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5.0 out of 5 stars These really work!, 4 Aug. 2013
I have been taking two of these 200mg capsules daily (one after waking and one before sleeping) and I have to say they are INCREDIBLE.
I previously ran out of a bottle and only after I ran out of the first bottle and noticed my moods begin to change for the worst did I notice the profound effect these capsules had on my moods!

Since taking two of these days I am calm, relaxed and well energised to accomplish all my daily tasks. I am motivated and I have so much patience. I am really energetic and up-and-about.

Before I started taking these I was previously taking Citalopram, a prescription anti-depressant and it just made me gain loads of weight and practically turned me into a zombie.

On 5HTP, I eat very healthy food but only when I am hungry, I have better concentration and focus, I work harder, I get stressed, I still get sad but I cope and deal with my emotions much easier and I have the strength to feel all my emotions. Before taking Citalopram when I got upset I would feel suicidal and while Citalopram prevented me from feeling suicidal it made me overeat and I had a compelling lust for alcohol!
Since taking 5HTP I don't overeat, I exercise and workout and I certainly don't feel suicidal but I can deal with my feelings properly.

These aren't magic but they're absolutely life-changing in how much of a better person I have become since taking these. Couldn't recommend enough!

Offered by Speedy Wonder
Price: £9.99

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1.0 out of 5 stars What an absolute abomination to the Human interpretation of music., 11 July 2013
This review is from: MDNA (Audio CD)
Madonna's new album makes rubbing your shoes against Lamp posts sound like beautiful music. I would rather eat snake vomit that listen to this old bag. Her old recycled beats sound like they were Britney's FF B-sides which her label passed on to Madonna through pity.
Get this old timer off the airwaves once and for all. Her and Kylie need trapped in a mine cavern for ten years then they should be released to see what they really look like without they're Botox and plastic surgery. CRETINS!
Absolute ear rape! They want put in jail for 20 years, for the crimes they have committed on people's ears for the past 25+ years.
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You Can Be Thin: The Ultimate Programme to End Dieting...Forever
You Can Be Thin: The Ultimate Programme to End Dieting...Forever
by Marisa Peer
Edition: Paperback

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5.0 out of 5 stars Absolutely fantastic! Best book I've ever read in my life!, 5 July 2013
Can't explain how amazing this book is! I read this book fully two and half years ago and I listened to the Hypnosis tape every night for three weeks and I have effortlessly stayed slim ever since!
I haven't eaten any Bovine Dairy, bread, starchy foods, processed food, fast food or junk food for at least 2 years (NO LIE). I don't crave any of it anymore, I don't miss at all.

I'm not even disgusted by any of it, there's just total indifference. I trained as a Chef last year and I was preparing deserts, pastries, high-fat breakfasts and mains, etc. and while all my College group would pick at and eat all the excess food I NEVER once are any of it!

There wasn't any temptation. I just didn't want to eat any of it! That's how amazingly powerful the methods in this book are!
I crave raspberries, Sheep's yoghurt and cashews the same way I used to crave crisps, chocolate and fast food and I treat myself to the odd fruit and nut bar as a snack.

I LOVE fruit, I genuinely crave and I even see it as a huge treat. I eat loads of protein and I used to HATE eggs with an UTTER passion before I read this book and I now I absolutely LOVE them! I eat them every morning and I drink black coffee regularly and I also drink lots of green tea.
Just BUY this book. The world would be a better place if everyone in it just read this book. Every single paragraph has so much meaning and is significant.

There's no hard work involved. There's no pain. It's just the TRUTH and nothing but the truth but Marisa is sympathetic, caring and relatable with her words.

I also read her book Ultimate Confidence and that too is a fantastic book. It's totally changed my personality and my entire life! Absolutely amazing book and has changed my life so much. Thank you so much Marisa Peer, a truly amazing gifted woman.

