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Star Wars Trilogy: Episodes I, II And III [DVD]
Star Wars Trilogy: Episodes I, II And III [DVD]
Dvd ~ Hayden Christensen
Offered by lightningdvd
Price: £44.99

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2.0 out of 5 stars The result of too much time, too much money, too many 'yes men', 27 Dec. 2008
For me, what these films show is that although George Lucas is an imaginative 'ideas man', left to his own devices he ultimately doesn't cut the mustard as a writer or a director. None of the actors in these films are slouches, but if you did not know so already, you'd be hard pressed to know it on this evidence and that can only be the fault of the director!
You don't have to look too hard at the original films to see reasons for their clear superiority,
Star Wars - No budget, massive pressure and challenges from the Studio, pressure on set as director finds difficulty in communicating ideas to cast and crew. George creates something he's ultimately not happy with in what he quotes as one of the most traumatic an unhappy experiences of his life and yet the film itself turns out to great!
Empire Strikes Back - Best film of the entire saga is a result of George handing over direction and control to someone else. Natch!
Return of the Jedi - Underated episode of the original trilogy. Someone else directs again to great effect (for a PROPER example of the Emperor using subversive tactics to tempt a Jedi to the 'Dark Side' look no further), with the only real weak point being the much maligned inclusion of the accursed Ewoks, which was actually on insistance by George as Producer, when it was originally going to be the Wookies on THEIR home world (the first example of the negative impact of a George with too much power and belief in his own greatness. He did the same in Indy 4. Surprise surprise, the aleins idea was George's and he would not greenlight any other script!).
So what of this prequel trilogy?
Phantom Menace - Okay if you have not watched any of the originals too recently as it did not and does not stand up to the hype. Age gap between Anakin and Padme is too great, home planet being Tatooine is just rediculous and the end is basically an inferior replay of Return of the Jedi with the Gungans replacing the Ewoks.
Attack of the Clones - asside from the utterly rubbish title, this appeared on release to be superior to Phantom Menace due to there being much more action and it being more visually entertaining, but the writing/script make it almost unwatchable for large chunks of the movie, bringing it back down to Phantom's level. The entire Padme Anakin thing is completely unbelievable, regardless of the age thing and as for the scene just before they enter the arena, words just fail me.
Revenge of the Sith. The best of the 3, but still not 'up there' with the originals. The second half of the movie (post Anakin's turning) is better than the first (asside from the Nooooo! incident), principally because the lead up to and the 'turning' itself are utterly preposterous! Anakin actually get's more grounded in what is right as a Jedi as the film goes on! When it comes to the actual 'turning sequence itself' he's actually in the right as far as what he is calling for to happen, it is Mace Windu who is the one justifying murder. In the end he only dissarms Windu (literally), it is the emperor who kills him and then afterwards he pledges his allegiance to the ultimate antithesis of what he and the Jedi stand for? Please....
Looking at the arc of the story over the entire 3 films it's amazing that the same single writer can allow himself (or indeed BE allowed) to be the creator of so many of his own problems! With an entire universe to choose from he seems almost determined to right himself into a corner by creating multiple connections between characters and places from both trilogies that just don't need to be there and just create greater inplausability,
C3PO created by the boy whow would become Vader, R2 Being HIS droid? Okay so 3PO's memory was wiped, but what about Vader's? Funny how, even though they bump into eachother in the original trilogy Vader does not seem to be any the wiser. Not to mention the fact that R2's memory is not wiped at all, so how come he never brings it up?
Hiding the son and the arch enemy on Vader's home planet? How on earth would that EVER be a good or even plausable idea?
I could go on, but I won't.
For these to have been the films that they could and should have been, what needed to happen was for George to write the broad plot, for someone else to then flesh it out with details and a decent script and for someone other than George to direct it.
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Spider-Man: Birth of Venom (Graphic Novel)
Spider-Man: Birth of Venom (Graphic Novel)
by Mike Zeck
Edition: Paperback
Price: £22.50

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3.0 out of 5 stars Nature of the beast, 11 Aug. 2007
The whole alien costume thing ran over a span of a good few years and therefore a good fiew issues and so it was inevitable that a telling of the storey that was going to be reasonably compact was going to be unsatisfying to a degree.
Don't get me wrong, it does what it says on the tin and, to be fair, you get more that I perhaps originally anticipated, but I guess it's how it's all brought together that means that the whole is not really the some of it's parts.
For instance, you get reprints of entire issues that involve a Spidey-Hobgoblin-Jack o Lanturn arc that just finishes because, I imagine, the latter parts have no connection to the alien costune saga. However, the inclusion of the issues of this arc that are reprinted here seem soley based on the fact that Spidey is wearing the alien costume. Apart from the odd panel where Peter comments on how tired he's feeling and how weird the properties of the costume are - that's it. Also there's the fact that Spidey gets rid of the Symbiote, puts on the old red and blues, and then we find that a bit later, he's back in a 'normal' version of the black costume without that decision ever being shown or explained.
So, it feels like the inclusion criteria are a bit unevenly administered and having pages or a couple of pages from issues here and there out of context does spoil it a bit - but most of the full issues that are included are great.

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