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Pirates of the Caribbean
Pirates of the Caribbean

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5.0 out of 5 stars If you have money for one Soundtrack, then make this it., 6 May 2004
I could just leave it at the title, I think it explains it.
Seriously if you can buy yourself one Soundtrack then you have to make this it. I think its easy to forget the incredible Score that went alongside the Film. I love everything on this, its been playing none stop.
'Barbossa is Hungry', 'Medallion Calls', 'Will and Elizabeth' and 'Hes a Pirate' are the best on there but I wouldn't say there is any not so good Tracks on this, it completely deserves the Stars I've given it.
Go buy it, savvy?

Raging Angels [DVD]
Raging Angels [DVD]
Dvd ~ Sean Patrick Flanery
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4.0 out of 5 stars If your a Flanery fan then this is for you., 23 Feb 2004
This review is from: Raging Angels [DVD] (DVD)
I'm a huge fan of Sean Patrick Flanery so I liked this.
Its not so bad for a old Film, with a fairly decent storyline. Not overly deep, but its watchable and Flanery isn't so bad in it. Not his best, for that I'd recommend Bondock Saints, but its still worthy of 4 stars!

In The Zone
In The Zone
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Price: £2.45

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5.0 out of 5 stars These Reviews are spot on - Amazing Album, 17 Nov 2003
This review is from: In The Zone (Audio CD)
Britneys had some bad press recently, and personally I don't think she deserves it. She gets slated no matter what she does, so its a no win situation. She is constantly compared to Christina Aguilera and shouldn't be - They're both branching into their own styles and I think thats whats so good about this Album.
Here is a run down of the Songs.
Me Against the Music - You've probably heard this now, its so catchy. Its Britneys version of Christina's "Dirrty". This is going to be on in all the Clubs around the UK, its so good for dancing to with friends. Its a dancey song, you can't keep still. Its sexy and smooth and it features the amazing Madonna. What more could you want in a Song 9/10
(I got that) Boom Boom - Don't be fooled by the start of this. It starts a little slowly and your about to turn it onto the next song when Britney's voice comes in. It features some rap parts in by Ying Yang. I promise if you wait about a minute into the song it grows quickly. The Chorus is definately worth waiting for. Britneys voice is suited to the sexy, slower beat to this song 10/10
Showdown - This is another one that you have to stick with for it to get better. A original beat, this is quite different to everything else. Britneys breathy style is great for this type of song. Listen to the lyrics in this Song, they're clever "Here comes the Showdown, what comes around goes around" 9/10
Breathe on Me - This is a 'Kylie Minogue' style song and reminds me a little of 'Slow' I think this might have been produced by Kylies producers. Its slow and VERY breathy but it works for Britneys voice. The best way to describe this is to say its a mixture of Danii Minogue and Kylie Minogue 7/10
Early Mornin - Not to sure on this Song, its not as catchy as the others. Its quite Urban rather than something you'd dance to. This is a slightly grown up Song for Britney, not completely sure if she pulls it off or not. Still I wouldn't say its awful, its a song that will grow on you 7/10
Toxic - WOW! Another fast one. Remember Abs Song 'Miss Perfect', this sounds JUST like that to begin with. It has a fast beat and is fast paced, slightly Kylie Minogue towards the Chorus but the Chorus reminds me a little of Rachel Stevens. I think though, despite sounding 'Similar' to other people, you'd still know its Britney due to that distinctive voice. This is a clever song, its a bit of a gamble song but it works and she pulls it off 9/10
Outrageous - Written by R Kelly, I'm not surprised this is that sort of style song. Its a little like 'In Da Club' by 50 Cent. Big bass and smooth lyrics, the lyrics are a little explicit but it works for the song. I'm not that keen on this Song, I think its a bit 'Nasty' for Britney but I'm sure other people will like it 6/10
Touch of my Hand - How refreshing to see a Artist not be scared to try new styles. This has a Eastern beat to it in parts and is the closest thing you'd get to a 'Ballad' on this Album. This is a brilliant Track, I fell for it as soon as I heard it. I think its because I like anything Eastern, so it clicked for me 9/10
