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Professional Embedded Arm Development (Wrox: Programmer to Programmer)
Professional Embedded Arm Development (Wrox: Programmer to Programmer)
by James A. Langbridge
Edition: Paperback
Price: £17.62

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4.0 out of 5 stars Great text - only needs some more editorial reviewing, 19 May 2014
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Having worked in the semiconductors industry for a few years, I keep an eye on new publications on relevant subjects.

My overall feedback about this book is very positive - though I have to mention that I am not a newbie on the subject.
ARM is my main line of work and I am also certified as an AAE [...] The book covers some advanced subjects very briefly early on and so it may not be the most suitable resource if you have little experience of system programming.

I picked this book because it looked like a well structured and up-to-date general overview of the ARM technology - for example it has a chapter dedicated to the ARM NEON IP which is an essential subject for doing DSP on ARM processors and which has seen an increasing importance in the past few years.

The chapters are fairly complete in terms of covering different subjects but they also do have some room for including some more recent works - for example there is mention of the ARMv8 architecture but not as much as I would have liked to see, or in the case of the chapter on NEON, there is no mention of the NE10 open source library.

The first negative point for the book would be the that there are noticeable spelling or wording errors throughout the book. In addition, some of the generalised statements which were indeed correct before the introduction of the ARMv8 architecture are no longer correct - for example some of the features that the author has claimed to be optional ARM core features are no longer optional and are mandatory in the ARMv8 architecture.

I would recommend the book to other relatively experienced professionals working in the software or hardware industry - this is a good overview - and so 4/5.

HDE Mini USB 2.0 26-in-1 Universal All-In-One High Speed Flash Memory Card Reader (Black)
HDE Mini USB 2.0 26-in-1 Universal All-In-One High Speed Flash Memory Card Reader (Black)
Offered by HDE
Price: £1.59

1.0 out of 5 stars Doesn't read cards!! Either read-only or nothing., 20 May 2013
This card reader is absolutely unreliable. Where other types can read, write, and show many different cards and formats (with different file formats), this one either shows the disks as read-only devices!! or doesn't show partitions at all!!

Do NOT waste money on this.

OpenGL 4.0 Shading Language Cookbook
OpenGL 4.0 Shading Language Cookbook
by David Wolff
Edition: Paperback
Price: £30.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Best buy to learn and keep up to date with the OpenGL technology, 13 Oct 2011
I started reading this book last week. Here is what I have to say:

This is a great book. It splits the text into small manageable sections so the reader can "see" how much progress they are making more often. You won't fall asleep reading long sections or chapters that never end!
It starts at the core subject of Shaders right from the beginning without wasting time. It is focused on OpenGL version 4.0 however it compares different versions as part of the text which I found very useful as I hadn't been keeping up to date with every latest OpenGL advancement since version 2.1 was published.
It includes "simple" diagrams to visualise the theory and ideas without making things look over complicated.
The advantage of this Cookbook also is that it gets you straight into practical programming recipes for the most important aspect of today's state of the art graphics programming, - Shaders; it does not waste your time on useless theories or math that you will never need.
The book tells you a bit of what you need to know about the design aspects of OpenGL or its theory followed immediately by a "HOW TO DO IT..." section which includes "only the important parts of the code" relating to the section; it does not get the reader lost in 100's of lines of code that have nothing to do with the section - unlike some textbooks that include all the useless bits and only print the most important parts in bold or some that just tell you the math.
The code is always explained in detail and it is not up to the reader to find out what a particular parameter means.

Besides the text, in my opinion this author is a real teacher. He knows all the different options, explains them to you, and does bother choosing the right one for his purposes by telling you why - he does not leave you confused if you have a bit of background in OpenGL. However he is very carful not get involved with what's not the focus of his book. It is like saying if you want to know more about that side topic this is not the time and place, please go find some other text and let us focus on what matters to us here.

For the first time I can update my knowledge by reading a single reference instead of using 4 different textbooks!

Beginning Directx 11 Game Programming
Beginning Directx 11 Game Programming
by Wendy Jones
Edition: Paperback
Price: £21.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Finally, a very good book on DirectX, 15 July 2011
This is a very concise overview (as well as introduction) to DirectX. It doesn't only cover the latest version 11, but also compares the new features with previous version of DirectX too - which I find very useful as I have not been keeping up with the latest DirectX technologies for a while a reminder here and there comes in very handy.

It's not too big, it doesn't focus on the same component for too long (though, D3D is always the major topic in any such book), and the text is clear.

What I also like about the book is that the authors dive into the topic without too much extra history/story that we can find plenty of on the internet and/or other books.

If you are new to DirectX or haven't done it for a long time then this is the best [re]start.

Modern Compiler Design (Worldwide Series in Computer Science)
Modern Compiler Design (Worldwide Series in Computer Science)
by D. Grune
Edition: Paperback

5.0 out of 5 stars Complete book - how about beginners ?, 11 Sep 2007
Among all the others I chose this one for it covers most of the important topics and doesn't waste time discussing old methods.

I am an experienced programmer but never studied compilers before this book so because it's a relatively advanced book I had to read the first 2 chapters 3 times :D together with "The Definitive ANTLR Reference" and the "Flexible Pattern Matching in Strings". But now that I know the basics this book serves really well and I enjoy reading it too.

So it's good to try the other books for a more practical experience as well.

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