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Doctor Who - The Complete Series 3 Box Set [DVD] [2007]
Doctor Who - The Complete Series 3 Box Set [DVD] [2007]
Dvd ~ David Tennant
Offered by Discs4all
Price: £16.75

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4.0 out of 5 stars Terrific Tennant in good series, 5 Feb 2011
The third series of Russell T Davies' Doctor Who brought about a new dynamic for the show, a chance to restart and refresh with a new companion whilst maintaining the increasingly popular and lovable David Tennant as the world's most famous Time Lord.

Starting off in 2006 with the Christmas special shortly after the Battle of Canary Wharf we are introduced to a bride standing in the Tardis, and what a Christmas episode.

Great comedian Catherine Tate epitomises a modern gossip queen and portrays Donna with a delicate hint of caring and bravado humour that made her so good in series 4. This episode has springy moments with some great costume designs for the monsters.

Series 3 then starts proper with Martha Jones being introduced. A trainee doctor she is in the wrong place at the wrong time when the hospital she works in is transported via rain to the moon. Soon she meets the Doctor and panic ensues when rhino police start interrogating all humans.

A quirky episode that has some great comedy from the Doctor and a bright introduction for Freema Agyeman.

The series progresses with some splendid episodes and all time best.
The most famous is probably "Blink" where statues come to life and catch up with you. On first watch you may be scared or you may be fully engrossed with tension and excitement, it is a truly fantastic episode.

Other great episodes include "Family of blood" where the Doctor disguises himself as a human in the early twentieth century.
An early episode involving William Shakespeare and witches is very well put together also.

Down sides of this series involve the Lazarus experiement with some of the worst cgi you will ever see. The `Toclaphane' at the end of the series are a shameful design given the potential of the paradox storyline. The Dalek episodes are unusually mundane as well, and a cross between human and Dalek seemed a stretch.

The biggest disappointment however was the fact this series seems more serious than the previous two. The jokes arn't flowing as frequently and the main reason is because of Martha Jones inclusion. Her infatuation with the Doctor, her worry and fretting he doesn't like her enough is painful to view and is very repetitive throughout and the fact that Rose would get stuck in and involved Martha just seems to be moaning or incapable of taking a brave step.

On the plus side Tennant cemented himself as a great Doctor through his powerful drama but is combination of comedy and theatrics in front of the camera, holding a perfect swagger that justifies the character perfectly.

This is a good series with some great moments and big disappointments. Not as strong as Series 2 or 4 and holding a terribly written character it isn't all smiles and time travelling more soap gossip and love day dreaming but its Doctor who. Always interesting, still always fun and still worth checking out.


Doctor Who - The Complete BBC Series 2 Box Set [DVD]
Doctor Who - The Complete BBC Series 2 Box Set [DVD]
Dvd ~ David Tennant
Price: £16.25

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great show, great series, possibly best ever. Brilliant, 31 Jan 2011
After Christopher Eccleston's Doctor was brought to a close after just the one series a few eyebrows were raised about David Tennant's appointment as the Time Lord, but oh how he showed us all one awesome show stealer. And this has been said before but its worth mentioning again because, he IS the Doctor.

Series 2 started off with his brief appearance with Rose (Billie Piper) in the Tardis during Children in Need where he explained all about the regeneration and soon he collapses, bringing us into the Christmas special.

Rose, Jackie and Mickey were all confused as to what happened to the Doctor and sooner rather than later there are Santa Clause's with trombone rockets and a spaceship above London and all gets very exciting when the people all start walking to the edges of buildings. The story sways in tremendous fashion between cheery drama, to gasping to action packed and all swivelling around England, a great episode.

In fact the whole of series 2 is brilliant, there is barely a lapse in concentration or consistency. Personally I thought the London 2012 story was overdone but that's just me.

This series has all the best villains from the show, Russell T Davies even brings back the Cybermen in for a few episodes which were brilliant. The Daleks are stand outs once more, there are werewolves (an episode rated a 12 for threat and violence) Crilitains with Anthony Head charismatically playing a villain head teacher in a school, the introduction of the Ood and an absorbortron. There are some great visuals, particularly in Satan's pit episode but the handywork and craftsmanship should be admired, especially with K9.

Guests include Elisabeth Sladen (returning as Sarah Jane Smith) Peter Kay, Anthony Head, Noel Clarke, John Barrowman and Sophia Myles amongst others.

