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Collins 1165VM Elite 2011-12 Pocket Week to View Mid Year Diary - Black
Collins 1165VM Elite 2011-12 Pocket Week to View Mid Year Diary - Black

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4.0 out of 5 stars Nice compact diary and more than what I was expecting..., 21 Sep 2011
I bought this to help with keeping on top of things for university.

The basics:

The diary is set out with the week spread out on two facing pages with enough room to fit half a days schedule/items/appointments/notes on the 7 lines for each day (3 lines for the weekend days). A disadvantage is a lack of notes page for a week but then I've seen on other diaries that have a notes page and the space for each day shrinks by a lot. Main styles in the dairy market are either like this layout or where one side of the facing pages is a notes page. At the bottom of the pages is the month calendar showing the days and dates for that particular month. Useful, however, with a bit of thought this could have been relocated to the beginning of the month and allow for greater writing space. Again, not a huge issue.

Now the extras:

- Personal directory: Allows you to keep a record of phone numbers and addresses (I know, I too was questioning why this was included as most people keep contacts on phones nowadays, however, extremely useful if you're phone is robbed).
- Yearly planners: 2011, 2012 and 2013. More for reference than actually writing on as space on these is small.
- Rail network map: shows routes, airports, airport links, ferry links.
- Motorway map: shows all main motorways an A roads.
- London Underground tube map: on the back includes Travel Information for: Rail, Car Ferries, Car Hire, Hotel Booking Services, Passport/Tourist information, Airlines and Airports.
- Financial Summary page: monthly showing paid and balance columns.
- 2 facing notes pages: for notes obviously.
- Yearly calendars: 2011, 2012 and 2013. Similar to the year planners except no writing space, purely for reference.
- Telecommunications Guide: Includes area codes and Time Differences for almost all countries (or a good majority of them at least).
- World standard times: For many cities and countries.
- Time map: showing world standard times at 12 noon GMT.
- Conversion guide and table: Motoring conversions: Fuel consumption, tyre pressure, speed and temperature. Other conversions: length, volume and capacity, area, mass and power.
- 2011-2012 International Holidays: bank holidays of different countries.
- Personal Information page: diary owner details, emergency contact and important telephone numbers section.

Build quality:

The material is faux leather but you would easily fooled into thinking it was real leather. The paper seems of a good enough quality to write with wet inks. The ribbon is a nice touch to easily identify the current page (standard on diaries).

Excellent diary for the size and price. Delivery was quick and had no issues with the seller. I hope I have given a clear review of what is actually included in the diary. (i.e. what's in it rather than "it's great and looks fab"). This should help you make a more informed decision when shopping. Enjoy!

Bio-tex Stain Remover Powder 250 g (Pack of 12)
Bio-tex Stain Remover Powder 250 g (Pack of 12)

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5.0 out of 5 stars Let blood be gone forever and ever!, 21 Sep 2011
After being let down by other products making similar big claims (such as blood removal) I was astonished that Biotex powder actually worked. It works so well that it has even removed blood stains of 6 months old from clothes which I previously thought were write off items. It breaks down protein so not suitable if you have stains on silk or wool. You can use this Biotex powder to soak items up to about 1 - 1 1/2 hours soak time) or as a prewash in the washing machine. So far I have tested this powder on blood, grease, tomato ketchup, bean sauce and grass stains with more than acceptable results. In cases of where the stain does not look fully removed after soaking or prewash, do not panic, a normal wash cycle in the washing machine removes any other trace stains after Biotex does its magic. I am currently in the process of using Biotex to remove a stubborn curry stain and will update if Biotex has not been successful.

I would recommend this product to avert those bursts of frustration when stains seem stuck.

Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 (Civil Engineering Special Issue)
Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 (Civil Engineering Special Issue)
by Insitution of Civil Engineers
Edition: Paperback
Price: £12.50

5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant for anyone who is interested in construction and engineering., 6 July 2011
Covers all areas of Heathrow T5 from planning, procurement and programming, health and safety, environment and sustainability, rivers diversion, groundworks, pavements, superstructure works, rail infrastructure works, satelite buildings and the energy centre works.

