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The Sacred Talisman
The Sacred Talisman
Offered by groove_temple
Price: 10.66

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5.0 out of 5 stars PERFECT POWER METAL, 8 Oct 2006
This review is from: The Sacred Talisman (Audio CD)
If your'e a fan of not only power metal, but old school maiden-like "true" metal, then early nocturnal rites is for you. Before they got the rougher vocalist and developed a more muscular band, they were this, a very iron-maiden based old-school power-metal act with a great, galloping sound and very raw, mostly untouched vocals.

This really is perfect for anybody who likes this kind of music. The sound is very raw, in vocals and everything, with an awesome production that keeps everything at the fore, and to be honest, the song quality is simple amazing. they literally keep the quality the same throughout the whole record, and considering how brilliant the songs are, thats sayin something!

Unlike most overproduced choir-crowded operatic-power metal crap you often hear these days, this is trully powerfull stuff, as the production, like ive said before is very raw, with the band here obviously having a real passion for what they are doing, and, also as i have said before, the song quality is simply amazing. Every song could be considered a highlight, but my personal faves have to be the opening trio of DESTINY CALLS, the slower but equal IRON FORCE and the RIDE ON, which despite its stunningly unoriginal lyrics and name is a power metal classic. just like this album, really!

seriously, if anybody reading this is a fan of real oldshcool power metal, buy this now, you will most certainly not regret your purchase.

Triumph Or Agony (Ltd.)
Triumph Or Agony (Ltd.)
Offered by hotshotrecordsgermany
Price: 18.75

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4.0 out of 5 stars NOT THEIR BEST, BUT STILL GOOD, 8 Oct 2006
This review is from: Triumph Or Agony (Ltd.) (Audio CD)
Now, rhapsody of fire have always been a very good band combining orchestral elements with fast guitars and power metal vocals, but ever since symphony part two, things have been,well, a bit lighter. Most of the guitars have been pushed to the background in favour of even more orchestral effects and sounds,and there are very few actual fast power metal anthems any more. This album doesn't totally overdo the orchestra thing like symphony part 2, but it is still used in favour of guitars for the most part and most of the songs that aren't all operatic and ballady are still a bit light. However, although they may have gotten quite a bit more laid-back and less metallic, this band still know how to create a damn good piece of melodic metal. Most of the songs here are actually very good, very catchy with some brilliant (as usual) vocals. The best song is undoubtedly the (only) fast paced song of the album, Heart of he darklands, which manages to sound like the rhapsody of yor. Silent dream, a slightly laid back and very melodic number is also a definite album highlight with its irresistible tune (Okay, its cheesy as anything, but hey, we're talking about the kings of overblown metal here, they've done worse!).

So, if you're a rhapsody of fire fan, approach this with no particular expectations and you will find a good, enjoyable album, and if you're not, you may find a very special collection of songs.

