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Mr. Dominic Langmead "Seadogs" (Scarborough (UK))

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Silent Hunter 4: Wolves of the Pacific Collector's Edition - Exclusive to (PC DVD)
Silent Hunter 4: Wolves of the Pacific Collector's Edition - Exclusive to (PC DVD)

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars A Good Sub Game, 29 Jan. 2008
After reading negative reviews about poor performance and having to download service packs i was hesitant to purchase this game, but i dived in and bought it with first class postage (£3.11) and it arrived 2 days later, not bad really.

I got it out of the box and installed onto Vista Home Premium, took 4 minutes on my PC, which is impressive. No keycodes needed, just a nice install. I then went to register my product and downloaded the 200mb service pack. after installing this, i have spent around 20minutes at my computer.

I then rebooted after some windows update and then launched into a career. (on easy mode). Completing the first patrol fairly quickly, after discovering how to speed up time!

Graphics are excellent, waves and other boats are perfect, you can see enemy destroyers lay depth charges on you and watch their crews abandon ship as your fish slam into them creating nice holes!

However, (there is a but) If you work 0-5 Monday to Friday, make sure that you stay home for the delivery, It is too big for your postbox and will go back to the post office unless you are at home. At least it comes with the postie and not in a van at 1400 or something silly.

So this will come with the rest of your post, not bad really. I got it for £16.95 which is a good deal. although now it has gone back up... a shame really,

Get this one over the standard version as you get cool extras, like a arm patch(who is going to wear that?!!)

Anyway, its a fun game, good graphics and not that many bugs... or i havent found any anyway.

Building a PC For Dummies
Building a PC For Dummies
by Mark L. Chambers
Edition: Paperback

5.0 out of 5 stars Good Edition, 16 Jan. 2008
If you are confused by Computer Jargon, Do not know where to stick your RAM? Confuzzled on how to screw in your Motherboard?

This book is for you, it tells you in generic terms how to assemble a computer of any specification, with colour diagrams it is very easy to see what goes where and in what order.

The book also tells you that if you buy a AMD processor and an INTEL motherboard they wont work, remember to get parts that agree with each other.
It tells you basic specifications of PCs that do certain jobs and is very very very easy to follow.

This book does what it says on the tin, tells you how to build a PC, and if i were you get all the parts of, my top end entertainment cost £461.60 instead of £800 for the same HP Model, massive savings.

As far as this book is concerned, very cheap here, great price get it and you wont look back, except to write your review on your new PC like i am doing here, although 6months down the line as i forgot.

Some reviews say too basic. Its For Dummies it is supposed to be isn't it? Never mind ey, if your stumped at how to build a PC get this book, although remember, your Motherboard instructions will contain equally as useful instructions that are specific to your motherboard, download them from their website before you buy to see if you can follow it, if not get this book, if so you can keep your £10...

Each component you buy contains an instruction manual, you technically do not need this book, it is a payware version of your instruction manual with a bit/a lot less jargon.

If you need TIPS on how to build, what parts to get then get this little edition, (there may be a newer one out i do not know)...

Hope i have helped you, check out my other reviews on PHP MYSQL For Dummies and PHP MYSQL Everyday Apps for Dummies along with GARMIN GPS and WIN Vista.

Starting and Running a Business All-in-One For Dummies
Starting and Running a Business All-in-One For Dummies
by Liz Barclay
Edition: Paperback

91 of 92 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant, 16 Jan. 2008
I have just started my online business with this book at my side, it tells you about copyright laws, international laws and lots of other legal stuff that is required in setting up as a LTD, Partnership, Sole Trader or a LLP.

The book tells you how to write a business plan, how to get sponsorships from the Princes Trust and banks etc, it tells you what you should do in terms of laying people off if that should ever happen,

How to draw up terms of sale, disclaimers, how to employ staff, how to choose your products, search for competition, price your products accordingly, too high or too low is bad for your business.

The book also tells you how to advertise, forge links and register for PayE in the UK, Make sure you get the UK version as the American one uses the US Laws which are different from UK ones!! DONT SCREW UP HERE.

The book also tells you on how to sell your product, website? telephone directory? check the market before starting? does the product already exist? can you legally start a business? if you ran a previous business that went into debt etc.

It tells you about Bank Loans and how they are tied to you and your business, which i found very helpful. The book has useful links to companies house and various other organisations that you need to contact in the process of starting up.

The only bad thing is, I have lost my copy, I will have to root it out at some point...

