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History - America's Greatest Hits
History - America's Greatest Hits
Price: £5.06

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1.0 out of 5 stars They're great but... Beware of Updates!, 5 April 2013
Beware! Before you buy this album, check out their other greatest hits compilations... this one only has half the tracks! With at least one glaring omission that I've just discovered... The Border: where is it? Why isn't it on here..? Or was it released after 1975 (which I believe is when this was last released?), in which case, this album should be deleted as it has been superseded!
To my dismay I bought this before discovering my error. So now I have to buy the other, updated album, which by the way, is also on the Warner Bros label...
It makes my blood boil!

Stellar Art Deco 6 Cup Espresso Maker
Stellar Art Deco 6 Cup Espresso Maker
Offered by Harts Of Stur
Price: £64.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Love it!, 4 May 2011
Just taken delivery and I have to say, this is a quality piece of kit. Very solid and beautiful to look at. The chamber for the water is quite large so the coffee doesn't come out too strong; my old pot with both coffee and water chambers full, produced terribly strong coffee that I'd have to water down. Although an espresso is supposed to be that strong I suppose. But with this, you have the option... just put less water in if super-strong coffee is your thing!
I'm very pleased and delivery only took about 24hrs!!! Amazing
Another reviewer said that the handle got hot... I didn't think so; not so much as to worry anyway.
Needless to say, the old Ali pot has been unceremoniously dumped in the bin... 'bout time too

What did the baby boomers ever do for us?: Why the Children of the Sixites Lived the Dream and Failed the Future
What did the baby boomers ever do for us?: Why the Children of the Sixites Lived the Dream and Failed the Future
by Francis Beckett
Edition: Paperback

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3.0 out of 5 stars What about the previous generation?, 20 Mar 2011
Firstly I should say that I've only just started this so it's not a review as such. But as I'm reading I can't help but disagree; it's not the Baby Boomers, but their elder cousins surely, who are more to blame? Blame is the wrong word really... we're all just making it up as we go after all. With the best intentions I'm sure!

Fair enough to say that the BBs have an "I'm alright jack" attitude, but they weren't in power in the 70s and 80s which is really when things started going downhill. I suppose you could argue that it's because of the BBs' easy ride that their elders may have resented them? I don't know.
My parents are the pre-war generation, born in the late 30s, so they are old enough to have experienced hard times, rationing etc. but still benefitted from the post-war system... grammar school and polytechnic/university education. By contrast the Comprehensive education that came after was a poor replacement! I look at photos of them in their twenties and it looks idyllic... they were all sharply dressed, with fancy cameras and amazing cars. They had their open-plan houses on mortgages that would soon be rendered insignificant by the boom to come, so that, they could buy a second home! Their younger cousins just copied them...
Margaret Thatcher was born in 1925, but it was her generation really that moulded the country we live in: New Labour just made it worse.
Will there be a backlash from the kids I wonder? The problem being, the "slacker" generation, or Generation X, have been rather over-indulged, but somehow have ended up being cynical and apathetic... any protestations to our parents fall on deaf ears anyway and the BBs are worse; every generation thinks it's right after all.

I'm not really sure what I'm trying to say in the end, but it seems unfair to blame one generation in particular for the mess we are now in. The real problem is apathy, how do we stop that?
Then again... what's the point...!! ;-)
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East India Company (PC DVD)
East India Company (PC DVD)
Price: £3.45

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3.0 out of 5 stars Football Manager at Sea., 31 Aug 2009
= Fun:2.0 out of 5 stars 
NB. I've edited my review as I've gone and bought the game now and it plays much better than the Demo....

Overall: ****
Fun: ***

The idea for this game is brilliant. Well, so long as you're into the trade side of things; I've found this period in history fascinating ever since I read "Nathaniels Nutmeg"... the spice wars and the whole race to build empires. I enjoyed the trade factor in Empire Total War, but it really only dabbles in that aspect, so I was very happy when I discovered this game. The chap saying he didn't want to micro-manage has missed the point I think... that's what this game is all about I'd say, the glorius sea battles are just extra icing. And though I guess you could leave it on "Auto-Trade", I think you'd just saturate the market and this game is about being a good merchant. Maybe that sounds boring but it's not. Honest! Like I suggest by my review title, it reminds me of the old Football Manager type games.

