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Fighting Captain Chemo
Fighting Captain Chemo
by Peter Vickers
Edition: Paperback

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5.0 out of 5 stars Bloody Brilliant :), 28 Nov 2009
This review is from: Fighting Captain Chemo (Paperback)
What can you say about the funniest man you know 'catching' cancer? Not a lot really, other than that it's not in the slightest bit funny that he did!

So it's just as well that Pete decided to put it all down in writing himself, sharing his own thoughts and feelings with the world. Because that IS funny. And sad. Well, generally a whole mix of emotions all at the same time. But mainly funny :)

Fighting Captain Chemo is, in its own words, a story of love, loss and lymphoma. And luckily (without giving too much of the plot away) it has a happy ending.

You don't need to know Pete to read the book; you don't have to have had cancer, or know someone who has had cancer, to like it! You don't EVEN have to come from Wakefield to appreciate it, or even Yorkshire for that matter!! It's just generally a good read - one which you probably won't be able to put down until you've finished it. And then you'll be left wondering when the haphazard Mr Vickers will be writing his next best seller ...

So - BUY THE BOOK! It's not only a great read, but all profits are split between Wakefield Hospice and the Lymphoma Association, both Registered Charities. So in buying it you can know that you'll have done something wonderful today!!

Offered by langton_info_england
Price: £44.33

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5.0 out of 5 stars Seven-ate-Nine, 6 July 2008
This review is from: Snacktime! (Audio CD)
This CD has been part of the family for a month now ... and it comes everywhere with us! Our Roald Dahl Talking Books have been sidelined at bedtime, and our five year old now listens to Barenaked Ladies every night as he's going to sleep (or not, as the case may be!)

7-8-9 is by far the favourite (sometimes in the car we have to play it five times on the trot!), and you can't beat a good song about a ninja! I must say I never thought a child of mine (let alone a five year old one) would wander into our bedroom one morning and say "what are bitter greens and radicchios". (I don't know! I'll look on the internet for you!)

I love this album, and so does my husband. But I thought I'd better ask the boy for his opinions, seeing as it supposed to be an album for children:

Q: What do you think of the CD?
A: We like them

Q: Which is your favourite song?
A: All of them

Q: And why should people buy it?
A: Cos it is very good

So there you go - you now have the opinions of a 36-year-old and her five-year-old son! Who we haven't actually told what the band are called yet - don't quite know how to broach that one with him!?!

Big Bang Theory: Complete First Season [DVD] [2008] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]
Big Bang Theory: Complete First Season [DVD] [2008] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]
Dvd ~ Johnny Galecki
Offered by AbundaTrade
Price: £15.13

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5.0 out of 5 stars Bloody brilliant!, 10 Jun 2008
I have to say this is the BEST excuse I've had to watch TV in a long time. Agreed, the episodes are short (18 minutes once you take the ads out!), but there isn't a minute of those that aren't simply brilliant. Five stars all round - can't wait!

Canon Pixma MP610 Photo All-in-One (3-in-1) Printer (Colour TFT Screen, Easy Scroll Wheel)
Canon Pixma MP610 Photo All-in-One (3-in-1) Printer (Colour TFT Screen, Easy Scroll Wheel)

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5.0 out of 5 stars I'm (still) Very Happy!!!!, 16 April 2008
I'm very happy!!!

Over the past few years a lot of printers have passed through our home. Epsons were never very good, nor reliable (in fact I don't know why we bought the second one after the first one had been so dreadful!). More recently we've had a couple of HPs. The first one was brilliant - excellent quality fast prints. But it didn't really like thick card, so eventually it died. Our most recent attempt was another HP, this time an A3 colour inkjet. The print quality was appalling, and at nearly 300 quid I was mightily dischuffed. So, the HP is going to live in the shed, or the attic ... or anywhere far away from me!

The hunt for the perfect printer began yesterday morning! Having finally decided that the HP had to go, and knowing that the mountain of paperwork which had taken over our house wasn't going to scan itself (especially as we don't have a scanner anymore!), an "all-in-one" was the only way to go. Not having a clue where to start looking, the first stop was Tesco's website. I basically just put the all-in-ones in price order, low to high, and started searching the internet for reviews on those models. I nearly managed to convince myself that a couple of them might be okay, even though most of the reviewers said not (I was getting desperate - I'm very impatient!) It certainly looked like you got what you paid for - if you went cheap, you got cheap. If the print quality was good on one, the scanner was rubbish; if the scanner was good on another, the ink consumption was poor. On and on it went until I ended up out of our price range at £140.

That's when I came across this lovely, lovely Canon. Trusted Reviews dot com gave it 9/10 and said it was highly recommended (I think they would have given it 10 stars, but apparently the duplex is very slow!)

So, trusting all previous Amazon reviewers (well, choosing to ignore the bad reviewers!) I am now sitting looking at the said lovely lovely Canon (which luckily wasn't £140!) Everyone else has told you about what it does ... about how quickly it prints lovely quality prints, and how it has Bluetooth, and how it photocopies quickly and easily. So I won't bore you by telling you all this again - it does everything that everyone else has said it does, and probably a lot more besides! I've only had mine our the box less than 6 hours, so there is still a lot of learning to do!

But the scanner ... the scanner has astounded me (I'm easily pleased!). I suppose our old scanner was really cheap and really old and really quite rubbish, so ANYTHING would have been an improvement. But I used my dads expensive Epson scanner the other day (which cost a lot more than this printer did!) and it doesn't even come close to the quality and speed of this scanner.

To conclude ... I suppose an All-in-One Printer shouldn't be able to change your life, but it should be able to make you happy. And I'm very happy!

EDIT: So, it's now the middle of October. I couldn't tell you how many things I've scanned (if it's in my house and will scan, I've scanned it!!), and I have NO idea how many things I've printed ... I've used this printer more than any I have ever owned. And even my husband loves it ... he goes wandering around up hills and mountains a lot, so uses it to print off maps on specialist waterproof inkjet paper - lots and lots of maps. So, today, I FINALLY needed to replace two of the five ink cartridges - Black number 5 and the magenta. So in conclusion, inks may be (relatively) expensive, but boy do they last! I also love that when you open the printer to replace the cartridges (which have a nice glow to them), the ones you need to replace blink their inner glow at you, just to make sure you change the right one ... and so that you can do it in the dark, too, if you feel that way inclined!! :)
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