Femme Fatale
Femme Fatale
Price: £6.00

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3.0 out of 5 stars One of the poorest Britney Spears albums ever!, 28 Jun. 2013
This review is from: Femme Fatale (Audio CD)
This was Britney's 2011 album and her transcendence to dub-step. Collaborating with and even Kesha's team makes this very different to any album Britney has released before.
But is this a good thing? Absolutely NOT in my opinion! There's nothing wrong with a bit of diversity as all artists need to grow , but the poor lyrics, forgettable generic beats and filler make this an overall poor inferior album compared to her earlier ones.
Her weakest album since at least her third album in my opinion.
Let's do a track-to-track analysis:

1. "Hold It Against Me"- By far the best song on the album and that may sound kinda disappointing since it was the first single. Such a fast, vigorous beat. Amazing to workout to. Really makes you want to get up and move and in the video she looks stunning! 5/5

2. "Til the World Ends"- Very catchy dub-step but there's something very original about this. Brilliant follow-up single. 4/5

3. "Inside Out"- Not remotely memorable. Not too bad but certainly nothing outstanding. It sounds like it should of been a B-side. 3/5

4. "I Wanna Go"- Fast, pounding beat and very catchy. Wise fourth single choice and totally Kesha (not sure if that's a good thingies not). But again it's no "Baby One More Time" or "Toxic". 4/5

5. "How I Roll"- Once again more forgettable filler. It may sound impressive and stick for a few first listens but then you realise the true blandness of the song. 2/5

6. "Drop Dead Beautiful"- Wow, surprised this wasn't released as a single! Very catchy and fast-paced. Another track with an amazing beat that makes you wanna get up and move! One of the most outstanding tracks on the album. 5/5

7. "Seal It With A Kiss"- More dub and an amazingly catchy chorus! Again nothing astonishing. 4/5

8. "Big Fat Base"- Features Amazing beat. Again brilliant to work out to and one of the standouts. 4/5

9. "Trouble For Me"- Another not-too-bad dub track. Nothing memorable though. Would have been okay as a B-side. 3/5

10. "Trip To Your Heart"- Again, another of the album's most outstanding tracks and probably the slowest. It should have been released as the fourth single instead of the horrendous "Criminal" (will get to the track in a minute). Beautiful melody and slow-paced dub-step but it's still signature Britney. 5/5

11. "Gasoline"- Very bland. Sounds like a Kesha song (I am really NOT a Kesha fan)! Too manufactured and NOT catchy at all! So dull and whoever produced the tedious failure-to-be-catchy chorus needs to be SET ALIGHT! HORRENDOUS! 1/5

12. "Criminal"- OH. MY. GOD! This in my opinion is the worst Britney Spears song EVER! Just dreadful! Not catchy, not memorable! It got nowhere in the charts and all that effort into a really cool music video for this drivel! ONE OF MOST BORING DULL SONGS I HAVE EVER HEARD IN MY LIFE! 0/5

13. "Up 'N' Down"- Wow, the album gets quickly back on track! Very catchy and again another standout! Sounds very 90s, but the chorus is epic! 5/5

14. "He About To Lose Me"- Again an amazing slow R&B track! Beautiful vocals from Britney and she sounds very much like how she did on her first album. Amazing synths and lyrics about plans of infidelity because her partner doesn't appreciate or please her. 5/5

15. "Selfish"- Why is this even on the album! DULL, DULL, DULL! Dreadful filler! 1/5

16. "Don't Keep Me Waiting"- Again more over-produced bland filler. Last two tracks shouldn't have even been recorded, let alone put on an album of one of the world's biggest artists! 1/5

Overall, would I recommend! Yes, but buy it for as little cost as you can (actually believe that it's being sold by some Amazon sellers for no less than £2).
If you want a really good experience of Britney Spears' music then buy "In The Zone", "Blackout" or "Oops...! I Did It Again".
Poorest Britney album in my opinion and would only download half the album.

