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Doctor's Advocate
Doctor's Advocate
Offered by DVD Overstocks
Price: £3.96

4 of 25 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Sad just sad, 17 Feb. 2007
This review is from: Doctor's Advocate (Audio CD)
Ok for the purposes of this review I am approaching it critically and not in any way biased. I would like to point out that two of my favourites MC's at the moment are Ja Rule and Young Buck. I like them because they are good rappers and don't care if they are Beefing. The Games first album was nice (I know I reviewed it 5 stars but my rap views have changed since that review ages ago I now listen to artists such as Nas Rakim Jay Z and my new favourite Big daddy Kane). So onto the album and why I now hate "The Game"

Production - wise the album has its highs and lows. The problem is there are more lows than highs. I will sort by doing all the highlights of the album. "one blood" has an amazing beat and reused sample The Game also raps very well Also check out the remix of this song as it is AMAZING and features almost every rapper around (and Ja Rule is BACK with the best verse on the whole 11 min song outshining Nas and the like) Lets ride has a very nice beat and is just a westcoast banger lyrics aren't the best and the chorus is a bit weak but it really just there to listen to while driving. Too much is very nice lyrically and the beat and chorus by Nate is pretty good. Wouldn't get far is alright but the sample was used for a jadakiss song "by your side" of his album "kiss of death" and was better used there. Kanye is alright though. Ol' English is a very good beat and chorus and the game is also very nice lyrically. "Why you hate the game?" is probably the best track on the album (it has Nas) the Just blaze beat is amazing as is Nas Marsha and The game. I think this would have been a lot better on "hip hop is dead" as the Game featured track there is weaker. Amazing ending for the album after a very bad album.

"Doctors Advocate" (song) highlights what is wrong with the album here is a great emotionally filled track. I love the way the game raps when he is drunk and busta is good and the other guest singer. The problem is this track like the rest of the album is just one big crying session to the good dr Dre. I feel sorry for Dre the game is the ultimate in crazy fans. Every track has a reference to Dre. The album title has his name in it. The song "Stan" by eminem now reminds me of the game. This album doesn't let up with the Dre references. It's so scary like some weird fetish. The Game needs to get over the fact he was rejected by the whole label.

In conclusion Download "why you hate the Game?" and "one blood" and don't get the actual album. Now for a little rant on why I "hate the Game"

1. The dre references are so bad and weird and ruin the album.

2 the fact he beefs with everybody. Young buck killed the Game in his diss track and Ras Kass is one of the best ever from the west and the Game disses him.

3. His fans. Why are there so many Game (and G-Unot) lovers? He's not good and to hate G-unit when without them you wouldn't have the Game is just sad. Disloyal fools. The game is supposedly G-Units biggest enemy. It's because he's jealous. They have Dre and he has nobody. Sad isn't it just Sad. This guy is a disgrace and in every way as bad as 50 cent and the rest of G-unit(ignoring young buck who has skill).

check out snoops cd if you want a decent westcoast Cd not this

Street Dreams
Street Dreams
Price: £4.72

3.0 out of 5 stars Not quiet a dream album, 27 Jan. 2007
This review is from: Street Dreams (Audio CD)
I first heard Fabolous on Sheek Louch' "Kiss your ass good bye remix" in which he was ok but didn't stand out. When I saw this album in HMV for a fiver I looked at it the features on Keepin it gangsta were enough for me to buy it. The intro is just DJ clue yelling skip it. Not give a F*** is an impressive opener good beat nice chorus and the rhymes are good as well. The next track is very weak. Damn has a wick beat and the chorus is annoying. The line "let's roast some spinach" is a sample of how bad the rhymes are. Skip it. Call me is quiet commercial and not that good but some might like it if you really like commercial stuff but for me it's very average. Cant let you go is very good for a commercial love song and just as a song in general. The chorus is on point and very nice duet singing between lil' mo and Mike Shorey. Fabolous has some nice rhyming here with some couplets and multi syllabic raps. Skip the next song and go onto why wouldn't I its just nice rapping and a nice chorus, beat could be better. Now skip the next3 tracks (there all filler) and go onto track twelve Into you with Ashanti quality song with nice rapping from Fab and Ashanti singing sweetly on the chorus.

