were the gun-toting preppers Cam and Bonnie Guthrie, together with their aggressive teenaged son Brett and timid daughter Gina. Successful stockbroker and now single-parent Tyson Gill was next to arrive, with his young daughter Sarita and her young nanny Caity Sanford.

Wealthy tycoons James and Vicki Maddox (of Maddox & Maddox) together with their beloved shih tzu Claudette followed, with Will Broucher – the Project Manager to the build of the Sanctum – accompanying them along the way. Finally the elderly Dannhauser’s arrived with their forty-two-year-old daughter Trudi in tow.

Following their arrival the impenetrable solid steel hatch to The Sanctum was locked shut by Greg Fuller, and with that, their last glimpses of the world outside until the situation changed.

The half-built luxury survival condo had now become the temporary sealed-off home to these rich and the paranoid families. They barely knew each one another, other than when some of them had briefly met at the open sales day some months ago. Now they will be spending their days in relative close quarters, as above ground the AOBA virus more than likely sweeping across the landscape.

They thought they were the lucky ones. The ones who had had the forethought to be able to survive this thing. But when Greg Fuller, the one man who knew all about the make-up and control of the Sanctum, is found dead in a pool of his own blood, the situation suddenly turns very bad for those deep within the underground confines of the bunker. Suddenly those within the Sanctum are looking at each other differently. Is there a killer amongst them? Cut off from the world above, all of a sudden their underground bolt-hole no longer seems such a safe place to be…

DLS Review:
Oh how I love a good character-driven story involving the potential end of the world that’s set within some deeply claustrophobic confines. And on paper Grey’s ‘Under Ground’ seems to offer up the near-perfect setting for one hell of a tense ride.

The characters in such a novel are undoubtedly pivotal to the novel’s overall success. You need to have plenty of clashing personalities. Plenty of conflict and mistrust bubbling away under the surface. You need an array of different opinions and different backgrounds. And to be fair – Lotz and Greenberg clearly knew this and have written in a collection of charterers that tick absolutely all of the boxes.

However, and this is a big HOWEVER, alongside this spectrum of personalities you need depth, well-established backstories, personalities to sympathise with, and above all else - believable characterisation. Each of these characters needs to make some sort of connection with the reader. The reader needs to be able to easily distinguish one from the other. Names and family connections are only surface coatings. You need to be able to get behind this and formulate an understanding of who each one of the characters really is. Sadly, this is where the two authors fall short with ‘Under Ground’.

That’s not to say it’s a badly written tale. Far from it. At times you’re pulled into the claustrophobic tension that feeds the characters’ escalating anxiety by the hour. However, time and time again you find yourself thinking “which one’s James again”, “Was it Gina, Trudi or Vicki who was acting odd just a few pages ago?” and “Was it this one that didn’t get along with him or her?”. This is obviously borne from a missing connection with the reader because of a serious lack of characterisation. It’s frustrating at times, because other than this, the story is a pretty damn good one. But sadly it’s ultimately the novel’s biggest downfall.

That said, the whodunit aspect to the plot plays out pretty darn well. As the reader you find yourself questioning each of the characters’ individual motives. Throw in a seemingly never-ending torrent of bad decisions, some real plot defining twists, and a few hefty spanners in the works, and you’ve got a storyline that at least keeps you reasonably gripped.

Having a good old fashioned religious nutjob thrown into the mix, as well as a casually-racist young thug with his short-sighted aggressive gun-loving father (aka the Guthrie family) makes for a situation with plenty punch to it. Alongside this you’ve got a small love interest from a couple of the youngsters and an (unfortunately all-too-uneventful) revelation from when some of the characters previously met. As I said, it’s got the workings for a great read. But at each and every point the authors never seem to push the tension far enough.

Finally, as the novel jogs thorough its final few chapters, you can’t help but feel that the authors copped out somewhat with the ending. What could have been impactful and hauntingly bleak (an opportunity that arises perfectly at least in a couple of prime points) is instead replaced with a completely out-of-place sudden twist that feels utterly forced and more of a last minute decision to please a publisher. And as the novel draws to its final close, the story stutters around with a few final completely unimpactful half-twists that leaves you more irritated than enthralled.

Nevertheless, it has to be said that ‘Under Ground’ was still quite an enjoyable read. There are some moments where you’ll be holding your breath, some arguments and fights where you’ll be gripping the book with bubbling anger, and some points where you just can’t put the book down. And the roving point-of-view certainly works in the novel’s favour (each chapter is told from the perspective of a different character). Unfortunately the authors don’t manage to maintain this tension for long and more often than not you find yourself just meandering through the gloomy corridors and dank rooms alongside the almost faceless characters.

