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Valiant Hearts: The Great War   [Online Game Code]
Valiant Hearts: The Great War [Online Game Code]
Price: £11.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars This game teaches us that if you want to survive you need a dog, 13 Mar. 2015
I played this on the ps4, picked it up a few days ago thinking that it might be a fun little game, and then I fell in love with it.

And this is only £3. What a great price, a price I think that Evolve should have been, in fact that's unfair. I think this game should cost more than Evolve, because it is so much better than that DLC pile of rubbish.

Valiant Hearts is a puzzle game based in the First World War which follows 5 characters and one amazing dog that will always be there to save the day. This game teaches us that if you want to survive you need a dog, and that is what I think everything should teach us. It follows these people throughout the war, taking us through some of the most prominent battles during the war.

The gameplay is basic, nothing amazing, but this isn't expensive, so I don't mind that the game is basic gameplay as long as it is good gameplay, which this is. A good little game that has good little puzzles, worth the £3 it costs, oh and it also has a kickass dog, I'm not sure if I mentioned that.

You know I've played plenty of first person shooters and other war games, and they all lack one thing: war isn't cool, it is about normal people doing extraordinary things, no other game I've seen does this. This one hits the mark perfectly. When I think of Call of Duty trying to show us the best of the best, or any David Cage trying to show us an emotional game, neither get close. This does what games that cost five times the price don't get near. Even down to the pause menu music being perfect for the piece. Even down to an amazing dog that is just so awesome I stop to stroke its pretty belly.

This game is so good I can't believe that it's made by Ubisoft. Yes the publisher that ruins game with one big hefty dump. The publisher that brought out a broken game this Christmas made one of my favourite games ever. Sadly Ubisoft try its Uplay rubbish, but just ignore that dross and enjoy this quaint little game. When you look at these games that cost a fortune and are dull or broken, I love it when a cheap little game like this comes along to show them how to do it in a fraction of a price. This game not only shows us some lovely little pieces of music, but it adds the little facts along the way making it even better. They add letters that were actually written in the War. Being an former member of the army and someone who looked into WWI I enjoyed to see something hold it in the regard that this does.

Seriously people. This dog kicks butt. Buy this and support good games at good prices. He'll buy it to stroke the little dog. I love that dog.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor (PS4)
Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor (PS4)
Offered by Base
Price: £22.78

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3.0 out of 5 stars Of course there is a dwarf, 13 Mar. 2015
You know what a lot of people are praising this game. Making a huge deal with how amazing the nemesis system is, or how great the entire game is...well the problem with this is that if you turn round and say anything against this, then you are pulled from your home, dragged down the street, and burnt in a giant wicker-orc for daring to say that you didn't think that this game wasn't the greatest thing since sliced bread...or the iPad if your a pretentious, backside sniffing, bean hat wearing, idiot sitting in Starbucks saying "1st world problems" when your parents live in Surrey. Sorry I digress.

The thing with this game is that I did enjoy it, but I didn't love it, not because I didn't enjoy the game, it was just I wanted a bit more from it. Ok so let's put it out there now, yes you can probably spend more time running round hunting, and building up some of the orcs to have an ultimate showdown with them, but the game doesn't really make you often do this.

You play as a ranger who isn't Aragon, but just pretend he is, because the devs did, and for a change in plot lines in modern games, his wife and son are killed in front of him before he is called,but he comes back from the dead part wraith. Basically this is a fan fiction tale found on hundreds of websites about Middle Earth, and basing it between the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings means we can put Mordor in the game along with Gollum, because of course you have Gollum in it. Not-Aragon and his elf wraith friend go out hunting the generals of Sauron. I can't remember if it was the Mouth, Nose, Head, Hand, or Big Toe of Sauron you're facing, but you get the point. He killed your family so you will kill him. You also find who the elf with you is...oh and a dwarf is there, because of course there is a dwarf.

