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Bear Grylls - Mission Everest [DVD]
Bear Grylls - Mission Everest [DVD]
Dvd ~ Bear Grylls

4.0 out of 5 stars Watchable and reasonably entertaining, 28 July 2011

This was a pretty good watch, although not as interesting as it could have been, or as the normal Bear Grylls programme.

It was an interesting concept, flying over everest, and it would have been great IF they had managed it completely successfully, but so many things seemed to go wrong (which I suppose added to the drama!) that they didn't actually end up doing it (despite the celebratory DVD cover!). Bear did come close, but didn't actually go near the mountain, nor did you actually find out how high he went! The views were pretty good from the cameras, but they didn't cross over the mountain - so in my book, it's a fail! He he, as if I would have even attempted it!

It was a pretty good triumph and they did break records doing it, but it just felt like a lot of it was contrived around making the viewer feel like they were 'against the odds' and 'oh no, something's gone wrong again!'. It didn't feel completely 'genuine' to watch.

I'm a massive fan of Bear Grylls and think he's a million times better a role model for the younger generation than most footballers, celebs, etc, but I have to admit, some of the other people involved in this challenge were a bit annoying to be honest!

Gilo appeared to be a bit flaky, as did his girlfriend/wife and they were basically just irritating! They seemed to do things and make decisions that appeared a bit illogical, and hung about for AGES on the first morning when they had good weather! Also, the other people that were involved also seemed to be dithering, much to the annoyance of Bear Grylls, who you could tell just wanted to get on a DO IT in his normal way! I think if Bear had have been on his own with a paramotor he may well have achieved the original aim!

What kind of person would only test a motor for the first time once they were at the base of the Himalayas??!!!! Having said that, I did feel a bit sorry for Gilo when his machine cocked up, but he just seemed to be the sort of person who should have 'failed' written on his forehead - I'm sorry, I know it's harsh! I think it's when you compare him to Bear, who is a 'winner'!!!

Lavera Sun Milk SPF 20 Neutral
Lavera Sun Milk SPF 20 Neutral

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2.0 out of 5 stars Very white!, 28 July 2011
I won't be using this product again. It does the job and I'd expect it would protect from the sun, but it's so blimming white it makes you look like a ghost! Doesn't seem to sink in as well. Won't be buying it again. Having said that, I was accidentally sent the SPF40, so that might be the reason for the whiteness. Who knows?!

HealthAid Aloe Vera Cream 75ml
HealthAid Aloe Vera Cream 75ml
Price: £5.99

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3.0 out of 5 stars Not a bad product, 28 July 2011
My first thoughts upon receiving this item were that, the packaging was nice and clean, the squeezy tube was good sized and easy to use.

The cream itself is very white and quite thick. Upon application, the cream sinks in pretty well and leaves quite a matt finish. I bought this cream because I had heard that Aloe Vera was very soothing and good for skin, and this cream didn't have any SPF, so I would intend to use on dull, grey days, as well as being fragrance free.

The only drawback to this cream, is that it does still smell quite strongly, not a horrible smell, but you can still smell it for a while after applying it. Whether it was just placebo or not, I don't know, but it did feel like it made my eyes a bit itchy, so I'm wondering if one of the ingredients was doing this. I suppose even natural ingredients can smell quite a bit! When I see 'fragrance free', I expect it to have no fragrance whatsoever, whether natural or not.

My own opinion is that this cream doesn't feel 'pure', which is what I was after. It does feel like it's had lots of things added to it, that may or may not have been needed. I don't understand why so many things have to be added to creams anyway, how long do they want to preserve creams for?! Also, the aloe vera does seem a way down the ingredient list. My next purchase may well be a much more basic aloe vera cream, with as little added ingredients, and the aloe vera much higher up the ingredient list.

I won't be buying it again, but I would still recommend it as a decent cream that does moisturise well, without going to 'shiny' and smells pleasant enough.

Kit Me Out UK 7" Windscreen Car Mount Suction Holder for Apple iPhone 3/3GS - Black
Kit Me Out UK 7" Windscreen Car Mount Suction Holder for Apple iPhone 3/3GS - Black
Offered by Kit Me Out UK
Price: £3.50

1.0 out of 5 stars Cheap Rubbish, 18 Jun 2011
You get what you pay for. This arrived with a little bit broken off, but was still operational and was a present for a birthday, so didn't have time to send it back, so I didn't bother.