The novel runs for a total of 288 pages.

Charles Wilson Plain Crew Neck T-Shirt
Charles Wilson Plain Crew Neck T-Shirt
Offered by Charles Wilson Clothing
Price: £9.95

5.0 out of 5 stars Quality and stylish T-shirts that are very comfortable and fit well..., 23 July 2015
Length:: 3:24 Mins

The Charles Wilson Plain Crew Neck T-Shirts are perfect for everyday casual use during the summer etc.

The overall quality of the item is noticeably of a very good standard. Made from 100% cotton, the short-sleeved T-shirts are reasonably thin and have a lightweight feel to them which is ideal for wearing indoors most year round or outdoors when the weather's hot.

Size-wise, I'm generally a medium-to-large size, with a chest measurement of 42" and sleeve length of 34". This equates to an XL size in the Charles Wilson clothing range. And to be fair, in size XL, the T-shirts fit well, although I have to say the length on the T-shirt is possibly slightly longer than I would normal go for, coming down a couple of inches past your trouser pocket line. That said they don't really look overly long or anything - so this really is just a small point.

When being worn, the T-shirts feel very lightweight and comfortable. The T-shirt offers a reasonably short sleeve length, with sleeve ends ending three or four inches above your elbow. The crew neck is quite a bit thicker that the rest of the garment, giving just that little bit more definition and support around the neckline. The majority of the T-shirt feels relatively loose (but not overly baggy).

Style-wise, the T-shirts will suit absolutely everyone, with its simple once-colour look and style, it's quite an inoffensive and understated looking garment which looks good on men from teens upwards.

The included video is of the Charles Wilson Plain Crew Neck T-Shirts in White, Navy and Black at XL size.

PLEASE NOTE - This product was supplied to me for free for a 100% unbiased review.

Smart Weigh Digital Shipping Postal Scale, USB Powered, Extendable Cord and Bright Blue Backlight Display, Batteries Included
Smart Weigh Digital Shipping Postal Scale, USB Powered, Extendable Cord and Bright Blue Backlight Display, Batteries Included
Offered by Five Star
Price: £28.99

5.0 out of 5 stars A high quality, strong and sturdy set of parcel weighing scales..., 23 July 2015
Length:: 3:21 Mins

The Smart Weigh ACE150 Shipping and Postal Scale is a precision set of digital weighing scales designed predominantly for use with weighing parcels for shipping.

Inside the medium-sized box you get the weighing platform which measures approximately 20cm x 20cm x 4cm, the digital weighing display unit measuring 12cm x 11cm x 2cm, the coiled cable to link the two units, and a 148cm long cable for supplying the power which ends in a USB. You also get a small packet containing two screws and rawl plugs for hanging the display unit on a wall with (an optional fitting). Finally the item also comes with a small instruction manual.

Setting up the weighing scales is incredibly simple. Simply place the weighing platform on a level surface, link the digital displaying unit to the platform using the coiled cable, and then plug the unit into a source of power using the USB cable.

Being powered via a USB, the weighing scales can be set up using a laptop, desktop (or any USB powering device), or alternately you could simply slot the USB into a USB-to-mains plug adapter and power it through a normal household plug.

The weighing platform is made (what seems to be entirely) from a tough metal - probably steel. As such the weighing platform is quite heavy and will certainly be able to take the weight of large and heavy items without being damaged. It's also tough enough to be able to withstand plenty of knocks, bangs and drops - of which would undoubtedly occur from time to time in a busy postal room.

The digital display section is made from a tough hard-plastic, which again would certainly be able to withstand plenty of knocks etc. The display unit is hinged along its centre, allowing you to have it sitting on a desk, shelf or table - or it can be laid flat to be hung on a wall.

In use the scales perform exactly as you'd expect. The weighing platform is large enough to be able to support very large parcels without them toppling off (see accompanying video). The display unit offers four different weighing modes - pounds (lb), pounds and ounces (lb & oz), kilograms (kg), kilograms and grams (kg & g).

There's also a 'Tare' feature which can be used to subtract the weight of an empty box or container for net weight determination (i.e. the weight of the container can be subtracted from the weight of the weighed item).