The game is good, I'm not saying it's not, and the nemesis system is great, which I will explain to you now as simply and enjoyably as possible trying to keep the technical details slim. The nemesis system means that as you are seeking revenge you have to kill Orc captains so you can face their generals, and this is great because the art design give us plenty of different looks and names for these Orc captains each with unique skills, meaning you can't fight them all the same way. When fighting these captains if one kills you they become stronger, and the stronger they become the more difficult they become. When one defeats you he will become your nemesis, and often you may run into these captains, giving your game that unique feel, and that is what's great about this game. I spent ages trying to kill my nemesis who I thought I defeated only to have him return from the dead once, and then again near the end (this isn't a spoiler so don't worry or get upset). I lived that I got to fight him again because I got to become slightly obsessive over the battle, and there are plenty on YouTube to watch if you want, thumbs up for this idea.

The problem is with the game was they had the nemesis system, and little more. The other side quests were typical, the Gollum bits were just "look it's Gollum from the hit films" and that was a shame. I did like the nemesis system, but like anything new it is only just starting, and with that it means that there is still work that needs to be done, and I'm hoping there is more to be done.

The other annoying thing was the DLC that was being set up straight away, the game was half ended making room for DLC and sequels. The final battle wasn't that amazing, with the nemesis battle far more interesting. The stealth was better than Assassin's Creed, but this had been done by them first, and I would expect that by now this should work better so I won't praise them for dojng their jobs.

This is a great game, and I do think its worth buying, but the problem is that if you look to see all these five stars then you will think it amazing and could be disappointed, so please, remember this is starting something new, something that can be great, so support good ideas, but remember that if this goes the way of AC then you were warned here first.

Slow down on all this stupid Season Pass rubbish and just make a good game. You've started something good so let's see this idea grow into 10/10 material.

The Last of Us: Remastered (PS4)
The Last of Us: Remastered (PS4)
Price: £19.85

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5.0 out of 5 stars Why is this so hard to do?, 11 Mar. 2015
Ok I'm going to point it out now for people so they don't need to waste their time with the entire review. If you own it on the ps3 then you don't really need to buy it again...unless you want to support the game that much, but in all honesty, just buy some of the psn games and support small developers, or give the money to charity.

Ok, sorry everyone else. Here we go.

I loved this game. I absolutely love this game. I didn't own it on my ps3 because I was broke when it came out so I decided to wait until it came to the ps4, and I loved it...might have said that once or twice.

Ok first point for why this game is great is that it gives you the entire story, and not try to build for a sequel. Nice one Naughty Dog. This plot is good as well, they actually manage something few devs can do, which is make a well rounded game. The writing is great, still not on the same level as films, but films aren't on the same level as books, so there we go. What I liked was there were no stupid optional conversations, just what the writers thought should be put in. Joel and Ellie are written well, and yes, Joel is typical "man character" for video games, Ellie is a breath of fresh air.

I played this game following Joel and Ellie as they seek a cure, avoiding the mutated humans, and hiding from gangs of men who seek power in the dank future. I played loving it, working short days to find out what happens to these two. Wanting to know that they find safety, and enjoying every minute of it.

The game play is great. Making the game that little bit more difficult was a nice touch, along with the idea that Joel can't take on too many people before being overpowered and killed. The stealth gameplay works well, but did have me cursing on more than one occasion, but that isn't a problem. Games should be a challenge, and that's what this was.

The length was about right. I think if it was much longer then it would get annoying as by the end I just wanted to get it done, and know what happens, and this game does something few games do. The boss fight isn't really a boss fight, but is set out that way, and because you are playing as Ellie at the time, it makes it feel like a boss fight.

The graphics are far better in this remastered version, and is nice to see how good games can look on the ps4. It's also nice to area crafting system that makes you make it in real time, meaning that if you need a health kit in battle you better find a quiet spot because the enemies are still coming.

