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Nine Minutes
Nine Minutes
Price: £3.29

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4.0 out of 5 stars Compelling, tragic and spellbinding, 16 Nov 2014
This review is from: Nine Minutes (Kindle Edition)
I’m really not one for MC books these days. After a fantastic beginning the genre is, at least for me, awash with mediocrity and I never normally choose to read one of these books but this one has been gathering five star ratings from reviewers I really respect so I thought it was definitely time to break the habit and go with the flow just to see what all the fuss was about.

I will agree that this is a highly accomplished debut from Beth Flynn and bears no resemblance to the generic MC romance that floods my newsfeed at Goodreads daily. Yes, there is love to be found in this novel but no, it is most definitely not a romance. It’s just not told that way – it reads far more like an autobiography, a recount of information rather than a novel. The style is actually pretty spartan – there’s no flowery prose or superfluous adjectives to romanticise the story. It’s told in an incredibly matter of fact way – this is what happened, this is what I did, this is what I knew and what I didn’t. This of course helps it to stand out from the crowd and gives it a very different feeling from pretty much anything else that I’ve read this year to date.

I’m not going to give away any plot details in this review – the blurb states pretty much all you need to know. It serves you better not to know anything more as you can allow the surprises and shocks to have the full impact the author intended. And so we begin with a heart-thumping, highly evocative prologue which foretells the end of the book and will pretty much leave you agog and then we immediately go back in time to 1975, when it all began.

The story is then told by Ginny as she slowly recounts the events that lead towards the inevitable conclusion. Everything is slowly revealed and I think it serves well to pay close attention to the details here – it’s all very significant as everything begins to line up and we draw closer to the impending tragic ending as foreshown by the prologue.

I absolutely devoured this book – two train journeys disappeared in the blink of an eye as I lost myself in this story. It’s completely engrossing and captivating and refreshingly different and highly original. It’s definitely not your typical MC – the deadly biker gang is more background rather than the device that drives the story. This is Ginny’s story and she keeps herself pretty aloof from the gang most of the time. There are several ‘triggers’ in this story that may bother some readers such as underage sex, rape and strong violence but it’s not at all gratuitous and it’s respectfully done and very much adds to the whole ‘retelling of information’ style of the story.

If I have any criticisms at all it’s that much of the story focuses on the early years and as we span decades, I felt not enough time was given to the later years although this is possibly intended by the author as the epilogue gives away a few little gems of information that beg for expansion and will no doubt make up the sequel. Also, Ginny refers to her ‘husband’ multiple times during the story as a kind of mystery but I worked out who he was right from the early chapters.

Other than that, this was a truly excellent offering from Beth Flynn – hard to believe that it’s a debut. It’s compelling, tragic and spellbinding and, if books are judged by how hard they are to put down, then this is most definitely a winner. I can’t wait for the sequel to see where the author will take us next.

4.5 shocking stars

One Night: Denied (One Night Trilogy Book 2)
One Night: Denied (One Night Trilogy Book 2)
Price: £2.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Stunning, Dramatic and Wholly Absorbing, 7 Nov 2014
We pick up directly after the big reveal at the end of One Night Promised which I’m not going to give away so that this can be considered a spoiler free review for both books.

Stunning, dramatic and wholly absorbing, One Night Denied begins as the second book in every great erotic romance trilogy should, with the central couple cast asunder, totally bereft without one another and thrown into the depths of despair. Their misery is palpable, their anguish absolutely all-consuming. Miller is not about to let Livvy go without a fight. She is everything to him – his light in the darkness and he can’t envision a life without her. Livvy is reeling from the shock revelation at the end of book one and it brings back ugly demons from her past.

I do so adore Miller Hart. He may be a seriously messed-up and intense part-time gentlemen but there’s just something about him that truly floats my boat. He’s reminiscent of a frozen lake – all serene calm and icy perfection on the surface but a mass of swirling, conflicting currents and dark, murky depths beneath. He’s so conflicted – torn between the life he feels he is chained to and cannot escape but so desperate to leave it all behind and forge a new future with Livvy. Now that he’s tasted her and held her, he finds he just cannot let her go, despite the danger that may be placing her in, and he sets out to get her back once and for all.

