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Scottie "Ride safe, be free" (Buckinghamshire ENGLAND)

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Jazooli Earphones/Headphones With Remote, Mic & Volume Controls For Apple iPod,iPhone,iPad
Jazooli Earphones/Headphones With Remote, Mic & Volume Controls For Apple iPod,iPhone,iPad

1.0 out of 5 stars The price says it all!, 4 April 2012
Cheap as chips (actually cheaper), well that's all the good news over with.

Really not up to much at all, a totally inadequate accessory for such an expensive top end phone/mp3. What were you thinking Apple? Compared to my low end Sennheiser ear buds the sound quality of the original Apple headset it quite simply pants!

'Two-up': By scooter to Australia
'Two-up': By scooter to Australia
by Michael Marriott
Edition: Hardcover

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4.0 out of 5 stars Everyone should experience an epic journey if only through the eyes of another. This book will give you that insight., 25 Dec 2011
I was gifted this book for Christmas but inadvertently opened it a few days ago! What a fantastic insite into intercontinental travel in the late 1950's and how reminiscent in many places to a similar trip I made in the mid 80's. I thoroughly enjoyed the book which I have just finished and feel I should mention my trip as this may be a large part of the reason for my delight. Having said that the relaxed yet fascinating style of Michael Marriott I am sure will appeal to anyone who has the remotest interest in Adventure. To undertake such a trip on a 1.5 bhp Scooter obviously heightens the adventure aspect enormously but for me it was the way in which the author manages to capture both the thrill of discovery and the depths of despair that every Adventurer experiences along the way. Without those moments of total regret at the fool hardly nature of ones exploits you can never gain the sense of exhilaration in overcoming all odds.

I relived my trip through these magical pages and am greatly indebted to Mr Marriott for allowing me to replay my own journey through his trip. He also reminded me of the enormous benevolence of the folk you meet along the way at a time when, living in corporate England in the second decade of the 21st Century I was beginning to forget the honestly, hospitality and generosity which makes humanity worthy.

I commend this book most highly and, like the author, still unable to shake the urge to travel I can reassure the reader that similar experiences to those portrayed in the book are still there, in the main, throughout the world. My journeys through Arabia, South Africa, NorthAmerica, Asia, Europe, Australia and most latterly China offer many repeats of the highs and lows of Michael and Nita's journey in "Two Up" and true adventure is still there for anyone who cares to venture forth, even if it is only to the local book shop or here on Amazon to obtain a copy of their most excellent book.

Although they must now be in there 70's I would love to know if they are still adventuring and if Michael has penned any similar volumes. Better still I would love to see the footage of the trip which they documented for Redifusion.

Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500M Document Scanner (discontinued by manufacturer)
Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500M Document Scanner (discontinued by manufacturer)

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3.0 out of 5 stars No quite there yet, 27 Sep 2011
I owned a Fujitsu Scansnap Scanner S510 C prior to this purchase and was very happy with it. The only problem I ever had was occasionally with the sheet feed on documents over 10 pages and that was invariably because the paper being fed (the original document) was either so new as to have page sticking together (as they do) or that the pages being scanned were occasionally catching due to straightened dog eared corners.

I recently bit the bullet and bought an Apple computer after many frustrating years with a PC and I have to say in the main I have been very happy with the switch although many corruptions are now coming to light from the original Windows software but as least I can now start to deal with them. The biggest downside though has been the Scanner.

My old Snapscan would not work with Apple so I had to buy a new machine. Not such a big deal other than I was completely happy with my 2 year old Fujitsu.

I plumped for the most similar model I could find and it was delivered very quickly. All looked well with some minor variations on my old machine. I'm so quite so happy with the sheet collector tray on the new machine as it needs a bigger footprint and is not quite as simple and sturdy as the old arrangement. The new tray is still very slick in the way it folds into the top but it's a bit more fussy and not as as robust but hey that's progress.

I was very impressed with the bundled full Adobe Acrobat programme but not so happy with the Fujitsu software. They have changed the old Manager which seemed to work very well and if it ain't broke why fix it? The big downside though is the lack of synchronisation with my Apple software, which is surprising as it is an Apple dedicated machine! It is not totally compatible with the latest Lion platform and a number of features do not seem to work, including the business card reader and there are not yet any fixes or upgrades on the web site. The solution is hardly out of the box and despite the fantastic ability of the Apple software to find drivers and such like the process of upgrading the Fujitsu software is nothing like as simple. Having spent the best part of an hour trying to find the correct fixes I have now given up, at least for the time being.

Bottom line is I was forced (well it was not a simple matter of changing the software as it has been with all my other peripherals) to buy a new scanner when I was very happy with my old one and it does not work as well out of the box as my old Windows system Scanner did. This is despite the fact that the whole machine is specific to the Apple platform. Come on Fujitsu a little more effort please.

No doubt I'll have to spend ages trying to find the software updates if and when they arrive. Time which I really do not need to waste, so not too impressed with this one sadly. I'm sure in time it'll work as well if not better than the old windows version but I could do without the hassle!
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No Title Available

5.0 out of 5 stars Just the Dogs doodads, 11 July 2010
Can't say much about this Pouch except awesome! It fits my Canon Speedlite 550EX perfectly. The extra padded insert is perfect too and also allows me to slip a Canon Timer Remote Controller TC-80N3 in the side with room for a small notebook between the waterproof cover pocket and the insert. There is small pocket on the outside for spare batteries and the Modular system fits perfectly onto the Think Tank Belt kit as well as the new version II Camera holsters.