Change you or change me is a rap about how Fab hasn't changed nice rapping and a more street song. now skip all the way to track seven with the bonus cut throw it back is a weak track but keepin it gangsta is very good with sweet rapping from all and the most gangsta track on the album. Trade it all is a very good commercial track with jagged edge and diddy. Very nice track and they got a good ghost writer for diddy. Into you with Tamia is the same song as the one with Ashanti but tamia is the original girl on the track as it is a sample from her song so into you (I think that's the right title) but this is the better version (im a huge Murder inc fan but Ashanti wasn't used well on the track) but a very nice way to end the album.

Overall this is quiet a weak album because of all the filler Fabolous does have his moment s but in general isn't that skilled a rapper. The production on some tracks is very weak as well. I recommend the following tracks and that's it.

Not give a F***

Cant let you go

Keepin it gangsta

Trade it all

Into you with tamia

Those tracks are all very good but this album only gets 3 stars for those tracks plus a couple more I don't see Fabolous improving but I'm not going to hate on him as he is cool with Jadakiss and D block whoa re quality rappers. He's a bit too commercial and his street tracks aren't that good few rappers can be cross over artist and fabolous won't be around in 10 years or remembered. check out Sheek louch After taxes as I got it a week before this and was so much better Fab is just another artist contributing to the death of hip hop (Hip Hop is dead is also a great album so check it out)


Its murdaa

Price: £2.99

3 of 4 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Classic, 28 Dec. 2006
This review is from: Stillmatic (Audio CD)
This was the 2nd Nas album I purchased and is Class I just started listening to Hip hop after the Jay-z Nas beef but i can easily say that Nas won. The best tracks are as follows; the ones I don't mention are all listenable and good tracks but could have been better.

Ether. Amazing, kills Jay-z and shows that when Nas is provoked can kill anyone with one track.

Got ur self a ... Class single with an amazing beat and superb chorus.

You're Da Man. Amazing song but TOO short with only two verses. The chorus is very effective but the two verses and stripped down beat make the song

Rewind. Its not an amazing song but its experimental by Nas telling a story backward starting at the end. Told very well but a better beat would've been nice

One Mic. one of the Greatest every raps? Its one of my favourite every raps defiantly. The way Nas raps is soo good. The raising of the loudness of his voice is class as is the beat. Best song on the album and all time classic.

The Flyest with AZ not exactly a new idea rapping about the Hood and gangsters but i love it as a song with a sweet beat and chorus and Nas and AZ doing some very impressive rapping.

Rule with Amerie. I thought this would've been a pop style song but its not. its about the world problems and war. great song with a political message.

My country. Kinda like a follow up to the last song but very different. Its still Great though.

Overall this is a Quality album. Not as good Illmatic but its actually more listenable i prefer some of the songs on it to those on Illmatic. Illmatic is one of the greatest albums ever so comparing every Nas album to it is a bit useless as for an Artist to have one great album is hard but two is a rarity. This is a classic and proves that Nas is still on top.

Rotten Apple
Rotten Apple
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £9.97

1 of 4 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Victim to the sophomore curse, 25 Dec. 2006
This review is from: Rotten Apple (Audio CD)
Banks was udder pressure doing this album. The game had been booted out and then started the "G-Unot" campaign against his former crew. The last G-Unit releases (Yayo's and Mobb deep) had flopped badly and 50's massacre was heavily criticized for not living up to his first album. G-unit is in trouble and banks release was up first. After writing a whole album it was stolen by an affiliate of D-Block (whom G-unit are beefing with) and put onto the internet and bootlegged. This meant that banks had to do a whole other album. The initial singles off this album failed to receive recognition and the release date was pushed back. After all this banks had the chance to redeem G-unit and bring them back to their previous commercial success. Just looking at these albums amazing art work and inner notes it looks good but in my opinion he failed. He stumbled and dropped the ball. Heres a track by track review of the album and his problems

1. Rotten Apple (w/ 50 Cent & Prodigy) Beat is boring as is banks. Prodigy is rubbish and 50 trys to rhyme pharaoh with barrel enough said. 5/10