The Hook Up - Some more rapping at the start of this, this is another 'Club' Song and something you'd dance to on a Saturday night. This has a slight R and B flavour to it I think its safe to say that its almost a Jamaican influenced Song. Listen to it and you'll see what I mean. Think Beyonce! 8/10
Shadow - This is a 'Safe' Song, you always get some on a Album that are like this. Its slow and the best way to describe it, is that its like 'Background Music' you play when your doing things. The Chorus is better than the Verses and is more catchy and effective. Quite a slow song, listen to the Chorus which is worth the wait 8/10
Brave New Girl - So different to her usual style. This is a mixture, its hard to say what it sounds like. Its a little like a mix of Girls Aloud and Holly Valance but it has Britneys own spin on it. I've never heard her sing in this way before, its faster than she normally sings. Rather 80's Electric Disco is the words I'd use for the Verse, but when the Chorus kicks in it slightly becomes more 'Pop'. I can imagine this Song being on a Film 8/10
Everytime - Similar to the style of Mandy Moore and AS good if not better. Slightly Delta Goodrem as well, but in her own style. This is the only real 'Ballad' on the Album, beautiful words. I think this is the Song she penned for Justin Timberlake, if not then its been written about someone. This is a heartfelt song, Britney does seem to put a lot into this Song. Its so beautful "Everytime I try to fly without my Wings, I feel so small" I think this is one of her BEST ballads and she sings in a grown up way compared to her earlier music where her voice is slightly breaking 10/10
Me Against the Music/Remix - You normally get Remix vesions, I prefer the original but this is just been put on for a bit of fun. Has a slight Eastern/Arabian beat to it 6/10
The Answer - Remember 'Bombastic' off her last Album? This could easily follow on from that. It sounds like a follow on, similar style. Great beat and toe tapping, this is a great Song. I wouldn't say its the best on the Album but its good 7/10
Don't Hang Up - I thought this would be a fast Song but its a medium tempo song. This reminds me of some of the Songs on her last Album, in between fast and slow. Another 'Safe' Song I think, not an exceptional one 8/10
OUTSTANDING TRACKS - Me Against the Music, (I Got That) Boom Boom, Toxic, Touch of my Hand, Everytime
AVERAGE TRACKS - Breathe on Me, Early Mornin', Shadow (Though the Chorus could be put into 'Outstanding Tracks' the Verse lets it down)
BELOW AVERAGE TRACKS - Outrageous (Sorry just didn't like this style on Britney, it doesn't completely suit her)
Good Tracks out of 15? I would probably say 12.
Phew! The one thing I would say about this Album is that its obvious Britney has been experimenting with different producers. Her styles are so varied in this Album, its rather different from her last Album and a million miles apart from her FIRST Album which was full of 'Pop'. Britneys grown up into a young woman who is experimenting with her image and her sexuality. Theres nothing wrong with that - In that sense she reminds me of a younger Madonna, always reinventing herself. This Album will do better than her last, it IS better than her last, it deserves 5 Stars.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing., 12 July 2003
This review is from: Thankful (Audio CD)
I can't help but wish our music in the UK was to this standard. When I compare how beautiful her voice is, I can't believe she wasn't spotted before the American Idol. Compared to what we have here; Girls Aloud, Hear'Say, Gareth Gates there is NO comparison.
Kelly Clarkson can ACTUALLY sing.
I was fascinated about American Idol when I heard about it on Channel 4 and caught a snippet of Kelly singing. I was hooked so looked at getting this and made my mind to take a chance. You wouldn't think this came from a 'POP' reality show, because the standard is incredible.
The strongest tracks would have to be - The Trouble with Love, Miss Independent, A Moment like this, Before your Love and her duet with Tamyra. Every track though, saying that, is beautiful. Kelly really has a voice that can give you goosebumps.
I hope she decides to try and make it out here in the UK, I know she'd do well if this album is anything to go by. I really would give this album top marks. If you like a bit of Pop, R and B, Soul and Country then this is for you!
Well done Kelly.