The Re-Masters: Collectors Box
The Re-Masters: Collectors Box

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words cannot describe how happy i was with this box set. I was into judas priest quite a lot, and iwanted to collect their albums chronologically, so i couldnt believe my luck when i saw this very rare set on amazon: not only do you get a great, nay BRILLIANT! box to hold all of the remasters in, you also get FOUR WHOLE ALBUMS with it: for only 33 quid, that is one great bargain in any case, but considering what albums you actually get with it, well, look below....
SIN AFTER SIN- 10/10- Judas priests third album is a classic, one where they begin to realy come up with their "sound", and it is chock full of great metal anthems: SINNER is a an absolute classic track, which moves away from their blusier sound to a more high pitched powerfull anthemic sound, and is simply a stunning tune: very powerful
DIAMONDS AND RUST is a beautifull little track, a very touching power ballad which gets heavier and has one of the best tunes of any priest song, bar none
RAW DEAL is a great rock song which retains a very bluesy rock sound, but which, for me ,manages to be the best song on the album! a great little tune that you have to lsiten to to understand its greatness
DISSIDENT aggressor is a brilliant album closer: a fantastic, powerfull, fist raising metal anthem
flawless album
STAIND CLASS -10/10- another flawless contribution from priest, and the one where their more high-pitched powerfull sound takes center stage: this is simply another flawless album with a host of stunning tunes includng
EXCITER- kind of similar to sinner, but even better! this is a brilliant song with amazing vocals and very fast guitars for the time
BETTER BY YOU, BETTER THAN ME is different in style to most of the rest of the album: the vocals arent as high pitched and it is focused more on a commercial sound, later to be taken by their next three albums, but is stil a brilliant song, one of priests catchiest songs
STAINED CLASS: one word WOW. this song is clearly a precursor to power metal, and is very fast for the time: it is so brilliant it has to be heard to be believed
SAVAGE continues in the veign of the rest of the album and is yet another powerfull melodic metal anthem, and is yet again, one of priests best
Even better than sin after sin! hard to believe i know..
KILLING MACHINE- 08/10- not as good as the previous two, ad much of that is because of the style: its a much more commercial, and in places, more bluesy style than before with lower vocals, and it just seems that the mighty priest havent really gotten the hang of doing commercial songs that still manage to be powerfull yet: because these songs are simply just very catchy, not realy powerfull: there arent really any total priest classics on this album except
TAKE ON THE WORLD- one of priests all time classic tracks: a stunning anthem
there are other great songs, there arent really any weak ones on this album, just not really any classics (except the one above of course), however some album highlights are:
EVENING STAR- an actually quite powerfull anthem with a very good tune
BURNIN UP- a very low key and surprisingly comemrcial song, this is still an album highlight
EVIL FANTASIES a weird song, it is seriously bluesy, a very slow, bluesy commercial track, that works really well and turns out to be one of thw albums best songs!
Great album not briliant, but still pretty great
UNLEASHED IN THE EAST- 10/10- this is a brilliant live album: a true testament to how amazingly powerfull and commanding priest were on stage, and halfords voice sounds just as powerfull as on any of the studio recordings, and I actually think some of the songs here are better than the studio versions, simply because of the energy and passion delivered in the performances: this namely refers to *EXCITER *SINNER and *THE RIPPER.
stunning live album
so there: if you have made it through this exhaustive review, you will now know how much i think the albums contained in this set are, and to be honest i dont really have to say much more: you get a great box to hold ALL of the classics, TWO classic studio albums, ONE great studio album and one absolutely stunning live album, all for 33 quid- nuff said
if you are a metal fan, then you will buy this, if you dont then you are not a metal fan- simple as that


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4.0 out of 5 stars Very decent non-halford efforts, 15 Mar 2006
This review is from: Jugulator/Demolition (Audio CD)
If you are a priest fan, you will have heard of these records: the ones that didnt have rob halford on vocals. most people either say they are allright, but dont sound like priest, or that they are simply just not very good. wanna know what i think? i think these two albums are extremely decent efforts that sound like a natural evolution from painkiller.
JUGULATOR: 09/10- i find this album to be one of priests best, as it has a simply great collection of songs on it, from the snarling, brutal opener JUGULATOR to the old fashioned-judas priest anthem DEATH ROW, to the final stunning progressive CATHEDRIL SPIRES. The style of this album is a kind of late 80's thrash, a slower, more sludgy thrash with deep roots in priest's anthemic past: each song is quite slow, and has a very rough edge to it: mostly that belongs to the vocals as Tim ripper owens can get pretty frightening when he snarls really low#: it can get a bit rough then. The songs also begin with a kind of sound samples: i actually quite like this as it kind of represents the sound of what you are about to listen to. anyway, this is a greatunmissable collection of songs, with THE hughlights being CATHEDRAL SPIRES and the seriously cool ABDUCTORS (with some great snarly vocals from ole' tim at the chorus. think of this album as: "judas priest does thrash"
DEMOLITION- 07/10- this is not as good as JUGULATOR, but is stil a very decent album: this is more of the same kind of sound from the previous record, only with less "sound samples" and les rough vocals: its more of the same sludgy thrash inspired metal we got from jugulator, but there are actually some ballads on this album, including my fave judas priest ballad: "CLOSE TO ME" which i think is great. basically the albums first half is great, but the second half is pretty weak, including the terrible "devil diggers" possibly the worst priest song. however, despite this, this is still a very good album, with enough great songs to keep you songs for me would be: the weird and very catchy MACHINE MAN the ballad CLOSE TO ME the atmospheric "JEKYL AND HYDE" and the anthemic, almost death-tinged "ONE ON ONE"...
buy this if you want the judas priest sound, only slightly altered: what you get here is one great album one very good album: you cant really lose buying this: if you do, you will most certainly not regret it.

