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Inception (Two-Disc Special Edition) [DVD] [2010]
Inception (Two-Disc Special Edition) [DVD] [2010]
Dvd ~ Leonardo DiCaprio
Price: 3.28

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5.0 out of 5 stars Stunning action packed mind meddling thriller, 24 July 2010
In a plan to go home and see his children skilled thief Cobb (Di Caprio) must plant an idea in a young man's mind but he is forever troubled by his memories of his wife.

Ever since the release of The Dark Knight a few years ago many have wondered what Chris Nolan's next step would be and after months of speculation and a glorious viral marketing scheme we have arguably one of the greatest mind twisters of all time.

Like his backwards mind twister Memento ten years ago the British director gives us viewers another splendid treat with a psychological story that uses stunning directional action sequences, perfect casting and some mouth watering scenery to surely make Inception film of the year material.

Leo Di Caprio who many praised after his performance in Shutter Island earlier this year manages to stabilise the film's deeper darker moments through a clever thought out performance. His character Cobb has had trouble with the past and his memories. His clever mind at the analysing and interpretation of dreams expands further and engages audiences into a whole realm of possibilities. Cobb is a wonderful professional but an imaginative troubled soul and this gives the story a great balance against the heavy action sequences.

Not since the Matrix has action ever been this cool. There are too many unique moments to summarize here but one worthy mention is when the city starts to turn in on itself and Ellen Page and Di Caprio are stood in awe as you shall be by the sheer handling of this perfect sci-fi sequence by Nolan. From rainy car chases to corridor fights to a heist in the snowy mountains the adrenaline never stops pumping and if you like your Bonds, Bourne's and Indian Jones's you will think Christmas has come early.

Further to the central masterstroke by the Titanic star Nolan has brought in a wealth of experience and rising stars for his film.

Michael Caine whilst only fleetingly stars is brilliant, Marion Cotillard will sooner sprout wings than give a bad performance but even this is exceptionally good for her. Ellen Page and Joseph Gordon Levitt have both been rising quickly these last few years and in their respective roles both are memorable but Levitt excels through some fine balancing of seriousness professional and adding a dash of comedy styling to.

Nolan again picks up the action with a great subtle soundtrack that is always perfect in capturing the moment. But his wide sweeping variety of scenery and action montages, the back and forth settings are staggering.

Hopefully this film will be watched time and time again for its story as it truly boggles the mind as it explores the fabrications of reality and how we dream, think, feel, suffer and explicate the human race. For one I would strongly recommend watching this to have your mind well and truly warped.


by Harlan Coben
Edition: Hardcover

4.0 out of 5 stars Coben delights with sharp tricky time ticker once again, 30 Jun 2010
This review is from: Caught (Hardcover)
I first picked up a Harlan Coben novel a few years ago and was bowled over by it. Tell no one was sharp and dynamic and everything that you could want from a thriller and here he adapts a similar approach with multiple protagonists and a sharp and frequently exciting and often controversial agenda to its subplots.

Caught, his first release this 2010 year, opens with a point of view from a middle aged guy hoping to see his younger friend to see if she is alright in her house. What transcends epitomises Coben's work as what we as readers perceive is further from the truth. Once again there are an array of different characters in different circumstances and unless gripped you may lose track of who is who.

Thankfully Coben grips the reader into a tale of deception, murder, criminal convictions, stalkers and family divorces and the blood is always pumping through relative short chapters and a forever moving forward narrative.

Coben's development over the years has to bring a simple yet effective idea to his stories which is start in the present add an implication and bring the past into the present through family, mysteries and shockers that will produce many open mouthed impressions especially at the end of this novel, which is quite fantastical for a thriller but different anyway.

The only negative points I can summarise are the lack of grip in the middle part where the plot is often seen going over points established and the tempo isn't as high as Tell N One or Long Lost for example.

But come the end this will not matter as you will have enjoyed a sharp twisting specific novel that also adds amazing controversy, just look at the Facebook profile account section and the stalker ideologies to see what I mean.

Great read and fans should certainly take note.


