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Bolle Mojo Goggle with Citrus Lens - Black, Medium
Bolle Mojo Goggle with Citrus Lens - Black, Medium
Offered by Surfanic
Price: £19.89

14 of 15 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Perform well for winter mountaineering, 20 Jan. 2014
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This review is from: Bolle Mojo Ski Goggles (Sports)
These are my first goggles, bought for Scottish winter hillwalking as an essential to protect my eyes when it's a blizzard / heavy hail / biting rain, but also in a white-out to help me distinguish the horizon and any dips / ridges in the terrain. I think (without experience of other goggles) that they're about as good as it gets. I bought Bolle because my lab glasses (Chemistry) are also this make, and the company seem to be of a very high standard in research and manufacturing.

They definitely protect my face very well in extreme weather, allowing me to see pretty well & not get frozen-up eyelids! They fit my face very well, and are also relatively comfortable due to nice soft foam around the whole face-fitting bit. They don't feel as comfortable as not wearing any goggles at all, but I don't think any goggles would! When I'm exerting a lot of energy and breathing hard I can feel the goggles around the top of my nose, and it feels a wee bit restrictive - possibly I could get a better fit, but to be honest I think to get a good fit around the face they probably need to be like this, it's not so bad that I don't want to put them on, in fact it's a relief to put them on in bad weather, a bit like a tent for your eyes!

Again when I'm exerting a lot of energy and also have a scarf around my lower face, they do seem to steam up a wee bit, however this quickly clears - I think it's because the scarf kind of directs the warm & damp air I'm breathing out directly up into the goggles, so I have to get a balance between protecting my lower face and being able to see well. I do think this happens with the best of goggles - I researched these well before I bought them, and not only are they double-lensed (which massively reduces steam-up / condensation), but they also have a hydrophobic coating (which does a similar job to DWR - any water coming into contact with the lens balls up & rolls off). Any steam-up which I have been affected by has not lasted long, I adjust them & my scarf a wee bit & it clears away quickly. The seal in between the two lenses is extremely well-made, there has never been any moisture between the two lenses, that would be a lot more serious!

I chose this colour lens (citrus) over a clear lens (which my partner has in the same goggles) because I had read that a coloured lens actually enables you to see more definition. In other words, in a white-out, the naked eye is not able to make out the horizon or any variation in the terrain.. a coloured lens forces the brain into black&white vision (apparently) which has a higher ability to see contrast - in this way where my partner cannot see anything (in his clear lenses) I can often just make out a ridge, a dip, the horizon, etc. This aspect has been extremely useful to me on many occasions now. The downside of any coloured lens is that because it filters out some of the light (which is what makes it useful in seeing contrast), it does restrict what I can see by headtorch coming off the hills in the dark. I can still see, and if there is extreme weather blowing about & it's dark, I do still use my goggles, however my partner in his clear lenses can definitely see better. It's a weigh-up which, for me, was easily won by the fact that I do a lot more walking in the daytime than the night! Although I do get caught out and need to descend in the dark sometimes, or I'm on a long day which makes a bit of night-time walking inevitable, it's more often that I'm in a white-out and need to gain some perspective on the terrain. That is really important to me, but it's a personal choice / balance to make. I've also found that the coloured lens really helps me to feel less disorientated in a white-out, simply because it's not all bright white / grey anymore (it's orange instead, with a wee bit of variation!).

Enough about lenses! The goggles are very light, seem extremely well-made, and durable. I am really very clumsy and I haven't scratched or broken them yet, that's really quite good for me!! The strap round the head is nice & wide which is comfortable, it's adjustable which is good for a comfortable fit (which is actually quite important because goggles which are too tight really make your head hurt!) There are multiple venting points in the foam, allowing any moisture to escape - as explained previously, this does do the job as well as it can be done. They also come with a wee soft bag which is good for storage to protect them against other stuff in my bag, and is also the perfect fabric for wiping fingerprints etc. off them.

