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Dave Clarke World Service 2
Dave Clarke World Service 2
Offered by Giant Entertainment
Price: 10.48

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5.0 out of 5 stars Real Underground Techno & Electro, 21 April 2007
This is real underground techno & electro - the type of music that you hear at 3am in an abandoned warehouse filled with hundreds of sweaty clubbers going ballistic. Music aimed squarely at the dancefloor. This music will not be the backing track for a Peugeot advert or for your next dinner party.

For those of you who know your techno - this sits in that real nice space between funky techno & hard acid techno. Hard enough, but still has groove, melody, rhythm, funk & soul. Unbelievable stuff.

Buy it now!

Green and Blue: Ricardo Villalobos & Loco Dice In The Mix
Green and Blue: Ricardo Villalobos & Loco Dice In The Mix
Offered by langton_info_england
Price: 49.89

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5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic set of minimal techno, 13 Jan 2007
Yes recently everyone has jumped on the minimal bandwagon and inevitably there has been a lot of just plain boring minimal mixes released. What these two mixes have that the others don't is the Funk. Not in the James Brown or Funky House sense, but Funk in the sense of Get Up & Dance right now sense.

These mixes also succeed due to the quality of the mixing and track selection - these mixes are truly more than the sum of their parts. Its no coincidence that Villalobos and Loco Dice have such big reputations. When it comes to this sound they are the masters and they can truly rock a party.

The overall vibe for me, reminds me of a Sunday outdoor party. Whether carrying on from the night before or warming up for the night ahead - this is the sound I would want to hear.

I've had this for about a year now and its still in high rotation in my cd player. Quality all the way through.

Live at Sonar
Live at Sonar

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1.0 out of 5 stars Copy Protected, 1 Feb 2006
This review is from: Live at Sonar (Audio CD)
I bought the cd and while yes its quite a good mix.
The CD is also **COPY-PROTECTED**.
Interesting how they don't mention this above.

Mayan Civilization: Moments in History (Cover-To-Cover Books)
Mayan Civilization: Moments in History (Cover-To-Cover Books)
by Shirley Jordan
Edition: Hardcover
Price: 13.30

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1.0 out of 5 stars Condescending book for Kids., 24 Jan 2005
It would have been nice to know before buying this that the book is aimed at the elementary school reader - ie those with a reading age of 7 to 8.
Bearing this in mind, I still wouldn't buy this for kids that age. Generally the book glosses over a lot of details and makes little attempt to explain things. Add to this a terrible air of condescension in the author's writing. Overall I find this book has little to recommend it.

Fabric19 - Andrew Weatherall
Fabric19 - Andrew Weatherall
Offered by skyvo-direct
Price: 9.32

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3.0 out of 5 stars Middle of the Road Dance, 30 Nov 2004
As people get old, they tend to get fat, bland out and lose their creative edge. Mr Weatherall is no exception. This cd could be the start of a new trend AOD or MORD.
Little to set the dance floor on fire here, sure there's some inoffensive vocal, funky, tech cuts but really I can't imagine dancing till dawn to this cd.
I could however imagine a dinner party of forty-something Shoreditch types putting this as background music for their dinner party.
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fabric06: Tyler Stadius
fabric06: Tyler Stadius
Price: 12.49

4.0 out of 5 stars Quality, 25 Jun 2004
This review is from: fabric06: Tyler Stadius (Audio CD)
Canadian Tyler 'T-Bone' Stadius came to prominence in the early 90's, educating the underground scene of Vancouver to House music. His style on the decks consisting of reggae, funk, hip-hop, acid jazz & house prompted him to open his own night and as such his first residency, the Romper Room, in 1992. His popularity soared and he was touted as the finest House DJ from Vancouver, a reputation that was to land him gigs at clubs such at The Shelter & Red Dog in Chicago, Back to Basics, The Rex in Paris, Space at Bar Rhumba and Fabric just to name a few. Well its time for Tyler to educate us once more about house music, and this comes in the shape of the 6th edition to the Fabric series.
Jay Tripwire marks the mix with an early highlight with his "Acid Soul", a smooth and slightly tribal affair, and as the name suggests, subtle acid riffs to match. DJ Buck's "Release the Tension" is a beautiful record with its clattering drums and harmonious delicate melodies. The hypnotic "Another Kind Of Dream" by the Base Boys is certainly up there on the highlights of this mix, a fusion of rolling drums with magnetic vocal samples to match. The oddly titled "Loudkissing" by Elio is a heavy and empowering housey number and follows two more tracks from the highly talented Jay Tripwire. Grant Dell and Bob De Rosa show us how it's done with "Letting Go", a bopping affair of silky house and delayed vocal samples. The mix ends of with the vocals of Cornell Campbell with "King In My Empire", a production from Rhythm & Sound, a minimalist ending of slow flowing house complete with soulful vocals.
So how does Tyler's fabric feel like compared to the rest of the mixes before him. Well it's definitely up there. Tracks from DJ Buck, Jay Tripwire and the Base Boys have a big part to play in this. It's simply put, a quality house mix from start to finish, and demonstrates the appeal Tyler has with the fabric residents in the last year or so. Well worth a listen for those who love their house.

