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Turk Thrust (London, England)

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Stop Us If You've Heard This O
Stop Us If You've Heard This O
Offered by skyvo-direct
Price: £9.22

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4.0 out of 5 stars Solid covers album from stable new line-up, 7 Dec. 2008
After years of drugs and line-up changes overshadowing the always excellent music, The Wildhearts seem (for now...) to have finally settled on a stable line-up, so they follow up on 2007's mighty self-titled return to form with this collection of covers which showcases just how tight the new line-up are. I was only familiar with one of these songs already, so kind of like an album of new material for me, and the playing is great on every song. Every member of the band also gets a turn at lead vocals as well, which is good. An excellent stopgap release until the next album proper, and a great introduction to some obscure bands that you might not know as well.


4.0 out of 5 stars Really strong quirky rock record, 25 Nov. 2008
This review is from: FLASHY (Audio CD)
I've only previously heard the hits these guys had in 2003, and I just checked out this record because it was on Ginger of the Wildhearts' Round Records label.

It's really enjoyable quirky alternative rock music. Reminds me a bit of Rocket from the Crypt in places, which is no bad thing. Came as a pleasant surpise when I'd though of them before as something of a novelty act.

Overall a quality album and strongly recommended.

Ultra Beatdown
Ultra Beatdown
Offered by skyvo-direct
Price: £7.20

4.0 out of 5 stars Ridiculous but I love it, 25 Nov. 2008
This review is from: Ultra Beatdown (Audio CD)
Saw these guys live in October, and I was hugely impressed. They played the London Astoria like it was Wembley Stadium, with huge great ramps and cameras doing close-ups on the guitar solos.

If you haven't come across these guys on Guitar Hero as yet they are the masters of anthemic power metal, with absurdly fast duelling guitars, choruses made from 100% pure cheese, and a keyboard player with one of these keytars like Jean Michel Jarre used to play for his solos. This record and all of their others sound like they should have been release in about 1984 but I find it seriously heartwarming that people still make music like this. In an age when most modern metal if angst ridden misery, this is all about fun, and that's got to be a good thing.

Black Ice
Black Ice
Price: £5.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Business As Usual, 25 Nov. 2008
This review is from: Black Ice (Audio CD)
There are few things in life more reliable than an AC/DC album, and in troubled times such as these it's a very reassuring thing to have a new one. The mid-tempo plodding drums, bluesy riffs and squawking vocals are all present and correct.

AC/DC haven't changed their formula since 1974, and while there's one tune here that almost threatens to be a ballad for about two minutes before seeing sense and rocking, that doesn't change on Black Ice. Brian Johnson sounds the best he's been since Back In Black (or actually possibly ever) and the songwriting has raised its game from the last couple of disappointing efforts, but it's basically just a new AC/DC album delivering exactly what you'd expect of it.

Personally I wouldn't have it any other way - welcome back boys we've missed you.

Rock N Roll Jesus
Rock N Roll Jesus
Offered by Bridge_Records
Price: £3.94

4.0 out of 5 stars Great Southern Rock'n'Soul, 25 Nov. 2008
This review is from: Rock N Roll Jesus (Audio CD)
Got this record after loving 'All Summer Long' and I was not disappointed.

This record follows on from 2003's fantastic self titled album and serves up some great Southern rock and soul music which has more in common with someone like The Black Crowes than his earlier rap metal output. There still some rap metal machismo on the likes of 'So Hott' and 'Sugar', but the rest of it is soulful and uplifting. Great summer music from an artist who is shockingly underrated in the UK.

We Rock Sweet Balls & Can Do No Wrong
We Rock Sweet Balls & Can Do No Wrong

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4.0 out of 5 stars Disco metal treat!, 25 Nov. 2008
I came across these guys as this is out on Ginger of the Wildhearts Round Records Label, and I have to say I love it.

It pretty much does what it says on the tin - it's a metal tribute to the Bee Gees. If you've ever wondered what the brothers Gibb's back catalogue would sound like in a hair metal style not unlike The Darkness, then this is the record for you!

They are mostly straight falsetto-tastic covers with added guitar solos, but there are a few nice little touches here and there. 'Too Much Heaven' has a bit of Led Zeppelin's 'Kashmir' thrown in, and Black Sabbath's 'Iron Man' gets a look in too. Best of all though is a bizarre Spinal Tap-esque spoken word interlude in the middle of 'You Should Be Dancing'.