All in all I'm really pleased with them and would recommend to winter hillwalkers as well as skiers / other goggle users. For the price I think they're amazing. Any goggle buyer should do their research, however. before purchasing any goggle because different lenses and different shapes do significantly different things & will suit different needs. The Bolle websites are a great place to start, explaining everything about everything as far as I can see!
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Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Super Light Pack Cover - Grey, Small/30-50 Litres
Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Super Light Pack Cover - Grey, Small/30-50 Litres
Price: £20.90

2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Extremely waterproof, very durable, amazing fit (&actually stays on!!), 20 Jan. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I've never had a sack-cover before, mainly because my experience of others' raincovers was that they looked pretty flimsy & useless, flew off the bag in high wind (still attached on parts but not actually stopping the rain / hail / snow covering everything!), and didn't actually seem to be particularly waterproof anyway! However, I started venturing into winter mountaineering, in which conditions being wet-through, or having your extra layer being wet-through, could easily be the difference between hypothermia or not! So I started looking into waterproofing options, I thought about drybags keeping the stuff inside the bag dry, but it didn't seem to be so practical in terms of having a heavy leaky wet rucksack lurking on your back.. so I researched raincover options & went for this.. (I do still use a small drybag inside my rucksack for valuables - headtorch, phone, etc., however since I've used this cover I don't think I actually need to at all anymore - no moisture has ever made it through - I guess it's a back-up habit.)

Basically it does actually do what it say it should do! It is actually 100% waterproof, and it is extremely durable in comparison to any I've come across before. This is due to (and this is what makes it entirely different to other raincovers) the fabric it's made of; 'Ultra-Sil' is cordura (a very strong rip-stop material) which has NOT been coated with PU or some other waterproofing, but instead is siliconised, meaning the silicon (which is hydrophobic) is completely embedded into the fabric. This means that it cannot be scratched / worn / weathered off. That sounds heavy.. but it's actually lighter than coated nylon (which is often used for other raincovers).

Apart from the extremely good fabric, it's also a fantastic fit. It has a strap which fits through the back of your pack (where the shoulder straps are) which is easily undone when you want to remove it, but makes the cover totally stay put, even in extreme weather. The elastic around the edge is much more elasticated than any other I have seen - basically this means that it comes a lot further around your pack than most raincovers, which makes it hugely more weatherproof due to a better fit. Note that this 'better fit' seems to be for all different rucksacks - I bought it for my winter hillwalking 42L 'tall & thin'-style rucksack, which it fits extremely well.. however when I discovered it worked so well I tried it out on my more casual walking rucksack which is 30L and 'short & fat'-style, which it also fits & covers perfectly. On both these completely different size/shape sacks, the same great fit & elastic bit coming much further round the back, very pleased!

I was a bit confused about a small hole (manufactured not damage) which comes near the base of your pack when it is fitted! It is definitely meant to be there, it is made with an eyelet & is covered with a fine gauze. It's only small, say 8mm wide tops, but I kind of thought, 'hmm, is this going to let water in, surely this defeats the object?!') Actually it doesn't seem to at all, and I guess it must be there for 'breathability' (in the loosest sense of the word) - i.e. if some water does enter the area between your rucksack and the pack cover (I can't to be honest see how) then it could run / evaporate out of this wee hole! So I guess it's probably pretty useful. Maybe it also keeps the temperature in that area the same as the outside air temperature, discouraging condensation.

I actually sit on my rucksack quite frequently, especially in winter when sitting directly on the snow up the top of a munro totally sucks any warmth right out of you. When this is attached to my sack, I sit on it with the raincover directly on the snow & me covering the part that wants to stay dry as it's next to my back when on. It's a great way of insulating myself against the ground whilst still being able to take a well-earned rest during difficult climbing. I've found that it doesn't rip / stretch / graze / tear or even look like it's had any wear afterwards, and it still maintains it's waterproofness, even the wee hole doesn't seem to let moisture in, so my back stays dry & my bum stays warm - great! I think that's a pretty good test for durability. It's now been used on at least a dozen extreme-weather walks & still looks and behaves as new.

Oh, it also fits into it's tiny stuff sack easily, it doesn't need to be folded right or anything, it's not difficult to put away at all (or get out in a hurry) and is easy to have handy for unexpected rain/ snow because it's about the same size as my closed fist.