With so many people now selling goods and items online (even in a non-commercial capacity such as through online auction sites etc), having a set of purpose built scales for quickly and easily calculating the weight of items for shipping is incredibly handy. Furthermore having the digital display separate from the weighing platform makes life so much easier when dealing with large parcels - meaning you can easily read the weight whilst the parcel is on the scales. The display is clear and easy to move between different measuring units. The overall quality of the item is extremely high and its certainly made to last.

All in all I would say that this is a very good and reliable item which I would highly recommend to anyone who does a lot of online selling or weighing of parcels.

Please note this product was supplied to me for free for a 100% unbiased review.

Foscam C1 720P Mini Wireless Cube Wide Viewing Angle IP Camera - Black
Foscam C1 720P Mini Wireless Cube Wide Viewing Angle IP Camera - Black
Price: £53.99

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A small and easy-to-install IP Camera that provides very high quality live & online footage..., 22 July 2015
Length:: 3:46 Mins

The Foscam C1 720P Mini Wireless IP Camera is a small IP camera that provides HD footage that's designed to be installed inside your home or business premises so that you watch / record video footage or be alerted when it detects motion (therefore ideal as an internal security camera whilst you're away etc).

Inside the box you get the Foscam IP Camera measuring approximately 12cm (H) x 7cm (W) x 7cm (D), a 2 metre USB power lead, a USB-Plug adaptor (mine came with a 2-Pin US style adapter however I understand that 3-Pin UK ones are also available), a mini-CD for manually installing the required software, and two easy-to-follow installation/user manuals.

Set-up is a hell of a lot easier than you would probably expect it to be. As long as you have Wi-Fi coverage in the vicinity you plan to have the IP camera positioned, then it'll probably take you less than 10 minutes to get set-up and ready to go.

For setting up I used my iPhone 6 which, after scanning the QR code on the reverse of the IP Camera, the on-screen directions literally guided me through the set-up and online activation of the IP Camera without a single problem.

If you're planning on just using a desktop to set-up your online account etc, then you can install the necessary software using the included mini-CD. I assume this will be much the same as the process I went through (so should be very simple).

Once set up and you've sorted out your EZLink online account (don't worry, no further payment or anything like that is required) then you should be set to start using the IP Camera. On my iPhone the Foscam App logged me straight into the online account (via a username and password you set) and then went straight to the live video feed from the IP Camera.

The footage really is in HD, with clear, crisp images and (as long as you have reasonable Wi-Fi) no noticeable delay in the streaming (see accompanying video). Furthermore, the wide-angle lens on the IP Camera captures a remarkably large amount of area (again see accompanying video) which if positioned well, could easily include the majority of a moderately-sized room.

From around 10 metres away the footage does become a tad difficult to make out, although you can still see what's going on, but not necessarily facial features etc. Even when watching the footage on a large computer monitor it was a little tricky to make out particular details from around this distance away - but nevertheless the footage was still far better than I expected.

The audio recording / feed is also very good - with clear and undistorted playback capturing any noises or voices pretty much perfectly (even from a relative distance away).

All in all I've been very happy with the Foscam C1 720P Mini Wireless IP Camera and the associated online feed/access. The versatility of the adjustable base is excellent, and the quality of the HD footage it produces from its live stream far exceeds my expectations.

Having the option to be able to record the footage on a SD Memory Card (slotted into the back of the IP Camera) is another bonus (ideal for security purposes etc). The motion detection alert is also very handy when you're away from the house - although it should be noted that it can be a little delayed in triggering (see accompanying video).

However all in all I've found the IP Camera to be an exceptionally good piece of reasonably-priced household security equipment.

Please note this product was supplied to me for free for a 100% unbiased review.

ZOMEI® Z666 Professional Portable Magnesium Aluminium Alloy Travel Tripod with 3 Way Panhead 360°Head for Camera Canon Nikon Petax Sony Tripod Mini Tripod Storage Length:51cm Max.Height: 147cm,Max.Load:12kg
ZOMEI® Z666 Professional Portable Magnesium Aluminium Alloy Travel Tripod with 3 Way Panhead 360°Head for Camera Canon Nikon Petax Sony Tripod Mini Tripod Storage Length:51cm Max.Height: 147cm,Max.Load:12kg
Offered by YESART
Price: £89.99

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A high-quality, sturdy & lightweight tripod that's packed with features..., 22 July 2015
Length:: 6:00 Mins

The ZOMBEI Professional Travel Tripod is a high-quality fully-adjustable tripod for use with screw-on fitting cameras and camcorders.