Then a few weeks later the darn thing stopped "sticking" to the windscreen and had somehow lost its suction ability. Needless to say, it's a load of rubbish that I won't ever buy again.

Oh, and another thing, the bit that actual sticks to the window has a little lever on it which also broke after hardly any use at all. Embarrassing.

Buy at your peril!
Comment Comment (1) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Aug 13, 2011 2:19 PM BST

Price: £0.79

5.0 out of 5 stars Blast from the past!, 1 Jun 2010
This review is from: Footloose (MP3 Download)
There's no real point in reviewing this song - From a classic 80's movie, most of the people who would be purchasing it would be doing so because they already know and love the song! But if you were born after this golden age of hairspray and outrageous styles, then by all means give at a listen - the beat will still fill dancefloors today and compared to a lot of the modern 'dance' music, this has got so much more personality.

If you like Alphabeat and their song "Fascination", you'll see the similarities between that and this song - it's probably where they took their inspiration from, only the original version is still the superior in my opinion!

Kevin Bacon's finest hour!

Save It For The Bedroom
Save It For The Bedroom

3.0 out of 5 stars Good "Sounding" Song, 19 July 2009
This is a good track, it's got a kind of nice "sound" to it - I first heard it in the car on Kerrang Radio, which to be honest, introduces me to a lot of good new songs! I wouldn't say the vocals are particularly good or original, it's just one of these modern sounding rocky type songs which sound nice in the background or at an indie type club.

Recommend to anyone who likes modern sounding, rocky type songs!

Life In Technicolor II
Life In Technicolor II
Price: £0.89

5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic piece of music!, 15 April 2009
I'd heard the melody for this song on about a dozen different adverts and TV programmes recently, it was only when I found out it was Coldplay that I could track down what the song was and buy it online - making it my first ever online purchase of an .mp3 on Amazon!

The sound is great, it's also great Live if you watch the clips on Youtube. The instruments are also really well arranged and matched, a good intro which lasts around a minute, then the first verse kicks off with Chris Martin's usual style of vocal, but it's the chorus which I really like - brilliant drumming and a fantastic bassline give it the edge on a lot of tracks nowadays.

This and 'Viva La Vida' are definitely matched in their catchiness and intelligence, and they also seem to mark a happier and more bouncy era for Coldplay - although when you study the lyrics of the song it seems to be a bit of a dig at modern life, which goes against the kind of positivity which the song seems to give off.

If you haven't heard of Coldplay before, and want to get a feel for what kind of stuff they're producing at the moment, I recommend this!

Cure-Greatest Hits [VHS]
Cure-Greatest Hits [VHS]

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4.0 out of 5 stars Greatest Hits - Greatest Videos!, 23 Jun 2002
The Cure Greatest Hits video compilation really gives the band a chance to show anyone how versatile their music, and their videos actually are. By following an almost identical order to the CD of the same name, this VHS is a real companion for anyone who already owns anything by The Cure and indeed an excellent start for anyone who has never heard of them!
I actually bought this video within just a few months of first hearing some of the band's most famous songs and was extremely pleased to see that all my new favourites were included on the video. With "Close To Me" and "Just Like Heaven", it was interesting to see how the videos compared after just listening to the songs on their own.
I also had the pleasure of watching videos I had never even seen before, such as "Lullaby" and "Friday I'm In Love", and only after seeing them did I realise how closely and appropriately the music videos match the songs.
The directing of some of the videos is quite spectacular. The 'Freak Show' theme used in the video for "Never Enough" shows the heavier side to The Cure and it is almost an amusing contrast to the video which preceded it. It follows the video for "Lovesong", almost an exact opposite side of the band, a slower and more mellow side.
There is only one minor flaw with The Greatest Hits video: Not all of my favourite Cure videos are included. If room was made for songs like "Hot Hot Hot" and "Fascination Street", this video would be worth a 5 star rating. The absence of these and also of any interviews with the band or crew meant that there could have been room for improvement.
However, my overall perception of the video is as the partner to the Greatest Hits CD album so inevitably, not ALL of the videos I like could possibly be included. This VHS does give a relatively comprehensive "Through the ages" look at the band starting with their earliest songs and ending with a modern day look at some of The Cure's latest releases.
Although most of the band members have changed over the years, except for maybe Robert Smith (the main singer/songwriter), the quality of the songs and of the music videos has not changed one bit. That is why I believe this to be the VHS any true OR new Cure fan should buy first, the Cure at their best!

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