Offered by best_value_entertainment
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4.0 out of 5 stars Holly Valance - Footprints, 15 Oct 2002
This review is from: Footprints (Audio CD)
Filled with 13 wholesome songs from the lovely Holly Valance and 2 Bonus Video's on the Enhanced Section this Album is surprisingly good!
1. Kiss Kiss:- Most people have heard this by now. Its either a song that you like or hate. I happen to like it and find myself singing it afterwards! Upbeat and quick this is a great song for Dancing to 8/10
2. Tuck your Shirt in:- This song uses a Eastern Beat throughout it which works surprisingly well. A 'Sexy' Mid-Tempo song with a catchy Chorus that'll stick in your mind 9/10
3. Down Boy:- This is her second release of a single and isn't as good as 'Kiss Kiss'. Quite a slow and quiet song, its not as catchy as the others but I can't fault the foot tapping Chorus 7/10
4. City ain't Big Enough:- This sounds quite 'American' style. Think Mandy Moore. Softly sung imagine driving in a car in the summer with the top down. This is the sort of song you'd play 8/10
5. Cocktails and Parties:- Probably the weakest song on the Album. Don't get me wrong its still good but sounds a bit too similar to the previous song. Could have done with being a bit more 'Aggressive' and not so 'Gentle and slow' 6/10
6. Whoop:- Woah! Fantastic. This is HIGHLY Britney Spears [Think voice throwing with a toe tapping beat in the background] so catchy and great for dancing to. This could have easily been a song for Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera and if so it would hit Number 1 10/10
7. Hush Now:- Again we have another Upbeat song [Fantastic! I dislike Albums with a lot of slow songs]. This isn't as good as 'Whoop' and sounds quite "R & B". It could have been sung by somebody like Brandy, Monica or Samantha Mumba as its that sort of style 8/10
8. All in the Mind:- Another catchy song, with a fast beat in the background. Think 'Sexy' yet 'Catchy' and this is what this is. You'll want to learn the words and sing along to it 8/10
9. Harder they come:- One of the 'Nice' and safe songs. Sounds quite 'American' style again, a little slower with less of a low beat like the others. Again you can hear a bit of the Eastern style coming through. This sounds quite All Saints style actually 6/10
10. Help me Help you:- Ironically this quite reminds me of something Billie Piper would sing. Its softly sung and one of the few Ballads on the Album. Holly should stick to the faster songs as her voice is better suited to them 5/10
11. Naughty Girl:- A middle tempo song thats between fast and a Ballad this is a lovely little Number and quite catchy. This sort of Song would do good in the Charts 8/10
12. Connect:- This is my FAVOURITE song on the Entire Album. I could listen to it so many times! This is on the Britney/ Christina Level. I'm not joking either. "Smooth and Sexy" is one way to describe it. The Chorus is so catchy and I like the way they have thrown her Voice around [Similar to what Brandy did on "What about us?"] This is by no doubt a top class Track 10/10
13. Send my Best:- A typical ending Song! Slow and another attempy at a Ballad, we see her hitting that 'American' style mixed with the soft style of All Saints. Still not a bad song! 7/10
MIDDLE CLASS TRACKS: 1, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 11.
BAD TRACKS: 10, 13.
The Verdict? I went out not expecting much from this Album. I thought it would be "Kylie" style but because I thought this is meant I was surprised. It is not at all like this. The similarity between Holly and Kylie ends at the fact they are both from Australia. They are NOTHING alike so don't buy this expecting Kylie. This is a great teenage Album filled with catchy songs that ooze sex appeal, toe tapping and freshness. I wouldn't even call them 'Pop' because they are far more sexier and smoother than that. I would call them 'Dance Tracks'. Britney, Christina, Mandy Moore Fans this would be ideal for you! Overall a fantastic Album 9/10
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