You probably don't realise you need this record in your life but you really do. Can't wait to see them supporting the Wildhearts in Hammersmith next month!
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Death Magnetic Limited Edition
Death Magnetic Limited Edition
Price: £11.55

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5.0 out of 5 stars The Kings Of Metal Are Back, 25 Nov. 2008
This was probably Metallica's last chance to make a record that would hang to the fanatical loyalty of their dwindling fanbase. Their 1990s output, while for the most part pretty good, took them in a direction that your average headbanger didn't want to go in, and 2003's disastrous St Anger and the accompanying documentary Some Kind of Monster should by rights have been the end.

This is Metallica though and they're not going down without a fight. Death Magnetic has got the thrash riffs and long complex song structures of their beloved first four albums, the melodic sensibility and songwriting nous of the Load era, and with the exception of the mastering being a little loud it's been properly produced.

Job done - the kings of metal have resumed their throne.

Do Or Die
Do Or Die
Price: £12.92

5.0 out of 5 stars Debut of the Year, 25 Nov. 2008
This review is from: Do Or Die (Audio CD)
I've seen these guys live a few times this year, so had very high hopes for their debut album and I wasn't disappointed. It's energetic punky pop rock, but with some nice little unexpected flourishes like a horn section in there every now and again. Catchy melodies, great lyrics, and their leader Chris Catalyst is an extremely nice man. Strongly recommended.

Chinese Democracy
Chinese Democracy
Offered by Leisurezone
Price: £2.96

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4.0 out of 5 stars This is the year when anything is possible, 25 Nov. 2008
This review is from: Chinese Democracy (Audio CD)
The USA has a black president and Chinese Democracy has actually been released - this suddenly feels like a year when anything is possible!

Perhaps the biggest shock of all with regard to this much delayed release from Guns'n'Roses is that it's actually quite good. It's not 15 years worth of good, but then to be fair nothing could be, but if you listen without that weight of expectation then you may well find plenty to enjoy.

The biggest bugbear that anyone will have with this new incarnation of GNR is the absence of most of the band, and in particular Slash, and this does possibly highlight the record's biggest problem. In what seems like over-compensation for his former wingman's absence, Rose has seemingly spent much of the last 15 years drafting in as many expert shredders as he can find to show how much better they can play than Slash. If you like guitar solos, then you'll love this album, but be warned there a lot.

Rose's voice doesn't sound great all the time, but then it never did. Put simply, if you're after something like Appetite for Destruction and you found Use Your Illusion a disappointment, then this is best avoided, but if you enjoyed the more theatrical moments on UYI (such as Estranged and November Rain) then you may well love this record - you'll just have to do your best to forget the last 15 years of press coverage and come to it fresh.
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Market Harbour
Market Harbour
Offered by skyvo-direct
Price: £9.30

5.0 out of 5 stars A Masterpiece From England's Finest Songwriter, 25 Nov. 2008
This review is from: Market Harbour (Audio CD)
I've been following Ginger's career since Earth vs The Wildhearts first exploded on to an unsuspecting public back in 1993. For those in the know he has always widely been acknowledged as one of the finest songwriters in the UK, but his admirable refusal to play the record industry game has ensured that he has never reached the wider audience that he undoubtedly deserves. The Wildhearts have made some very fine rock music, but it is his solo records of recent years which have really seen him make the sort of artistic statements that will stand the test of time. 2006's 'Valor Del Corazon' was an angry, heartbreaking and uplifting journey through despair at the break up of a relationship and the refusal to be crushed by it, and 2007's 'Yoni' followed this up with renewed hope and enjoyment of life.

'Market Harbour' sees Ginger being the most musically adventurous that he has been since 1999's Clam Abuse record. Where that album was spontaneous messing around however, this is a lovingly constructed symphony, where each song flows into the next to creat a whole that is definitely more than the sum of its parts. It defies any attempt to categorise its genre, taking in Ginger's trademark anthemic rock alongside country, folk, hip hop, a novelty dance track featuring his children on vocals which anyone I've played it to feels sure would be a hit, and many other styles too diverse to mention.

If you're new to Ginger's work, I don't know if this would be the best place to start - maybe try Yoni, or one of The Wildhearts' records. But if you're already a fan and by any chance you don't have this yet, then buy it immediately - it may just be his masterpiece.

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