If you haven't played this then please get it. This game shows how good writing does make a game better. This is the type of games a lot of devs think they've made, but usually fail. For example Assassins Creed: thinks its a complex plot, but in truth it's a bundle of misunderstood truths mixed with utter rubbish, patched with mediocre plot. This game had a beginning, middle, and end. Why is this so hard to do?

Evolve (PS4)
Evolve (PS4)
Offered by Beat The Bomb
Price: £18.49

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2.0 out of 5 stars Paying for the doorman not to kick your teeth in., 24 Feb. 2015
This review is from: Evolve (PS4) (Video Game)
So this is the big advertised game of Febuary. I couldn't look around a train station without seeing four hunters looking up to see a monster lurking before an attack. There is so much advertisement for this game that I start to worry. Now I also saw the news about all the DLC and first day DLC, and the first piece of news about this game being about DLC. So let's start this review.

This game has some amazing AI. The monsters that surround you are brilliant and the designs for the monsters are superb...erm...wait a minute...oh yeah it can be fun when playing with other that was it.

The only reason this game isn't one star is because the AI and monsters are so good but REALLY!! This game was £50 on release and it isn't worth more than £20. DAY 1 DLC. Oh give me a break!!

This game sums up everything wrong with modern games. Charging a fortune for part of a game and then charging £2 for a single gun or costume. Who buys this rubbish? If you are the person buying this junk then stop and give that money to a homeless person so they can get smashed out their heads and forget their lives suck.

I was sickened by how quick I got bored with this. It took six plays before I realised that if you're playing against a monster who has brought everything then game over, or if you play with someone who thinks its COD (call of duty) then you lose. The end is rubbish the add ons should be part of the game.

If you haven't brought this yet then don't. Do not show publishers that we are willing to pay for something like this. This should have been a free to play game. For instance I've downloaded DC online and not brought anything yet but so far I have been addicted to it for 2 weeks now and I haven't paid a penny. Evoke asks for around £50 to start and then if you want more then get your wallet out. This game is like walking into a strip club paying to get in then paying for a private dance and paying for a drink, and paying for the doorman not to kick your teeth in.

This game is wrong. It is disgusting to think that anyone would want to pay for it and then the worst part is the reviewers are praising it. No. Never praise a game that wants to charge an extra £20 on day one. No. Bad publisher. Bad reviewers. Bad game. Bad game. BAD GAME!!!
Comment Comments (3) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Mar 26, 2015 2:21 PM GMT

The Book of Lost Tales 1 (The History of Middle-earth, Book 1): Pt. 1
The Book of Lost Tales 1 (The History of Middle-earth, Book 1): Pt. 1
by Christopher Tolkien
Edition: Paperback
Price: £7.69

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars like picking up an essay., 5 Feb. 2013
Tolkien was the first to write an amazing fantasy book, but at first that hadn't been his intention, if you read up on a lot of it you will find that the Hobbit was a book for his children, and Lord of the Rings was never meant to be as epic as it became, it just got carried away with him (wouldn't it be great if your bit of carrying away made your children rich beyond your dreams. I love Tolkien, I read the Lord of the Rings as a child after trying several time, but I kept going back to it, knowing how grand and amazing it was. What I couldn't get over was the size of it, this was a book that was bigger than any other I'd seen (even though now it is small compared to many fantasy books). This was (until HBO made Games of Thrones) the only fantasy book that reading snobs would pick up, but they're idiots because they've missed amazing tales. Lord of the Rings isn't the best fantasy book out there, I know that is going to get a lot of people rilled, but it isn't, what it is is just amazing. The poetry, description and language of this book surpasses anything else out there, and I know that you're getting ready to say I've contradicted myself but woah. The plot is stolen from norse myth, and the story is a nice simple plot that is easy to follow where other fantasy books have created a vast plot that takes almost as long as the books themselves to explain. Tolkien has made a simple base tale, but better than anyone else ever could.

