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Brokeback Mountain Soundtrack
Brokeback Mountain Soundtrack
Price: 7.18

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5.0 out of 5 stars Does just what a soundtrack should..., 15 Jan 2006
After just one viewing of the film, I was able to put on the soundtrack and be transported right back into Ang Lee's masterpiece. The tracks by the various artists all capture some moment in the film, and you will smile, cry or shiver as each one gets going and puts you in some place or time along Ennis and Jack's heartbreaking journey. Willie Nelson's iconic "He Was A Friend Of Mine" ultimately sums it all up.
However, for me it is Gustavo Santaolalla's short instrumental pieces that bring the film to life again. Whether it be the slightly haunting first few notes in "Opening" or the optimistic tones of "Snow", these tracks make you realise how effective the simple score for the film actually is. When the masterful closing track on the CD, "The Wings", takes flight you will be left feeling Ennis Del Mar's pain all over again. A piece of music has never made me cry before but this one left me almost inconsolable.
For anyone who got drawn into the film, this soundtrack is a must.

Ultimate Kylie
Ultimate Kylie
Offered by DVD Overstocks
Price: 6.15

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5.0 out of 5 stars IF YOU ONLY BUY ONE CD THIS CENTURY..., 4 Nov 2004
This review is from: Ultimate Kylie (Audio CD)
OK, a few 'Greatest Hits' packages have been released during Kylie's time as Princess Of Pop, but they have pretty much been about her old record labels cashing in on her renewed success. This CD, on the other hand, charts her music career right from the beginning to the present, and not only is it endorsed by Ms Minogue but it also features a couple of new tracks (including the spellbinding "I Believe In You").
This is truly what pop music is about. The oldest stuff from the PWL days is cheesy, melodic, simple and just great fun ('Hand On Your Heart' is post-Abba singalong cheese at its best), though if you want depth and enlightenment this may not be your cup of tea. As the 90s dawned and she began to assert a more mature image her music was allowed to evolve with her (enter "Better The Devil You Know", one of the high points in the history of pop), and she even managed to incorporate a rap on 'Shocked' :-).
Eventually the constraints of PWL became too much, and off to indie label DeConstruction she went. Though commercial success somewhat eluded her during this phase, the actual records themselves were brilliant, particularly the hypnotic 'Confide In Me' and the trancy 'Breathe' (and it should be noted that many of the other tracks from her two DeConstruction albums are excellent too, even though they haven't made it on to this compilation - worth looking into...).
But of course, the Kylie we know and love today rediscovered her pop roots after her relationship with DeConstruction came to an end. Parlophone signed her, they had a mutual vision of where she should go, and voila, she was back at the top of the charts (with the help of a pair of gold hotpants). The 'Light Years' album was a return to pure pop, but with a noticeably more mature sound and a styling with which Kylie was clearly very comfortable. The singles were great, and did the job of telling the world that she was back, but in my opinion it is a crime against all that is good and proper that the album track 'Your Disco Needs You' has not made it on to this compilation, given that it has become a firm favourite amongst her fans.
It was the next project that launched her into the stratosphere, and also managed to finally break her in the USA (well, at least as something other than 'the Locomotion girl'). 'Can't Get You Out Of My Head' was the perfect fusion of song, star and video, and for me it provided a very welcome boost in the gloom of September 2001. The 'Fever' album contained brilliant pop tunes and a fantastically mature sound, and the four singles went down a storm on the radio (as they did on MTV, now that some serious effort was being put into the videos). 'In Your Eyes' is just pure futuristic disco, 'Love At First Sight' is so utterly joyful, and 'Come Into My World' gradually captivates you with its brilliance.
After a bit of a break (and the enormously successful Fever Tour) she released 'Body Language'. With this album and it's #1 lead-off single 'Slow', Kylie tried an 80s-revival-with-a-modern-twist thing. Though it wasn't a commercial smash like its predeccesor it did at least show her critics that she wasn't going to get pigeonholed in the sort of sound that characterised 'Fever'. The singles provided a welcome relief from the manufactured pap being churned out by Simon Cowell and his ilk, and of course we got to see Kylie 'covering up' for her latest incarnation as Brigitte Bardot.
For the die-hard fans this album will only provide the two additional tracks as everything else is covered on her albums (though again I must point out just how brilliant 'I Believe In You' is!), but for everyone else this is the chance to add some of the best pop music ever created to your CD collection.

Justin Timberlake - Live From London (with bonus audio CD) [DVD]
Justin Timberlake - Live From London (with bonus audio CD) [DVD]
Dvd ~ Justin Timberlake
Offered by we're all going ona summer la la
Price: 7.70

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4.0 out of 5 stars Star performer, but where is the rest of the concert?, 16 Dec 2003
This DVD shows off Justin's amazing stage presence and considerable skill in working the audience. However, the whole concert is not featured for some reason, which is a bit of a shame - I was at one of his Wembley Arena dates, and the audience response to "Take It From Here" was fantastic, so I don't know why they have omitted it.
The audio CD is good just for "Lovin' It" - anyone who has the European version of "Justified" will probably have "Worthy Of" already.
Worth buying if you are a JT fan.

New Boy
New Boy
by William Sutcliffe
Edition: Paperback
Price: 6.99

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2.0 out of 5 stars Hmmm...., 22 Aug 2001
This review is from: New Boy (Paperback)
Well, this book is so relatively short I read it in one sitting. Once I was done, I had the feeling that I had spent the last few hours in the company of a really unpleasant person. I so disliked the lead character I found it hard to enjoy the rest of the book. I understand that his attitude fitted into the scene in the 1980s, but it still taints what is quite a touching tale. Having said that, I found the story really quite predictable and, with such short chapters, a little hard to get into.
Generally could have been a lot better.

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