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Rab C Nesbitt - Series 6-8 Box Set [DVD]
Rab C Nesbitt - Series 6-8 Box Set [DVD]
Dvd ~ Gregor Fisher

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5.0 out of 5 stars PURE BRAND NEW RAB!!!, 19 Oct. 2007
First of all i want to thank Amazon uk for their quick and flawless delivery to a Brit expat living in America even though i know there is a national Royal mail Strike going on in the UK it seem to get here faster than usual So thanks to my friends at Amazon uk your the best...

Anyway it was great to finaly get the last three series of Rab and the gang and sit there and watch them on my days off.
It was also good to see that BBC scotland had manafactured the DVDs so the quality was pure briliant.

Well seems Rab has to tackle Cancer,heart attacks and rape in these last few gems and even has to put up with jamsie dipping his wife mary.
I must add that getting rid of screech and adding natalie and bridie to the family was a plus as far as plot lines but nothing in the storyline seem to explain what happened to him he was there at the start of series 6 then he was gone and nothing was said about where he had gone unlike burney.

Burney we find out is doing time in prison but screech is never mentioned again after being in three series.

Anyway like i said to bring in natalie and her family was a genius stroke specialy natalies Brother tweety (COCO POPS!!!) by the creators and as we see jamsie just gets worse and worse trying to shag everything in a skirt and as we find out in one episode called the binge it does not have to be even female or even human LOL.
Gash marrys Natalie but joins in the family past time of pushing his way through excepted behavior and shagging her sister bridie and ending up being with bridie instead.
At last my Rab collection is complete all except Fitbal and home which i will probably buy when next in the UK in 2008.
I cant belive that the last series of rab was done in 99 and we are knocking on near 10 years since the govan genius was last on air.
Well the whole series was genius and god rest you Eric cullen the wee burney you were much missed.
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Steptoe & Son - The Christmas Specials [DVD]
Steptoe & Son - The Christmas Specials [DVD]
Dvd ~ Wilfrid Brambell
Offered by Speedy Wonder
Price: £4.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars ANOTHER BBC CONN, 17 Oct. 2007
Have to say that even though steptoe and son was and is one of my most favorite sit com of all time i have to add that the BBC have basicaly looted their most loyal fans.
They have grossly edited them and for what reason i dont know why edit the DVDs and not the VHS tapes i dont understand why they are doing this.
Luckly i do have the first christmas special on tape still but alas i cant say the same for the second and thats why i brought this DVD for and to be honest im very very upset.

Also I think its diabolical that the BBC seperated the christmas specials from the series and sold them seperately and sold two episodes for the same price as you would buy a complete series for.

If these two episodes were made as feature length episodes then i could condone them doing this but two seperate them from the series is just pure and utter greed.

Anyway thats my rant with the BBC over with i will add that i will have little choice but to buy these classic episodes to finnish off my collection and great christmas classics they are.
These two christmas classics are not to be missed out on and are very funny and seasonal and in the last one harold actualy gets one over on albert which is ironic cos its basicaly the last time we see them in the series and its a christmas goodbye to their much loved characters.

Also be mindful that there are a few continuity mistakes in the last christmas episode where harold finds out that Albert was born out of wedlock and it was infact Alberts mother that started the buisness and not alberts dad as albert didnt know his father which as we know isnt the case as albert said in one episode that his dad had the bedrooms seperated so his mother and father would not meet only at meals and also his father died from a suplus of bad welks LOL.

Anyway not to worry continuity didnt seem a problem back then.
Steptoe and son is still the number one in my book and a classic.

Rab C. Nesbitt - Series 4 - Episodes 1 To 6 [DVD]
Rab C. Nesbitt - Series 4 - Episodes 1 To 6 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Gregor Fisher
Price: £14.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars ITS NO BAD!!! ITS PURE BRILLIANT SO IT IS!!.., 25 Sept. 2007
Series 4 of Rab has to be one of my favorite so far since the late wee burney (eric cullen) left the series.
My favorite episode from this series has to be Buckfast where Rab and jamsie hop a lift down south on the delevery lorry that brought up the bucky from buckfast abbey.
I was surprised to find the place actualy exsits in somerset.
Anyway great laughs when Jamsies wedding tackle gets him and rab in to trouble again and jamsie is forced to become a monk.