The book of Lost Tales are fragments of Tolkien's works from long before he wrote either of his bestsellers, and his son follows each tale with a commentary. The problem with this is that these tales are unfinished, and ideas that Tolkien had never intended for others to see, they are an author's notes, nothing of real substance, and not finished, with the only solid aspect being Christopher Tolkien explain each tale, and giving us a full insight into each of the several chapters. This book is like a short story with an essay following. However if this had been anyone else I probably would have gone on about how pointless the entire thing is, interjecting how I hate modern celebrities along the lines (how many different Master Chefs are there on the telly for God's sake!!), but the thing is I can't hate this. My father told me the tale of Lord of the Rings when I was camping as a kid, and since then I loved it, I watched the terrible film, and then the three amazing ones, and now loving the Hobbit (even though it drags in a few bits). What I felt when I read this was like the old Icelandic tales, someone sitting by a fire reading them out, and that is how I feel that Tolkien wanted these short tales to be told. The commentary is needed because it is difficult to follow who is who and what is going on, but that is to be expected with scraps of scrawled notes.

If you liked Tolkien's work then read it to get a better understanding of how he felt about his work, but don't expect an amazing read because it is like picking up an essay.

Without Remorse
Without Remorse
by Tom Clancy
Edition: Paperback
Price: £10.99

1 of 3 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Every time one professional looks to another with understanding of their profession made me grind my teeth, 23 Jan. 2013
This review is from: Without Remorse (Paperback)
A lot of people have said that this is Clancy's best work, and they are either living in a world where he has only written this one book, or bless them they are being paid to say that about all his books, because this is not his best piece of work by a long shot.

Tom Clancy is a geek in the greatest of senses, he is an expert in sonar, which is clearly seen in Hunt for Red October (one of his best books), and has a wide knowledge of military tactics, and espionage. You can see by his writing style that Clancy was probably not one of the first boys to be picked on the sports field, but because of that he learnt the knowledge that he has. The only problem with Clancy is that I find his writing style very wooden, at times even Pinocchio would think it wooden. Clancy will drag the scene out for longer than it needs to be, clearly shown in Sum of All Fears (his best book) the scene goes on and on and on until even the Duracell Bunny gets tired, but then it explodes and you're unable to put it down.

This book is one that shows how wooden his writing can be. John Kelly aka Mr Clark, a navy Seal who loses someone close to him hunts the killers while also planning a rescue operation for a group of POWs in Vietnam, making Jack Bauer look like a Boy Scout in the process. The problem with this book is that though there are points in this book when I think Kelly is great, cold and ruthless putting it mildly as he hunts down the drug dealers, men Clancy has vilified to the point that they may as well hunt children for a hobby...or fish, then Kelly is ruined by moments like when he cries as people are saved, a man like this wouldn't cry over some men not dying, he deals with death everyday and would have become numb to it. Kelly isn't the problem in this book, he is one of the redeeming features, Sam Rosen, Oreza, in fact every character in a profession are the problem, because they are so damn straight and true it is annoying, they may as well be robots or the Borg because they all think and act as one. The beginning when Kelly first meets Rosen, a surgeon who is useless out at sea, but every moment of those painstaking paragraphs are how this man strives to understand everything, how his preaching dross over drugs makes me wish Kelly would kill him. Every time one professional looks to another with understanding of their profession made me grind my teeth, no one cares that you respect these professions, just write the story!!

What I normally admire and enjoy about a Tom Clancy book is the un-put-downable endings, but this one never had it. Like Frederick Forsyth, Clancy makes sure he sets a scene for an explosive thrilling end, but Forsyth does it a lot better, Clancy gets caught up in plots that just aren't needed. Twice in this book he goes through an addict getting clean from drugs, he may well have copied and pasted the work, it is one of his greatest weakness's, and he does it in most books, usually those parts are forgotten because the endings are so good. This ending sort of started, but fizzed out. There was none of the edge of the seat reading that I found with Sum of All Fears or Clear and Present Danger. I understand why people want to read how Clark began his CIA career, but placing Clark/Kelly in the spotlight makes you have to humanise him, and I loved him in Cardinal and Kremlin. He isn't an easy character to write I'm sure, but the plot and side characters in this book don't help it one bit.

