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Price: 14.75

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4.0 out of 5 stars Good, not great, but definitely good!, 8 Oct 2012
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This review is from: Higher (Audio CD)
I love The Overtones and was really looking forward to this album for some time. I've now listened to it a few times, having had it in my car for a week, and it is growing on me, but it doesn't give me the same enjoyment as the first album - yet.

I'm one of the few people who isn't actually keen on the new single, Loving The Sound, but other that that, I do realy enjoy most of the other tracks, except one. Now of course, everybody's tastes are different, but I really dont like You've Lost That Loving Feeling. I have always loved the song, after all, it is an absolute classic, but I feel this new version does the song an injustice. For me, it somehow lacks the emotion and the feeling of the original, and that is no disrespect to Lachie's vocals, I just simply, don't like it.

Of the other tracks, I adore the covers of Perfect, Runaround Sue and The Glory of Love, they are sublime and very singalongable! Keep Me Hanging On is good, though for me not in the league of the first three mentioned, but it does get the foot tapping on the clutch. Reet Petite is a wonderful track, but I do wish it was Timmy singing and not Lachie - I can't get used to warbling along to it in an entirely different key to Jackie Wilsons, which of course, it has to be to suit Lachies voice! Love Song is an original track and very remiscent of Gambling Man, which is no bad thing, and is an excellent catchy tune and one of my favourites! I also love the title track, Higher.

Altogether, a really nice album, that for me just lacks the spark of Good Ol' Fashioned Love, but I am still glad I bought it. It is a welcome accompaniment on my drives to work and back, even if I do skip You've Lost That Loving Feeling - I just can't listen to that track, but as I've said, that is a personal thing, and I'm sure there are people who will love it.

A solid four out of five stars. (now though I'm waiting for the version to be released with extra tracks, like last time, so annoying! At which point, I will download the extra tracks rather than buy the album all over again!)

City Girl, Country Vet (Voice)
City Girl, Country Vet (Voice)
by Cathy Woodman
Edition: Paperback

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1.0 out of 5 stars TRUST ME I'M A VET REBRANDED!!!, 11 Sep 2012
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I have had this book on pre order since June, and was eagerly looking forward to it having bought and loved all the other books in the series, but NOWHERE in the product description does it tell you that this is simply 'Trust Me, I'm a Vet' with a new name and front cover!!

I have just arranged to return my book to Amazon and am very disappointed that this was not disclosed. I have another of Cathy's books on pre order and am now wondering if that will be a re release too?

So five stars for the original story, one star for having been sneakily re issued under another name :(

Wireless Nunchuck Remote Controller for Nintendo Wii
Wireless Nunchuck Remote Controller for Nintendo Wii

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5.0 out of 5 stars MUST HAVE companion to EA Sports!, 27 Jun 2012
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After 2 years of whipping myself around the legs with the cable that joins the wiimote to the nunchuk, I finally had enough and decided to search out a wireless one.

I noticed that many of the wireless nunchuks were larger than the standard nunchuk, and therefore did NOT fit into the leg strap that came with EA Sports Active, so to me at least, were useless.

Then I found this one! It has only a few reviews, but they are all good, so I decided to give it a whirl! Well, it arrived within four days, so not super quick delivery, but average, and in the padded envelope was the nunchuk, a wrist strap, the charging cable (usb) and the adaptor to plug into the bottom of your wiimote. No insrtuctions, no anything else, just the bare bits.

You might think, 'why do you need instructions?' but really, just a few helpful pointers would have been nice, for instance, I have NO idea how long to charge it up for to get a full charge, nor how long a full charge lasts? I never want to let it run down as I can no longer face the thought of going back to my wired nunchuk!

I plugged the usb cable into the back of my Wii, and it charges off the Wii just fine, even if the console is not turned on. It does of course have to be on standby and getting power to it, but you don't need to have the Wii in operation to charge the nunchuk.

The nunchuk synched with the wiimote perfectly, although very occasionally, I have to unplug the adaptor from the bottom of the wiimote and plug it in again, but that really is VERY occasionally and I certainly would not let it detract from my review!

As I say, the only issues I have are no idea of battery life or how long to charge it for? But my legs are so grateful to me for no longer being whipped, I can't give it anything other than five shiny stars! :)

HG Stain Away No.7
HG Stain Away No.7
Offered by Stewart and Gibson Ltd
Price: 4.86

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5.0 out of 5 stars A little pricey, but it's AMAZING!, 20 Jun 2012
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Ok, so to start with, the postage is what makes it a little bit expensive. If I could have purchased the item off a shelf somewhere without having to pay the postage, it would have been even more perfect!

Right then, to the job in hand. I bought some Kylie At Home bedding off of ebay which was described as being in excellent condition. Clearly the seller and myself have different ideas of excellent condition, as it had large unsightly orange rust stains, which on a white duvet cover, rendered it unusable :(

I told the seller I would try to get the stains out, otherwise I would be returning it. The seller was none too helpful, wouldn't pay return postage even though it was their fault, so I figured for the price of the return postage, I may as well give this stuff a try. I had precious little else to lose.

