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Tritton Pro+ (Xbox 360/PS4/PS3/PC DVD)
Tritton Pro+ (Xbox 360/PS4/PS3/PC DVD)
Price: £131.61

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2.0 out of 5 stars Good Sound but flawed design, 16 Aug. 2014
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These headphones sound great, especially with a good sound card and a bit of tweaking with a Graphic EQ or similar. They are a very balanced sound, with a fairly punchy bass, and flat mids. Whilst the 5.1 is a bit of a novelty, it makes 5.1 movies sound more spacious, and more immersive - I would not get them if you want positioning in games however, since you won't be able to get any more information than just a stereo set.

The microphone is very good quality, especially when using the USB option - very clear, pretty good at not picking up background noise, and suitable for commentating, or skype calls as well as just voice chat in games.

The digital box is simple to use, and does exactly what it needs to - converting optical audio into either 3.5mm out or to the headset - supporting most standard digital standards

However, where these fall down is in the build quality/design of the headphones - as a few people have commentated, especially when new, they are far to tight on the head and can not be worn for long periods on a wider head without really starting to ache. In addition, the build quality is flawed around the plastic moulding, as I have now had TWO headsets crack in almost exactly the same place - most likely as a result of having to stretch slightly to fit on my head. As at least one other person has commentated - the plastic starts to crack, and will eventually split the headphone in two, making it useless. Amazon have already shipped one replacement under warranty, time to see if they send me another...

Apple iPod touch 32GB
Apple iPod touch 32GB

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5.0 out of 5 stars Stylish and sophisticated and yet so much more, 13 May 2008
When you first unbox it, it looks like the sleekest music player you will ever find. Super thin and almost completely smooth, it does really feel like something that should be displayed, and not used...
As previous reviews state, a case is a must to keep it that way (although it's not the screen, but back that you are protecting, unlike usual mp3 players).

Upon use, it is fairly responsive, and if using with headphones, the clicks when you press buttons make up for the lack of tactile feedback. Using is easy, and most people probably won't even need to consult the quickstart guide to start playing music as the touchscreen is extremely intuitive to use. Sound quality is more than satisfactory, especially with your own decent headphones, and is far more than enough for on-the-go music. The 32GB is enough for a fair sized music collection, plus a few movies and some other videos

As the latest ipod, this one outperforms all the ones before it, as you would expect. Easier and faster song searching, luscious looking pictures, and larger sharper videos define it. Coverflow is natural, and looks very good... presuming you have already got album art, or else quite a bit of effort will be required to make it look like it should.

The features and included applications are easy to use, and useful for on the go stuff, although unlike the iPhone, the limit to wifi limits complete freedom, but considering the cost and speed of using the iPhone outside of a wireless signal, it's not a great loss.

But if you are buying this purely for a music player, then you might as well buy an iPod classic... not because the Touch is bad, but rather because it is too good. As a music player it is admirably good, but it can be so much more...

To merely listen to music and watch a few videos, you are completely missing the point... as a device, its potential has only just been scratched. The multi-touch technology provides a more unique interface, allowing the speed and useability of a mouse on the go. The accelerometer (rotation sensor) as shown in recent presentations, has the possibilty of bringing thw uniqueness of the Wii to a portable device. And the ability for everyone to develop applications for it for free allows the potential for applications that will blow your mind...
Whilst the latest software update gives users the applications they probably deserved to start with, the update promised for the end of June (2008) promises to allow the touch to go places no other gadget has gone before.

Palm Tungsten E2
Palm Tungsten E2
Offered by pdarepair
Price: £159.00

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3.0 out of 5 stars Good, but not perfect..., 14 Nov. 2006
This review is from: Palm Tungsten E2 (Office Product)
I use mine for PIM, viewing Word documents with the included software, and watching movies. Whilst it is fair at doing these, it still requires me to press the reset button periodically to free up enough ram to run anything. Also, for mine the power button now requires several pushes to turn on, and the it has a loose battery, which is annoying.

It is a little more unstable than the old OS, having crashed far more then my old zire, and I have fond another problem: If you open a web page (.html) from a Sd-card with blazer (by Resco Explorer etc.), swapping or removing the card causes it to crash when you next open blazer.

Whilst it is fairly good, and capable of doing a fair amount of things, the fact that no patch is available is a problem: If you can upgrade the included Documents to Go by installing the new one in RAM so ignoring the old version, why couldn't Palm have made a patch to download to do the same thing for the OS?

Whilst it neatly fits between the TX or T5 and Zire 31 price wise it is only recommended if you won't pay the extra for the TX, or T5

Logic3 MIP103B iStation3 iPod Speakers - White
Logic3 MIP103B iStation3 iPod Speakers - White

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5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant!!! Great Value!!!, 13 Nov. 2006
This charges your iPod, syncs it and the speaker quality for such small speakers is amazing. It only shows any distortion at really high volume!

I have a 3G iPod, which unlike most it still charges, and this is cheaper than buying a set of active speakers and a firewire charger, which is needed to do the same job. It beats using them as well, as you don't need any extra cables, everything is included.

Great value for money, and I say again, suprisingly good qualtiy!!

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