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Samsung UE40EH5300 40-inch Full HD 1080p Smart LED TV, Wi-Fi Ready (Old model)
Samsung UE40EH5300 40-inch Full HD 1080p Smart LED TV, Wi-Fi Ready (Old model)

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5.0 out of 5 stars A great TV, 25 Oct. 2012
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I bought this to treat myself to a TV in my bedroom and wanted to watch Netflix / Lovefilm etc directly off the TV rather than having a separate box like an xbox etc.

The TV is a doddle to setup and use. I connect mine via network cable direct to my router - there is no wireless capability by default but you can buy an additional card however streaming media over wireless is not recommended (my personal view that is).

Once connected to the net, the TV updated itself and I was presented with all the apps BBC iplayer, lovefilm, netflix etc and these all work flawlessly. The other great feature with this TV is that its picks up my network hard drive (NAS) which is running Twonky media server and I can play items off of this drive using the built in Samsung share. This is a great feature that it is a DLNA player. Media support is extensive also.

The picture quality is great and even better once you tweak the settings our of their default. Watching Nat Geo HD on this tv is as sharp and crisp as you would expect and colours are deep.

I also like the fact I can control the TV using an app from the Android market. I am not an apple owner but I am sure there is the equivalent on the itunes store.

Overall a great TV for the price. I liked this TV so much I recommended that my friend get one as well.

Wireless Bluetooth PS3 & PS Vita Gaming Headset for Playstation 3/ Vita On-Line Gaming
Wireless Bluetooth PS3 & PS Vita Gaming Headset for Playstation 3/ Vita On-Line Gaming

5.0 out of 5 stars A good headset for not very much, 25 Oct. 2012
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I was looking for a bluetooth headset that was not inner ear as I found these irritated me and left me with a sore ear at the end of the day so this find was a god send.

For the price, the build quality is fine, setup is nice and easy and is the standard bluetooth fare - hold down the power button until it flashes red / blue and then synch it with your phone.

The mike is flexible and the headset adjustable and sound quality is fine.

Overall a great little product for the price.

Neato Robotics XV-25 Pet and Allergy Vacuum
Neato Robotics XV-25 Pet and Allergy Vacuum

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5.0 out of 5 stars A perfect companion for my flat, 25 Oct. 2012
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After previously owning a cheap chinese knock off of a rommba a few years back I was hooked on the little helpers. When I saw the reviews around the web for the XV-25 I decided to take the plunge.


Easy as pie. unpackage the bot, plug in the charger station and place it against a wall and place the hoover up against it to begin charging. Once it has enough power you can setup the scheduling if needed and again this is a doddle. Firstly set the clock then select the days you want it to clean and the time.

First run:

I had actually forgot I had set it up to clean at 3pm and suddenly heard the sound of it moving off its charger and start its suction motor. It starts with a very satisfying sound, a bit like a jet engine but other people have said it is loud but I do not find it that loud to be honest. Even my puppy ignores it after a quick sniff :) I had initially cleaned up a bit to "robot proof" the flat, more from past experience with the cheap chinese version which did not have any means of disentanglement logic but I had tidied up a few cables here and there.

Once the hoover starts going it is a great time waster watching it map out your rooms. I was impressed that it managed to clean a deep pile rug I have but I did notice that battery life suffered because if it so I have now marked the rug with the supplied magnetic strip so "rosey" (you will end up naming yours!!) does not go across it.

It took another charge to fully complete my flat and was all done in around 2 1/2 hours or so.

Cleaning ability:

My main problem in my flat is I have light coloured carpets and I walk around in black socks which generally leaves little black bits of fluff everywhere and the robot picks these up with no problem. The robot seemed to cope extremely well with all surfaces but it looked like it had a fight with my bathroom rug as it was scrunched up in the corner! Obviously the disentanglement logic worked admirably or it just did not like my choice of bathroom rug :)

Overall, I was very impressed with its cleaning ability and the amount it picked up. Remember to empty the bin after each run as it will almost certainly be full. I never thought my carpets were that dirty :)

The path finding while not perfect - it still taps into some objects - is miles better than the Roomba way of bang into everything. Its almost human in the way it finds its way around and quite a feat of engineering to get it to do this. I have found it stopped a couple of times asking me to clear its path but there was nothing in the way but if thats all it does then I am a happy bunny.


The robot performs brilliantly in scheduling mode, setting off on the right time and going about its cleaning and returning to the station to charge if needed before resuming its cleaning from the point it needed to charge. This is a very neat feature.


This will not replace your main hoover but it will certainly cut down the amount of times you get it out of the cupboard. It brings a smile to my face each time I come in and find the flat looking nice and clean and even better knowing I did nothing :)

If you were like me and was wavering on buying one of these or juggling between this and a roomba then this wins hands down for me. Whilst these are expensive, it is a great companion in todays hectic world and leaves you time to do other things. Definitely recommended.

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