2. surrivival nice beat and the chorus is really good verses are ok 8.5/10

3. Playboy 2 beat = horrible rapping's also very bad 3/10

4. The Cake (w/ 50 Cent) i hate the sample and the rapping isnt good enough to make up for it 6/10

5. Make A Move Banks trys singing its sooo bad i dont mind rappers singing a tiny bit but banks voice is so bad 5/10

6. Hands Up (w/ 50 Cent) banger probably one of the best on the album 50 is pretty good on it and banks rapping is pretty good as well. the beat by Em is good as well 9.5/10

7. Help (w/ Keri Hilson) quiet a nice track very laid back R&B style but it doesn t help banks look gangster 8.5/10

8. Addicted (w/ Musiq Soulchild) Beat is very nice as is the featured guest and banks raps a nice couple of verses 9/10

9. You Know The Deal has a sweet sample from Rakim and is overall a very good song showing what banks can do one of the few good song on the album 9/10

10. Get Clapped (w/ Mobb Deep) i dont like the chorus and the beats pretty bad as well as the verses 4.5/10

11. Stranger it just screams filler 5/10

12. Change also screams filler 5/10

13. NY NY (w/ Tony Yayo) pretty horrible song really Yayo only makes it worst. 4/10

14. One Night Stand (w/ Keon Bryce) its quiet nice the beat and the guest really help it 8.5/10

15. Iceman (w/ Young Buck, Scarface & 8Ball) such a bad beat even young buck couldnt save it 6/10

16. Gilmores no banks you cant sing so dont 5/10

17.Life (w/ Marsha Ambrosius & Spider Loc) pretty bad song but i quiet like spider loc he has got a nice flow. 5.5/10

Overall i have decided after hearing this album about 4 times (it could be a really slow grower but im not going to keep trying) that banks has such a BORING voice. When the beats aren't lively like in this album his highlights just how boring he is his rhymes are alright but his flow and monotone voice aren't. I really wanted this album to be good as I don't like the Game as a person (disloyal fool got destroyed by young bucks diss track) and now he'll probably say it was his disses that made the album fail rather than the fact it pretty much sucks. £10 on a album that has 5 decent songs is just steep buy the Jay z or nas or snoop dogg or fat joe or diddy or even the game, all the other big releases this quarter that don't blow. This truly is a Rotten album young buck has a lot to do with his album but I still have hope in him as his first album was the best yet in G-unit releases. Ja and the rest of G-units enemies must be laughing at the fact this album is a flop and I don't blame them

Its Murdaaaa

Me, Myself And I
Me, Myself And I
Price: £6.32

4.0 out of 5 stars Joe going Full circle, 25 Dec. 2006
This review is from: Me, Myself And I (Audio CD)
Fat Joe is a survivor. He has been around for ages and is still going. This album is a change to the other two albums I have (JOSE /weak and All or nothing /great) it's very street. The guest spots are kept to a minimal with only the Game and Lil' Wayne. This leaves the spotlight on Joe and he shines on most tracks. Fat Joe is not a great lyricist but he does it ok and does provide some great raps. The album opener is amazing. Pandemic is an amazing beat with Joe just rapping no chorus, I didn't think he could do it but he did with great results. Damn is up next and is pretty nice, Beat is good as are the lyrics. The profit is boring and very skipable. No drama (clap and resolve) has a brilliant beat and is pretty sick. Breathe and stop has the game on the hook but he doesn't do a verse. It's a very westcoast track and Joe pulls it off sweet beat and is the next single.

"She's my mama" follows the formula bad beat + bad lyrics = bad song, skip it. Make it rain is class and you've probably heard it. Jealousy is skipable but the next rap isn't. Think about it produced by Scott Storch has an amazing stripped back beat with nice horns playing. Joe shines on the verses and provides such a catchy chorus. Hard not to kill is boring so skip it. Bendicion Mami is a song for his mother and is one of the best on the album, very heartfelt. The last rap "story to tell" is a great ender and has a dark menacing tone to it and sweet lyrics. Overall there are 8 Quality songs and 4 skipable ones. The bad songs are just boring but not horrible. so on the strength of the 8 quality songs i rate this album 4 stars. This album has in my eyes returned Fat Joe to his roots would be a good last album to end his career on. A Greatest hits with a couple of class songs and all his hits would be nice though. Get this cd the production is amazing and Joe is pretty damn good too.

