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Her Name "Titanic": The Untold Story of the Sinking and Finding of the Unsinkable Ship
Her Name "Titanic": The Untold Story of the Sinking and Finding of the Unsinkable Ship
by Charles Pellegrino
Edition: Mass Market Paperback

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5.0 out of 5 stars Moving: See Her From Heart of the Sea, 7 Sep 2012
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The book when it came was not in the best condition, but this book is absolutely a great buy. I am hooked on the Titanic and this book really takes you to the heart of the ocean to the moment Titanic breathed her last. See her demise from the viewpoint of Charles Lightoller and Harold Bride who were in the water being sucked down with her. See her claim her final souls as she takes Andrews, her designer and others who have built her and served on her, loving her as if she was a real being and not just an item of incredible and impassible beauty, to their watery graves as she descends into the deeps to await in silence her discovery, some 73 years later. Return to the moment that she finally rose out of the waters, held in time for seconds before finally vanishing from the view of over 700 souls, who have escaped her fate, and then jump forward to her discovery by Bob Ballard and see that moment in 1985 when he found her at last, after several years of searching to share that find through his eyes. The book is one of three: the first looks at the disaster through the eyes of those who were the last to leave her and closest to her as she took them under with her and at that moment, they miraculously escaped. It then jumps at various stages to the scene of her discovery, to the use of the author's technology to explore her and work with Bob Ballard's team and is followed by the eye witness accounts compared to the evidence of the dive and the missions to the wreck. It covers the years immediately following her discovery when Ballard withdrew from the public gaze as the scale of what he had discovered became too much for him, to the continued work with the author to bring Titanic back to life. You get an in depth study of the eye witness evidence from the science of the time and from what we know now, and you get a real feel for the intimate relationship, crew, experts and discoverers had with this ship. You will be drawn into the world of each eye witness whose testimony is examined and you will see where fact and myth merge and are later separated and will be moved by the loss of families and partners and of the ship itself. Pellegreno uses the emotions and media of romance to bring us back to Titanic and some people may not like that idea, but you cannot but be moved by this and his follow up books that move onto the inquiry evidence and bring the finds up to date.

The Genesis of the Bible
The Genesis of the Bible
by Shaka Saye Bambata Dolo
Edition: Paperback
Price: 19.59

1.0 out of 5 stars Racist Rubbish, 26 May 2012
This book is nothing to do with the history of how the canon of the Bible came to be but more an anti white and anti Christian rant.

The language is offensive and even calls black people who have accepted Christ the N word, which will not be repeated here. It overlooks several facts about early Christianity, the main thing being that it is not a 'white man's religion'. It evolved out of the Eastern religion of Judaism. The early Christians first of all were Jews from Jerusalem, then Damascus and all over Asia and Greece. But early Christians of the first century also came from Ethiopia and this was because Philip was taken there and told the gospel to a leading Ethiopian courtier who was also from an old Jewish tradition. It is believed that the Queen of Sheba gave birth to a son by King Solomon and that she brought him back to Ethiopia and that he was raised as a Jewish person. There is also a legend that the Ark of the Covenant came to Ethiopia from this time and that is a strong part of their Christian faith today. When Philip went there he found a very old Jewish community and it may even be the oldest in the world, outside of Israel.

Some of the early Christian communities come from Africa and they go back far before the slave trade as the author claims in this rant. The rock churches are over 1000 years old and they were built by independent Christians. The author does have one point in that the slave trade was advanced by Christians, but it was not in the name of Jesus. It was also ended by Christians. The Bible came about from the Jewish canon and was brought to the world at first via Jewish and Greek Christians and then by those of other nations and that includes white nations and black nations. The black church is very strong all over the world and in Africa the Church is growing fastest of all.

The facts are totally ignored and distorted in this rant and the language is nothing short of offensive and raciest and if a white person came out with some of the rubbish the author has they would be up on a criminal charge of racism. Racism works both ways and this book is raciest as well as being flawed and nothing short of a load of rubbish.

If you want a good book on the Bible and how it came to be then make sure you read one that talks of the Jewish and the Greek canons and the differences between them and how over 200-300 years they developed into the accepted books that we have today. The variety of books and ideas of both canons were wide and came from several different traditions. There was not one fixed canon, not even in the bringing together the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) and this also developed and changed over time. I have studied the varied influences on the books of the Bible and their historical setting and the truth is very much better than the lies and the fiction that is put across here in this rant. If the author wants to put a black history for us to read, then fine, but putting down our faith is not the honorable way to do it. And insults and abuse only make people switch off and refuse to read further. I have read this in the kindle, thankfully, and I will not be getting the book version. This book is terrible and I am sorry, but I do not recommend it to anyone. There are hundreds of books to choose from on this subject and to be honest, it is misrepresented in the description, which does not help. Avoid at all costs,unless you too are biased.


Titanic Experience: The Legend of the Unsinkable Ship
Titanic Experience: The Legend of the Unsinkable Ship
by Beau Riffenburgh
Edition: Hardcover
Price: 30.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent: Live the Titanic Experience, 1 May 2012
The book is jam packed full of pull out and in fold items that lovingly recreate the experience and personal items on the Titanic. There is a pull fold out cross section of the ship, there is a copy of her first class menue, her tickets, her cabins and her passenger letters and personal items are re-created. There are copies of many original documents, even her telegrams and one telegram from the White House expressing horror at the disaster and needless loss of life and the hope that it will be prevented in the future. Most items are in colour, together with many black and white photos of the time and the people on board.

There is a cross section of the ships engines and folded eye witness testimony from the inquest. It is these more personal insights into the tragic loss of life and life on board the Titanic that bring her closer to home as a real ship, a real experience and a real tragedy that touched the lives of so many. She will always shine in the hearts of many and it is hoped that this is but one book that really does allow the reader to experience her passage and her passing .

