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In Extenso Letalis
In Extenso Letalis
Offered by CDdisc
Price: 12.61

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5.0 out of 5 stars Chaotic Norwegian Black Metal!, 12 Dec 2003
This review is from: In Extenso Letalis (Audio CD)
Hailing from the genre's birthplace and featuring a leading member of black metal underground legends Carpathian Forest, Hatepulse were always going to be a classic formation and with this - their debut mini-album - Hatepulse have more than proved themselves as contendors for the modern black metal throne. Well worth it's price, this mini-album/e.p excels far beyond the standards of most and mini-albums, with 23 minutes of techniaclly chaotic, atmospheric black metal without a single "Time filler" as we now come to expect from any e.p. Right from the first intro riff (Very reminiscent of the intro to Emperor Classic "Cosmic Keys to my creations and times" - from the Emperor mini album) this e.p is a lethally high dose of pure, apocalyptic Norwegian Hatred - Drifting from dangerously fast bouts of classic black metal to a more modernised and new-school extreme metal style, a style Hatepulse themselves have deemed "Extreme Hate Metal" - It does exactley what it says on the tin! Both members of Hatepulse are wholly able musicians - Kulde's vocals add a whole greater layer of chaos and hatred to this evil little gem whilst Vrangsinn's tight and complex musicianship reeks or pure talent and genius, only made even more jaw-droppingly brillant with is cleverly disguised use of a drum machine - something that will rarely be found in black metal. Without spoiling the surprise, there a some moments on this album that simply cannot go unmentioned in this review - most particularly the contrasting use of synth and female backing vocals in "The Avenger" whilst not moving away from their true black metal basis and a riff in closer "Dodsferd" that any metal musician would, without hesitation, sacrifice thier firstborn for - a riff so powerful it could be a headbanger's wet dream! This e.p is definately worth the price for any fan of Norwegian black metal but those new to black metal should take the right course first, as these 5 tracks of pure Norwegian hatred can easily alienate unfamiliar fans. I would also recommend "Emperor" mini album by none other than Emperor, "Nemesis Divina" by Satyricon and "A Blaze in the Northern Sky" by Darkthrone! Definately worth the buy!!!!!!!!!!!

Dusk and Her Embrace
Dusk and Her Embrace
Offered by jim-exselecky
Price: 5.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Too good for itself!, 20 May 2003
This review is from: Dusk and Her Embrace (Audio CD)
When this lbum was released in 1996, it was a truly unique and amazing work of pure disgusting genious! A major improvement on their previous work, this album was deemed too good for Cacaphonous! But in my view, it was too good for what Music For Nations could offer them too! Although the production was a vast improvement, it was still too raw and scratchy, especially the drumming which lets down the unbelievably amazing songwriting! This was truly something new and unique, especially compared to anything they have released previously and since! Dani's voice reached new heights, with a lot more variety than the usual monotone screech, with a lot deeper and freakier vocals being used which still havent seen any other release! There are some truly frightening moments where Dani uses his voice to the best of it's ability and creates quite a hellish and demented racket. Along with (Who i do belive as) Frater Nihil's demented and dark tones, they create a very freaky atmosphere! Anyway back to the music, this is also the first album that saw the genious of Gian Pyres on guitar and Damien on Keyboards. The new line up was much better and more skilled than previous, and the whole album was re-recorded to improve it from the previous members' poor efforts! But still this album deserved more than it got! Nugget's of pure unmistakable genious like 'Funeral In Carpathia', 'Malice Through The Looking Glass' and the title track all deserved better production, they were just too good for their time and label! If they were re-recorded now, they could take their already classic status to much better hieghts. The re-doen version of 'Funeral In Carpathia' on the 'From The Cradle To Enslave' E.P. is just perfect in everyway! The whole way the eerie keyboard and guitar melodies are layered over Dani, Frater and Sara's screaming vocals with Nick barker's non-stop genious drumming pounding in the background and eeire Wolf samples create a truly beautiful atmosphere, as if you were actually standing in a rainy Carpathians Forest! Nick's drumming on this track and the title track is just amazing! In 'Funeral In Carpathia' he pounds his way almost non-stop through 8 minutes of sheer complexity, how can such a fat man have so much energy, i ache for hours after trying to immitate! anyone enough of my crap, just go and buy this album, it will amaze you whether you are a fan or not, apart from Midian this is their most intelligent and amazing release ever!

