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Fugazi [Bonus Disc]
Fugazi [Bonus Disc]
Price: £5.19

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5.0 out of 5 stars Classic Marillion, 15 Jun. 2010
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This review is from: Fugazi [Bonus Disc] (Audio CD)
Marillion have become my most favourite of bands over the years as they keep coming up with new and exciting ideas and transforming them into great concepts for an album, 'Misplaced Childhood''Clutching At Straws''Brave''Marbles' and 'Happiness Is The Road' have all been and still are a huge part of my life.

This album was released in 1984 when I was just 19 years old. It made an immediate impact on me as Fish directed his bitter and twisted thoughts to failed relationships at a time when I was struggling with the fairer sex myself! It was his lyrics of deciept, adultery, lies and treachory that cut straight to the heart as he appeared to have had the same experiences.

'Assassing' opens proceedings with a superb keyboard intro and thunderous drums to an almost dance beat which describes his desire to kill (figuratively speaking) the object of his frustrations with such lines as "venomous verbs of ruthless candour, plagiarise assassins fervour" and "a friend in need is a friend that bleeds, let bitter silence infect the wound" This is also a rant about the sacking of resident drummer Mick Pointer who was replaced after 1 album.

'Punch & Judy' is the ultimate observation of marriage breakdown, as he describes the ectasy of being in love with "whatever happened to pillow fights?, Friday nights? jeans so tight? and "whatever happened to Lovers Lane?, passion games?, Sunday walks in the pouring rain?" to the agony of hate with "propping up a bar, family car, sweating out a mortgage as a balding clerk, "world war three, suburbanshee, just slip her these pills and I'll be free"

'Jigsaw' is a slow ballad with some superb guitar ridden angst from Steve Rothery, again the theme is aimed at the brokenhearted, "stand straight, look me in the eyes and say goodbye, stand straight, we've drifted past the point of reasons why" and this song has some of my favourite lyrics. "are we trigger happy? Russian roulette in the waiting room, empty chambers embracing the end"

'Emarald Lies' deals with divorce with acute accuracy on how the wounded party could be thinking to himself, the court being a "gallery of contempt as she accumulates flirtations with the calculated calmness of the whore" "through a silk cut haze and the smeared masscara, a 40 watt sun on courtroom drama"

'She Chameleon' has our character "degraded and alone, raped and still forlorn and betrayed on a lizards bed". One of the band's most emotive songs has Steve Rothery's guitar almost crying tears as Fish vents his anger "was it just a f***, was it just a f***, just another f*** I bled, loving just for laughs, carnal autographs on a lizards bed"

'Incubus' has to be one of my favourite tracks by Marillion, it has everything you need in an angst filled statement to an ex you really want revenge over, absolutely no love lost here! Heartbreaking lyrics as in "you can't brush me under the carpet, you can't hide me under the stairs, the custodian of your private fears, your leading actor of yesteryear"
to the ultimate act of revenge with "but now i'm the snake in the grass, the ghost of film reels past, the producer of your nightmare and the performance has just begun" you are almost cheering him on at this point!

'Fugazi' closes the album in a way only a writer knows how to finish, by reviewing his life and struggling to invisage the part he plays in the world. "drowning in the liquid sieze on the Piccadilly line rat race, scuttling through the damp electric labyrinth" he realizes how warped and insecure the world is in relation to his own life. Always a great lyric "son watches father scan obituary columns in search for absent school friends" "while a generation digests high fibre ignorance" "do you realise, this world is totally fugazi"

This is my favourite Fish related album, the songs and the production are razor sharp. Musicianship of the finest order, in no way a difficult 2nd album for me. Fans of the band reading this review will have already marvelled in it's glory, but for pending fans or for those who are just intrigued to know, you can not go wrong with this classic.

The Great War
The Great War
Price: £9.89

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4.0 out of 5 stars Voice Of Del Amitri Gets Better and Better!, 6 May 2010
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This review is from: The Great War (Audio CD)
Justin Currie has come up trumps yet again with his latest solo offering. His follow up to What Is Love For? is full of the usual heartbreaking and uplifting tunes that have lit up my life over the past 20 years or so. With this release, he sounds more like Del Amitri, which seems like a weird thing to say but compare it to his first solo album and you'll see what I mean.

What Is Love For? was melancholy, thoughtful and predominantly acoustic, a quiet unassuming album. 'The Great War' has more of a 'band' sound to it and could easily pass as a new Del Amitri record. This time round Justin has surrounded himself with players such as Mick Slaven (Guitar) Peter Adams (Piano), Nick Clark (Bass) and Jim McDermott (Drums) as well as a wealth of talented support musicians. Iain Harvie being absent on a recording for the first time ever.

There is no doubt in my mind that Justin Currie pocesses a gift for songwriting. His clever, catchy and thought provoking songs capture his mood about love, life and possibly the universe! I've often refurred to him over the years as the spokesman for dissapointment, but he has definately been promoted to the cabinet as minister of heartache! The fact that he finds happiness 'Anywhere Where I'm Away From You' speaks for itself.