The book is hard backed, in a presentation box and is full of colour and black and white pictures from the time and beautiful recreations of the most important moments in her voyage history.

At the Mercy of the Queen: A Novel of Anne Boleyn
At the Mercy of the Queen: A Novel of Anne Boleyn
by Anne Clinard Barnhill
Edition: Paperback
Price: 8.79

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2.0 out of 5 stars Disappointment, 9 Feb 2012
The book is poorly written and the facts are just taken out of thin air. The only part of this so called 'historical' novel that is fact is that Margaret came to court when she was 15. She did not fall in love with a son of Charles Brandon and none of Brandon's natural children, save his eldest natural son, Charles came to court. Madge was withdrawn and witty but she was not a great rival of Queen Anne, and was only the mistress of the King for a few months when Anne was pregnant with her second pregnancy that sadly ended in a miscarriage. There is no such character as Arthur Brandon, in reality or fiction.

Anyone thinking that this is a good read about Madge Sheldon, think again. The book and style are very shallow and the whole thing is riddled with errors from start to finish. The portrayals of even the main characters are flat. This is not a book to be recommended as a serious or a good read.
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Had the Queen Lived: An Alternative History of Anne Boleyn
Had the Queen Lived: An Alternative History of Anne Boleyn
by Raven A. Nuckols
Edition: Paperback
Price: 11.22

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4.0 out of 5 stars A Good, But Sinister Alternative History, 17 Dec 2011
The book was taken out of the library as I was not sure that I would actually buy it; and being on a budget I probably would not, but I have enjoyed reading it. First it is well researched and well written. The device of reversal of the accident that Henry VIII really did have in January 1536 to that of his friend Brandon is a clever one, if predictable and it shows that Henry could have lived much longer had he not had such an accident. Anne's giving birth to a live heir, named for the King, of course leaves Anne in the power seat and won some of the lost affection back from the King, but Brandon's personality sort of goes downhill to the point of a breach with Katherine, his beloved fourth wife, which of course historically never happened. Henry is more connected to affairs at home and the war with France is avoided, although in reality I believe an ambitious Henry, still fit and with confidence in Anne as Queen would have gone to war to regain lost territory and glory and would have been more successful than he was. There is a sinister twist to the tale: that of the death of the Lady Mary, the beloved daughter of the king, which shows Anne in a bad light and that her influence has grown very strong with the birth of her Prince Henry. The Tudor dynasty of course is made stronger with the birth of Henry and he is seen as a strong and healthy ruler. Elizabeth is of course married to secure a link with France and the people are treated to a royal wedding, that of Prince Henry and Princess Margaret of France. Two good, strong dynastic marriages secure the dynasty for 200 years.

Anne of course is not universally loved and most of the plots that follow or are imagined are aimed at her, but she does have a wider influence in that the reforms of Henry VIII's latter reign are far more reaching and England is set on track to become Protestant a lot sooner. Anne has a hand in this and Henry has more confidence in her as the years go by, and she enjoys a firm and revered role and the family obviously have more power and glory than they can imagine without Anne as Queen.

Again, it is a well written and enjoyable book and well researched and thought through, if the death of Princess Mary is a little impossible as I cannot believe that Henry would ever have harmed her. She was too beloved of the people and Henry would not have lived long had he killed her, in secret or not. The only other criticism that I would make is that if you are going to keep historical events that actually did happen, because they are inevitable in an alternative book, like the Pilgrimage of Grace, then please stick to the facts. The total number of people executed did not exceed 256. There are few evidences for anyone who was not an adult being executed and there were no summary executions or large scale massacres. The details are straight out of the Tudors. The attack on Carlisle is the only battle and the only one that produced a large number of deaths, partly in the attack on the camps outside and partly during the siege. 700 may have been killed or injured, but this is the only such incident and took place at the Second Rising, not during the first one.

I can understand, however, that making it more sinister and terrible that it puts an emphasis on the change in the personality that Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk may have had with the injuries that he would have suffered from the same fall as Henry. It also shows that under Anne the orders to kill may have been given directly to him and not just expressed as a wish in a letter. In the end, thankfully, there was no need for these orders to have been carried out.

A very well read book and I have enjoyed it very much. This is something that I am sure many people have wondered about and even ventured to speculate. Thank you for taking the trouble to finally write this book; very good.

The Jewish Study Bible: Featuring the Jewish Publication Society TANAKH Translation: College Edition (Bible Hebrew)
The Jewish Study Bible: Featuring the Jewish Publication Society TANAKH Translation: College Edition (Bible Hebrew)
by Adele Berlin
Edition: Paperback
Price: 17.49

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5.0 out of 5 stars Jewish Study Bible Excellent Choice, 25 Jun 2005
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This Jesish Study Bible is accessable to all and with its many articles on the development of the Hebrew scriptures and how the Bible is used in both the Jewish and Christian traditions and has develped over the years, it is a must for any student of the scriptures.
The commentary sets the text into its original setting and brings it to life with both source criticism and historical analysis. The text is rich and alive and easy to follow and something that I have found to be of great value as a student of the Hebrew scriptures in their original context. Many Jewish scholars have contributed to the work, and you will be surprised at how the pages give deep meaning to even the hardest of Old Testament sayings, making them as valuable for today as they were 3000 years ago.
There are differences in the order of the books, with the Torah being first and the prophets being brought together at the end of the text. However, it still includes the Writings and the histories and the Psalms and all of the other books that we are familiar with, but with perhaps a more meaningful and spiritual feeling as the words of the Lord spring of the pages into the lives of today's reader.

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