How to Catch 'Em All: Prima's Official Pokémon Guide: Prima's Official Pokemon Guide (Prima Official Game Guides)
How to Catch 'Em All: Prima's Official Pokémon Guide: Prima's Official Pokemon Guide (Prima Official Game Guides)
by Levi Buchanan
Edition: Paperback

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3.0 out of 5 stars Could have been better, 15 Mar 2006
This is a decent enough books for finding pokemon in the game, but for 12 quid, that is all you really get: info on catching pokemon@: there is nothing about their attacks, or evolution levels even, and with this info it could have been beter.
all in all, decent, but is a bit big for what is essentially only ag uide on where to catch the pokemon, and nothing else

by Stephen King
Edition: Hardcover
Price: 17.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Great, but not stunning, 15 Mar 2006
This review is from: Cell (Hardcover)
I have always been a big fan of stephen king, and have loved everything he has written, but even i would be the first to admit his more recent books (except the dtower series) pale in comparison to his old ones: it seems that he no longer tries as hard to make great characters and multi-layered dialogue as he used to@: he simply creates likeable characters and writes witty dialogue, nothing to deep anymore...
which leads us onto cell: it has all the faults of a modern day king novel: the rather second hand characters, and the great, but not very deep writing: however, even if king does not get you as emotionally conencted to a novel as he used to, he still manages to get you interested pretty darn well: cell is actualy a very good book, with a very interesting storyline, and decent enough characters: the best thing about the book is the atmospheer and world king creates: it is a evry scary place to be, and you get a constant feeling of unease: a good thing, as it is a horro novel. Sure, this would be better with slightly better characters (lead character clayton is kind of bland, though partly likeable), but dont think about what it could have been, just read it, and be scared, enthralled, then after finishing it, think "that was a pretty good book" cause i gaurantee you you will, you wont regreat buying this book, its a very good read.

Stargate SG-1 - Season 8 [DVD]
Stargate SG-1 - Season 8 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Richard Dean Anderson
Price: 21.75