Let me just say, prior to this, I had soaked the duvet cover in Daz stain remover - no joy. Then I attacked it with Vanish - still no joy. Finally, I even tried BLEACH! Yes, BLEACH! As in Domestos! Didn't budge :( So having read the reviews for this, I knew it was pretty much my last hope at saving this beautiful bedding.

Well, it arrived on a day I was out, but I couldn't wait to get home to try it out, and when I did, all I can say is WOW!!!! WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!!!! I read the instructions on the bottle, which said to ensure the stains were thoroughly soaked in the solution, and laid my duvet out on the kitchen table, with kitchen roll beneath the material. Then I poured the solution on . . . .

Please bear in mind what I have told you - the HOURS I had spent already with three different products desperately trying to get these stains out! So you can imagine the wonder when these stains started fading away within SECONDS!!!! My jaw dropped! I felt like a magician! So I went to the next bit and poured some on that, and continued working my way around the stains - by the time I got back to the first stain, it was completely GONE!!! I even called my hubby to come witness the magic working, and he too was amazed!

It said on the bottle to leave it for one to two hours, so even though the stains were gone in minutes, I still left it for an hour before putting it back in the wash with my regular detergent. After washing, the bedding looks like NEW!

This product saved the day! It saved the bedding! The only thing it couldn't save was the sellers feedback rating, who shouldnt' have listed a badly stained item as being in excellent condition in the first place.

Do I recommend it? YOU BET I DO!!! :)

Breville VKJ366 Black and Stainless Steel Jug Kettle
Breville VKJ366 Black and Stainless Steel Jug Kettle
Offered by Aestore-co-uk
Price: 33.99

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2.0 out of 5 stars Lovely looking, but flimsy build!, 17 Feb 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I bought this kettle in October 2011, having previously had a Breville Lightning which had lasted us a good while. On removal from the box, we immediately noticed that it felt a lot lighter than it's predecessor and did indeed feel very 'plasticy' - yes I know it is plastic, but still, it felt fragile.

Still, it was a lovely looking thing, and looked a very stylish addition to our kitchen, and the red light looks cool (I'm easily pleased by such things!) so we decided to give it the benefit of the doubt.

Sadly, that is where the good stuff ends.

Now the first thing is not going to affect everyone, but I live in a very hard water area, and this thing seems to feed on lime, and silly as it sounds, I think it breeds more! I use a Brita filter, so it never has tap water in it, and thank goodness the element is concealed, because it is constantly furred up, and the filter is useless! I have to scrub it out every couple of days at most, or the water from it looks revolting and tastes just as bad.

Secondly, the cool lighting doesn't always work! Sometimes I put it on to boil, and no lights come on at all, other times, it keeps boiling and doesn't knock off and fills my kitchen with steam! And still, I was prepared to forgive it's sins!

Finally, the straw that broke the camels back - my husband opened the lid to fill it up the other day, and one of the hinges snapped! The lid is a bit silly, it doesn't open far enough to easily pour water in from a jug, but now with a snapped hinge, it flops around and is surely only a matter of time 'til the other one goes.

So I contacted Amazon and after less than 6 months, it is going back for refund. Thank goodness for Amazon!

I only gave it two stars because it is pretty and I like pretty things, but as a kettle, I can't recommend it at all. I would leave it where it is and honestly buy something else, which is what I am about to go and do!

The Great British Interactive Pub Quiz 2012 [Interactive DVD]
The Great British Interactive Pub Quiz 2012 [Interactive DVD]

3.0 out of 5 stars Fun - but not the best, 4 Jan 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
On the whole, I can really only pretty much echo what most of the poor reviews already say - wrong answers, littered with spelling mistakes, whole sections repeated, nevermind just the occasional question. This was most in evidence on Boxing day night, when on only our second game, our opposing team played their joker for double points on Science and Technology and got ALL the same questions that they got in the only other game that we'd ever played! Needless to say, they found it hilarious, and we weren't happy!

it is always fun to play a quiz, which is why I have given it 3 stars, as it is 'ok' but don't expect much from it, and be prepared to check the answers you swear are wrong on Google, because likelihood is, they are!

Oh, and if you play with 2 teams only, which is all we have done, the remote issue isn't a problem - just let one team hold the remote and put their answer in first, then have the second team say their answer out loud and press the button for them. I can see how this would be a nightmare for more than two teams though :(

I would buy another edition of the game to be honest, but also, I wish I had the address of whoever made it, as I would love to write and complain and tell them to sort it out!