Fabric16 - Eddie Richards
Fabric16 - Eddie Richards
Price: 9.28

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4.0 out of 5 stars Smooth from start to end, 25 Jun 2004
I really needn't mention the credentials that Eddie Richards brings to the plate when I come to review this latest mix by him for the Fabric series. Needless to say that after 20 years in the business, including countless DJ gigs at the crème de la crème of venues as well as locations and venues that many of you would not have come to think existed let alone heard of, it is time for Eddie to unleash his latest tastes and impeccable mixing in this latest edition of a series that is almost as well respected as he is.
Smooth is what this cd is for the most part, starting with an early highlight in 'Loosely Jointed' by Old Skool Split. The infectious vocals and deep bubbly baselines of 'Vegas Nights' by Freddie Montanez are equally as impressive early on in the mix as is the chunky as all hell deep low end sounds of the addictive 'I Believe' by MastikSoul. The crisp beats and swirling percussion of 'High As Can Be' by Gideon ADD & Marky Star lift the pace a little as the mix starts to increase the pressure, a fact further emphasised by the delightful sounds of '11th & Broadway' by Little Mike. 'Fathernature' by Robin Porter & Mike Carr unleashes a devastating baseline that surely works the system at Fabric to the test, which is then put to rest with the smooth house vibes of 'Do U Know House?' by Pure Science. 'Butterfly Lips' by Loft 55 concludes the mix fittingly with some smooth sounds and a chunky baseline, a fitting ending to another solid installment by a Fabric legend.
Needless to say that this is a quality mix by Eddie Richards. Smooth from start to end, this mix really showcases where this man is at right now, and also showcases the sound that arguably makes Fabric one of the greatest amphitheatre for sound every weekend.

Price: 9.22

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4.0 out of 5 stars Back on Form, 28 May 2004
This review is from: INVOLVER (Audio CD)
So it's obvious he has a thing about words ending in 'er'... indeed, why break the tradition given the success he has had. The impeccable Xpander... the timeless AirDrawnDagger... And now... Involver.
So Sasher, sorry Sasha, is back.
Global Underground and BMG, not to mention the hordes of fans worldwide, have been on his back, dying for a new slice of his musical pie since his previous solo compilation in 1999 - GU013 Ibiza (marked as one of the greatest CDs of its time). One can only imagine the immense pressure he would have been under in creating Involver - an album set to be one of the most revered, compared and reviewed albums of 2004.
The first two introductory tracks feature immaculate vocals. They play the vital part of setting a strongly produced slate for Sasha to present the rest of the mix with a perfect lead in.
The beautiful and highly regarded 'These Days' by Stockholm born newcomer, Petter, receives a brief touch of Sasha’s recreation. It does work very well and is surprisingly the only track on the CD without some form of vocal. It leads and continues nicely into the warming Unkle ‘What are you to me?’ mix that follows.
It is the two remakes of tracks originally released in 2002 where Sasha really starts to get down the business end of things with Involver. Firstly The Youngsters with their 'Smile' featuring a strong bassline and the raw electro sounds that have made the French artists so successful.
Charlie May & Duncan Forbes, well known for their previous progressive productions under their Spooky moniker, continue the mix with 'Belong' - and Sasha's new edit. The original mix, prior to Sasha's touch, is undoubtedly one of the finest ambient progressive releases of its kind, so it is no surprise that this update is nothing short of exceptional. It's brought in ever so simply, with Julie Daske's beautiful female vocals, that work their way into your head and you will become addicted. And then, the simple and understated bassline drops in followed by the thick and amazingly formed chords roll through the track that together with the vocals cement it as extraordinary.
Slotting in seamlessly is his new remix of Unkle’s 'In A State'. This mix proves the point of the excessive time Sasha has put into Involver, being (as many of you would know) his second take on the track (the first featuring on James Lavelle's Barcelona GU026 comp), and I must add, his most impressive... by far... making both his previous and the original look average at best. Simple, energetic, uplifting and vibrant.
Following on is his rework of 'Burma', the latest track from Melbourne based production duo Lostep, Phil K (one of Australia’s finest DJs) and Luke Chable (one of Australia's finest producers). To be honest it isn’t their best work and the original left a fair bit to be desired, but Sasha has filled the void, really taking it to the next level it needed with this twelve minute version.
It is at this moment, 60 odd minutes in, where I need to stop and make the point that you can not fault Sasha with much on the music he has presented. You would be hard pressed to find a mix out in the current period that comes close to this sequence of music. This being said, the faultless ride appears to slide to an abrupt halt with the next track...
The beginning of the end of this amazing climb through music is his tweak of Felix Da Housecat's 'Watching Cars Go By'. It is definitely the weakest link in this compilation. Sure it's electro and that may be a cool thing at the moment, it could widen the appeal and maybe sell a few extra copies, and on it's own it is some nice production - but it doesn’t suit the compilation as a whole. There are just 2 pieces that remain to be slotted in this 10 piece puzzle and this isn't one that fits. Worst of all it leaves the final track somewhat stranded. It is only when it mixes away to the electro vocal of ‘I am no cyber whore’ that things get back on track.
The driving bassline of Sasha's stunning remix of Ulrich Schnauss' 'On My Own', is the homerun that knocks Involver into the stratosphere of legendary music. He turns Ulrich's previously ambient sounds into a peak time dance floor filler and you will be hearing this tune right throughout summer.
Overall, Involver is Sasha at his best! His style of beautiful, timeless and musical art heralds in a new era of mixing. Sasha shows us why he is still one of the leading artists in the industry by pushing the boundaries of electronic music ever further. Almost perfectly compiled, edited, remixed, mastered, and produced.
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fabric02: Terry Francis
fabric02: Terry Francis
Offered by skyvo-direct
Price: 9.27

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3.0 out of 5 stars Middle of the Road, 29 Jan 2004
This review is from: fabric02: Terry Francis (Audio CD)
ho hum, yay another tech house cd. Can't really get excited about this one. Its slow and plodding and doesn't really seem to break out of its samey groove till about track 10. I expected a lot more from Terry Francis as I have seen him play some outstanding sets. This is just a bunch of bland tracks mixed together, it perhaps could be good as aural wallpaper on a Sunday morning. Get the Tyler Stadius one in the Fabric series.

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