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Pokémon: 2ba Master
Pokémon: 2ba Master
Price: £17.36

5.0 out of 5 stars v. good soundtrack, 20 Nov 2001
This review is from: Pokémon: 2ba Master (Audio CD)
Well, when I first saw Pokemon I didn't like it very much because I didn't know the story and the characters, but when I first heard Rocket team saying their motto and the song that is called in english "Double Trouble", I just loved them and then I began to watch the series. The funny thing was that I found the soundtrack and I loved the series much more.
In spanish "El Equipo Rocket" Team Rocket are very funny because of the dubbing style that the actors use and that's why sometimes James says in his motto "Jamemememes", actually that's kind a joke and I love it.
The best songs are of course "Equipo Rocket" (Double Trouble)Team Rocket song which is by the way a very funny song, "Por Siempre Unidos" (Together Forever) which is an excelent song, "Tengo que ser un maestro" (2BA Master), "Que clase de pokemon eres tu?" and "Mis mejores Amigos" are very good too.
If you have enjoyed Pokemon in english, try this one out and enjoy it in another language, it is worth for having and listen or at least if you are a fan of Pokemon you can have it as a rare and nice collectable.

Queen At The BBC
Queen At The BBC

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3.0 out of 5 stars good recordings, but..., 20 Nov 2001
This review is from: Queen At The BBC (Audio CD)
For the heavy Queen fan, one who owns all the records, including the live albums and the Flash Gordon soundtrack, 'Queen At The Beeb' will make an excellent purchase, especially if they're fans of the band's early material like myself. The album provides fascinating never-before-heard versions of some of Queen's finest songs, with the energy of a live performance but with the quality of radio studio recording... how can you go wrong?
Unfortunately, the album has some serious problems, the worst of which being that almost all the songs in it are from the band's first album. In fact, it has all the best songs from that album (except for Brian May's fantastic 'The Night Comes Down'), as well as one from the second album. However, it does not make a decent replacement for the actual album, and therefore dosen't make much sense for the average listener to buy. If only it would have featured one or two lesser known songs, like the forgotten b-side 'Mad The Swine' or a song from the smile period, it could have been much better.
True, some of the songs are very different, often better than the album version. 'Modern Time Rock n' Roll' has been wonderfuly performed, and an excellent though slightly misplaced guitar solo was added. 'Keep Yourself Alive' is slightly heavier than the album version, as is 'Liar' - which makes this already superb song even better (although Freddie seems to have some sort of trouble with his microphone...) Most of all, the heavy rocker 'Son and Daughter' was extended by four minutes of guitar jamming. The riffs there will seem familiar to most Queen fans from 'Brighton Rock', but in fact they originate even earlier than this recording, to the Smile song 'Blag'. Some of the songs though, especially 'Great King Rat' and 'Ogre Battle', are slightly pale when compared to the album versions.
Needless to say that this CD is a must for the true Queen fans - they'll get it anyway. For the casual listener, get 'Queen' first, and decide for yourself if you reall need another version of the same album.

Pokemon The Movie
Pokemon The Movie
Price: £8.72

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5.0 out of 5 stars great CD!, 20 Nov 2001
This review is from: Pokemon The Movie (Audio CD)
Three tracks leap to mind as great: The Birth of Mewtwo, Three on Three, and Adventure in Paridise. The Birth of Mewtwo is great because it features the phenomenal introduction to Mewtwo Strikes Back. Three on Three has the music from the evolved starter battle. This is the part of the movie I never watch because I'd rather play through in my head what I would do if I were there (which, by the way would be not fight). Finally, we have Adventure in Paridise. This is an interesting track, because I swear it has music for the race scene in Pikachu's Vacation that was later replaced by Catch Me if You Can (a toss-up, in my opinion). For those of you who are intrigued by these kinds of nuances, this is another reason to by this CD.
The pakaging is nothing special, unless you should need to make a drawing of Mewtwo (there's a big picture of his head under the cd, so don't let anyone say Feraligator was the first to pull that stunt).
All in all, this CD would make a great gift to any Pokémon aficinado. It's also a good collector's item. You will not regret this purchase

Music Inspired By Pokemon
Music Inspired By Pokemon
Offered by iPodMeister
Price: £39.96

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5.0 out of 5 stars not too bad, 20 Nov 2001
This CD's music is varied, so it could be suited to a wide taste. The songs have generally complex or fast lyrics, but this need not matter as it seems the more you listen to the songs, the more you understand the lyrics. Also, a few of the songs seem to mostly relate to Ash + Misty's hidden romantic feelings for each other, Ash's dream, a certain Pokémon in general or just.... well.... Pokémon!
A fairly good CD, especailly for the obbessed Pokémon fan

Pokemon Welt
Pokemon Welt
Offered by rbmbooks
Price: £22.21

5.0 out of 5 stars one of the best Pokemon CD5's!!, 20 Nov 2001
This review is from: Pokemon Welt (Audio CD)
This single is one of the best Pokemon single released in Europe. Whilst sadly being the only true Pokemon single in US and Canada (don't ask me - this is the only Pokemon single available there 1) NOT sung by some other artist such as M2M 2) That's official - the pink Pokemon Theme maxi single is not official), this is one of the better ones in Europe. (Please note the review is originally for the US-Canada english version, and I do not feel like changing it)
1) Pokemon World/Welt - This is the (extended) single version of the Pokemon Orange League theme. This is actually better in my opinion than the edited TV version, but however the TV version has a different start and end compared to this version, so both versions are collectibles in a way. This features a great guitar solo and a verse not included on the TV version. Highly recommended. Time 3:18
2) Pikachu's Winter Vacation - The 2nd non-album Pokemon song (the first being "Mewtwo Strikes Back Suite" from the M2M/1st Pokemon movie single), this is the 'single version' of the theme to the short movie of the same name (which I also have - but only in NTSC format). There are not too many differences to the video version, which has bells not included on here (shame, and they were really nice!) and some Pikachu clips (although I like Pikachu, I think some people wouldn't like having Pikachu clips on the single version, although I wouldn't mind it), and an ending which fades out a few seconds (or fractionally) earlier than normal. This song however is a really good tune that most people would really enjoy. Time 1:57
3) Pikachu's Winter Vacation (Instrumental Version) - The instrumental single version. It's not completely instrumental, as backing vocals are still retained (when will they learn that 'Instrumental' means NO vocals at all?! Tsk tsk tsk. They should've named this the "Karaoke Version" instead!). The lead vocal is replaced by a saxophone, but that's not the one thing that makes this version so unique. The one thing is the short but sweet guitar solo not included on the other single version (I had to make a remix-edit of the single version to make it include the guitar solo!). The video version for this version (yes, there is one on the PWV video - for the credits of course!) also has this solo, but starts with a cymbal bit instead of the normal intro (which in my opinion is also nice). The running time for this version on the single is exactly the same as the previous version.

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