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Drum and Bass Arena Presents Friction and Fabio
Drum and Bass Arena Presents Friction and Fabio
Price: £14.95

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5.0 out of 5 stars A snapshot of modern day drum and bass, 6 Jan 2009
Brilliantly mixed, excellent tune selection in both mixes, just a fine piece of work.

Fabio and friction create a modern day cut out of dnb today. Whether your an old jungle head of a newbie to the scene, youll love this CD.

Fav Tune: Room to Breathe - Total Science - Fabio CD

Offered by Fulfillment Express
Price: £11.17

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5.0 out of 5 stars This is not music....this is pure and raw emotion on a CD, 4 Oct 2008
This review is from: Untrue (Audio CD)
Im not really one for Dubstep and to be frank, Dubstep annoys me a little. However, one day this guy Burial comes along and changed my life. In a world of changing emotions one often needs a medium to "escape" as it were from life and the crap that comes with it. This is where Burial steps in.

This is quite possibly the finest bit of musical work to ever be made. Its not your orthodox album, it needs to be heard from track 1 to track 13 all in one go. As someone else posted earlier, this is seriously a night bus album. Burial infuses his trademark 2-step sounds with haunting melodies and a crackling in the background that makes this piece work ever more haunting....

Why am i going on? Bloody buy this...when your pissed off or need to escape from everything, go for a walk at 12am at night or sit in your room smoking a bud, put this on and youll know what im talking about...

Reality Checkpoint
Reality Checkpoint
Price: £10.79

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5.0 out of 5 stars Logistics fills the hollow shell of 'Now More Than Ever' with stunning release from the Hospital Camp, 10 Sep 2008
This review is from: Reality Checkpoint (Audio CD)
I was a big fan of the 1st CD of Logistics' "Now More Than Ever'. The only problem i found with that album is that it all sounded pretty much the same. There was no real diversity even though it was an excellent album. Now when i found out that Mr Gresham aka Logistics was going to release another longplayer, he had a lot to change but also a lot to live up to.

How did it turn out!?
F*cking Brilliant, thats what. This is an album that grows on you A LOT. Honestly, when i first started hearing tunes from it, i wasnt too impressed. But after buying the CD and pumping tunes like 'Cocoon' and 'Trying Times' on full blast....i began to appreciate what quality this is. Logistics maintains his trademark chilledout-liquid sound, but with soo much diversity this time. Combined with the very very cool cover on the front, this album is one i really do recommend buying.
Personal highlights from the album include the electro-dubstep madness that is cocoon, not an orthodox dnb track, but when you hear this loud, youll realise why Logistics is one of the elite dnb producers at the moment.
Also impressing is the funky-melancholic vibes of 'Trying Times', the EPIC (and i really do mean EPIC) 'Slow Motion' and my personal favourites 96 and 'No Words'.
This is one of the very few albums i do own that actually takes you on your own personal journey through dnb....beautifully produced breaks combined with trademark Hospital Records melodies make this a real standout album for liquid dnb in 2008.

Buy it! Buy it just for 96 and No Words....2 of the best songs you will ever hear, believe me!!

No Title Available

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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent, does the job perfectly, 28 Aug 2008
I didnt get the C902 too long ago and was looking for a decent screen protector knowing im a clumsy git sometimes. Seeing as this one was one only with reviews i took a risk and went for it and got it. And i have to say, that it does the job absolutely perfectly.

Being adhesive its easy and quick to put on. Make sure your in plenty of light (i used a desk lamp), clean the screen, just pull of one of the adhesive films and then apply it to your screen, and then pull off the other one. They even provide you with a mini-cloth, like the ones you get with glasses. Bubbles were easy to get off, just use a bit of pressure or use the edge of a credit card.

Viewing wise, you can see the screen in perfect resolution, there is no loss of color whatsoever. The touch screen buttons also work perfectly when its on.

Its often hard to see from the picture what area the protector actually covers, but it covers the screen + touch screen buttons, but not the top-slider thingy (but you dont really need a protector for that really).

Excellent product, VERY cheap, delivery costs bloody more than the product though, but im sure there are ways to get around that.
My only niggle is that they could have included a few more, you do only get one, but hey, im not complaining.

Hospital Mix 6
Hospital Mix 6
Price: £16.22

5.0 out of 5 stars words!!!, 17 May 2008
This review is from: Hospital Mix 6 (Audio CD)
Not since the days of LTJ Bukem and crew have i heard a mix CD as good as this. Like a previous reviewer said, this is truly the bible of Liquid DNB Music....the mixing is faultless, the tracklisting is epic...This is a CD takes you into another world like no other DNB Mix compilation does...Plus its only a fiver...In my honest opinion, this is a 100 times better than the Hospitalised CD collection...Again and again Cyantific proves to us that hes up there with the best DJ's DNB has to offer...My personal highlight is the Muffler - Mermaids VS High Contrast - If We Ever mix...Epic!!!! If this review was out of a 100 stars, it would get a 100000...Simply beautiful

Weapons Of Mass Creation
Weapons Of Mass Creation
Price: £13.14

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5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing, Excellent, Simply Wicked!!....the words dont stop for this beautiful compilation of the most soulful DNB tracks to date, 16 May 2008
If you like liquid DNB, then go out and buy CD other unmixed/mixed compilation comes close to touching this. The tracklisting is flawless, Danny Byrd's mix extra mix CD is even better. If you liked Tough Guys Dont Dance by High Contrast, then get this. London Elektricity's mix of Hard to Beat by Hard-Fi rocks!!!!!

Album Highlights: Bloody Everything!!!

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