All episodes epitomise what the show is all about, as mentioned its difficult to find fault with any. Personal favourite is The Girl in the fireplace where the Doctor discovers 18th century France on a spaceship and he must travel to and fro in unknown time periods of a young woman's life. Has some great comedy involving a horse, drama involving a rescue and a cracked mirror and some beautifully designed clockwork robots.

Tennant really is a star, bringing the show to life with his swagger positive drive for the role and quotable lines. His chemistry with traveller Piper also helps the show create the unspoken love between them and that great feeling of friendship which stimulates the show's more dramatic moments.

If you enjoyed series 1 you will LOVE this, it simply takes the show to a whole new level and created almost 6 years ago, it still, in my book, remains the best created story wise.


LEGO Star Wars (PS2)
LEGO Star Wars (PS2)
Offered by multimedia-online
Price: £21.99

3.0 out of 5 stars Great fun still, but is a let down to the others, 25 Jan 2011
= Fun:4.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: LEGO Star Wars (PS2) (Video Game)
After playing the original Star Wars and Lego Indiana Jones and loving them both, I had to check this out and whilst the universe of Lego gaming is compelling, variously easy and difficult, this feels like a massive let down.

The game, like the others in the Lego series, is divided into levels within each film. So here we have instalments from Phantom menace, Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith.

Each film is divided into 6 parts and there are various challenges to tackle. You must try and collect the 10 minikit pieces, collect as many Lego studs as possible to unlock other levels and characters. The references to the film's are good and as great Lego fashion they not just copy the film word for word but elaborate, particularly during Attack of the clone where Obi Wan must explore the clone base more thoroughly.

Each level is challenging I found compared to other Lego games. The controls are the same but to transfer between characters you must be stood right next to the other which can be infuriating at times. Controlling Yoda is one of the biggest pains to ever emerge in my gaming life, either incredibly slow with his walking stick or jumping with every step.

There is a tremendous drop in performance considering the range of the other games. It is very slow to load on almost everything, I have had to switch the PS2 on and off because of game freezes and I'm unsure but the last level of Revenge of the Sith won't let me on the last, and probably best level, between Anakin and Obi Wan.

A word of caution to as with Lego Star Wars 2 all items which you can use the force with are ALWAYS highlighted whereas here they are not. Which means if you are a clone trooper and not Obi Wan you will not know you have to use the force to move forward. I guess this results in a game which is not consistent and not flowing either.

Personal disappointment was the fact the Lego parodies are in no shape funny whereas they are hilarious in other games. They are very short and inexplicable here.

Nevertheless some levels are great fun to explore and play, particularly the first few with Darth Maul and exploring Comino. Plus playing Lego games are good fun, which this is, just doesn't have that triumphant enjoyment you gain from others, which is the purpose right?

But unless you are a Star wars fanatic I would think strongly about buying this as it is slow, not negotiated, and wayward and considering the amount of endless fun you can have with other Lego games, not really worth it.


Doctor Who - The Complete BBC Series 1 Box Set [2005] [DVD]
Doctor Who - The Complete BBC Series 1 Box Set [2005] [DVD]
Dvd ~ Billie Piper
Offered by The Trade Inn
Price: £15.94

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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent revamp that produces thrills spills and laughs, 19 Jan 2011
Russell T Davies brought Doctor Who back with a flare and an eccentric array of characters that has seen a huge world wide phenomenon develop into a global revolution that is worth re living over and over again.

Using Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper works as a stroke of genius to revitalise the show.

The first episode sees human Rose living a normal everyday life with her boyfriend and difficult mother when she is caught in trouble and the Doctor saves her life, and the intrigue and anticipation builds and the episode gets livelier as model dummies come to life and the world of science fiction exploded into colourful life.

There are 13 episodes with a good roster of special features.

Stand out episodes include the brilliant "Empty Child" and "Doctor Dances" which were penned by current writer Steven Moffat where the Doctor and Rose are in the middle of the Second World War and there is a child with a gas mask asking for his mummy.

The episode with the Dalek is great as it shows a light to the alien that was never seen before but livens up with the unmatched terror it manages to create.

One episode that epitomises the modern world comes near the end of the series where executions take place on reality TV programmes including a darkly funny Weakest Link and Big Brother.