Cant wait for the rest of the series to be released never did get to see the final 8th series as it was the year i came to live in the USA so it will be watching it for the first time.

Well must go so hasty back cherrio!!.

Rab C. Nesbitt - Series 5 [DVD]
Rab C. Nesbitt - Series 5 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Gregor Fisher
Price: £9.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars LISTEN YOU HERE TA ME, 19 Jun. 2007
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Great ,I finaly got the 5th series of Rab and the gang and it only gets better.

Rab C Nesbitt has to be my favorite comedy along with only fools and horses and the 5th instalment didnt make me disapointed.

Jamesie still chasing other women and this time even rab seems to be out on the dip and has to go out and find himself or just find himself waking up with somebody else.

Anyway the story starts off with Rab at A.A and rab getting his nat king out of the deal but ends upwith his arse out the window.

The cotters should have gotten a spin off series of their own if you ask me cos jamsie and ella inspire a lot of the laughs in this series but i have to say that screech is a poor replacement for wee burney .

The 5th series still is as funny as the 1st and still shows no signs of getting old.

Cant believe that even this series is over ten years old.

Well cant wait for the release of the 6th hopefully this year .

Its great to come home turn of the crud yank shows and watch some generaly funny stuff i can relate too.

Thanks to my friends at Amazon for their top class delivery to the USA.

Rab C. Nesbitt - Series 3 - Episodes 1 To 6 [DVD]
Rab C. Nesbitt - Series 3 - Episodes 1 To 6 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Gregor Fisher
Offered by panamacanal
Price: £7.49

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5.0 out of 5 stars I WILL TELL YA THIS BOY!!!!, 10 May 2007
Well what can ya say about Rab?.

Ive always loved watching rab from when the first series started way back over 11 years ago and before that when rab and jamsie were just a skit on the naked video shows.

I was recently back in the uk and while i was showing my American wife around London i mannaged to sneak into the Virgin megstore in picadilly circus and found series 3-4.

I couldnt resist buying it as i have already purchaced 1-2 plus a seasonal greet in box set from Amazon.

Anyway none of my British family can understand rab let alone my American one but that dont matter as ive allways understood him totaly LOL.

The series just gets better and better even though the sad loss of wee bernie in series 4 and the addition of screech which i thought never could fill wee bernies shoes.

Anyway i will most definately be ordering series 5 through Amazon very soon.

Rab is an aquired taste you love him or you dont well im just very glad hes now on DVD so i can again enjoy his sage view on life HELllloooooo!!!.

Steptoe & Son - Series Three [1964] [DVD]
Steptoe & Son - Series Three [1964] [DVD]
Dvd ~ Wilfrid Brambell
Price: £5.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars HARRrrrrrroold!!!!!!., 17 July 2006
I brought this series and 1-2 when i was home in the uk for a visit in april.

And enjoyed some of my most favorite episodes on the way home on the plane via my portable DVD player and promptly could not wait to order series 4 when it was released through amazon.

I had every availble episode on tape starting from when they started to come out in the late 80s plus the two films and missed them terribly when i came to live in the U.S 7 years ago.

I was thrilled when the BBC eventualy started to put them out series by series which they have done for the first time ever.

Ive waited quite along time for them to do this as i did not want to buy the best of steptoe and son due to only getting a selection and not the entire series like they have done in the past.

Anyway series 3 shows just how the show is growing through the actors getting to grips with their characters and you can actualy tell that they are bringing in elements of themselves to the part.

For example Harrolds style and voice and facial expressions have changed a great deal since series 1 in 62 he is more animated and expressive from being basicaly stoic .

The same can be said of wilfrid bramble.

As for extras from the BBC to be honest i dont really care but it would be nice if the BBC did add some interviews or clips from other parts in the actors careers or included the program when steptoe met son or something like that.