Kiss of Death
Kiss of Death
Price: £8.24

4.0 out of 5 stars D-block classic, 25 Dec. 2006
This review is from: Kiss of Death (Audio CD)
Ok to call it a classic is a bit far but it is close to pure class. I heard about jadakiss through styles P at first and then his verse on Biggies life after death and Ja rule's "New York". I've had this album for a couple of weeks so know it well. Jadakiss is a very skilled rapper and this album displays it. The album is as follows....

Skip the intro and go onto "what you so mad at now?" good beat good rapping just missing that special something to make it great but its still quality filler 8/10. Shine with DJ Quik and Snoop is next and has very westcoast feel. Its quality with the guests dropping nice verses jada is the best on it though class song. "Bring you down" is a very uplifting chorus and some very nice rapping by Jada great for when your feeling depressed. "times up" feat Nate Dogg has a sweet beat and sweet rapping nate is good on the chorus as usual, overall very nice. "Why" feat Anthony Hamilition is amazing. Its just jada asking why about everything and is a classic. Production by Havoc is amazing and very upbeat and the chorus is sweet and you will sing to it. Jada is very heartfelt on this track and doesn't have a weak line one of the best tracks on the album. It is commercial but street and means something which is hard to pull off. "U make me wanna" Mariah Carey, Jadakiss, Scott Storch you know it's a club banger and is amazing for a commercial release. Hot sauce with Pharell is commercial and good. Probably just that wee bit too commercial for me but others will like it.

"Real hip hop" with sheek is the start of the more street part of the album. I have heard much of sheek but he out shines jada here for the first time so far so I'm highly impressed and ill go and get his works. Overall Swizz Beatz provides a brilliant beat for one of the best song on the album true to its name it "real hip hop" shoot out s with styles p would have been more suited to his album as it has a very dark feel to it compared to the rest of the album. it is a quality song though. "Still feel me" is very heartfelt long verse about his life. Nice beat and some brilliant rapping. "By your side" has amazing lyrical ability and is similar to "never thought" by Ja rule in the way both artists work their verses around the beats. I believe that Ja did it better but Jada did do an exceptionally good job here. Great song and one of the best on the album. The next cut "Gettin' in it" features Kanye West and isn't really anything special its just too commercial. "Air it out" is very good and a definite grower. Quiet a dark track produced by Neo and very good. "Welcome to D-Block" features Eminem, Styles P and Sheek Louch. The beat by Em is superb but Ems voice does take a bit of time to get use to on the chorus. Each rapper shines on this track. It's a close call between Jadakiss and Eminem for who has the best verse but I actually think bar for bar Sheek is the bet but he has quiet a short verse so it's a bit unfair.

"Kiss of Death" produced by Red Spyda is a straight banger. The beat is amazing as is the rapping. The chorus is on point as well so this is one of the best cuts of the album. The last track "I'm going back" is a good ending but not great. It's a bit of a jump to go from the last few gangster cuts to this but it is on its own a good song. Overall Jadakiss has provided us with a great album, its got great lyrics and commercial appeal. Jada's punchlines are great as is his versatility to be able to change to different beats and styles. This a great cd by the frontman of D-block and is a definite addition to any rap fans CD collection whether you a hip hop head or like the softer more commercial stuff. The reason it did not get 5 stars is that as great as jadakiss is he is still a weaker rapper than Styles P and if going by what I have heard of sheek he is weaker than him too. Some of the songs here were weak so this isn't a classic. I really liked Sheek Louch's appearances on this album and I now have very high expectations for his album that am away to get. Pick this up Jadakiss deserves to be known.

D-block 354 Its Murdaaaa

All Or Nothing
All Or Nothing
Offered by CAC Media UK
Price: £6.16

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4.0 out of 5 stars 4.5 All, 8 Dec. 2006
This review is from: All Or Nothing (Audio CD)
I first heard Fat Joe on Ja rule's "New York" on which he spat an amazing verse. When I saw this album on offer for a fiver I thought why not, and bought it. I'm glad I did as this is a quality Album from the Latino rapper. He really try's on it and it shows.