We Have Come For Your Parents
We Have Come For Your Parents
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: 4.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars PUNK!, 11 May 2003
No it isnt pop-punk, or punk-metal, or post-punk, or post-hardcore, this is just 100% pure in-your-face-skull-cracking-head-smashing PUNK! The 4-piece mental machine that is Amen sure as hell have kicked up a racket on their second album! Cramm-packed with hateful no-moral attitude, anti-political awareness and a musical style roughly similar to the feeling of being literally smacked in the face for 45 minutes. What excellence! This album is filed with pure class adrenaline fueled raw punk songs. With raw-distorted guitars flying everywhere flaling mega-feedback, powerful drumming and of course, Casey Chaos's distinct in your face punk voice ready for a full on brawl! This is definately for fans of hard Punk e.g The Sex Pistols, and just anyone looking for 45 minutes of pure blinding hate!

Offered by skyvo-direct
Price: 14.06

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5.0 out of 5 stars Wot can I say?, 23 Feb 2003
This review is from: Midian (Audio CD)
As with most stereotypes or those not dark enough to appreciate Black metal, Cradle Of Filth will often be labelled as "Random noise". This album, like it's predacessors, smaks those steriotypes in the mouth and firmly breakes their jaw! The sheer beauty of this album proves that this music works in worlds that popular music, punk, nu-metal etc can never even see fit to sniff its glowing atmosphere! You try sticking Travis Barker's arse to a stool and get him to play Lord Abortion without his arms dropping off and head exploding after 30 seconds! This album is just pure talent and a work of art, which needs listening and appreciation! From the opening masterpiece of At the Gates of Midian/Cthulhu Dawn, you know this album will truly be spectacular and mind-numbing! The bueaty of "At the Hates o..." shows Cradle's talent already, and the breakthrough into Cthulhu dawn will leave your head vibrating for months. With the freaky organ outro of "at the Gates" broken over by the thunderingingly loud drum intro to "Cthulhu Dawn", you already know your in for something amazing, and then comes those 2 riffs that just make you think - how the hell do they write this stuff? One look at the booklet aswell will show you that Dani is a person gripping amazing poetic talent. His lyrics and ability to tell stories within them of Gothic Myth and fable, will easily show you he is probably THE most talented lyricist in contemporary music! And by this you wll be amazed, this album has even seen more play on my sterio in the past 2 months than my entire Slayer, Sabbath and Death/Black Metal collection! Anyway back to structure. As the mind-blowing Cthulhu dawn breaks out of its break-neck speed display of talent, in comes the quieter and slower intro to the epic and saddening "Saffron's Curse" with it's opening lyrics telling in beauty of suicide, and the heavier "death Maick For Adepts" As the Orchestrated intro to lord Abortion begins, you are about to hear one of THE most amazing and threating songs of all time. The title and lyrics just sum-up Dani and his beliefs with razor-sharp presicion, adding to it a hodden love story aswell! As an anitdote to the amazment of Lord Abortion comes the epic "Amor e morte" with Paul and Gian showing how they really can assualt their guitars with clean blade precision! Next comes the beautiful piano/strings instrumental "Creatures that Kissed in Cold Mirrors" which will leave you wishing it will never end. But unfortunately it does but makes way for what is probably the most well known Cradle song of all time - "Her Ghost in The Fog". The most beautiful love song ever written with Sarah Jezebel Deva's haunting chior vocals adding that extra romantic atmosphere on-top of the albums already unexplainable atmosphere. Then a break with "satanic Mantra" and into the 2 longest epics on the album, "Tearing the Viel From Grace" and "Tortured Soul Asylum" which you dont want ever to end" This album is truly a brilliant display of what the Cradle is capable of, every song on this Album sounds like it's been written by a totally different band, they all sound completely different! Each one with it's epic production layering and the complexity of the different tracks, they all sound like completely seperate albums on their own, everyone and art masterpiece! And along with it's amazing artwork and atmosphere, this album really shows what attention and credit Cradle need, buy this album, 10/10!