I started with demo, which was frustrating, but I still got hooked.

The fact that it's not turn based felt a little strange at first; you get used to it, but It takes a while to get used to it; I ordered a boat which apparently takes two months to build and whilst I was rolling a ciggie a sign popped up saying it was finished! However you can "stop the clock", so once you've sussed that, it's fine.

This bit just applies to the DEMO;
(The most frustrating thing for me was having to wait for a city to "load" ie. You're in World Map but you want to buy some ships, or stock, or just generally manage a city. So, you click on the city and then a load screen pops up and you have to wait for it to load up!!)
.... in the full game you can switch that off. Which is nice.

The trade thing was good, just a few niggles letting it down. Easy enough in a foreign city to see what things are worth back in Blighty; there's a list saying what it costs and what it's worth back home... pipsy! But working out what to export to other cities was more tricky: going from the same list so you know what it costs, you have to bring up the main trade list to see what it's worth in other countries (same applies with your exports from UK). Unfortunately this list sits on top and you have to close it to see the other one! You may have 5 possible exports (silver, iron etc.) and you have to select each one in turn; bring up the other list to see their worth abroad ( I should add that the main trade list is several clicks into the main menu and you have to do this every time!), and compare prices... by the time you've checked out export number 5 you've forgotten what the return was on number 1!! So you basically need pen and paper to do it properly!! And a calculator so you don't overspend. Hovever, I think given more practise this is not too big a deal.

I thought the price fluctuations was a nice touch, but it would be better if there were some sort of graph which gave an indication of prices abroad. There is a graph telling you whether you're saturating the home market, but that's for when you want to get REALLY involved, ie. holding stock in warehouses etc.
Anyway, I seem to be going on a bit. I think it's a good game, if you're into that kind of thing. I love it, but if you're expecting Total War then try the demo first... bear in mind that you CAN turn the 3D city view OFF in the full game!! Phew!
The sea battle graphics by the way, are fantastic. I would say better than TW, especially the sea... Wow. The controls on TW are more arcade than realistic anyway, more playable perhaps, but this one is more satisfying. I think the graphics and controls on the sea battles are fantastic and the direct control feature is brilliant... but... (I just played on normal so I could be wrong) the AI could be better... all you have to do is stop your fleet and wait for them to approach, holding fire, then you're broadside on already and they just sail right into it! Perhaps it's not like that in difficult, but it would be better if it was more "cat and mouse". In my experience, difficult mode doesn't improve AI, it just makes them tougher and you easier to kill. Saying that, I imagine it would be incredibly difficult to program, Ai being the holy grail and all...


I got the Pirate add-on last week and just finished that... it was ok, but the only difference really is the fact that there's a pirate flag on your ship this time! You can't do anything apart from sell ships/cargo and make repairs. You can't take ports either... just raid them, which costs half your men, so if you have a prize crew you lose that star rating when you replace them with rookies. (That is one aspect of this game that I dislike ie. attacking ports seems more like a roll of the dice... you have no control, just auto-resolve and then invariably you'll lose your flagship and captain, so SAVE before you go in!!!)
I do like the idea of the "Best Pirate" ladder on the EIC website... when you finish your pirate campaign your scores get put up if they're good enough although I'm sure there must be some cheating going on... I did okay and got on the scoreboard in the middle ish, with 1428 (i think) pirate points... most people were similar with the pros getting maybe up to 4000 or so. Then there's the number one guy with 65000 points!!! How the heck did he do that??
I did notice that your points can go down as well as up, but still... I was attacking everything I could (which I have to say, wasn't a great deal... the traffic is not what you would call busy! And half the time the ships have no cargo!! What's that all about? You have to wait for them on their return journey, but as I said there's not that much traffic so how the heck that guy got such a high score is unbelievable), as well as ports.

I do find it rather cynical and greedy of Paradox to make people pay for the pirate add-on, when all you're really getting is a different flag; it should have been something you had to unlock via playing in difficult mode or something... I know it's only a few quid but still... they could at least have added some pirate sound effects/speech, but no they've just gone for the money; just like pirates...
Avast Jim-lad!

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