Hope this helps you, this book is fantastic in telling you how to start up, brilliant book, love it!

PHP and MySQL For Dummies
PHP and MySQL For Dummies
by Janet Valade
Edition: Paperback

5 of 6 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Fanstastic, 16 Jan. 2008
I know No HTML or PHP coding, and i mean the max i know is < b > etc etc.

I have started an online business and this book gave me the information I needed for creating dynamic pages, connecting to databases and so on and so forth. All the examples in the book can be downloaded from [...] which i found very useful, each file she creates you are allowed to use on your own without having to add any information apart from your database credentials.

The book starts with the very basics, telling you how print simple statements like "it is raining" using the echo" " functions. It then progresses with using if statements and conditionals, functions and other parts of the PHP code which are useful. The book then goes into in depth information on how to build a MYSQL database with PHP MYSQL queries, it tells you how to DROP, CREATE, UPDATE, DELETE etc which i personally found useful

The book then carries on and shows a live running example on what PHP applications can be used for, giving a useful example of a online catalogue and a Members only Area which is what i use. The code can be edited to your needs, for example i added a user level to the database and extra code to the top of every page that disallowed entry depending on the user entry (if you want that code, please email me at and i will send it to you).

The online catalgoue is also very useful, i added it to my site then removed it for the paypal alternative. Janet Explains what she is doing in her coding examples with #number which is explained on the pages after, very useful i must say.

With the help of this book i have been able to create a fully dynamic site within 3 weeks, okay, its not the best read of all, and not fantastic examples, but her pet shop model is easy to follow and edit, whether it be Dreamweaver, Notepad or Publisher that you may be using.

Overall i would recommend this book to anybody who is having some problems creating what you need, Janet also refers to some free PHP sites that help, although personally i prefer this book as the free sites are harder to follow and understand.

I hope my review helps you.


Windows Vista For Dummies
Windows Vista For Dummies
by Andy Rathbone
Edition: Paperback
Price: £14.94

45 of 46 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars A Cracking Edition of For Dummies, 2 Jan. 2008
After Purchasing Vista and not being able to get to grips with it my dad got me this book,

it explains in great detail how to do everything that you need to do, it uses friendly language and does not insult your intelligence like some books.

I got the one with the free DVD which i have found very useful.

Amazon are the cheapest retailers of this product that i have seen, it comes wrapped in a standard Amazon packaging -- however you must be at home for delivery as it does not fit through your letter box :(

In All buy this book, you will find it useful, either that look on Google and find the answers for free :P

Garmin Nuvi 270  Satellite Navigation System With European & American Mapping
Garmin Nuvi 270 Satellite Navigation System With European & American Mapping

18 of 19 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant!, 21 Nov. 2007
I spent well over 3 days looking at what GPS to get my parents for christmas.
Firstly i started off with TOMTOM after just seeing an advert for one (yes advertising works!) then after reading some reviews of "looses signal", "gets lost" "cheap tack" and "falls of window" i switched to Navmans. I know nothing about this technology so i hunted around again at the latest Navmans and after finding one with Europe/USA mapping it was really expensive.

I then went onto my flight simulator X (brill btw) and noticed that my B747 had a Garmin GPS system. That got me thinking and i worked out that if areoplanes use it then they must be a good make.

After flying around Boro in a plane i went to Garmin website and looked at each model under £260, started with the 250 which is good but only simple mapping, then up to the European version, i nearly bought this one off Amazon because of the cheap price and good reviews. but i didnt..

after asking mum/dad some questions, i discovered plans to go the USA in a few years time, then i looked at this little gem of the Nuvi 270.
After hunting around i found prices ranging from £260 ( [or something similar] to £150 on Ebay), i avoided ebay on this one in case it goes wrong as i know Amazon have a brill returns policy.

SOo i buy it off here for £211.99 (Nov 2007) and it arrived a few days later by HDNL. I got it out and without reading the instructions set it up, after around 30seconds it found the Street, Town and Country of where i was. and i'd accurate to within about 10feet.

I then tested it out, best route to Cheltenham (one that i took regulary) was the same as what i would take anyway, brilliant then Scotland again avoiding the Whitby Coastal road was a wise choice.

I love this little Garmin, although not really tested it seems pretty good with all the extras, i would go with this instead any of the ones that play music (thats what iPods are for, not Satnavs) (get an FMT for listening to pod in the car)

So if you want a GPS go for this gem, well work £211
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