Livvy does resist but she’s hopelessly in love with Miller and is despondent without him and finds it nigh on impossible to stay away from him, despite her better judgement. Livvy is a great heroine – sometimes so full of sass and snark, really quite a handful and then, at other times, she’s seems hopelessly naive, a little girl lost in a big, unforgiving city. For me, she’s a great character to identify with – she’s far from perfect and definitely has her flaws and I found her very believable and real.

It seems everyone and everything in London has an agenda to keep these two apart. There are so many good, strong reasons why they shouldn’t be together and their only supporter appears to be the unflappable, relentless Nan – an absolute tour de force of character development and Livvy an Miller themselves. Miller pretty much had me welling up when he’s asked to justify their relationship and describe his feelings for her.

“She’s the blood in my veins.” He speaks clearly and softly. “She’s the air in my lungs. She’s the bright, hopeful light in my tortured darkness.”

Le Sigh!

I so lost myself in this book! Miller is just desperate to hold on to Livvy. As more is revealed of his past, it’s plain to see how little love he has experienced and lost he really is without her. His gentlemanly persona is a professional act and the real Miller Hart is so very rarely revealed – that it until he met Livvy and realised he can’t live without her.

Jodi is a fabulous author – a rare and talented star in the erotic romance genre. Not many authors manage to transfer two dimensional emotions from the written word on a page to real and tangible emotions experienced by the reader but she is able to do that for me every single time. I adore her brand of damaged, intense heroes and her sassy, feisty heroines. It makes for incredibly compelling reading and I can never put her books down. I often find myself reading to oh dark hundred hours when I have one of her books in my hand and I should be sleeping!

A fantastic, intense chapter in Livvy and Miller’s story, very high on the angst factor littered with highly erotic sex scenes and beautiful and heart-stopping emotions. A great middle book in the trilogy and, word of warning, it ends on a mother of a cliffhanger.

The One Night trilogy concludes with the as yet untitled third book due for release in February 2014. I can’t bloody wait.

Bring. It. On.

Fighting Redemption
Fighting Redemption
Price: £2.33

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5.0 out of 5 stars Stunning, heartbreaking and breathtaking, 2 Dec 2013
It's nigh on impossible to put into words how much I loved this book and how much it touched me. It's a compelling story of love and loss, incredible happiness and crippling sadness, a gut-wrenching, tear-jerking emotional roller-coaster of a ride which I was unable to put down once I'd started and I read into the wee small hours of the morning to finish this because I just had to know how it ended. Better perhaps to say that I dreaded how it was gong to end. In fact I feared the ending, right after reading the prologue which, I have to confess, had me crying by page two! I felt instinctively that I was about to embark on something really special and Fighting Redemption absolutely delivered.

I am a big fan of Kate McCarthy's - I've loved and adored her books before. You know you're going to get fantastic characters - heroes and heroines that seem real and a captivating plot but I think it's fair to say that she outdid herself with Fighting Redemption. I had high expectations going in and I wasn't disappointed but she's definitely raised the bar exponentially higher now than ever before but I have confidence in her ability to deliver. Fighting Redemption is unforgettable, powerful, incredibly moving and it will live on my heart for months and years to come.

So this is Ryan and Finlay's story - thrown together by chance and circumstances in childhood, they have practically grown up together. Ever since that first day when Fin stumbled at school in front of him, she has triggered every protective instinct in Ryan and he has loved her and only her for as long as he can remember. Ryan has endured a painful childhood that really did make my heart hurt but he has an incredible friendship with Fin's older brother Jake that finally offers him salvation from his situation as he practically grows up with them.

As grown men Ryan and Jake join the Army, rise to the ranks of the S.A.S and go off to fight in Afghanistan. The horrors of war, the deep effects on those who serve and those left behind are powerfully served up here - it's gritty, realistic and harsh and you had better get the Kleenex on standby. I cried buckets!