Kinect Sports: Season 2 - Kinect Required (Xbox 360)
Kinect Sports: Season 2 - Kinect Required (Xbox 360)
Offered by Global Xpress
Price: 6.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Really good fun, but agree, more like an add on . . ., 9 Nov 2011
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
A lot has been said already so no need to repeat. I never expected to say I love golf, but I do, I LOVE GOLF! There, I said it! really fun to play, even though I have no idea what club does what, but still the timing of your swing and the power with which you strike the ball are all taken into consideration, and we have had great fun with it the past week :)

Skiing is also fun, and we really enjoy tennis and darts too, don't expect an easy time of it on tennis, as somebody else said, you WILL sweat! Darts seems a bit hit and miss, but we still enjoy the game :) Sometimes my husband has managed to throw darts without moving his arm! Don't know how, he's just that talented lol!

We haven't taken to American football or baseball, and to be honest, we probably won't bother with those again. That might sound really negative, but we just don't have a clue as to the rules of either game, and the on screen hints and tips are like a foreign language to us! Maybe someone might be tempted to have a go at Christmas with a few drinks on board, but it won't be me! To be fair to us, myself, hubby and sister all tried with both games, and we were all a combo of baffled and bored, so it wasn't just me.

We never play the football on the first Kinect Sports though, so I don't expect to like every game on a disc, and it certainly doesn't ruin my enjoyment!

It IS more like an add on to the first game, I'm not sure why the games just couldn't have been sold on Xbox Live to be honest, but I'm still glad I bought it, and I know it will get a LOT of use!

Who knows, maybe one day I might even learn what the different golf clubs do??

All in all, very happy with my purchase and looking forward to Season 3!

Nokia CC-1005 Skin for N8 - Pink
Nokia CC-1005 Skin for N8 - Pink
Price: 5.08

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5.0 out of 5 stars Lovely little cover!, 6 Jan 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I think the review giving this cover 2 stars for being the wrong colour is very harsh! The cover is exactly as it looks in the picture, what you see is what you get! It is a hue of pink, a kind of a cerise, so yes it is also purplish, but surely anyone can see that?

It is a great little cover, I bought it for my 80 year old Mum who has her N8 and loves it. She recently had carpal tunnel surgery and her grip isn't all it used to be, but the rubbery finish helps her to keep a hold of the phone far better than the actual phone finish. It is super easy to fit and requires no mammoth pulling and stretching to get it on, it simply pops over and sits there happily.

All phone functions/buttons/holes are accessible either through cut outs or shaped parts in the rubber (like the camera shutter key and the on/off switch) so there is never any need to take it off, except of course to change for a different colour, which my Mum does, as I also bought her the blue one!

For a fiver, you simply cannot go wrong. I just wish many more colours were available as at this price, my mum would buy her phone a wardrobe full!

Nokia CP-408 Black
Nokia CP-408 Black

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5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect for protecting your N900, 6 Jan 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I bought this case after my lovely Mum dropped my shiny new N900 on a gravelly car park and damaged the screen :( I knew after having it repaired I could take no more chances!

I researched the net well before choosing, and I knew the case was a little clumsy with regards to texting (because the flap opens down below the keyboard) but for protecting the phone, it does the job brilliantly.

yes it does make the phone bigger in your pocket, and makes it look clumsy when you bend the case back to hold it to your ear on a phone call, but for me, I don't care. I have had 3 previous N Series phones and all have had similar cases, so I am well used to it. I'm not bothered what I look like, so long as my lovely handset is protected, and it is!

It looks very stylish, despite not actually being leather, but it is made of some other hardwearing material, and after 8 months of use, still looks brand new (as does my phone thanks to this case!). It also has a debit card holder built into the front cover which is a nice touch. The clips secure the phone at the sides (with the phone in landscape position) but do not interfere with the sliding mechanism of the phone at all. I had read that some people experienced paint wear on the phone wear the clips had rubbed, but I have had no such problems. I can only speak as I find.

Would I recommend it? Absolutely! And in the horrible event I lost my phone (!) I would buy another in a heartbeat for it's replacement.

5 stars from me. Very happy customer.

Xavax coffee-capsule holder Rondello for 48 Tassimo capsules
Xavax coffee-capsule holder Rondello for 48 Tassimo capsules
Price: 23.32

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5.0 out of 5 stars So Stylish!, 6 Jan 2011
I bought this for my husband for Christmas (having bought him the Tassimo the previous year). I had previously looked at the plastic box style t disc holders, but they looked so cheap and nasty and I couldn't bring myself to spend the money on it. Then, one day, whilst searching the Bosch online shop for descaler for the machine, I tripped over this and knew straight away it was what I was looking for!

It is just so stylish, rotates smoothly to enable easy use and looks really good on the kitchen worktop next to the machine. It is lovely build quality and is just perfect!

Anyone who has a Tassimo should have one of these to store your pods. Simple!

PS, yes, it is quite expensive for what it is, but if you want something that looks good and does it's job, then it's worth it :) Oh, and the one I bought was in the grey box in the photo here on the Amazon site. James something or other?

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