Fables: Legends in Exile (Vertigo)
Fables: Legends in Exile (Vertigo)
by Bill Willingham
Edition: Paperback

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4.0 out of 5 stars hopefully they don't ruin something that has potential to be enjoyable., 6 Jan. 2013
Fables Legends in Exile brings us a brand new look at all the old children stories you were told as a child, unless of course you were born after 2000 in which all you were given to grow up to was Mr Tumbles, which is better than those in the 70s who had Jimmy Savile. The background to this new parable is that some bad guy known as the Adversary (probably because opponent, rival, enemy, antagonist, and opposer were after it in the dictionary) decided to take over all the old lands, causing some of our most loved fables to join together to escape their Homelands to our Homeland, a pretty simple back story explaining why some of these characters who were classed as bad guys became good guys.

I admit that I do like how Bill Willingham has changed the characters from how they are normally portrayed, and in this first volume we see who we believe are to become the main protagonists in this series. Firstly we meet Jack and the Beanstalk, who isn't just a cheeky chap, but a known conman and wanted for murder. Now Mr and the Beanstalk is set up as a kind of down-on-his-luck kind of guy that you are meant to like, but I do think that he just needs a good slap, and by no means the best character they created (why he gets his spin off show is beyond me, a bit like why they made the Cleveland Show when Family guy was so awful). Jack is obviously not the killer of Rose Red, the woman believed to have been killed. Rose Red is famous for being Snow White's sister (not the snow white starring Bella from Twilight in case you were wondering, not a good film), but in this case is jealous of her sister, and the usual sister rivalry follows their backgrounds, one get a handsome prince, the other sleeps with the handsome prince (its almost like an episode of Jeremy Kyle).

The characters that do stand out to me in this first instalment is Bigby (Big Bad) Wolf, well known hard ass who has all the Fables that are animals, which live on a farm, hating him, but he has become the sheriff of Fabletown and is portrayed as a kind of Clint Eastwood role but with claws instead of a magnum. I like Bigby because you get the feeling that no one wants to mess with him because he is someone who doesn't take any rubbish. The end of volume 1 has a few pages about Bigby back in the Homelands and how he came to join the other fleeing fables, which I really liked, because there are so many characters it is nice to try to give them a decent background to understand. Sadly this doesn't continue in further instalments, which I found a shame.

Vol. 1 isn't a bad start to the Fables series, sadly they are now getting ready for Vol.18, dragging this story out, but it is a good strong start, hopefully they don't ruin something that has potential to be enjoyable.

Showcase Presents Superman: Volume 2
Showcase Presents Superman: Volume 2
by Jerry Coleman
Edition: Paperback
Price: £12.99

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars there is a reason that Superman is the most popular of all heroes, and probably always will be., 3 Jan. 2013
This is Vol. 2 of DC's Showcase Superman, collecting both Action Comics, and Superman comics from 1959-1961, bringing us more of the silver age of Superman comics, which you can buy and read without having to take a loan out to buy them, Action Comic 252, the introduction of Supergirl is being sold for almost £400, you can say what you like, but that's a difficult sale for any married man. It is great that these comics are being put together in bundles, Marvel also follows suit with the Essential series, of which I own quite a few now. Just for random information the first Detective Comic with Batman has just sold for over one million dollars, making me hate that my parents and grandparents didn't collect comics, because I would have one hell of a nest egg by now (if you are after a bargin then Amazing Spiderman issue 700 where Peter Parker dies is about six quid, could be worth an investment, if you're above collecting comics then you probably aren't reading this, and therefore all who do hate you, you stuck up, self righteous "I like real books" snob)