I adored Ryan - his incredible strength both physical and emotional, his restraint, his awesome physique and just the way that he loved, adored and cherished Fin. It really was a thing of beauty. He's constantly trying to do what he thinks is the right thing by Fin, often being selfless and sacrificing his own happiness for what he thinks is best for her. He's a soulful, passionate and very sexy hero and, for the longest time, the simmering sexual tension between the two of them is almost palpable - it's unacted upon for years although they are deeply longing for one another but constantly denied but, when they finally can resist it no longer, their connection is incendiary and white-hot!!

Fin is a heroine after my own heart. I identified with her closely. She's a clumsy nerd just like me - in fact, this is pretty much my favourite combination in a book - the geeky heroine and the tough alpha hero. Fin is a sweetheart - unfailingly honest and incredibly generous and giving. It's no wonder Ryan adores her. She has much to endure in this book and so much to lose. My heart hurt for her on so many occasions and, as I neared the end, I was so afraid of how things would turn out.

I'm a military wife myself and Kate McCarthy really does a fantastic job of showing just how hard it is for the family left behind as the soldiers go off to war. The fear, the pride and the long months spent apart are vividly recreated here - it's incredibly realistic and spoke to me on a very personal level. The whole story did - it touched my heart in a way that very few books have ever managed to before and I am never going to forget this one.

As with any Kate McCarthy book, this story was hard to put down. She writes incredibly compelling and captivating plots and her writing style and the pacing are perfect and I just allowed this story to roll over me, never once really knowing how it was going to end but preparing myself for the worst. It's been one of the highlights of my reading year and one of the best books I've ever read. It's just exquisite.

5 stars - 6 if I could!

Running in Place (Mending Hearts Book 2)
Running in Place (Mending Hearts Book 2)
Price: £1.88

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5.0 out of 5 stars Breathtaking. captivating emotional romance, 23 Oct 2013
Holy Moly!! I've read and really enjoyed L.B. Simmons before - the first book in this series, Running On Empty, was a feel good romance and I loved it but nothing could have prepared me for the emotional roller-coaster I was about to embark on when I picked up Running In Place to read. I got all misty eyed by page two - just reading the prologue made me realise I was in for something far deeper here. I started it Saturday night and I finished it Sunday morning, stopping only for sleep and to make coffee. I quite literally could not put it down and I was engrossed right from the tear-jerker prologue all the way right through to the epilogue which also made me cry. This book is quite simply breath-taking - it's beautiful and it's one of the best books I've read this year.

So we start with Noah & Tatum, both working at the same bar, both very broken by the pain of their past, both dating other people in doomed relationships, both of them are `settling for less', unsure of their own self-worth. They're kindred spirits and slowly they come to realise this and develop an incredible connection which made my heart positively melt.

My heart hurt so badly for Tatum right from the very first page. She's masking a world of sorrow, years of hurt behind a fake smile and a quirky sense of humour. I literally ached for the lost childhood, the terror and pain she has endured, her loss, the guilt she feels over that loss and the blame that is heaped upon her and, most of all, I hurt for just how alone she is and has been for years. The people that should have been there to protect her and to cherish her have either lashed out and abused her or simply turned their backs. From the child quaking in fear, hiding in her closet to the adult that is settling for a loser of a boyfriend because she can't even begin to believe that she deserves anything better - she quite simply broke my heart.

Noah can see this pain a mile off. He recognises it - it's completely familiar to him. He's also suffered the pain of loss, the lack of love and he completely `gets' Tatum. She touches him soul deep and he aches to just take her in his arms and ease some of that pain. Sorrow is casting long shadows over both of their lives.

Words cannot express just how much I loved Noah. Right from the very beginning, before anything happened between him and Tatum, my stomach did those crazy little flip-flops every time he was on a page. I just adored him. He's sexy, funny, very protective I just melted into a puddle right at his feet. I love the way the lyrics that he writes showcase his deepening affection and love for Tatum. He's also holding back emotions and feelings, conforming to the life he's supposed to be living and his relationship with Tatum just allows him to be free, to unleash all those pent-up feelings and finally just be Noah, for the first time in his life.