The ZOMBEI Tripod arrives in a rectangular branded cardboard box. Inside the box you get the tripod itself, along with a handy carry / storage bag and a small cleaning cloth.

Collapsed down the tripod measures approximately 52cm (H) x 12cm (W) x 11cm (D). When fully opened out, with the centre column extended to its full height (see accompanying video), the tripod measures approximately 148cm (H) x 95cm (W) x 90cm (W). The height adjusting centre column gives the tripod an extra 24.5cm, whilst the extendable legs give an adjustable height of 25cm, 27cm and 31cm each. At its smallest height the tripod measures just 47cm high.

Constructed from a magnesium / aluminium alloy, the tripod is incredibly lightweight and subsequently very easy and hassle-free to carry around (especially with the carry bag that comes included). The moveable and adjustable parts (most of which involve some form of hinge) are made from a thick hard-plastic which although plastic, feels like it could certainly withstand plenty of knocks and bumps without sustaining any damage. The screw locking parts are all constructed from tough metal for the screw section with hard-plastic grips on the outside.

Close inspection of the connecting parts and screwed-on sections shows a clear attention to quality manufacture. In a nutshell - this tripod is designed to last.

The first feature that needs to be stated about the tripod (which is consistent across the whole item) is that all of the locks, adjustable sections and adjustable heights have an easy one-handed-operation design to them. This means that you can quickly and easily set up the tripod and adjust it to whatever position you require with just one hand (your other hand possibly holding your camera etc).

The tripod includes two level indicators (exactly the same design and concept as a spirit level). The top one is located on the tripod's head just underneath where your camera would be screwed on. The second is located on the tripods main body section (i.e. where the three legs meet). As such, when using both level indicators together you'll be able to ensure that your camera is positioned at a perfectly level point should you require it to be.

The loading plate (which you screw your camera onto) is removable - again with a quick release action (see accompanying video). This allows you to easily screw on your camera, or leave the loading plate attached to your camera when not on the tripod, again for quick and simple set-up.

The three tripod legs all end on thick rubber feet which are attached via a ball-and-socket pivot design, meaning that the tripod's feet will always be securely on the ground no matter how uneven it may be.

Well, for the sheer quality of the entire tripod's design, as well as the absolute attention to detail with the features and its overall ease-of-use, I'm finding it difficult to say anything bad about the tripod. It's wonderfully lightweight, making it ideal for taking around with you. The ease of adjusting the tripod to exactly the height or angle you want your camera to be at is superb. Furthermore, having all of the adjustable sections lockable makes the tripod very sturdy and reliable (which is important as its going to be holding your potentially expensive camera equipment). And finally, having a carry / storage bag and cleaning cloth included with the product is another definite positive point.

As such I have absolutely no qualms in awarding the ZOMBEI Professional Tripod a full five stars. Quite frankly I love it!

The product was provided to me free of charge for a 100% unbiased review.

Best Anti Aging Face Wrinkle Cream With Argan Oil + Organic Coconut Oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil - Instant Skin and Face Lift Solution - Love It Or Your Money Back (100ml)
Best Anti Aging Face Wrinkle Cream With Argan Oil + Organic Coconut Oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil - Instant Skin and Face Lift Solution - Love It Or Your Money Back (100ml)
Offered by Penniwise
Price: £24.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars A 100% natural anti-ageing face cream that seems to be effective with its results..., 21 July 2015
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The SheaLite Argan Cream Anti-Ageing Face Cream is a face cream that's designed to help the skin retain its natural collagen to give firmness and elasticity for healthier looking skin that will ultimately assist with reducing the sign of wrinkles etc.

Inside the usual Amazon cardboard box the SheaLite Argan Anti-Ageing Cream comes in a medium-sized 100ml thick-glass hand-pump bottle, which itself is wrapped in bubblewrap to provide added protection during delivery.

Argan has been used in hair products for years but is now appearing here in an anti-ageing face cream. What's always nice to see is that it uses 100% natural ingredients. There are absolutely no artificial fragrances in it, which is good as these are damaging for the skin but can often appear in moisturising creams.

To be honest, the packaging it comes in is quite nondescript and subtle. However, it's all about the cream and not the packaging. The bottle has a handy dispensing pump on the top which allows you to dispense the perfect amount of the cream without causing any waste and without getting a messy bottle etc.

The cream is very mildly fragranced, but as stated above, this is all from natural ingredients.