I find that now when I'm writing a review I can tell when I like a book or not by what I think of before writing the review, if i didn't like the book I think of brain dead celebs and the idiots that are fascinated by their lives, or people that claim that the film is better than the book, which is never right, EVER! I must admit that thinking of what I was going to say about this did catch me off. Vol. 1 did annoy me, and as I picked Vol. 2 up I expected the same corny plots and some God awful plot lines, and this didn't disappoint. Vol. 2 gives us some terrible comics (they are bad Die Hard comic fans, get over it) that annoying elf Mxyzptlk, a name that would score high on a scrabble board, but just makes me sign and want to skip. This character appears and disappears more times than Grant Mitchell in Eastenders (probably doesn't act as bad as Grant though) while on Earth his sole enjoyment is tormenting Superman, who spends his time trying to make him say his name backwards, which will take him back to his own dimension, I'm waiting for when they get him a hooker called Kltpzyxm who makes him call out her name, but maybe I'll have to wait with the R rated Superman (bet he won't wanna be faster than a speeding bullet then).

Another character that annoys me so far has been Bizarro, the ugly dumb version of Superman. Bizarro now has an entire planet of Bizarro Supermen and Louis Lane, all with probably three brain cells to share between them, though that is more than the cast of Only Way is Essex can boast. Bizarro's roles in Vol. 2 have been pretty terrible, hitting rock bottom when he turns up on a movie set to fight the actor playing Superman, and everyone thinks Superman is acting like Bizarro, which Superman plays up to so as not to get anyone harmed by the original Bizarro, sounds a little complex but when you read it you'll just find it annoying.

There is also a longwinded way Superman tricks a mob boss to break the law, considering mob bosses are known to break the law, as it kind of goes with the title, but it does give us a cameo from Aquaman, King of the Seven Seas, ahh.

However though I do get annoyed with a lot of these comics, and how little happens in them I can't help but kind of enjoy them at the same time. Superman is an all time great, and there is a reason for this, he is the ultimate good guy, and that you can't complain about. These comics do try to enforce that people should always do the right thing, and the imagination of the writers is great to see. There is the story arc of Superman returning to Krypton to fall in love, and he helpless to watch it blow up again. Something about Superman always has a soft spot for me, though I have gotten annoyed with not only these old comics but some of the newer ones and the flop of Superman Returns, but there is a reason that Superman is the most popular of all heroes, and probably always will be.

Showcase Presents Superman: Volume 1
Showcase Presents Superman: Volume 1
by Jerome Siegel
Edition: Paperback

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars The silver age of comics sadly had more cheese in them than a cheesemonger, 25 Dec. 2012
Showcase Superman Vol. doesn't start from num 1 like the Marvel series do, but I think that is because most of the twenty years or so were quite pointless, or so outdated they would be difficult to read. Whatever the reason the Superman series starts at the end of the 50s giving us the first view of Brainiac and Bizzaro. It also introduces Supergirl to DC world along with the miniature city of Kandor that had been shrunk by Brainiac (played by Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer in Smallville).

This has been named as the Silver age of comics, it was a time when kids didn't have computers, nor the internet, a beautiful time when idiots like me couldn't spread our opinions to the world just those nearby, and since I'm a miserable git that doesn't happen often. This was a simple time as our elders would tell us, "full of honest and good people" that is what I get told by my elders who I must respect. Of course it was, it was a time when America would brainwash its citizens with the fear of Communists marching through their land (causing such fear that so many people hid behind the second amendment giving us our headlines we see today). A time when the colour of a persons skin would sum them up to others, "an honest time".