There's no doubt about it - these two heal one another. This is journey of healing and self-discovery, of learning to let go of the coping mechanisms both have employed for so long to deal with the pain of the past, of learning to embrace the beauty of the love they now share (and it is a thing of beauty), learning to accept themselves for who they really are and, eventually, moving forward together to a happier future.

It's not all about the intense emotions, there's also plenty of humour here too - like when Noah suggests that Tatum helps him wash his jeep, braless in a white T-shirt. We get a little glimpse of Blake & Alex and her adorable daughters plus we get a bit closer to Trace, Tatum's big brother. Theirs is also a fractured relationship that needs to be healed. Harlow also has a pivotal role to play - she's wise beyond her years and, as always, is there to pick up the pieces when everything seems lost.

I loved this book so much - if you a story that you can connect with on a deep emotional level, that you can really feel everything along with the characters and completely lose yourself in, then Running In Place will absolutely work for you. It's told from their alternating POVs which really allows you to get inside both of their and ride the gamut of emotions right along with them. It's a story of salvation and how love really can conquer all the pain of the past, it's captivating and breathtaking and it's truly a thing of beauty.

Writing this review has been quite cathartic for me. When you get so caught up in a book like this, it's almost impossible to move on to your next read without a massive book hangover and pouring all my feelings into this review has definitely helped.

5 emotional stars - way more if I could.

Give Me Strength
Give Me Strength
Price: £1.86

5.0 out of 5 stars Completely AWESOME sexy romantic suspense, 16 Sep 2013
This review is from: Give Me Strength (Kindle Edition)
This has to be one of the best books I've read in a while. I loved every second of it, could not put it down, my eyes were completely glued to my Kindle which I only reluctantly turned off when I absolutely had to. It consumed my thoughts when I wasn't reading it and even now, a day after finishing, the characters are all vividly alive and kicking in my imagination. I'm so delighted to have discovered Kate McCarthy - she's most definitely now a new favourite author and I'm waiting with bated breath, not very patiently, for book three to release in early 2014.

This series is about a whole host of characters. There's the rock band Jamieson, headed up by singer Evie with Henry, Frog, Cooper & Jake completing the numbers. Mackenzie is their manager and her brothers Travis and Jared have a security and investigations company running with Evie's brother Coby. Along with a few others, this gang make up our large crowd of incredibly likeable characters that I know you are all going to love when you get to know them. I'm assuming each of them will get their own stories as each book tells a complete story for one of the main characters - there's no cliffhangers, only fantastic romances with deeply satisfying epilogues.

This time, it's the turn of Evie's brother Travis to fall head over heels in love with his forever girl, Quinn. Quinn is the new assistant to Mackenzie and is the product of a troubled childhood and abusive past. Everyone she has ever loved has been taken from her and everyone who should have cared for her and loved her has let her down. Quinn's confidence has taken a severe battering and she's pretty low on self-worth and sees no future for herself and certainly doesn't consider herself good enough for Travis, who comes from a big loving family and a group of close friends who consider themselves family.

Travis, true to form as a great Kate McCarthy alpha hero, is not going to let that one slide and goes after her and, as Quinn's past comes roaring back to into her life and puts her in danger, all of Travis' protective and possessive nature is triggered and he is determined to make her his despite her dogged determination that she's just not good enough.

This was just a perfect read for me. There's something about Kate McCarthy's writing that works incredibly well for me as a reader. It's important for me to feel the emotions right along with the characters and she just excels at this. There were so many scenes that played out with high-def clarity in my imagination - I could just see absolutely everything, it felt like a movie playing inside my head. Some of them were so tense, so suspenseful that they played out in super slo-mo in my head and my heart went cold and I could hardly breathe - I was so invested in the characters by this time that I was scared of what might happen to them.

