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12ft Coiled Handset Lead (White)
12ft Coiled Handset Lead (White)
Offered by Electromart-UK
Price: £2.90

1.0 out of 5 stars Trades description scandal, 18 Aug 2014
Don't usually write reviews here, but this just needs to be said: this cable is a normal telephone cable, a decent replacement for a usual short one. How it manages to get away with being advertised as 12ft is beyond me - not sure if its their fault or amazon's. They are on to an amazing thing here. I, like many others, both a. didn't bother to read any reviews previously, as at £2.20 for a 12ft telephone cable, you pretty much think you know what you're going to get (wrong!); and b. because of the low price, it really is not worth the hassle of sending back. So at £2.20 a pop, and advertising it completely incorrectly, they are making a shedload of cash off hundreds of doubtless disappointed buyers. Most of whom probably can't be bothered to say so here (I almost didn't myself). Great business model.

Sony SVR-S500 - Digital TV Recorder (DVR) with 80GB Hard Drive and Freeview
Sony SVR-S500 - Digital TV Recorder (DVR) with 80GB Hard Drive and Freeview

9 of 9 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Worst Sony product I have ever bought, 2 Oct 2007
I hate to write this - that's how bad my brand loyalty is! I buy only Sony electronic products (bar speakers and turntable), after years of great experiences. However, this product is by far the worst product - of any kind - I have purchased. In terms of postage costs, tube fares to repair shops etc. I have probably spent an extra £60 on top of the £200 or so I paid for it in the first place. This is all during the period of guarantee, and follows a similar experience with a one week old Sony digital camera. Is it Sony or is the digital medium just riddled with problems (my latest iPod froze for two days on first plugging into my computer, and my shuffle has died after two months - and yes, I buy these from reputable high street shops!)? There is one fatal error, and one or two problematic areas.

- The absolutely fatal error is that after 9 months' use, the machine started wiping the drive clean. No matter how much I recorded, after about three or four programmes, the next time I turned on, the programme list showed nothing. I missed countless programmes, which seem to stay recorded for a day maximum before being deleted. What a waste of time for an HDD! I am at a loss of what to do - can't return it after this period, don't want to pay repair costs.

- The other problems are: EPG intermittently doesn't download programme guides, meaning you a. can't see what's on, and b. can't set a recording, as the machine doesn't know what's on and when - rendering the box a glorified freeview box for weeks on end.

- Also, yes, the EPG is extremely badly designed - slow, massive gaps, can't have TV and scroll through guide at same time - have to go on to a blue screen with list of programme, so can't get a glimpse of what's on. Strange, as a Sony non-HDD freeview box I have has the finest designed epg I've ever seen.

And yes, it occasionally freezes up, but to be honest, everything digital does this at some point, so I can forgive that. The noise was horrific at first, when I used to keep it in my bedroom, but in the living room I barely notice it.

All in all, though, a rubbish machine, and if it truly is Sony in badge only, I feel thoroughly ripped off, and let down by Sony, and feel aggrieved that this is the way they choose to treat loyal customers.

It seems Apple have opened the path to people accepting digital products with a shelf life of less than a year. Sony products used to last close to a lifetime, yet I would naturally replace them as newer products came out, lured by Sony's sleek design and innovative reputation. But that was my choice, and now it seems its led by the products themselves dying after 6 months or so. I'd rather pay double and have the product last as long as I needed...

Serious disappointment. Avoid at all costs.

Hey Venus!
Hey Venus!
Offered by RevivalMedia
Price: £9.77

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5.0 out of 5 stars Best band in the world, 24 Aug 2007
This review is from: Hey Venus! (Audio CD)
I couldn't disagree more with Boris' review. "Slow junk"??!! Mellow is what Furries do best, from time immerorial ('If You Don't Want Me To Destroy You' through to 'Mountain People', 'Demons', 'Run Christian Run'), and this has their pure, warm AM sound down to perfection. What was 'Mwng' if not the mellowest moment of their career?? This is a band so on form its painful. I have been listening to a promo of this for two months now; its not even officially out and I can't wait for the next one. I have never hammered an SFA album this much in such a short space of time. I have been with The Furries since their first releases on Ankst, and they haven't put a foot wrong so far. Even their inconsitencies are consistent.

Quite simply, this is a must-have for old and new fans. There is no band currently around anywhere who are given the free rein the Furries have to experiment, and the beauty is that they never take advantage of this and over-indulge themselves, and with this side tied to Gruff's eye for a heartbreaking melody, they have made their best album since the last one!

The album is definitely a grower, but once it hooks you on the third listen, there's no getting out of its grip. 'Gateway Song' is a great opening, which lasts about 30 seconds, and echoes the opener of 'Mwng' ('Drygioni'), which also lasts just over a minute. Trust me - it sounds nothing like Bob Seger or "some '70s stuff like Huey Lewis" (apart from the fact that Huey Lewis was an '80s artist). 'Suckers' is the classic here, very closely followed by 'Carbon Dating','The Gift That Keeps Giving', and 'Show Your Hand' (this record's 'Hello Sunshine'), and the whole album is again surrounded by the spirit of The Beach Boys during their most creative period ('66-'71, but specifically the latter part of that period, where 'Surf's Up' followed 'Sunflower' and their pop nous gelled perfectly with their desire to make serious social comment).

But I'm getting carried away, because this is SFA's own sound, and unmistakeably so, and I feel sorry for Boris because by saying he's not going to listen again, he's going to miss out on what will be this year's finest album by a country mile. They just get better.

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