Really very interesting and informative and gives novel ideas for solutions to problems that are common among many areas of construction and engineering.

This is a journal about the creation of T5 - a major project (£4.4 billion which at the time of going ahead with T5 was two thirds of BAA's worth) executed to a standard most clients dream of achieving, not a book about opening day hiccups (which are common with all new airports).

If you buy this you will have an excellent insight into the UK's largest terminal and can pass on a little of this insight to those all around. Heathrow T5 would be hugley more appreciated if more people read this.

Worried about complex termniology?

Don't be. I'm a student surveyor and not an engineer and the most technical jargon I came accross was about rail signalling (one or two pragraphs max.). This jargon was non-essential to the understanding of the topic overall (and for those of us with an itch in the mind to find out what the jargon means, the internet is never far from us).

What If you're working in the construction or engineering industry? (or wish to enter the industry)

Buy it, read it, mull the material over in the mind and snap up a conversation with a colleague or more. To the rookies of us in the industry, further reading of material in the form of industry magazines and books is a good sign to employers, better still, reading of papers analysing a project is even better. For the veterans in the industry, a good read I promise and if not, then an inner smile at the satisfaction of knowing the material covered inside out and more.

Does the page thickness justify the cost? (for the cautious buyers of us out there, and the bargain hunters too)

It's a thin journal, but the print is smallish and fits a lot of writing on each page. The quality of the papers written are from the individuals involved with the project at a hands on level (what I mean is that the journal is not written by a third party editor or writer but by the engineers and construction professionals themselves).

So the quality of information does justify the cost.

What if I get confused?

Well, the internet is one source (although not really needed if you're in the target audience of this product). There are also lots of graphics and photos showing drawings and pictures of works at different stages. Well the saying goes 'all text and no pictures makes so and so a little lost at times' so a few pleasing pictures are more than welcome.

Why does this review not explain the material covered in detail?

I'm sorry chaps and chapesses, Besides the fact my writing skills would not make the material clear to understand to the reader (unless direct extracts are made and risk the copyright lawyers), explaining the material in detail would ruin the idea of buying the product.

I hope I have given the credit that is due towards this product. And I hope I have answered any queries you as a purchaser might have. And if not, buy the product and write a better review.

The Money Machine: How the City Works
The Money Machine: How the City Works
by Philip Coggan
Edition: Paperback
Price: £7.69

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5.0 out of 5 stars The easiest read of how the banking world works..., 27 Jun 2011
The book is written in understandable language with any jargon fully explained. To aid the reader understand some of the topics covered the author includes many examples showing the reasoning behind much of the decisions made within the system by all parties involved. As you read through the book the author links each topic covered to how that subject material played a part in the financial crisis (2007-2009). This book is for anyone who is even slightly curious into how the city works and what all the economic newspaper columns are talking about. This book is also useful if you wish to highlight your bank manager's weakness in knowing his subject matter should you ever meet him/her.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs [DVD] [2010]
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs [DVD] [2010]
Dvd ~ Anna Faris
Price: £3.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Different, Quirky, Fun, Humourous & Delightful, 23 Jan 2010
This film will delight all of any age, fun humour and delightful characters. The effects are not pixel perfect but then again this film is not supposed to be. Definitely either the best or one of the best of Sony Pictures Animation's films. It's a nice laid back film, doesn't have an in depth or full bodied story line as in Pixar films, emotive and the cast do a good job. The plot is simple enough but it's all the small things that make this film brilliant. I would recommend this film for everyone who likes a laugh, connectible characters and a boy and girl who save the world and live happy ever after. Do not compare this animation film to Pixar or Dreamworks or Bluesky, this is its own style and that makes this film interesting.

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