In summary, I am extremely impressed with this raincover, and would recommend to anyone to be honest, from those taking the dog out for a wee walk in the rain (who also have a rucksack..), to munro walkers in all seasons, to those undertaking multi-day hikes with bivouac stops in extreme weather.. or even kayakers. I really think this cover will cope with anything you can throw at it, and more. The price is astonishing for this level of flexibility & usefulness!!

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4.0 out of 5 stars Amazing vape, pretty leaky!, 20 Jan. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I would totally recommend these tops (I have been a previous user of GSH2's) as they really give fantastic 'smoke' - always! I've had mine for a few weeks now &although it isn't quite as highly used as my GSH2's (you'll see why shortly..) it always without fail gives me a very satisfying 'smoke' - lots of crackle, no bubbling (when it's clean), lots of smoke & lots of flavour. I would definitely give this a five, except for the fact that it leaks interminably!!

The first time I used it, it was in use for a few hours before I found all the juice over my hands.. this is a recurring incident.. basically to keep this baby happy I have to ALWAYS keep it completely upright (apart from when refilling, in which case I hold the top of it upside down in a wad of tissue, try & fill quickly, & wipe over once finished) & also keep it clean. Apart from a bit of leakage on refilling, if it has a major leak any other time (average once every one/two days) then it needs a total clean out (wash, wipe, blow, etc.).. The other thing to do is to always ONLY fill it half-way. If the juice level gets anywhere near the top of the inside tube (and I mean anywhere near), this also causes major leakage & bubbling.

You might think this doesn't sound too great!! However I keep coming back to this cartomiser as it seems to be SO much more long-lasting (in terms of 'smoke' production) than any other top I've tried & if another of mine is just not satisfying me, I know I can always turn to Mr.Leaky for a 'thank **** for that!' moment.
I do not use this all the time, mainly because I'm extremely talented at not being very careful, but for use inside the house when it's easy enough to keep it upright, it wins every time. NB: Note that there are some superficial cracks in the plastic part of the casing, some were there when I bought it, some have appeared / spread further.. I don't know if these contribute towards the leaking problem, however as I said it has leaked since it was delivered, so either it was already damaged, or this type of cartomiser is just not very well sealed (as I have read on similar forums / reviews).

In summary: when it's not leaking, it's amazing! However when it leaks, just clean it out. I will be ordering a couple more simply because they're great to fall back on when I've trashed my others. It also looks really smart in silver (chrome), which would be more important to some than others.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic - revived much-loved shoes!, 12 July 2013
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I Love Woly shoe cream, having only recently discovered it when I brought out my favourite yellow shoes to wear to my brother's wedding, & discovered they weren't so yellow anymore! Bought it in yellow & discovered that they were totally renewed - in colour and in softness - by using this! I was expecting to have to give them a few coats, or even that maybe it wouldn't work & I'd need to buy leather dye, however one fairly thin coating gave them a whole new lease of life! Showed my mother (who is a self-confessed shoe purchasing addict!) & bought her this fuchsia cream - miraculously it stopped her throwing out another pair of favourite shoes & simply renewing the colour instead! (Thankfully, as she really doesn't need to be replacing any more shoes!!) This is fantastic stuff & I wouldn't hesitate to buy it again.

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5.0 out of 5 stars long-lasting & still gorgeous & comfy!, 12 July 2013
I bought these adorable shoes at least a year ago, and have worn them pretty much every day since (apart from in the snow..)! They have always been, and still are, ridiculously comfy, although I do remember that they took a couple of days to 'break in' - the good quality leather cut a wee bit into my ankles at the back when I very first wore them. I'm very happy to have to break in a decent and durable pair of shoes by wearing a plaster for a couple of days! I do recommend looking after them, like any pair of leather shoes they need polishing or waxing every once in a while just to keep the leather from drying out and to maximise waterproofing. All in all I'm really really pleased, its been a while since I found a pair of shoes that I liked AND were comfy, so the fact that they've lasted me so well & still have lots of life left is the icing on the cake!! Because I do a LOT of walking, the soles have now started wearing down but I'm intending on taking them to the cobblers for resoling, and to be honest I would expect this wear&tear from any well-made shoes. Soooo glad they say they're continuing them, might save up for another pair in a different colour, the green ones look ace :)

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