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A. liban "The Fallen" (LONDON)

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Reanimated EP [Explicit]
Reanimated EP [Explicit]

5.0 out of 5 stars Oh yes, This`s Dubstep music., 29 Sep 2013
I totally love this "Reanimated EP" particularly "Braindead" track.
I used to despise Dubstep genre but thanks to Zomboy & Skrillex it`s my favourite genre of music now.
Keep it up Zomboy.

Kaspersky Internet Security 2011, 3 PC, 1 Year Subscription (PC)
Kaspersky Internet Security 2011, 3 PC, 1 Year Subscription (PC)

3.0 out of 5 stars Simply the best internet security software around BUT......., 1 Aug 2011
Kaspersky Internet Security 2011, 3 PC, 1 Year Subscription (PC)

The last time i used kaspersky software it was the 2009 version and i liked it and i had no problems with it then i skiped the 2010 version for some reason i don`t know why! but now i have the 2011 edition and i have to say it improved vastly from the kaspersky 2009, in terms of online protection and files and system seurity its alot more robust than previous versions and not to mention it`s easier to use than most internet security softwares, BUT my biggest grief about this product is it will bring down your PC performance level to it`s knees! over 60% of your system memory will be occupied by this software which made my computer so slow in general. i have an Intel i7 processor & 6gb memory and 2TB HDD using windows 7 64bit and those specs meets the requirements for this software.
bottom line, if you use your computer for internet only then Kaspersky 2011 is perfect but if you use your computer for internet with other heavy demanding programes like video editing or 3d modeling or music production then prepare to have tough times using those while Kaspersky working in the background.

The Last Remnant (Xbox 360)
The Last Remnant (Xbox 360)
Offered by findprice
Price: 20.07

2.0 out of 5 stars Simple......This game is not good !!!, 31 Mar 2010
= Fun:3.0 out of 5 stars 
First of all the gameplay is alot of fun and battle system is unique and entertaining and the music is beautifully scored and thats all what i liked about the game . Now to the reason why i hated the game to a point where i almost broke the disc but i didn`t , i will start off by saying that this game is the most confusing game i have EVER played basiclly if you don`t have a guide book or an online guide then it will be almost impossible to progress in the game , when you know how to get to the next mission/area then there`s the other problem that is the excessive grinding need to be done before you beat this mini boss or mission boss battle , now i understand grinding and levelling up is part of any role playing game which`s why it`s one the reasons i love this genre because it make you feel good when got beating by a strong enemy then you go back you level up your charecters then you meet this boss again then you destroy it and showed him who`s the daddy , but in this game you basiclly need to grind countless of hours , for example there`s that final boss in disc 1 that you have to defeat called " The Gates Of Hell " i didn`t have a chance to beat him so i decided to go back to the city to level up and find better weapons for my party but the thing is i can`t leave the dungeon!! so i have to use my other save file which means i lost about ten hours of play then(long story short) it took me five days to finish this BLOODY monster. and other problem is that the achivements in the game are the most time consuming and stupid and some of them requires pure luck even if you beat the final boss in the game you won`t get a single achivement for that . what i think of this game is a complete mess , some of the gameplay parts are great but everything else it just bad even the story is all over the place and the graphics are busted to say the least.

Bottom line is if you want a decent JRPG game of this type on xbox360 then i recommend you a game like "Lost Odyssey" and even Final FantasyXIII better than this game. my advise is rented and see for yourself.

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