The Truth About Love [Explicit]
The Truth About Love [Explicit]
Price: £6.79

4.0 out of 5 stars Absolutely fantastic! Totally surprised!, 25 Jun. 2013
Whoah! I have to say, this my first Pink album and boy am I surprised! I've never been a huge fan of Pink, however I've always loved her singles so it's strange how since she came out in 2000 (I think?) that's this is the first album I have bought of hers.
Well I absolutely loved it! Her beautiful collaboration with Nate Ruess (frontman of fantastic band Fun.) is what really compelled me to buy this album and made me realise how amazing her voice is.
The best song is the amazing ballad "The Great Escape", what a voice! I honestly never realised how much if a great singer she is and of course there are catchy up-tempo tracks which I honestly never thought that I would like ("Slut like You", "Here Comes The Weekend" and "Signature Move" (not on this version, I don't think?).
Definitely buy this album. Really didn't expect her to be as good as this. Will probably buy her earlier album now!

Offered by mrtopseller
Price: £3.00

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2.0 out of 5 stars Dull, so dull, 25 Jun. 2013
This review is from: Glassheart (Audio CD)
There's absolutely no denying how fantastic this woman's voice is and she has made some masterpiece ballads in her time ("Broken" and "Alive"), however after her disappointing second album I expected her third to be a catchy well produced collection of ballads and up-tempo songs.
Utterly disappointed by this. All these songs are bland generic house beats with tuneless melodies which Leona sings over.
Not one memorable melody. Not one heart-rendering ballad. Okay, "Trouble" is beautiful and very well produced. A beautiful ballad and by far my favourite on the whole album.
"Come Alive" acoustic version is the best, the album version sounds like a forgettable house beat that even J-Lo could have released but the acoustic version is signature Leona, showcasing her beautiful vocals.
Would I recommend buying? Yes, when it's in the discount section in HMV (I actually believe it already is?). Don't purchase for more than a fiver.

The 20/20 Experience
The 20/20 Experience
Offered by SweetBuzzards
Price: £2.94

2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars 7-8 minute songs? But my, what a masterpiece!, 25 Jun. 2013
This review is from: The 20/20 Experience (Audio CD)
What the hell! 8 out of 10 of these songs are like 7-8 minutes long. JT should have put interludes/preludes in the track listing.
Overall the tracks aren't too bad. "Pusher Lover Girl" is an absolute masterpiece. "Mirrors" is beautiful, infant I don't mind that being so long, what an epic piece of art.
JT put a lot if effort into this album. Would I recommend? Of course. However the songs are too long, I don't know many people who don't get bored of a song by at the most 4-5 minutes.
I listened to JT's generic first album (not bad, but soooo bland, however, that was 2003).
. This is great, just buy this but beware of the song lengths.

Offered by Leisurezone
Price: £5.34

5.0 out of 5 stars Best album since Rated R!, 18 Jun. 2013
This review is from: Unapologetic (Audio CD)
Well, after the two mediocre albums that Rihanna produced over the past couple of years, I was surprised that there could be any recovering! "Loud" and "Talk that Talk" consisted of recycled generic beats with sex-laden cheap lyrics and just sex, sex and more sex and the whole thing seemed OTT and boring.

I was expecting the same cheap formula that Rihanna's team had been feeding the masses on the past two disasters but "Unapologetic" is an album Rihanna should never need to apologise to. My favourite tracks are the dub-inspired "Jump" and "What Now", so, SO catchy! Wasn't keen on "Fresh Out the Runway" at all at first but it's grown on me and sounds like it belongs on "Rated R" (yup, that's a good thing). "Half of me" is a fantastic ballad but is only on the Deluxe Edition I believe?

Chris Brown makes a real impression on "Nobody's Business", a bit of catchy funk covering Michael Jackson, think Pharrell Williams. "Numb" and "Pour it Up" are very catchy R&B tracks, nothing outstanding but they just wanna make you sing and sing to them!

Not one thriller on this album! Honestly thought Ri's career went right down the generic train, but she came up with this! Well done Rihanna.

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