Whilst Eccleston's reign as the Doctor has been overshadowed by the power of David Tennant he managed to do something extraordinary with the character, making him funny courageous and enjoyable to watch and all of which has a great effect with Billie Piper.

The singer turned actress is now known as one of the greatest companions ever and her development throughout the series is very noticeable, epitomised through the sad and very dramatic episode with her father.

The monsters included in the revamped series include the infamous Dalek, the Slitheen, the Editor, the walking dead amongst others. The Slitheen stand out as the best new creation whilst there is never mistaking the Dalek's presence in an episode.

As the show continues to spawn millions around the world it is worth remembering how it all restarted in 2005 with this highly enjoyable cascade of science fiction supremacy


LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy (PS2)
LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy (PS2)
Price: £18.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Great action, adventure, very funny and unmissable, 31 Dec 2010
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
My friend introduced me to these Lego games on the PS2 through the brilliantly fun and occasionally challenging Indiana Jones version.

Packed with fun easy operable levels that represent the three films it was a joy to play and me being 22 loved it, a proper adventure and the great thing is this Lego Star Wars game packs an almighty equal punch.

One of the biggest stories ever told this original trilogy contains all elements from a New Hope, Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi and as the films do, they pan out in a splendour of exciting features.

The Lego universe has beautifully adapted a comic styling where there are short videos before each level that parody the film's classic elements, often adapting an eccentric comedy. For example in return of the Jedi Luke Skywalker does a variety of jumps on the plank in the desert, which is hilarious.

You can work your way through the 3 films playing as the characters as they appear in the films. A treat comes at the end of the third film where you unlock Darth Vadar.

All levels are active and with this Star Wars there are many transport levels. So you can fly the Millennium Falcon, the speeders and an x wing. Some levels are quite frustrating particularly the very last flying the falcon.

As usual with the Lego universe you must try and find things on each level. 6 pieces of Minikit and a red brick. You must also collect as many Lego pieces as possible.

On most you need to re-enter levels as different characters which frustrates some players but personally I love it as you find out more on each level.

If you're a new starter to Lego or an old favourite I certainly recommend this for purchase as it is well worth your hours of action packed adventure and hilarity.
Not quite as fun as the Indiana Jones series but funnier and equally enjoyable.


WWE - Summerslam 2005 [DVD]
WWE - Summerslam 2005 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Wwe
Price: £11.55

4.0 out of 5 stars Very good PPV, 13 Dec 2010
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: WWE - Summerslam 2005 [DVD] (DVD)
Orlando Jordan vs Chris Benoit (US title)

A remarkable opening and easily the quickest match you will ever see and it was actually rather funny to. 8/10

Matt Hardy vs Edge

The build up to this was very good with the real life occurrences between Lita and Edge and we see the animosity all the way through a, once more, very short encounter. Thankfully the cage match at Unforgiven was great for retribution 8/10

Rey Mysterio vs Eddie Guerrero

This ladder match for the custody of Eddie's "biological" son had some great swings and moves, particularly from the late Guerrero who always shone as a heel. Ending was obvious though 8/10

Eugene vs Kurt Angle

Seeing wrestlers like Eugene and Hornswoggle makes me despise the company today and this is why. Eugene uses no original move and thankfully Angle shows why he is the best wrestler, and performer, of all time. 6/10

Undertaker vs Randy Orton

Wrestlemania rematch was all guns blazing as Orton tried to scamper numerous times and the Undertaker is never, in his whole career, boring. The ending was quite shocking to 8/10

Batista vs JBL (No holds barred world title match)

Brutal fist fights and a powerbomb of a climax but this was surprisingly exceptionally short and rather forgettable. 5/10

John Cena vs Chris Jericho

This match has the most ridiculous outcome imaginable.
Jericho, in arguably his most dominant performance in his career, is in cruise control and high flying entertaining action. Cena seriously hits about 3 big moves, this is all Y2J. Great atmosphere here as half the crowd chant "Let's go Cena" then the others chant "Let's go Jericho" 8/10

Hulk Hogan vs Shawn Michaels

A reasonable climax. Given the build up and terms and everything involved it boiled down to some risky moments involving chairs, low blows etc. Hogan bleeds profusely pretty much all the way through. There was only ever going to be one ending.