It starts of with Intro which is a song but is easily skipped. The beat and Joe's style of rapping don't really go together. The album really picks up with the next track "Does anybody Know" which has a great beat and sample. Fat Joe really shines lyrically on this track. "Safe to say" I a solid track but after this is "so much more" which is probably the best track on the album. I'm surprised that it didn't do better in the charts. The beat is by Cool n Dre and is outstanding. Next up is the diss track "My Fofo." Production is done again by Cool and Dre. This is an amazing track and compared to "piggy bank" its unreal, although Fat Joe said this would be the only response from him at the MTV awards he dropped a diss. The chorus of the song is sung to the tune of the Flintstones which makes it very amusing. This is a great shot at G-unit. Joe is quiet humble at the end as he tells us that Jada will "slam lyrically" but Joe has done brilliant on this track and makes 50 look stupid.

"Rock Ya Body" is another Cool n Dre cut and is a solid track. I think the Fat Joe/Cool n Dre tracks are great and they should team up more. The two tracks up next are commercial cuts and sweet the frist one is a swiss beats tracks with his girl(wife?) on it and after is the scott storch with nelly both tracks are club bangers and very good. Next up is temptation parts 1 and 2 and are separate tracks. They are kind of a little rap story told between the two tracks and are street stories. They are both good tracks and display that fat joe can easily switch to street raps when he wants. Everybody Get Up is a straight timbaland club banger and is quality. I can do is another Cool n Dre beat and is really nice and has some nices lines. So hot with R kelly is R&B style song with a Cool n Dre beat. Very good. Lean Back remix is amazing with some amazing guest (em steals the show) Its funny to see Em and mase here as both are lnked with 50. Beat Novacane is a great street track. the album end with All or nothing a duet with J Lo and was a moderate hit. its alright but a bit commercial.

Overall this album is great and has some absolute bangers and classics get it. Joe isnt that big in the UK because he was scared to fly so never had any promotion over here but now hes conquered his fears so expect to see more of him. I'll be checking out his other Cds

Terror Squad

Its Murdaaaaa............

Press Play
Press Play
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £3.89

6 of 7 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Nice, 8 Dec. 2006
This review is from: Press Play (Audio CD)
Hmmmmm... First off I want to say that in the end this man brought us Biggie in manys opinion the best rapper ever, so to be fair to the man he has got his place in hip-hop history. He is also the richest man in hip-hop at $346 million, all of this was self made. So an album from him would definitely get some attention. Nowadays in the UK outside of hip hop circles Diddy is probably best known for the Making the band mtv show. For some odd reason neither Danity Kane (the end product of making the band) Cassie (me and u a huge hit) or Yung joc (number 3 American album) are on this. All 3 acts are signed to diddy's bad boy label and all 3 have produced a top 5 us album in the last year Danity Kane hitting number 1. right onto the album....

Straight out of the gate diddy himself admitted he had ghostwriters BUT he did write some stuff. Before you make fun of him as you're a hater remember some others that had ghostwriters Dr dre and easy E. I've got nothing against these artists (well dre is involved with the ja rule beef and i take Ja's side). still at least he admitted it so `ill give him that. the intro (testimonial) is amazing for an intro. its not a track just a beat with diddy doing some amazing lyrics over it. very good intro with reply value. We Gon' Make It is a typical club tune thats really quiet good. the sample was also used for Jigga's new tune " show me what you got" so i reckon someones losing their job. "i am" is a diss to 50 cent with the line "im richer b***h" nothing really exciting about it just that that line beats 50. 50 has taken on some of the best lyrically (Nas, Jadakiss( rest of D block) and Ja rule (your opinion may differ from mine here)) his main diss for all of them was " i sold more" which to any proper hip hop lover means nothing (Big L's yet to go gold) but to some it does. Diddy is the king of commerical. now what has 50 got to show for himself, everyone he disses is better in some way. I could talk (diss) 50 for ages but this is a diddy review so "I am" is an ok track and for any 50 fans reading "its murdaaa".

the future is quiet a boring track and very skipable. "Hold up" has great street style production. the children singing is really quiet haunting but at the beginning he says "i love it when children sing" so theres a court case in the future for him. its quiet good lyrically too. "come to me " you 'll have heard this, got to number 4 in the charts great club banger and thats about it. Next up "tell me" with Christina Aguilera. This track could be huge. I love it personally, Just blaze with amazing production and christina drops some amazing vocals. the rapping's also above par. this track could hit number one easily and bring both artists album sales up. best track I think and worth downloading as its probably the best commercial song of the year. The next two songs are average with nice beats good for background music but thats about it. skip the interlude to get to "everything I love" with Nas. club banger and its funny seeing Diddy trying to be Nas but Nas is great (Hip Hop is Dead.. the N out december 19th) with quality lyrics hopefully a good sign of things to come. The next track sounds like he stole it from Justin Timberlake. Skip it.