Shrek The Third (Shrek 3) [DVD] (2007)
Shrek The Third (Shrek 3) [DVD] (2007)
Dvd ~ Mike Myers
Offered by DVDBayFBA
Price: 3.97

3.0 out of 5 stars A quick chuckle but unlike the original, 28 Jun 2010
There was a time some 9 years ago when an animation was released that shone with the energy, the humour and the drama that was remarkably a Pixar beater. Shrek was an outstanding piece of entertainment, containing colourful reincarnations of fairy tales with modern skits and a fresh faced array of family enjoyment and somewhere along the way of overselling, 3 sequels it lost its freshness.

Whilst the first sequel had plenty of zip and panache it didn't grab you the way the first did and this 3rd instalment tries to recapture the first's essence, and fails in that aspect but still packs some zippy humour and a relaxing hour and a half viewing.

This story revolves around Shrek searching for a rightful heir to the throne of far far away whilst Fiona has a surprise for her husband and Prince Charming recruits a bunch of villains to take over far far away.

There is quite a bit going on which gives strong humour opportunities if the momentum of certain situations is disrupted, not to mention this franchise's frequent attempt to add new characters never works. The dragon babies are ridiculous whilst getting Justin Timberlake, a professional singer, to voice a supposed heir completely abolishes anything short of credibility.

Salvation is found as usual through Donkey and Puss in boots whilst there are lovely phrases and sequences with Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and Cinderella. A great new addition is Captain Hook who is not given enough screen time.

Chris Miller directs well enough with the production at the finale a stand out, despite being ruined by a conventional speech motive. However when the gang circle around John Cleese's King there is an air of uncomfortably as it is produced trying to be funny when it definitely should not be and the scene with the singing frogs and unhappy face afterwards feels crudely disrespectful.

Whilst these faults are usually frequent there is still a likeable association with the characters as we know their tricks now and hopefully with the forth Shrek due out in recent weeks this series can match the first and give the series a grand send off.

6/10 [DVD] [DVD]
Dvd ~ Noel Clarke
Offered by gowingsstoreltd
Price: 2.75

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4.0 out of 5 stars Energetic technological drama, 28 Jun 2010
This review is from: [DVD] (DVD)
Fans of Kidulthood and Adulthood hold your breath, this is something that is equally sharp and darkly humorous as Noel Clarke's previous dramatic hits.

With a quartet of promising British teenagers this has more than just eye candy as the recruitment of the actresses has strong sustenance in Tamsin Egerton's forever developing persona and Emma Roberts plugging into more popular roles, and is due to appear in Scream 4.

The casting is pretty much perfect but with the four leads it delivers on all levels, comedy and drama with strong anxiety and energy. The stars of tomorrow? Perhaps but with a film as indie as this and without a strong American distributor it will not reach as many as it should. My friend and I were the only two in the screen last week.

With Clarke's previous hits you were always guaranteed strong real life issues and the script does not disappoint. There are your usual family rivalries, bitter ex's and sharp antagonism for friendships. Where the film hits its stronger points are when the issues build higher on themselves, such as when Egerton's character is in America and things go from bad to worse. The moment with the piano is sensational, where the moment with Eve is stereotyping on a ridiculous nature.

The film itself is shot on location in London and New York, diversifying touristy with curious drama that adds an edge. The nature of Adulthood's sharp turning camera happy twisting presentation is manifested here to amazing levels. Sharp twists, vibrant lighting, various angles that can occasionally stray from the plot's moment but adds a bit of unique viewing.

One great device used is the storyline. The opening late night by Big Ben reverts back to a cafe meeting with the four girls all getting off to the wrong doings and on separation the plot follows the girl's individually on their personal journeys. Once each story climaxes there are glorious revert flashbacks and then another girl takes over, an interesting turn that is surreal in a dramatic world that should not work but is effective in recalling certain moments of the respective stories.

Like Kidulthood this is sharp and dynamic, concentrating on real life issues and whilst it can be blown out of proportion on various turns, not to mention Michelle Ryan and Kevin Smith are rather awfully wrong in their roles, this is good fast energetic picture which Noel Clarke fans should certainly see.