As with all the Think Tank range the quality is superb with a rugged Codura type rip stop outer material and top quality zippers. I even like the single top zip, which normally I don't as they usually catch when trying to remove the items from the bag. This one doesn't!

Frankly it could not be better, so much so that I now have three, one on each of two holsters and one on a belt. Take out the insert and they carry most any kit, ancillaries or small to medium size lens.

Good job Think Tank... again.

Animal: The definitive visual guide to the world's wildlife
Animal: The definitive visual guide to the world's wildlife
by David Burnie
Edition: Hardcover

5.0 out of 5 stars Definative? Oh yes., 25 Mar 2010
Exactly as described in the Amazon review. Just brilliant. I've just returned from a South African safari where I found detailed photographs and description of ALL the animals I saw both large and small from a side neck turtle to a Gemsbok. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

How to Restore Your Harley-Davidson Motorcycle (Authentic Restoration Guide) (Authentic Restoration Guide)
How to Restore Your Harley-Davidson Motorcycle (Authentic Restoration Guide) (Authentic Restoration Guide)
by Bruce Palmer
Edition: Paperback

4.0 out of 5 stars Comprehensive, 4 Jan 2010
I can't claim to give an expert opinion here as I'm not an expert on the 45" (or much else for that matter) but I did enjoy the book as an owner. It gives a huge amount of detail on the model and there are some really good references to the various parts with basic black and white photography. I bought the book not to restore my bike but to try and make sure I was buying the right parts and OEM if affordable. If they were too expensive I could at least source aftermarket with an idea of what the original looked like. With over 600 pages it's about the size of a regular Harley workshop manual and I found it just as useful, in fact more so. Mine is littered with post it notes and I am always refering back to it.

101 Harley-Davidson Twin Cam Performance Projects (Motorbooks Workshop)
101 Harley-Davidson Twin Cam Performance Projects (Motorbooks Workshop)
by Chris Maida
Edition: Paperback
Price: £18.00

5.0 out of 5 stars Great book, easy to read from two experts of both the pen and spanner., 4 Jan 2010
These guys are not just professional writers they really know their bikes and handle spanners (wrenches for our cousins across the pond)as well as they do a pen or computer keyboard. The book, unlike most Harley books, explores a new area and does it in such a comprehensive manner it will be of value to guys who have no intention of spannering just as much as those of you who can dismantle, modify and reassemble Saturn 5 without the mess of parts left over that I always used to have! Even I have been inspired to undertake a couple of projects on what is lets face it is an extremely complex piece of machinery.

Highly recommended and a great read.

Edge in the Kitchen, An: The Ultimate Guide to Kitchen Knives - How to Buy Them, Keep Them Razor Sharp, and Use Them Like a Pro
Edge in the Kitchen, An: The Ultimate Guide to Kitchen Knives - How to Buy Them, Keep Them Razor Sharp, and Use Them Like a Pro
by Chad Ward
Edition: Hardcover
Price: £20.00

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1.0 out of 5 stars Poorly written, poorly produced, poorly illustrated., 4 Jan 2010
I fear I can find little to recommend about this book. The techniques are very basic and do not show the effective and comprehensive use of kitchen knives I was hoping to find. I doubt any self respecting professional chef would give this book the time of day. It does describe some of the basic techniques but not particularly well and the illustrations are not at all easy to follow. Some of the techniques appear positively dangerous and the gadgetry described in the sharpening section I can only imagine is available in the USA along with the nickels and dimes required to achieve the perfect edge.

The author's style of writing is corny and cumbersome, full of puns and poor grammar which detract from the content. Production values are also of a very poor standard with low quality paper and rudimentary line drawings throughout. The colour photographs best illustrate the author's wedding ring rather than the techniques employed and are out of context being in the centre fold (another cheap production technique I suspect).

I will continue my search for a more professional book on kitchen knives, this one is going back.
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Hog Fever
Hog Fever
by Richard LA Plante
Edition: Hardcover

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5.0 out of 5 stars Living the Dream, 26 Dec 2009
This review is from: Hog Fever (Hardcover)
If the words Harley and Davidson combined stir any emotion in your soul then this is the book for you. It captures perfectly the emotions most new Harley-Davidson owners go through in their formative months/years. The sheer joy of ownership, the complex relationship between machine and rider, the quest for.. well whatever you want! Richard le Plante has captured the passion in this hard to put down book.

New Larousse Gastronomique Hardcover
New Larousse Gastronomique Hardcover

5.0 out of 5 stars A "must have" book for the serious chef or any lover of food, 26 Dec 2009
This is a quite exceptionally produced reference word for all things culinary. It is a substantial book not only in it's size and weight but also in the credentials of it's authors and contributors. Terminology, techniques, produce and ingredients, selected classic recipes, top chefs and restaurants all feature in adequate detail in the form of an encyclopia of cuisine. I am relectant to use the word encyclopia as it conjours up visions of a dry volume of valuable but unemotional information. This book, by it's use of superb photographs and interesting narative is far from dry! Mouth watering and inspiring are more accurate descriptions. Even the quality of paper conveys an immediate sensation of the exceptional. It is everything that makes books exciting, form and function in just one volume.

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