Offered by DISCO91
Price: 10.73

5.0 out of 5 stars Completely original!, 22 Feb 2003
This review is from: Deliverance (Audio CD)
As with any Opeth release, this album is a true masterpiece! with the 6 tracks clocking in at just over 6 hours, it creates a whole hour of pure musical beauty! As they announced, this album is a lot heavier and darker than the previous 'Blackwater Park' and 'Still Life' releases, and digs stronger into their roots. This album is the first in a 2 set series, and is the heavier of the two. The soon-to-be-released 'Damnation' is to be the much more mellow of the two albums, and it would have to be as it seems this album cannot get any heavier! This album, unlike @Blackwat...' and 'Still Life', creates a very strange atmosphere, surrounding mainly the last 4 tracks of the album. Although they are both amazing works of art, the first 2 tracks do not seem to fit in very smoothly with the last four, where that special atmosphere is created. Although the first two tracks are the most accessible and could be stated as the best with their crunching riffs and melodies, the real beauty is created in the latter tracks. With the truly spectacular 'A fair Judgement', and the guitar instrumental 'For Absent Friends', the scene is set for the two closing tracks, which are without a doubt the freakiest and darkest Opeth tracks I have ever heard. This album is something truly new for Opeth, and will certainly surprise anyone expecting a new Blackwater park. They really have experimented a lot more and havnt really played things on the safe side, with the last track even containing Jazzy organ parts and at the very end, what sounds like Mikeal singing in Swedish with very freaky effects. The last track, 'by the pain i see in others', in my eyes, is the best on the album. With its intro riff something truly new to Opeth, it soon builds into one of the most amazing beats I have ever heard. And then with Mikeal's truly freaky new vocals, it creates somthing i have never heard in opeth before. And then to top it off, the song climaxes into a jazzy guitar/piano interlude which will surprise even the most expecting Opeth fan! This album is truly worth it's price, go buy it now!! It will change your life!

Blackwater Park
Blackwater Park

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5.0 out of 5 stars Unspeakably amazing! No words 2 describe fully!, 22 Dec 2002
This review is from: Blackwater Park (Audio CD)
Obviously, im probably just repeating the words of all the other reviewers of this album, but that just shows even more, how incredibly amazing opeth are. Ever since they first started recording the demos for their debut album - Orchid, Opeth have been creating some of the most amazingly talented and mature music that has seen the light of the day from the current Prog Metal circuit. Outbeating almost every1 black, Prog and death metal band around for the last 7 years, Opeth have just got better and better. And with blackwater Park they have done it. With praizing reviews in big names such as Kerrang and Metal Hammer, Opeth have finally got sum of the recognision they damn well deserve! Anyone unfamiliar to Opeth's music needs to be familiar. Already on this album's reviews, countless people have described their style in basicaly agreeable terms. With a mix of highly talented and well produced death/prog metal alongside melodic vocals and grippingly catchy but talented riffs, with strong and soaring acoustic melodies. With album opener, "the Leper affinity", and 2nd track "bleak", they demonstrate with great talent and enthusiasm, a perfect example of this amazing and strongly unique blend of musical Nirvana. The heavy and aggressive opening to the Leper Affinity soon surges into an amzing and irresistably catchy melodic solo and into a short but well lived acoustic interlude displaying the real hidden qualities behind Akerfeld's voice. Altho his growling is just as talented and unique, the beauty still lies in his melodies. Neway, after the aggressive heaviness oF the leper... and the catchy melodic chorus of bleak, comes something to calm u down completely. The most well kown track on the album, "Harvest" provides a much calmer approach to prog, with its cathcy melodies and intelligent lyrics, at the same time not losing ne of the album's magic, intensity and mystery.the next 3 tracks dont stand out as much as the rest of the album, still being good songs though. The only dissapointment of the entire album comes with Dirge for November. Although still a good song, with its saddening and somber acoustic intro, the climax fails to provide like the rest of the album, even tho its talents still out do Nu-metal in general. The 2 secret tracks on the album dont provide anything as truly amazing as the first album, but performed and recorded by Akerfield himself at home with a small and simple 8 track channel recording unit, they desrve a strong rounf of applause. The title track, and the last on the original album, provides the magical encore that the whole album leads up to. Being the longest and most complex track, it fits well in comparison to Blackwatr Park's predacesor "still life". It is truly the most amazing track on the most amazing release of it's year. This album truly deserves the title "classic" and should live, alonside its predacesors, on the shelves of the greatest metal albums of all time. Buy now and live! ! ! 1000000 out of 5!

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