A very good consistent PPV with many surprises, none bigger than the first match but certainly worth checking out.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader [DVD]
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader [DVD]
Dvd ~ Ben Barnes
Price: £3.00

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2.0 out of 5 stars For a fun entertaining family film, watch Harry Potter, 13 Dec 2010
The third part of the C.S. Lewis adaptations sees Edmund and Lucy, along with their irritable cousin Eustace travel back to the magical world of Narnia where 7 Lords have been kidnapped. Along with Prince Caspian the group must find the Lords and their swords whilst overcoming their own personal issues.

There are many ways to describe a terrible film. But to be honest this is more of a disappointment.

I say that as I enjoyed the first film where the second dwindled but this maybe down purely to the story.

Edmund and Lucy are moaning about not being in Narnia then two seconds later they are in it. The story ferries the pair and their cousin around for a bit, taking them to the most pointless places possible.

The first stop is just for stunt showmanship and a very boring array of dialogue explains how they must find all 7 swords. There was something to do with green mist to that never had a very lasting effect in entertainment. There are predictable character dimensions in manly rivalry, a young girl's beauty doubts and a young boy who isn't used to being told no.

After all the first Narnia had a swagger, a purpose and funny characters and the second release, Prince Caspian, had too far fetched ideas and focused itself on special effects rather than the story. The same is probably the same for this release.

I saw at the cinema in 2D and am glad I didn't pay extra to see a mouse fling his sword out the screen at me. In a world of Avatars and of Star Wars it is hard to compete visually for that extra thrill of awe, especially in the science fiction or fantasy genre. This edition has a strong fantasy element and unfortunately everything feels tried and tested as ever. The big serpent in the sea at the end is a terrible version of a basilisk from Potter, the talking swashbuckling mouse is laughable and fantasy genre or not, the high motionless waves cannot be taken in whatever context.

Running for almost 2 hours you will be left adrift by the whole pointlessness of the crew's adventures and how there is always an inevitable conclusion. Although there was a quote by Eustace to the mouse which had me in stitches, partially because it was sentimental and because it had been said in many romantic films.

Given the price of 3D films, the mismatched computer effects and a barely humorous and illogical plot this is not worth the time for the family.

In a time when Harry Potter has just been released and has wowed fans once more with its enchanting dark and visually graphic plot, there is only one choice.

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Wild Target [DVD]
Wild Target [DVD]
Dvd ~ Bill Nighy
Offered by MusicnMedia
Price: £5.12

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3.0 out of 5 stars Charming light hearted comedy crime caper, 7 Dec 2010
This review is from: Wild Target [DVD] (DVD)
This knock about comedy crime caper is the kind of entertainment deserving of a night in with a partner and gaining a few chuckles, whether at Bill Nighy's moustache or Emily Blunt's outrageous and vivacious character.

The bizarre opening following Nighy's assassin around as he does his duties is fair enough. But the French speaking, his assignments juxtaposed with some upbeat pop music feels awkward.

Nevertheless things perk up when "The Devil wears Prada" actress appears on our screens. Swerving in-between cars and sneaking into an art gallery with the help of a firecracker notifies us laughing viewers we have a troublemaker on our hands.

What ensues is a somewhat bizarre money set up swindle with a funny blonde wig and we have a clash of super British actors come together for a comedy caper.

Nighy, assigned to tick off Blunt finds himself unable to and soon the two are thrown together to stop killers attacking them all. Rupert Grint's Tony is thrown into the mix and what follows is an often funny, frequently ridiculous comedy skit on the crime genre.

The way the villains, particularly Martin Freeman, are portrayed is beyond the "stupid" stereotype, the accidental blowing guns off, the sexual orientation of its central star and the too cosy for realism car chases blow the story out of proportion, but the good note is that this is always the intention and can therefore be very funny.

There are frequent times when everything is too daft. The crazy mother, the placement to question sexuality, the mere coincidence of the same hotel and the car park gun showdown are all ridiculous, made more so by the often out of sorts positive pop background.

Nighy is too frequently playing similar characters and doesn't offer anything different here. The moustache is funny for the first scene and that's about it. Emily Blunt praise her she is even funnier than when she won the Golden Globe. Rupert Grint is too camera confident to hate in any way. The supporting cast have their moments as well.

The typical British style setting glorifying their surroundings that mix well with the story's push, particularly Nighy's mansion.