Crystal Castles [II]
Crystal Castles [II]
Offered by davidw_1212
Price: 5.95

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4.0 out of 5 stars A very good second outing, 16 Jun 2010
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Crystal Castles [II] (Audio CD)
I first saw Crystal Castles in a Skins episode a few years ago and instantly loved the harsh completely unique styling of their music.

Their first self titled album brought together some very indistinguishable sounds that you would never have heard anything like before. From the powerful Alice Practice to the travelling conceptual nature of courtship dating the American duo combined sharp dance with methodical lyrics.

This follow up contains similar vibes that consistent of the same electronic genre and this time with more understandable agendas.

Some of the best tracks are Celestica, Baptism, Pap smear and Vietnam. All bringing back that wonderful dance styling from the first album and when on Jools Holland Celestica for me was made even better.

This album unlike the previous release took a while to get into as certain songs were not as inviting into their world. The opening to 'I am made of chalk' is rather strange at first, Doe deer is exceptionally eccentric and the feeling is more forced rather than chilled.

Nevertheless once you understand the band taking on this new style you can appreciate how they've accomplished justifying the dance genre. The tracks flow consistently like the first album and whilst the first is sharper this has some cracking numbers that, if you were a fan of their first album, are certainly worth checking out.

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Price: 8.69

5.0 out of 5 stars Great eccentric rocky album, 16 Jun 2010
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Flyleaf (Audio CD)
I first heard about this band through my friend and loved the song "Fully alive" a rocky eccentric song reminding me of the old school evanescence except this band seemed to have a bit of a stronger edge to their production.

I watched a few videos of the band performing and loved some of their other rocky singles which persuaded me to buy this album.

Their self titled album consists of many strong rock anthems including Fully alive. My personal favourite tracks are "I'm so sick" and "Cassie". The end of the album also includes acoustic versions of these songs are brilliantly different and you can appreciate the songs even more so.

Whilst the lyrics are arguably trademark hard hitters at the universal world the strong instrumental backing is excellent and there are some tracks which you can sing along to.

As before they remind me of a vintage Evanescense and not just because rock band with female singer but the way they approach the genre with hard lyrics and great rhythm. Whilst the same notion and energy is all in the tracks this may cause criticsm but if you like the rocky singing and yet heavy music style I think you will love this album


WWE - Summerslam 2008 [DVD]
WWE - Summerslam 2008 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Wwe
Offered by rsdvd
Price: 3.98

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3.0 out of 5 stars Good finish to average ppv, 26 May 2010
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This review is from: WWE - Summerslam 2008 [DVD] (DVD)
Jeff Hardy vs MVP 7/10

A quick fire opening with strong moves but not enough flying Jeff.

Kofi Kingston and Mickie James vs Santino Marella and Beth Pheonix (winner takes Intercontinental and women's championships) 7/10

The crowd got behind this one and rightly so as there were some good moves and strong athletisism but like the first over too quickly and with some seriously weird comedy styling

Shawn Michael's announcement was interesting as we would hear about his possible retirement but having heard a sentimental one from him at Wrestlemania this year watching this one didn't strike home till the interruption by Jericho.

Mark Henry vs Matt Hardy (ECW championship) 4/10

Ridiculous. Horrible when you route for one superstar but you can see when a DQ is coming.

CM Punk vs JBL (world heavyweight championship) 6.5/10

average match that was dominated by the millionaire. Had some strong moments but quite forgettable

HHH vs Great Kahli (wwe championship)7/10

Interesting to see how Triple H would deal with the 7 footer and all through you wondered how as Kahli completely dominated but there were some great fights from the game with a great ending

John Cena vs Batista 8/10

Back to the days when Batista was a good guy this showed him as a powerhouse with ruthless agresion and the world at his feet and he certainly fought hard agaisnt Cena's quick wit and showbiz style. some very near falls and quick twists made very good match that was never going to be the last.

