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Rear Window [DVD] [1954]
Rear Window [DVD] [1954]
Dvd ~ James Stewart
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5.0 out of 5 stars Hitchcock's true "Masterpiece", 6 Dec 2004
This review is from: Rear Window [DVD] [1954] (DVD)
Where can one begin to sing the praises of Rear Window? Is it the two leading performances (James Stewart & Grace Kelly)?, the wonderfully absorbing narrative? or the immensly claustrophobic cinematography?
Answer: all of the above. very rarley there appears a film which manages to encapsulate every ingrediant required to culminate into a top rate suspense thriller. Rear Window is the king of kings in suspense with a little romance and humour thrown in.
Rear Window was the second of four collaberations between Alfred Hitchcock and james Stewart and in my opnion is the best. the gratitude that Stewart shows is reflected in his portrayl of the no nonsense snapper who, despite dominatating the picture, you never tire of the sight of Stewart in his blue PJ's peering out over the courtyard at the array of characters the director treats us with.
The film centres around travelling photographer L.B. Jeffries (Jeff) played by James Stewart, who as a result of an accident, is temporarely confined to a wheel chair with a broken leg and in order to stave off immense boredom, peers nonchallantly into the windows of his Greenwich village neighbours apartments. What he sees to be innocent, slightly eccentric characters ('miss hearing-aid') there is one apartment which holds a suspicious fascination for Jeff and that is of salesman 'Lars Thorwald (played brilliantly by Raymond Burr with a frightening and both pathetic and desperate angle.)
his determination to prove that Thorwald murdered his disabled wife despite objections from his detective friend (Wendell Corey) is intertwined with an array of interesting and spectacularly original characters such as the afore mention Grace Kelly as Jeff's socialite girlfriend 'Lisa Freeemont', whose passion for Jeff is only matched by his apprehension and the doubts about the relationship and it's uncertain future. The insurance nurse with the sharpest tongue in fifties cinema played by Thelma Ritter who seems to share the directors thirst for the macabre.
All this ends in one of the most nail-biting endings Hitchcock has ever created in use of lighting and montage in his piecing together of the scene.
There seems to be numerous sub-texts which appear in the film, (the nieghbours dilemma's seem to outline the possible outcomes of Jeff's relationship with Lisa). However, put aside the ins and outs of Hitchcocks mind because you will only scratch the surface, and instead marvel at the sheer brilliant cinema at which every shot portrays from the 'jazzy' opening credits to the delightful closing offering.
Purchase, watch and enjoy again and again and again.............

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