Overall this is light bubbly stuff worth seeing for Blunt and Grint.


Harry Potter And The  Deathly Hallows Part 1 [DVD]
Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 1 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Daniel Radcliffe
Offered by DVD Overstocks
Price: £4.07

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4.0 out of 5 stars Dark and poignant instalment to magical series, 5 Dec 2010
The seventh instalment of the world's biggest franchise opens the way you may expect our Prime minister to act, as if Bill Nighy was channelling David Cameron and with such a moody tone about you know who's return, you know instantly this will once again be the darkest Potter to come out of Warner Brothers.

As always going to see a Potter film at the cinema is a not to be missed experience. To see all familiar faces with the stakes higher than ever was exciting and we will never see anything like this ever again.

This particular instalment, based on J.K Rowling's global knockout stories, is the first part of the last book, seeing the three main characters set out on a mission to destroy all of Voldermort's horcruxes, which are part of his soul.

Returning director David Yates lets us know straight away we are in for a rough ride as a tearful scene sees Hermione wipe her parents memories. A too brief and not intense Dursley leaving and a torture at Malfoy's home will set the tone for the two and a half hours.

However you can always rely on the supporting cast to give you a good chuckle to remind us of what Potter is all about. Fred and George, albeit brief have a great few lines and screen time, Dobby the house elf you can't help but laugh with and Ron always has something to say.

It is great to see Rupert Grint get more intense and angry and his character's jealousy sees the young star at his dramatic best.

Radcliffe continues to cement a consistent character before our eyes and Watson is given more drama as well. There was a gut wrenching corny dance sequence that is the worst thing to ever happen to the series and my friend and I just looked at each shaking our heads. But in all honesty these two are the stand outs as the film is all set on the roads.

The landscape settings are tremendous, some great choices and picturesque art styling. There was a good chase sequence through a forest and the settings at Godric's Hollow was brilliant.

Critics and fans have looked at this release and raised an eyebrow at the 12A certificate. There are certainly a lot more graphic notes. A torture scene at Malfoy's, a nude Harry and Hermione and snakes that attack the camera. There are a lot of dark themes and scenes here so if you plan to take your children be cautious.

Nevertheless the darkness is required given the context of this careful story. The stakes have raised and things are worse than ever for muggles and wizards alike. We find constant surprises as the trio are jumped numerous times by evil wizards, there is a lot of animosity between friends and family and Voldermort always seems present as we revert back into dream sequences.

At first everything is fast paced with great action, plenty of magic and a tender sadness given all injuries and deaths. When on the run the pace really slackens and you wish it would get moving again and thankfully it does in a flurry of wand battles, evil horcruxes and bloody torture.

This isn't the best Potter by a long shot but it is, as always, something totally unique and entertaining.

Only one more to go.

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Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful?
Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful?
Price: £3.31

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5.0 out of 5 stars The truth? This album is one of a kind, consistently brilliant, 27 Nov 2010
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Paloma Faith, musician, actress, song writer and performer extraordinaire smashes the pop genre out the park with this wide vocal collaboration of soulful touches, of catching songs and purposeful lyrics that will delight many people of various ages and genders.

Myself, 21 year old male have listened to this frequently in the evenings to help me chill out from work, and on long walks on my phone.

Each song has a strong backing tune that always feels passionate to its purpose, such strong examples include "My legs are weak" and "Play on" missing strong beats and strong lyrics for the desired relaxation effect.

With a vibrancy and uniqueness to rival a Rihanna or a Lady Gaga, Paloma Faith is one to watch for the future, especially since she dived into acting as well.

There are 10 tracks on this record, with not a bad one on there and in complete honesty all sounding varied and unique, it is that special this album.

Released singles have not received the right chart recognition but all remain stand outs. "Stone cold sober" is a great upbeat lively smash whilst recent release "Smoke and mirrors" comes with a narrative connotation demonstrated in the music video.

Another great quality of this 2009 release is that half the songs are relaxing soulful pop songs, such as the album title track and "Broken Doll" and the others are vibrant ecstatic bouncers, "Upside down" and "New York"

I cannot recommend this album enough and I will close by saying this is quite possibly one of 3 albums I have listened to in my life where there is no bad or inconsistent track. Faith's album is vibrant, energetic and truly unique, have a listen and you will not be let down.


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