Undertaker vs Edge (hell in a cell) 9/10

Good match and having bought this as a blind buy \i had no idea over edge's weird mental state and backstory going into this match, which certainly showcased him early on. Both star's used the cell to their advantage and there were great showings of weapon usgae and finishers all the way through

Last two matches salvage this 2008 pay per view and though i enjoy any wrestling, more hardcore fans may not appreciate the quick finishers and dq's on show here


WWE - Armageddon 2000 & No Way Out 2001 [DVD]
WWE - Armageddon 2000 & No Way Out 2001 [DVD]

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5.0 out of 5 stars Days of real action packed wrestling, 26 May 2010
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I've been absent from watching wrestling for a few years feeling the stories were going a bit down hill but I decided to buy a random old classic to get me back into it, and this DVD collection of 2000's Armageddon and 2001's No way out is argubly the best DVD i have ever bought for the purpose intended.

Armageddon 2000

Perry Saturn, Eddie Guerrero and Dean Malenko vs Hardy Boys and Lita 7/10

Before this match went ahead there was a quick flashback to show why they were there and it would have been quite interesting to see develop at the time. The match itself was fairly quick but there were plenty of good moves and an abrupt ending

William Regal vs Hardcore Holly (European Championship) 5/10

Again another quick match that had the wrong ending and a ridiculous opening rant from Regal

Chyna vs Val Venis 8/10

A good strong match up that had plenty of technical and powerful moves

Kane vs Y2J (last man standing)9/10

Great match for its bruising no holds barred attack that is over shadowed by the main event but stands tall as a good technical match, despite often being one sided. the finish to this match is something else!

RTC vs Edge and Christian vs K-Kwick and Road Dogg vs The Dudleys (four corners tag match for world tag championship)6/10

Interesting prospect with some good wrestlers involved and personally it was great to see the Dudleys again but this was too quick and too coincidental with the ending completely wrong

Billy Gunn vs Chris Benoit (Intercontinental championship) 8/10

Again another good technical match with many fast pinning moments, such a rare thing in modern wrestling, with the right outcome

Ivory vs Molly Holly vs Trish Stratus (triple threat women's championship)6/10

Personally I'm never too keen on women wrestling but as a match there were good moments of technical power and comedy generated good atmosphere but again the wrong outcome

Angle vs HHH, vs Rikishi, vs Rock, vs Stond Cold vs Undertaker (Hell in a cell for wwf championship) 10

low and behold one of the most grusome and powerful cell matches you will ever see. There were no hold backs, every superstar attacked one another, great inginuity, many weapons, use of cars, top of the cell anticipation and many near falls, fantastic

Armageddon was a great return for me and an easy 9/10 for pure excitment all the way through

No Way Out

Raven vs Big Show (Hardcore championship match) 6/10

a low mark as i didn't really get why so many other superstar's were intruding and it was over too quickly but there was a fast urgency to the match

Y2j vs X-Pac vs Eddie Guerrero vs Chris Benoit (fatal four way for intercontinental championship) 9/10

The amount of twists and turns in this match were unbelievable and as before so many now redundant pinning moves all worth seeing but there was no certain way where this was going and was for me second match of the ppv

Trish vs Stephanie 8/10

Now this divas match had got off to a good start for me as the background information lay the law of supremacy down and the anger and rivalry was always there with more fighting than wrestling but an intervention kinda spoilt it

HHH vs stone cold (2 out of 3 falls) 10/10
The background was laid down before us and the shock and animosity off the two superstars was always evident with some truly brutal moments in the falls. The use of a barbed weapon and a sledgehammer was great as was the announce table and it went on for the right length of time, match of the ppv.

Kane and Undertaker vs Dudleys vs Edge and Christian (tables match for tag team championship 6/10

Good match with the anticipation of how and when the tables would be used. Right winners but again another intervention from outside spoiled free flowing planning by the two larger men

Kurt Angle vs Rock (wwf championship) 8/10

Good finisher to the night with both athletes on top of their game. Right length and style and was almost spoiled by yet another outsider but thankfully wasn't.