Not to worry im just glad ive finaly got to watch one of my most favorite shows again.

Steptoe & Son - Series Four [1965] [DVD]
Steptoe & Son - Series Four [1965] [DVD]
Dvd ~ Harry H. Corbett
Price: £7.29

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5.0 out of 5 stars You Dirty ole man, 13 Jun. 2006
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Its great to finaly by this classic show series by series.

I once had all the episodes well nearly all the episodes on tape but moving to the USA i had to give up my beloved collection of which it took me about 15 years to collect.

So i was very happy to start buying this series again but this time on DVD.

This series 4 has to be one of my favorites with the episode pilgrims progress being my favorite as this episode sees harold taking albert to visit the WW1 battlefields in france and waring with a frenchman and an American on the plane.

Previously i had only had this episode via the BBC radio shows and always wanted to see it.

Anyway i wont go on episode by episode as im sure some other person will do that but i wanna say that no comedy collection is complete with out Steptoe and son.

I have series 1-4 now im just waiting for series 5 to be released in july and i cant wait.

Great service from my friends at amazon as usual and thumbs up to there quick shipping that keeps me coming back to them for more.

The Thin Blue Line - Complete BBC Series 1-2 [1995] [DVD]
The Thin Blue Line - Complete BBC Series 1-2 [1995] [DVD]
Dvd ~ Rowan Atkinson
Price: £7.00

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4.0 out of 5 stars Ello,Ello,Ello., 29 Jan. 2006
I brought this from Amazon the other day as i have not watched it since leaving the UK to live in the USA in 1999.
Im a rowan atkinson fan and buying this series was to add to my collection of his work but im still looking to buy the mr bean boxed set but anyway thats another story.
Great to see this again after so long and its one of those comedys you can sit down and watch with the family as there is nothing to take offence to just have a good ole laugh.
Im not going to give a run down of episodes like a lot of people do on here as someone will do a better job on that im just putting my two pence or should i say two cents in about this series.
Its not one of my favorites but its good comedy and its british which its a change from having to watch to american crap im forced to watch over here.

The Thin Blue Line - Complete BBC Series 1-2 [1995] [DVD]
The Thin Blue Line - Complete BBC Series 1-2 [1995] [DVD]
Dvd ~ Rowan Atkinson
Price: £7.00

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4.0 out of 5 stars Ello,Ello,Ello., 26 Jan. 2006
It was great to get this comedy in the mail from amazon and i have to tell you i wasnt sorry.
Rowan atkinson is amazing the way he can look totaly different when playing different roles for example black adder , mr bean.
Anyway ive got to say my favorite episode and the one i always remember is the christmas special when ben elton plays a newage travler and the C.I.D nick the carol singers.
Well not to much to say about this series really it speaks for itself but to be honest i dont think its atkinsons greatest apart from what i said before he looks different in every one.
I will give this 4 stars as its not really in my top ten comedy line up.
How could he supass black adder!!.

Citizen Smith - Series 1 & 2 [DVD] [1977]
Citizen Smith - Series 1 & 2 [DVD] [1977]
Dvd ~ Robert Lindsay
Offered by 101Trading
Price: £6.90

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5.0 out of 5 stars POWER TO THE !!!!!!!!, 1 Jan. 2006
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Great to be able to see this series again cos it was one of my favorites growing up.
I was amazed to find out that it only ran 4 years and only 30 episodes for some reason to me it seemed to be on longer.
I remember all those years ago how disapointed i was when the show finaly stopped and not long after that robert lyndsay was in a new series called seconds out which flopped.
Anyway because of Citizen smith i tried to follow lyndsays career and try to watch most things hes ever been in . for example (Get some in) which was before C.S then after seconds out i think he went back to stage work and serious acting and i had not seen much of him until the Horatio hornblower series.
Now i hear that hes back to his sitcom roots with another popular show on TV now but i have not had the honor to see just yet.
Again great service from Amazon and ive just ordered series 3-4 of citizen smith .
Great nostalgic TV that brings back so many memories and the precursor of Only Fools and Horses for which i have all the series of.

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