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Divine Astrology: Enlisting the Aid of the Planetary Powers
Divine Astrology: Enlisting the Aid of the Planetary Powers
by Lyn Birkbeck
Edition: Paperback
Price: 15.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Divine Astrology Book & Cards!, 5 Dec 2005
Dane Rhudyar, the grand old man of humanistic astrology said in his book ‘The Planetarization of Consciousness’ that ‘Astrology raises the solution of problems from the social to the cosmic level’. The planet often associated with Astrology & astrologers, Uranus moved into the spiritual or cosmic sign of Pisces in March 2003. After the first floundering we are waking up to new meaning & understanding within our profession. It also finds us looking deeper into the spiritual waters of our working model of astrology to find some meaning & overview that will help us become more able to fulfill our purpose as human beings.
Then Lyn Birkbeck released the book ‘Divine Astrology’, which provides meditations & rituals to fully access the power of who we are through the planetary symbols. I have always admired Lyn’s writing & found the beautiful artwork of the planetary cards included with the book & the poetry, particularly inspiring to my combined values of beauty & meaning.
To quote him from the book: ‘Divine Astrology however, presents astrology in a way that sees personality as being an expression of Spirit, and sees life as being a journey of Spirit driven by cosmic forces and in turn governed by definite laws that are inherent in them.’
I was also fascinated by his investigation into different religions & spiritual disciplines as regards astrology in the early part of the book. I have always held high regard for ritual, seeing it as a bridge between the hidden, unseen inner life & the outer manifest life. Lyn accesses this tool in a beautifully sensitive way with various rituals to access the power within us & around us. To quote him again from the book: ‘When you are contacting or addressing any Planet in any Ritual you are actually contacting or addressing – on a causal or unconscious plane – that part of yourself that corresponds to the energies & qualities of that Planet and the divine energy it accesses. In other words, and in physiological terms, you are tapping into the part of your brain and nervous system that affects how you operate autonomically at cellular and hormonal levels. This is analogous to the part of a computer called the BIOS which is where and how the computer is set to function without one even knowing that it is doing so and which normally only a technician should, or knows how to, access and use. But in this case Divine Astrology enables you to be your own technician, a ‘Technician of the Sacred’.
Profound inner & therefore outer healing can happen when we are paying so much attention to who we authentically are, not what we are supposed to be. As he so succinctly puts it at the end of the book: ‘The majority of the world’s and one’s individual ills are down to us being programmed to want and need things we do not actually want or need……’
I would recommend this book for new students of the astrological model as well as older more experienced ones, such as myself. He breathes new life into the metaphors that are associated with the planets, differentiating the negative & positive attributes of them. This is a book that will be taken from your bookshelf often, particularly when you are looking for astrology to become alive spiritually! Good work, Lyn!

The Sacred Whore: Sheela Goddess of the Celts
The Sacred Whore: Sheela Goddess of the Celts
by Maureen Concannon
Edition: Paperback

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5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic informing book!, 23 Aug 2004
I found this book really informing about the Feminine, spirituality, sexuality, history & Ireland. I really appreciated all the effort & information that has been gathered together in this book. I certainly was better informed on completing the read. A great dedication to redressing the balance was understood & I appreciate Maureen's vision! To quote from the book 'The archetype of the Great Goddess needs to re-enter collective consciousness, to be internalised & loved, so that the many aspects of the feminine will no longer be split within the psyches of men & women, so that all humanity & Mother Earth herself may be healed. What a remarkably wondrous world can be created when there is peace in the individual, the family, the nation and on earth. When generosity replaces greed, inclusiveness replaces isolation, and the ability to compromise delfects the course of aggression and war. What a wonderful world we will have created when language itself is no longer sexist, nor religions, nor society, when all things are valued equally.'

The Financial Universe: Planning Your Investments Using Astrological Forecasting, A Guide to Identifying the Role of the Planets and Stars in World Affairs, Finance and Investment
The Financial Universe: Planning Your Investments Using Astrological Forecasting, A Guide to Identifying the Role of the Planets and Stars in World Affairs, Finance and Investment
by Christeen Skinner
Edition: Paperback
Price: 17.62

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5.0 out of 5 stars Incredible read for all!, 13 July 2004
Whether you are a professional investor or hobbyist, a business person or an ordinary person who likes to look ahead, this book will serve all! It is a very interesting read & does not trip itself up by using astrological technical jargon. For the astrologers, it is a relief to see it is not a cook-book astrology book but an authentic attempt by the author to vision the coming decade in business & financial terms by referring to astrological themes. I could not put the book down wondering what would be unveiled next, until I shook myself realising that the book is dealing with future possibilities on our planet!
By referring back to past events politically & in business, where similar future planetary configurations were evident, the author gives us reinforcement of her predictions & a sense of credibility. They say forewarned is forearmed & if you read this book, you will have no excuses, if you invest in a losing industry or don't gauge the correct timing for lucrative investments.
I was also very excited by the author's predictions around the Internet in the coming years & the concept of the 'global village' becoming a reality. She manages to keep her grip on reality throughout & speaks about both negative & positive implications of events & gains. This is not a doomsday book most importantly, and I felt that I was more informed by reading it.
To quote the author: 'The quest for greater understanding comes as a result of thinking differently. While the final burst of original thinking and subsequent breakthrough correlates, in these instances, with Uranus's movement through Aquarius, it is the movement of other planets that stimulate the imagination. Indeed it may be that, at a later time, it will be recognised by scientists that 'Energy follows Thought'. As yet, appreciation of this important concept is still in its infancy.'
Astrology & astrological information has been isolated by astrological jargon & terminology as have unfortunately astrologers. They are visited by only the enlightened few who are aware of what invaluable information can be gained about the timing of events on earth by looking at the dances in the heavens! The majority of the business community do not access this incredibly helpful information & are often taken unawares by events politically & financially. This book is groundbreaking as it bridges this gulf & makes this information readable & understandable by all. Using the information that 'The Financial Universe' provides will support us in having a smoother ride in any potential bumps we may come across in the coming decade.
The book also deals with sun spot activity & gives very user friendly interpretations that has left me wanting to watch & follow this phenomenon to see how it correlates with happenings on earth. This really whetted my apetite for more information!
I would like to sum up with some quotes from the book:
'The end of the first decade of the millennium offers a platform for change. Global warfare is a distinct possibility, yet this is not the only possible outcome. The collapse of credit would have similarly devastating consequences - particularly in countries that have built up significant levels of debt. What takes place during 2010 will affect us all. It will surely take time for each and every one of us to absorb the enormity of events, and the years to 2013 could leave many people in a state of shock, so that the real transition into new modes of being might not begin until early that year.'
'Significant change could come about through the dramatic change in attitude demanded as the cosmic storms of 2010 abate and the new forces come into play. Growing awareness that we are all dependent on one another brings with it a change in commercial thinking.'

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