Great two disc set of brilliant wrestling that reminds us of those good old days


WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2007 (PS2)
WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2007 (PS2)

4.0 out of 5 stars Nothing like a good wrestling game, 22 May 2010
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
Despite being a few years old and the game and visuals have evolved obviously with the PS3 and wrestling progression this is a tremendously entertaining game.

Taking place from the WWE era of 2006 this has your legends Triple HHH to Kennedy with other bigger names at the time no longer involved, Bobby Lashley and Steph McMahon etc.

With this game you can have your standard matches whilst expanding into main event matches with the, at the time, newly introduced money in the bank ladder match. Each option has its own levels of entertainment, particualraly the elimination chamber match which can be infuriating on the "stamina" side of the game but marvelous diversity with options of controlling and walk about.

One of the things for me to get adjusted to at first were the different controls. Main grapples are now used through the right analog stick. To perform the more powerful grapples such as chokeslams and powerbombs you need to life the opponent up and move the right analog stick whilst holding R1 and then moving the right analog stick again, which may sound easy but it can take time to get used to, but when you know what you're doing, its fanatastic.

As before the stamina side of the game can be a tad annoying where in the old golden days of ps1 Know your role you could go none stop but again, adjustment.

all modes are good, season and GM. The stories in season mode become repetitive after two years but they are still entertaining to rewatch and should you choose different opponenets they can change their tactic. I think I'll lose the title on purpose to see how Edge and HHH develop during Backlash!

Loading times are alright, there is plenty of little things that make the game bigger and better, such as purchasing classic wrestlers and creating your own superstars and stables.

If like me you prefer the old golden touch of a PS2 I would strongly recommend this game!


Timecrimes [DVD]
Timecrimes [DVD]
Dvd ~ Karra Elejalde
Price: 8.11

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4.0 out of 5 stars Vibrant Darko-esque time twister, 14 May 2010
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Timecrimes [DVD] (DVD)
When Hector (Elejadle) sees a beautiful woman in the forest he goes to see her and is attacked by a masked villain and flees, only to stumble into a world of time trouble.

Empire magazine to my recollection has never been completely wrong when passing on judgements about films, the people there are experts. And a few months ago they included a short article about this film with the headline "The new Donnie Darko?" and I instantly read and was gripped and couldn't wait to watch it and to my immense pleasure enjoyed it from beginning to end and can pretty much guarantee if you like the Richard Kelly picture, you will find a similar edge and vibe to this 2007 release.

From the chilled opening in the car and at Hector's home things seem pretty straight forward but when Hector sees the young woman in the forest he is instantly intrigued and from there on in there are delicate fine details, extraordinary circumstances and a flare of dialogue that never feels exaggerated or repetitive.

When we first see the masked person the film feels exceptionally sharp and edgy, turning from curiosity into full on panic as we dive into Hector's shoes as he quickly looks for ways to survive. What follows from here is worth skirting around as I don't want to upend any changes or dilemmas to the plot as it is all quite remarkable. It is all shifting all action heavy breathing and has quite a few twists and turns to keep any viewer on their toes right until the sharp finale.

As a small Spanish film this does well with production. I can honestly say I have never seen a film with so few actors which is fantastic to encode such a heavily twisting informative and scientific plot around.

Elejadle playing Hector is perfectly scared and acting in bizarre and normal ways given the circumstances of his predicament whilst Nacho Vigalondo (acting and directing) uses his character's position as the catalyst for all problems and solutions that have delicious twists and turns.

His direction serves up a nice slice of fast and furious action montages with carefully mounted surprise quick takes that succumb to many plot movements, particularly the scissors and the use of the time machine.

So the big question how does it compare to arguably one of the greatest time twister puzzlements of all time? With Darko Richard Kelly encoded a period feel, using that special 80's vibe with a powerful score and unique protagonists and no matter how frequently you watch it, you get something new from it each time. Here there is not as powerful score and the odd hiccup questioning realism but this has the same excitement, drama and intrigue as the other and to all fans I would certainly recommend this powerful pleasure of time travelling mystery.


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