There was one scene when Travis comes across something and he has no idea what might have happened to Quinn and can only fear the worst - he drops into a crouch and holds his head in his hands in desperation. That scene just embedded itself in my memory and the book is full of scenes like this - something about the way that they're written just allows them to completely come alive, makes the characters so real, as real as if they were standing right in front of me, compels me, enthrals me and helps me to experience every single emotion right along with the characters.

I think the series would appeal to fans of Kristen Ashley's Rock Chick series - Kate McCarthy definitely has a different writing style to Kristen but both series appeal to me in the same way. So, if you enjoy a great angsty romance, fantastic character development, totally gorgeous alpha heroes that you are just going to love, really feisty kickass heroines and a pulsating, dynamic plot then this series really is for you. Go check it out - your new favourite author is just here waiting to be discovered by YOU!

5 awesome stars!

Travis (Alluring Indulgence Book 3)
Travis (Alluring Indulgence Book 3)

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5.0 out of 5 stars Smokin Hot Erotic Romance, 3 Aug 2013
Well, I didn't think Nicole was going to be able to top Zane - I adored Zane and will always have a special place in my heart for him but she absolutely nailed this one. This is Nicole Edwards at the top of her game, totally on fire, practically setting fire to the pages as she puts the main protagonists through their very sexy paces! And this is a mighty tome - it weighs in at just over 500 pages!

This time it's the turn of Travis, eldest and most ornery of the Walker Brothers to find his Happy Ever After. We've learnt in Zane and Devotion that Travis is bisexual - what we didn't know is that he left behind the only woman he has ever loved, Kylie, ten years ago. Just walked out on her without explanation leaving her heartbroken and unable to move on until a certain Gage Matthews swaggers into her life. The same Gage Matthews we saw making out with Travis back in Zane. Oh yes, things are about to get real complicated and explosive - in fact, they're positively volcanic!

We've been requested by the tour organisers not to give away ANY plot details in our review and I did worry when I heard that, that the storyline wasn't going to go the way I had hoped and expected but, I'm happy to report, this was exactly what I wanted. I can't give it away, but if you've read the Club Destiny series, you're going to get a little more of what made that series really special and why everyone raves about Temptation and Devotion.

I really did love the transformation that Travis underwent during the course of the novel. Ever since we first met him, he's been grouchy, short-tempered and generally pissed at life. Not one for joviality, this man is serious with a big old capital S. It's so lovely to see the man with the seemingly bullet-proof heart thaw out a little and allow himself to love and be loved and for his face to break out into a delectable, brilliant, panty-melting smile!! We do get to understand him and the reasons behind all those ill-tempered, peevish mood-swings and see that Travis hasn't really been living for the last ten years - not really accepting himself who he really is.

Other characters are about to come into his life that will allow him to truly see what he wants and accept himself for who he is. And, as this is Nicole Edwards erotic romance - there's an incredibly high expectation of some serious, down and dirty polyamourous loving and Travis does not disappoint. This was smokin' hot and I swear my Kindle was in danger of melting as Travis lights up the pages with passion that burns white hot! This really is erotic romance at it's finest - we have super-hot, absolutely alpha cowboys who are uber-protective and possessive over their women, who live large with a sexy swagger and a cheeky grin on their face as they saunter through life until they are brought to their knees by someone they find themselves falling in love with - just perfect erotic romance.

We get to catch up with Kaleb and Zoey, Zane and V and all the other Walker Brothers as well as some of the crew from Club Destiny who will stage an intervention when it's most needed. We also get a great insight into the relationship between Curtis and Lorrie Walker, the Walker Mommy and Daddy, who have been married for 50 years. Their candle still burns bright and Curtis certainly hasn't lost that passion that his boys have inherited in droves.

Fantastic erotic romance but I still wish there was a Walker Sister!

5 super steamy stars

Price: £0.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Totally heartbreaking and yet so uplifting, 25 July 2013
This review is from: Unbreakable (Kindle Edition)
I think it's safe to say that this one totally RIPPED my heart out! I read a lot of books and I'm enthusiastic about a lot of them but, every now and then, a book comes along that completely takes my breath away, makes the rest of the world just fade away and all that remains is the story unfolding in front of me - this is THAT book!!