The consistency of the cream itself is a little greasy and oily (unsurprising given its containing argan oil). Not that there is necessarily anything wrong with applying an oil to the skin, but it certainly doesn't have a rich thick texture that some creams have (which may be of a preference to those with an oily skin type who are looking for a lighter everyday anti-ageing moisturiser). It should be noted that the cream contains no mineral oils, which is good for the skin as these oils can cause breakouts and congestion on the skin.

Having not heard much on the effects of argan oil with regards to anti-ageing, if I'm completely honest, I do wonder if it is a bold claim to make straight off?! However, after using it for a good couple of weeks now my wife is really quite pleased with the moisturising effects as well as the healthy look the cream seems to provide.

Its uses are listed on the bottle's label as including assistance/prevention with cold sores, cellulite, eczema, rosacea, stretch marks etc. I do find it a little hard to believe that one cream can assist in all these wildly varying skin concerns, especially cellulite, which is fatty tissue UNDER the skin - which a cream applied topically (that doesn't contain caffeine) is very unlikely to do anything for.

All in all the SheaLite Argan Cream Anti-Ageing Face Cream is a nice lightweight moisturiser that (one assumes) suits all skin types. It undoubtedly does help keep your skin healthy and well-looked after, and will more than likely assist with reducing the appearance of wrinkles if used over a reasonable period of time. Whether it will also help with all of the other skin concerns detailed on the label is another matter entirely. But for this reviewer (well my wife who's been testing it anyway), we're more than happy with its results.

The product was provided to me free of charge for a 100% unbiased review.

BLACK+DECKER KA2500K-GB 120W Next Generation Mouse Sander with Kit Box and 9-Accessories
BLACK+DECKER KA2500K-GB 120W Next Generation Mouse Sander with Kit Box and 9-Accessories
Price: £42.00

5.0 out of 5 stars A good quality hand sander with plenty of added features to make the cost worthwhile..., 21 July 2015
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Length:: 5:50 Mins

The Black & Decker 120W Mouse Sander (KA2500K-GB) is a small hand sander that's ideal for general DIY projects and furniture restoration.

The Mouse Sander comes in a small-to-medium-sized hard plastic storage case that double-clips shut at the top. Inside the case the Mouse Sander fits snugly within its designated position, keeping it protected and tidied away perfectly.

The Mouse Sander measures approximately 24cm (L) x 10cm (W) x 13cm (H). The sander also has a 118cm long mains lead (from the sander handle to the 3-Pin UK plug).

Also included are 2x 280g mesh sanding sheets, 2x 120g mesh sanding sheets, 2x 240g mesh sanding sheets and 2x 120g mesh detail finger sanding sheets.

Finally you also get a small 6 page instruction manual.

Setting up the Mouse Sander is absolute simplicity itself. Simply press the desired mesh sanding sheet onto the Velcro-like base of the sander, plug in the sander, and away you go.

The Mouse Sander is certainly an effective hand hander - sanding down thick varnish within a handful of seconds of circular motions (see accompanying video). Used on reasonably soft woods (such as pine) the sander really comes into its own, sanding down the wood to a consistent smooth finish with very little effort or skill required.

The Mouse Sander has a micro filtration dust canister attached to its rear which collects a fair portion of the fine dust produced whilst sanding. Obviously with sanding you'd expect dust particles to be produced, and so having an attachment to reduce this output is certainly an advantage. We have a similar hand sander which doesn't include one of these dust collecting canisters and to be honest the difference is instantly noticeable. However, it should be noted that the canister does not collect all of the dust particles, and so a face mask is definitely necessary (as well as a well ventilated area to work in).

Using the fine 240g mesh sanding sheets, the sander produces an incredibly smooth finish to the wood. Used in conjunction with say the 240g sheets (to get the wood to a reasonable finish first) the sander can produce a very effective and near-perfectly finished area.

Furthermore, the sander comes with a small finger attachment which can be quickly and easily screwed on to the base of the sander for sanding down more intricate areas. The elongated diamond shaped finger sanding sheets are fully reversible, meaning you can reverse them once the tip has become worn down, effectively extending the life of the sanding sheet.

Okay, so for a small hand sander of this type the price is perhaps a tad more than you might usually think of paying. However, the quality of the sander, with its hard-wearing thick rubber handle, its micro filtration dust canister, and its finger attachment for small areas, makes the extra cost worthwhile (in my opinion at least).

All in all I couldn't be happier with the Mouse Sander.

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