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Acer n35 GPS handheld Pocket Chauffeur
Acer n35 GPS handheld Pocket Chauffeur

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5.0 out of 5 stars Beats Tom Tom etc... by miles, 13 May 2005
The first thing that struck me about this was how light it was, I've had iPAQs and more recently the H6350 (which has everything but GPS), and they are all quite heavy units. But when i first picked this up, I actually thought they'd left the battery out, it is so light. Not had an issue with battery life as the longest it is out of the car of off the desk is the weekend, but it seems fine. I had an Avensis for a while, and really missed the navigation system when it went. I have tried all different sorts of GPS systems and could find one near it, but this one, in my opinion, surpasses it.
Destinator3 is amazing, and so easy to use, you can view your maps in 2d, 3d and birds eye or by route planner.. and as I am not one for reading instructions so this one was perfect for me. Once you start up, the software installs and sets itself up, it aquires the satelites, (which takes a little while first time) set your desination, and off you go.
Recalculates if you choose to miss a turn rather than trying to make you do a U'turn, you can set your POI favourites, by post code, street name etc. Or from when you are curretly located.
The car kit is great, as well as the desk charger, you get cigarette lighter adaptor. Easy to use on the road, speaker is clear enough to hear whilst driving, you can add POIs, such as the speed camera databse or your own places, as well as the raft of POIs supplied. The N35 has audible warning if you want to uses them speed limit etc...
All of this and it's a PDA as well.

iRiver H340 40GB MP3 Player With Tuner
iRiver H340 40GB MP3 Player With Tuner

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5.0 out of 5 stars The H340 is the highest quality portable music player around, 3 Aug. 2004
If you want an iPod, get an iPod, this is not an iPod. If you want the highest quality portable music player around, then get one of these, you will not be disappointed. The iPod technology is running a couple of years behind the iRiver. And, as the iPod still retains the market lead, Apple has no reason to change it.
I never thought I'd ever give up on the iPod, but I eventually succumbed to one of these, partly because I was fed up with the 4 hour battery life on my iPod, and also because Apple weren't investing in the emerging technology, but mainly because of the difference in sound quality..
I have done a direct side to side comparison with the 'H' and my "old" 40gb 3rd Gen iPod. First with the supplied ear buds (Senheiser with the iRiver), then with a pair of Sony professional DJ headphones, a set of JBL creature speakers, off the Mac, and finally directly through a Harmon Kardon amp.
Admittedly the iPod ear buds are slightly better quality, but the difference is, almost undetectable, but I never used the Ipod ear buds anyway, I used proper headphones. In every other test though, the iRiver won hands down. Especially through the amp. The iRiver has SRS WOW digital sound enhancement, there are half a dozen preset equalizer options, tru-bass and a couple of user defined sound options too, plenty of choice, even for the average Joe like me.
Weight wise, there's about a 'half ounce' in it. Size wise, the iRiver is 4mm thicker but 3mm narrower and 2mm shorter, than the 40gb iPod. Not much in it. But the iPod scratches more easily and shows more when the dirt gets in it, I don't mean mud, just daily grime from your pockets, desk etc.
And if that isn't enough to convince you, the H series comes with a full colour screen, for viewing digital images. The iPod still uses dot matrix. The player is USB 1 host, so no need for a computer, between your camera and your player. But be aware, not all cameras are supported yet, keeping checking the site.
The H has a very reliable operating system, and the firmware is upgradeable, so you can take advantage of all iRivers future enhancements such as video codec support. iRiver adds new features to their firmware all the time, and are quite reactive to their user base, so when a new codec comes out, you get it quickly and for free.
As well as it's own file management software, 'H Manager' which operates through and adds features to Windows explorer, the H series also supports WinAmp play lists, so no fiddling around with 'smart playlists'. Why would you want to waste time rating individual songs, when you can quickly set up play lists, and as many as you want. You can manage the file/menu system however you want so your not tied to any particular structure like with other players.
And you can download using any Music site, you're not tied to the expensive and limited iTunes library.
As for the charger, I have had no problems, and you can charge directly from USB. And at 16 hours on a full charge, you're not going to be spending £100 on a new battery in a years time, unlike the iPod.
What else? Recording, there's a built in mic, and an external one included in the pack, you can record via Line-in or using the internal, sound quality (depending on the bit rate you select) is astounding. You can record from real life (concerts) and with direct MP3 encoding you can use the line-in for converting your vinyl/tape to MP3.
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Wacom Graphire A6 Tablet with Painter Classic Serial
Wacom Graphire A6 Tablet with Painter Classic Serial

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5.0 out of 5 stars Not a magic pen, but a fantastic tool., 13 July 2004
If you want real control of nuances for computer artwork, and are ready to move up a notch, you really need to think about investing in a graphics tablet.
If you want to use a computer to make great looking art, then you know, a mouse just doesn't cut it. No matter how skilled you are. Yes, you can position the cursor very accurately. Yes, you can easily click various buttons without moving the cursor. But just try signing you name with a mouse, and it's obvious it's no writing implement.
This thing isn't going to make you into a digital graphic designer overnight, (takes a good month) but if you handy with a pencil, this is the next best thing. With over 400 levels of pressure sensitivity, using brush palettes in Photoshop you can achieve really astonishing results. It works equally well for both 'lefties' and 'righties', I am left hooker and the pen is perfectly ergonomically proportioned.
The tablet itself, is roughly 210mm square (8 inches), and about 10mm thick. There's one little two-colour LED to indicate power and when a button is pressed on the pen or mouse, one pen holder clipped on the top.
Printed on the tablet is a rectangle which proportionally represents, very accurately, the total actual useable pointing area (your screen). There is also a clear plastic overlay, which you can flip up and stick artwork under if you want to trace something.
The pen also offers pressure sensitivity you can vary the line thickness or intensity by pressing harder or lighter. And if you turn it round, you can rub out. Some of the cheaper graphics software packages restrict this function to your last used. There are two programmable buttons which you can set to do pretty much any thing you want. Even double click, so no shaking.
Tablets can be used with any image editing software, Adobe Photoshop or PSP, Corel etc. etc. But stick with Photoshop, it's the industry standard, and this tool is its best buddy.
Oh and there's a cordless 3 button, scroll mouse with it, but once you have used the pen you're not likely to ever go back to a mouse.
Mine is the USB version, it works fine on both Mac (i and power) (MacOS 8.51, MacOS 10.1 upwards) & PC on Windows (98/ME/2000/XP). Drivers for all O/S are available to download from the WACOM support site. The kit comes with a driver disk included, but only goes up to Mac 8 and Win 98.

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