Our central couple are Gabe and Jess. Jess lost her mother at a very young aged and is raised by her widowed father who is the local Fire Chief and totally threw himself into his career after the loss of his wife. As a result, Jess is virtually adopted by the Garcia family who live next door becoming best friends with their daughter Ava. Ava has two older brothers, Gabriel and Luke and Jess has been harbouring a major crush on Gabe for years and as they grow up together, they confess their feelings for one another and become a couple.

So far, even though this is beautifully written, it's been a fairly normal new adult romance - great character development and beautiful pacing but nothing too out of the ordinary. BUT, suddenly, out of the blue, something BIG happens and, for me as a reader, it was kind of like slamming straight into a brick wall at maximum velocity. While the rest of the world seemed to carry on without me, I was left in a heap wondering what on earth had hit me.

It's not exactly what happens that caused me to ugly cry on multiple occasions in the aftermath of this big event - after all, if you're an ardent reader, you'll have read this plotline before. Possibly more than a few times. No, what makes this so different is the incredible depth of emotions we as readers are allowed to experience with the central characters. I honestly feel that I matched them tear for tear - their pain and sorrow was absolutely my own pain and sorrow.

I don't even know that it's possible to find the words to describe just now much I lost myself in this book. For me, as a reader, it's really important that the emotional side of the story isn't rushed or glossed over. I need to see the characters absorb and react to what happens and Becca Shea did this beautifully. The pacing was 100% perfect. As the shockwaves from the life-changing event spread slowly out and affected everything and everyone around Gabe and Jess, their emotions were so heartfelt, so soulful, so painful. The writing is virtually flawless - I was right there with every character in every scene,

Gabe and jess were beautifully drawn characters - neither of them were perfect and they seemed very real, very much a regular young couple. After the big event, I completely melted for Gabe - his incredible strength and perseverance and absolute and irrefutable love for Jess is what makes this story so sublime. Jess' reactions hurt herself and Gabe but he hangs in there for her and gives her the time and space she needs but it's soul-destroying for him and therefore for me - the reader who has fallen in love with him.

Thankfully there is a happy ending but it's a rough ride to get here. There's fantastic secondary character development here and I'd like to see a few of them get their own stories. One character that's introduced in the last third of the book and who, at first, I really didn't want to like but ended up totally loving with have his story told to us in the second book in the series.

I totally can't wait to see what Becca Shea does next - this is incredibly accomplished for a debut author and I will be awaiting new releases from her with bated breath.

5 big and shiny stars!!

This Man Confessed (This Man Trilogy Book 3)
This Man Confessed (This Man Trilogy Book 3)

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5.0 out of 5 stars Absofreakinlutely Awesome!!, 3 July 2013
Jodi Ellen Malpas first appeared on our horizons in October 2012 with a fairly quiet release for This Man which began, rapidly, to snowball as readers, reviewers and bloggers all started to rave about this wonderful, bossy, demanding and a little bit crazy new hero - Jesse Ward, Lord of the Sex Manor. By the time January came around anticipation for the release of the second book in the trilogy, Beneath This Man, had reached fever pitch and it's no different this time as we've waited with bated breath for the thrilling conclusion to this amazing trilogy and let me take a moment here to lay some of your anxieties to rest. This Man Confessed is just about everything you could have ever possibly hoped it would be and yet more.

This was really very special. I was so looking forward to losing myself once again in Jesse and Ava's sexy world and it absolutely didn't disappoint. For me, this erotic trilogy stands above ALL others. I love Jesse and Ava SO much, I feel so incredibly connected to them and I am now finding it hard to let go. I've got to know them so well, become so invested in their story that they have become quite simply unforgettable. They'll be an incredibly hard act to follow and this book most probably will leave you with the book hangover to end all book hangovers. I know it did for me!

I read slowly, trying to savour every word, sadly watching the progress on my Kindle edge ever closer to 100% knowing that I was going to be leaving Jesse & Ava behind, not wanting to part with them. The sun even graced me with its presence as I read this one, something that doesn't happen very often in England, and I now have the fondest memories of reading this one sprawled on a sun lounger, completely lost in their world as reality just fell away and all that existed for me were the words on the page. Not many books are able to do this to me - this one really is that special.