After a boring interlude at track 10 we hit the R&B crossover hits. the first one with Keri is very good (could be a hit) my favourite one in this section of the album. I believe Keri whoever she is could be big. "Through the pain" Mario Winans is very good i like to chill to it as its got a nice beat and rhymes. "Thought you said" with brandy could be a moderate hit. its quiet good but doesn't have that x factor. the album kind of dies until the end but some people may like some of it. Its good background music like most of the album due to its nice glossy commercial sound.

Overall its not a classic by any means. Its not lyrically brilliant or has outstanding brilliant production but it does what it says on the box. Its plays. with a sprinkle of Great tracks (8 of them and the intro) but only one ( tell me) will be played loads. I recommend it for a great commercial album and for background music. Diddy can still make hits. Nothing for a hip hop head to get worked up about its nothing special but it is better than most commercial trash out here (50, Nelly, most of the south) so buy it for a bit of a change. Puff should be respected because he survived the whole east west coast feud and is still relevant today. But Diddy why no Danity Kane in the UK they would be at least hit top ten maybe even number one and make them the international stars you always say they will be. I don't personally like them but they have talent and would help bad boy get to the top. Bad boy died with Big but they still have some power but anyway...

Nice cd check it out if you have a spare ten pounds its worth it but buy tell me anyway its quality.

R.I.P. The Notorious B.I.G.

Bad boy for life ( but dont release any more biggie stuff except maybe a greatest hits box set because we dont want Biggies legacy ruined like the way Pacs was ( he does more cds per year than most artist that are alive ))

Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous
Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous
Price: £7.20

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Sreet Classic, 12 Oct. 2006
Big L is one of the best mc's to ever touch the mic his flow is sick and has some of the best punch lines ever here's some of my favourite ones;

My girls are like boomerangs No matter how far I throw them, they come back

Got thirty-five bodies, buddy don't make it thirty-six

F*** karate Big L practice Gun Fu

This ain't Cali, its Harlem n we do walkby's

Cause battlin' me is like fightin' a gorilla in a phone booth

Overall there are loads of great punch lines. Put it on and all black are my favourite raps but there all class (except for 1 or2 sub par ones). If you are easily offended by things don't buy this because big l makes the old eminem look like a little girl scout selling biscuits for charity. This guy has obviously had a hard life. This is the only album he dropped when he was alive which is a pity. If his life hadn't been taken he would have probably been the best rapper period but you have to take him as he was and that is this album. Big L is smart and asks good questions include why good rappers like him can't go gold (this album isn't gold the big picture is) and rubbish ones go platinum. You have to go out and buy this album if you like rap make it gold. I do think the fact this guy is so unknown makes him even more appealing as only hardcore rap fans would have this. Either way go buy this album it's a classic. in the words of Big L, "A tech nine is my utensil,

Fillin n****s with so much led they can use they d**k for a pencil"

Price: £3.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars One of the best, 30 Sept. 2006
This review is from: Illmatic (Audio CD)
This album is great. I was about 5 when this album was released so the fact that I'm sitting here writing a review for it shows how timeless it is. There are a couple of complaints about this album though; it is a bit short at 9 tracks and a skit. I have an original recording from 94 so it does sound a bit dated in parts but really that just me being fussy. Aside from those points everything else is great I can't personally say in my view this is the best album ever but it is a classic my favourite tracks are 2 3 and 4 but there all great. One point about this album is that it is very uplifting it isn't commercial but on the other hand it isn't unbelievably street like big l's Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous for example. It is a rap album of unbelievably good lyrical skill. The beats I find are actually very good. I do like beats by dre scorch and all the top producers and I find these beats good there not unbelievable but they are great for the album and were by the best producers at the time. Overall I recommend this album to anyone. If you like commercial rap, underground rap or any other type of rap this is essential. Even if you don't like rap as a genre but want to expand your record collection to be diverse get this you won't be disappointed. This is a classic and should have huge record sale so buy it and respect real hip hop.

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