The silver age of comics sadly had more cheese in them than a cheesemonger, these comics seep with corny lines and stories that I found myself getting annoyed when I read them, just like I felt when I read the first lot of Captain America comics, or Avengers, or Batman, or any of them. They are overbearing with honour and doing the right thing, the darker side to these heroes haven't been shown yet, but at least with the older Marvel comics there was a bit more action. This Vol. of Superman has about five comics full of action, making me feel that they lie with the title Action Comics. There is the annoying elf from the fifth dimension, Superman turning old (he does this again in Vol. 2, talk about reusing a story), Luthor the mad scientist instead of just getting Kryptonite and making a dagger with it to stab Superman he makes all these pointless machines to stop him. There are so many villains from the DC universe that you see and are annoyed with because you see how great they become, and the stories are pretty outdated, they don't brainwash you against the Soviet Union like the classic Marvel did, but it is still enough to get annoyed with.

The old comics are what you expect them to be, but sadly these classic Superman comics annoy me because there are too many where nothing happens, just a bad guy has a plan, tries to trick Superman but he always knew what they planned and just gives the audience a wink. I'm sorry but I was hoping for a bit of a scrap in some of these pages. I usually read one or two comics before going to sleep, and I remember an entire week of reading them without Superman fighting anyone. Maybe that isn't the point of him, maybe it is just me, and if it is then I apologise if I offend you die hard fans, but all I say is that I hope the new film will have more of the modern comics about them.

Essential Spider-Man Vol.10
Essential Spider-Man Vol.10
by Denny O'Neil
Edition: Paperback
Price: £14.99

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Spiderman vs the Juggernaut, which is advertised on the front cover so no surprise, 18 Dec. 2012
We open this 10th volume with Spiderman battling the Sub Mariner before turning a low life into Hydro-Man (they really should be more careful who get these powers, so many become bad guys). Spiderman then takes on the Frightful Four different from the original quartet who took on the Fantastic Four, but that is another story and we really should keep these reviews shorter than the books we're reviewing, which is difficult if you're reviewing something by Oliver Jeffers (if you got that then well done, if not look the name up). Spiderman teams up with the Sub Mariner to take the Frightful Four on, so many heroes fight each other then team up, it's like a marriage (you wouldn't wanna marry She-Hulk and cheat on her, she really would own a necklace of your bits). A rubbish episode about Spiderman stopping an assassin with a target in the marathon, which is just an episode to fill before another long plot line, which starts again with Hydro-man and Sandman becoming a big monster that looks like Sandman at the end of Spiderman 3 (you remember that terrible film don't you?). Matt Murdock cameos alongwith with Moon Knight in a couple of stories before annual 15 where Spiderman and the Punisher face Doc Ock and the Punisher surrenders to the law believing he's killed the Doc. The Black Cat appears and is believed dead after a two comic story arc, but we know she doesn't die (again a long explanation).

Throughout this Vol. Peter Parker has a love interest in Deb Whitman before the Black Cat returns, as MJ has vanished after Peter proposes to her. As usual Peter's life goes from bad to worse as he is attracted to a woman who turns out to be a member of the Frightful Four, and once attracted to the Black Cat she is killed (well not killed but that is because they rarely kill anyone in Marvel just yet, that happens more in the 90s). You can't help but think that pete should just turn villain because he has no luck as a good guy, but that is the whole point in sacrificing yourself to the greater good. Just a shame that the greater good doesn't get him the girls a bit more often.

The best story arc in this Vol. is Spiderman vs the Juggernaut, which is advertised on the front cover so no surprise, and it is what you expect. spiderman packs every ounce of strength in his punches and it doesn't stop the unstoppable foe, which if you've seen others face the Juggernaut you've got a little tired of because everyone has this problem, and they always find a way to stop him in the end. Spiderman has to try to stop the Juggernaut from taking Madame Web, after he just meets Betty Brant again, but it never goes that easy.

This Vol. is enjoyable, where the X-Men matured in the 70s for an older audience, Spiderman hasn't changed that much over the 200+ comics and I love the quick one liners from the Webhead, which others try but none come close to Spidy, and that is why he is one of the best Superheroes out there.

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