Jesse is back in all his fresh water minty loveliness, Lord of the Sex Manor, an impossible, bossy, demanding, uber-possessive, neurotic yet so very, very sexy ex-playboy. He's still overbearing, unreasonable, challenging but, heck, how much do I love him? Ava's still swearing like a sailor and prompting Jesse to yell at her to watch her mouth.

This is an angst ridden journey with lots of shocks and gasp out loud moments and plenty of despair for the two of them which all makes their Happy Ever After all the sweeter. Jesse has a troubled history full of pain, guilt and sorrow that he will finally confess to and Ava is helping to heal all that hurt and suffering. She's his little piece of heaven and she'll never allow him to fall back into that harsh, hollow past but you can be sure that if there's an easy way to do things, Jesse & Ava won't do it this way as we embark on yet another rollercoaster of a journey with them. They're both incredibly argumentative and both want their own way and they're always quick to anger and shout at each other and watch out for a thrilling, pulsating conclusion so enthralling that I could hardly breathe as I read it - thankfully all followed by a wonderful epilogue.

This is, quite simply, just a beautiful love story. It all felt so incredibly real to me - nobody is perfect, everybody has flaws, they face difficulties together, they scream and yell at each other, fight like cat and dog, overcome those difficulties together and, most importantly, they love one another wholeheartedly and, however painful that seems to be, that is the overriding factor here - the central theme to the whole wonderful story that is the This Man trilogy.

Jesse is incredibly intense - oh to be on the receiving end of all that intensity that is Jesse Ward. His love for Ava has completely overwhelmed him and he is terrified that he could lose her and this is what;s causing all this protectiveness and his possessiveness that is driving Ava crazy! This may well be the most beautiful love story ever written.

I very much enjoyed the writing style and I feel like I've been in safe hands - I felt that this story was meticulously mapped out and that Jodi knew from the very first page of This Man, exactly where this story was going, where every character fitted in and how it was all going to end. The story and characters strayed true throughout and this, for me, is the hallmark of a talented writer. Even though I am sad to leave behind Jesse & Ava, I am looking forward to whatever Jodi does next. I'll definitely be reading it.

So, in conclusion, this is quite possibly the best erotic romance trilogy EVER written, the most intense hero I think you will ever read and this book is up there contending for my book of the year for 2013. This is special - you are all going to love it.

A Terrible Love
A Terrible Love

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3.0 out of 5 stars New Adult Romantic Suspense, 17 Feb 2013
This review is from: A Terrible Love (Kindle Edition)
This is probably best described as a new adult contemporary romance with a bit of suspense and had a bit of a Beautiful Disaster vibe to it.

After a traumatic event, Jess, our heroine, his hiding out at college under an assumed identity in fear of of her life. She's keeping secrets from everyone, even her best friend. She's a former ballerina and hasn't been dancing for fear of discovery but gets coerced into a dance trial and dancing starts to bring her unwelcome and uninvited attention.

Our hero is Devin Castille (Cas), dark brooding and gorgeous & tells Jess that he only wants her for sex and that he is not prepared to share her with anyone else. Jess is also dating Mitch and Cas does not like it.

Jess gets herself into all kinds of trouble - gets slapped around the face a couple of times and find herself constantly threatened in dangerous situations. Thankfully, she seems to have an entourage of heroes following her around to rescue her - Cas, Mitch, Brad.

I thought this was OK but not great - didn't really find the situations that believable and didn't fully understand what the characters were truly up to by the end of the novel. Cas is a pretty awesome hero though and he's definitely going to hit the spot for a lot of readers.

Beneath This Man (This Man Trilogy Book 2)
Beneath This Man (This Man Trilogy Book 2)

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5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant continuation of the This Man trilogy, 17 Jan 2013
Wow! Just, Wow!

Before you read my review, please just open Massive Attack's Angel in a new window and play it in the background as you read. This song features frequently during the book and is Jesse's song for Ava. Play it LOUD!