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5.0 out of 5 stars THE BEST SEASON, 12 Mar 2006
Stargate has retained a massive level of consistency over the years, staying at the same level of quality, if not getting even a little bit better: it has always retained the humour, the characterisation and the excitement and the ACTION that has made it so loved.
Since season seven, there has been more of a focus on characterisation and a tad bit more humour: and i for one welcome this, as the characters have always been the best aspect of the show: season eigght continues this trend, and also the trend of even better quality than ever before!
there is only two weak episodes in here: *its good to be king and *Sacrifices, that is all, only two. the rest are a great bunch of mostly stabnd alone episodes which are, although stand alone in nature have links to the main story arc. The quality is simply stunningly consistent, with a remarkable quality of writing, story, acting and characterisation and excitement present all of the season.
Highlights include the opening two parter: *New order Parts one and Two which is very exciting with plenty of plot twists and has some absolutley lovely character moments: jack taking control of the asgard ship (!) and carters "talk" with teal'c. *Affinity is another highlight for me as it is an eoisode with very little action, it is a mystery with a huge focus on characterisation and intrigue, and manages to be very intriguing, with, again, some brilliant little character moments, such as, wel, basically every darn scene teal'c is in! *Promtheus unbound is a highlight, as it barely feels like a ep of sg-1! it is so silly, it is almost like some sitcom (albeit set in space) but it WORKS! very well, in fact and is stuffed with brilliant scenes, and of course, Claudia black who is great in it: not exactly an exciting ep, but VERY VERY funny, and extremely enjoyable. *Reckoning parts one and two are possibly the best episodes of stargate ever made; they wrap up most of the majore storylines, bringing the end to both the main enemies in the show, and are impossibly epic: there is so much going on, so much peril and a sense of doom, that you are kept on the edge of your seat the whole time, with some humour (as always) thrown in for good emasure, to lighten you up at te more darker points: watch out for the secenes where the replicators swarm about stargate command! aboslutely terrifying. *threads is basically a continuation of reckoning and wraps up the whole anubis/ascended daniel mystery, and although not as action packed or tense as the previous two parter is JUST as good, if not even better, as it is basically one big drama (big being the operative word, as it is an extended episode) but still manges to be so exciting! it is a great drama, and i think that that, or reckoning should have been the season finale, as *moebius parts one and two", while brilliant episodes, dont really have a big "Season finale" feel, while threads and reckoning do, doenst really matter thoygh, you can just switch the dvd's around, and pretend Threads is the season finale, it doesnt make a bit of difference.
To conclude this (unfortunately, sorry) long review, let me just say that this IS my faveourate season of stargate, simply because of the quality level, and its consistency of that quality. this was a stunning season, the best, and i hope my review encourages others to buy it!

Demons & Wizards
Demons & Wizards
Price: 11.38

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5.0 out of 5 stars Power metal genius, 21 Sep 2005
This review is from: Demons & Wizards (Audio CD)
People coming to lsiten to this and expecting something new will be annoyed at what they find: this is unashamedly old school power metal: loads of songs with quiet beginnings and cheesy soft vocals, vocal harmonies, added for a powerfull effect, and typically tight riffing, but for thsoe that like that kidna stuff,w ell lets jsut say that this a dream come true for u folks...
this has loads of vocal harmonies, and loads of quiet beginnings,but this adds to the effect of the music, it is progressive, and all the better for it: it is what power metal should be, powerfull. the vocals are stunning, doing rough power, and quiet moments very well in equal measure, and to put it simply, the songs are faultless.
like i said, this is for people who like old fashioned, progressive power metal, with added vocal touches and loads of quiet moments. if u dont like that then u wont like this, but if u do, then prepare to listen to a masterpiece...

Carnival Diablos/Waking The Fury
Carnival Diablos/Waking The Fury
Offered by hotshotrecordsgermany
Price: 8.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars thrast at its best, 12 Aug 2005
Annihillator have constantly remained a top-notch thrash metal band druing the years, never losing their pure thrash metal sound (ever). After the return (on the previous album) of Original singer Randy rampage, the band decided to get ANOTHER new singer: this time somebody whose name i cant remember. but what i do remember is that he is one heck of a singer.
So what kind of thrash metal is it? is it melodic thrash? well, yes it is, it is not exactly the most melodic kind of thrash (that would belong to anthrax and Death angel), but it is melodic, and sometimes catchy, but the new singers vocie gives it a good kind of aggression which makes it feel brutal as well as melodic, something that Has only ever been achieved (in my opinion) by Iced earth.
what about the songs? well, CARNIVAL DIABLOS has the best varities of thrash, and simply the best collection of songs of the two: However, the classic of the album has to be Denied. this is a personal fave of mine: it is fast, has got a great tune and has amazing musicianship all around.
as for WAKING THE FURY, it is not as good as DIABLOS, and it has less styles, and is not as dynamic, but it is still a great album, (08/10) and has a fabulous selection of songs.
two great albums (the first getting 10/10, by the way), with loads of brillaint songs, at a simply amazing price: two great albums for under a tenner! Brilliant deal, brillaint albums.
get this, and you will not regret it. that's a promise.

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