This has to be one of the most anticipated releases of 2013. After the last desperate and devastating few chapters of This Man, we've all been waiting with bated breath for more Jesse & Ava. The second book of a trilogy is traditionally the weakest, it's neither a beginning or an end and can often be just filler but that is NOT the case here. This book just blew me away, I DEVOURED it and I am now bereft that it is over and can't wait for the third book to be able to finally conclude this intense and overwhelming romance.

We left Jesse & Ava in the depths of despair at the end of This Man. Both of them are broken by what has happened and their relationship is seemingly in ruins. They're both in pieces and wrecked and, Jesse especially, hell-bent on self-destruction. This was done so very well - their broken hearts and intense overwhelming sadness leap vividly to life right off the page and their despair is palpable. They're just lost without each other.

As they move beyond these events and attempt to get their relationship back on track I couldn't help feel that their connection was one of the most intense and most emotional that I think I've ever read in romantic fiction. I so wanted them to sort out their differences, to be open and honest with each other and to find that Happy Ever After that's constantly drifting ever so slightly out of reach. I read with a big grin, loving every minute that they were together and then again always with that ever-present worry that Jodi Ellen Malpas was going to rip the rug out from under us with some unforeseen complication and plummet them back down into the darkness. It's a story of unbelievably wonderful highs followed by despondent lows.

The normally strong dominant playboy has been reduced to a frightened desperate soul by the intensity and depth of his feelings for Ava. He's lived a hedonistic lifestyle until the moment he met her, he's never cared for the multitude of women that he's had physical relationships with and was fairly self-destructive not caring whether he lived or died. Now Ava has burst onto his horizon and he can hardly see straight, he loves her so much. He's terrified that he's going to lose her, that someone will take her from him and she brings out all his extremely over-protective instincts. He's a troublesome, neurotic rogue and there were times that I wanted to scream at him, bang his head against a brick wall to knock some sense into him - he made me crazy. Ava too. I was just rooting for them to find a happy balance - an equilibrium that would ultimately ease their troubled souls but they're so deeply connected to one another, body and soul, they have the power to absolutely destroy one other.

Ava continues to be a wonderful heroine that you can truly believe in. She's as overwhelmed as Jesse by her feelings and is completely bowled over by him. She's a feisty soul and despite Jesse's dominant presence manages to win some of their battles. She's strong and independent and doesn't take well to Jesse trying to micro-manage her life to the nth degree and it makes for a tortuous path as they argue and dispute every little aspect of their life together only to make up with seriously hot off the charts steamy bedroom action! Ava feels a connection to Jesse that she has never felt with anyone ever before and he makes her ecstatically happy and allows her to feel safe at the same time as driving her totally barking mad.

Beneath This Man is a beautiful, captivating, conflicting, tortuous romance that had me completely consumed by their story. I was totally absorbed by the words on the page, everything else just faded into the background as I lost myself absolutely in their fictional world, falling more and more in love with Jesse with every chapter. There's just something so open and engaging about what is passing between them. It's also funny as we get to see the little quirks of character from This Man building and growing giving you the reader a feeling that you're getting to know this central duo so very well. They feel like friends. There's also a great host of secondary characters with poor Clive, the much abused concierge at Lusso, John an absolute pillar of strength at The Manor and Kate and Sam and all of Ava's riotous friends and colleagues.

As I was lucky enough to be one of the earliest to read this, I got asked over and over the same questions - how old is Jesse, how did he get that scar, did he sleep with Sarah, and more. All I can say is - you're just going to have to read the book. I know you're all desperate to know but you don't really want me to tell you. You'll want to experience it for yourself just the way the author intended.

So, this was my first 5 star read of 2013 and an absolutely stunning continuation of the This Man trilogy and I can't wait to get my hands on book 3. If you liked This Man, you're going to absolutely love Beneath This Man. If you enjoy your romance on the angsty, emotional and intense side then this book is most definitely for you.

5 stars super steamy and very special erotic romance
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