'A Man With Nothing To Do' could possibly be a national anthem, if promoted by national radio stations, as it sums up the feeling of a nation, well half of it!
'At Home Inside Of Me' is currently my favourite song with it's extremely catchy melody and chorus.
'You'll Always Walk Alone' is a sad obsevation of married life I think we can all relate to. You can spend a lifetime together, but that final walk into the light is rather disturbingly alone.

Justin Currie has written some great songs over the years from 'Move Away Jimmy Blue' (1989), 'Surface Of The Moon' (1992), 'Never Enough' (1995), 'Mother Nature's Writing' (1997), 'Cash & Prizes' (2002), 'If I Ever Loved You' (2007) to 'Can't Let Go Of Her Now' (2010). There will inevitably be more, I hope so. Buy this now.
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Second Sight
Second Sight
Price: £8.31

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1.0 out of 5 stars A Blatent Con!, 21 Jan. 2010
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This review is from: Second Sight (Audio CD)
Avoid this album like the plague, it proports to have extra tracks like 'Festival Of Spirit' and 'Thunderwood' but all they have done is name the bass and drum solo's from the Reading Festival. I was so annoyed when I recieved this and realised it was just another blatent con by a record company who think they are offering the fans something new, when it's just a mish mash of poor quality 'live' tracks and the standard studio tracks from every other 'Best Of' product. As a fan I should have done my homework, do not fall for this garbage like I did.

Live: Triple Trouble
Live: Triple Trouble
Price: £12.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Unlock A Glorious Memory!, 16 Jan. 2010
This review is from: Live: Triple Trouble (Audio CD)
Gillan were my first band fixation as a young 15 year old at school. Purple spin offs Rainbow and Whitesnake were also doing the rounds at the time with a lot of success. It was Gillan that attracted my attention because they had a unique sound. You had Ian's voice which is undoubtably one of the best in the business, the screams Bernie Torme got out of his Fender were awesome and they were blessed with a genius behind the keyboards in Colin Towns. John McCoy was a sight to behold and is the only bass player that I can remember that has ever done a solo at Reading! Mick Underwood as ever was a dependable and solid drummer. Gillan were probably the hardest working band on the circuit at the time clocking up over 200 gigs a year.

I went to see Gillan twice in 1981, the first time being March 2nd at the Winter Gardens, Bournemouth. Little did I know that it was the last time I'd see Bernie Torme as their guitarist.

Disc 1 of this set was recorded March 5th at the Rainbow Theatre, London.
This is the show I witnessed and listening to it again just brought all that excitement back. From the majestic opening introduction of 'Second Sight' which always escorted the members of the band onto the stage, to the ferocious explosion of 'Unchain Your Brain'. The band are on top form here, my personal favourite line up of Gillan/Towns/Torme/McCoy/Underwood really knew how to deliver a 'live' performance. The 10 minute version of 'No Easy Way' with it's brilliant keyboard intro has to be disc 1's crowning glory. 'If You Believe Me' is also the band showing how versatile they were with a superb blues number. 'On The Rocks' was always a fave of mine 'live' as Colin Towns always introduced the piece with some fantastic flute playing with futuristic chimes in the background.

This tour was promoting songs from 'Future Shock' which was to be released a month later. We get great versions of 'Bite The Bullet' and 'Future Shock' included in the set made up of 'Glory Road' and 'Mr Universe' material. As ever the standard encores 'Smoke On The Water' 'Sleeping On The Job' and 'Lucille' round off 79 minutes of sheer delight.

Disc 2 was recorded on the 29th August 1981 and is the band's triumphant headlining appearance at the Redaing Festival without resident guitarist Bernie Torme, who rather foolishly refused to fly back from Germany to do Top Of The Pops and was unceremoniously sacked from the band. Janick Gers from White Spirit had taken up the reins and based on the evidence here had quickly settled in!

The set list was still prodominantly 'Glory Road' and 'Future Shock' with the singles 'Trouble' and 'Mutually Assured Destruction' included for good measure. The only new song played from forthcoming release 'Double Trouble' was 'Hadely Bop Bop'. Janick is a superb guitarist and he is showcased here with his 5 minute intro into 'Smoke'. Some of these tracks made it onto Side Two of 'Double Trouble' but if you want to hear the entire 1 hour 20 minutes then you have to buy this. I went to see them again on the 17th December 1981 at the Arts Centre, Poole and they had certainly improved by this time. They were a tighter sounding outfit, all that touring certainly paid off.

Disc 3 is a must for the serious fan like myself, the 5 tracks they did for The Friday Rock Show all of us 40 something's remember as the finest 2 hours of radio in the week! God bless Tommy Vance for getting the band to do this session as it includes the best version of 'Mutually Assured Destruction' i've heard and it's never been available up until now. Recorded on the 23rd April 1982 and aired on the 8th May 1982 it's been available only to me on cassette for 28 years! Now it's here on CD I can not thank the producers of this package enough.

Gillan went on to release one more album, the painfully ignored 'Magic' which to me had so much promise of even better things to come. 'Demon Driver''Living A Lie''Bluesy Blue Sea' and 'Figi' were all some of the best songs they had recorded, but it wasn't to be, which was a real shame.

Buy this anyway as it is without doubt the best example of the band 'live' on disc, which has been fully endorsed by Ian Gillan himself.
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50 Best Songs:The Motown Years
50 Best Songs:The Motown Years
Price: £17.95

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5.0 out of 5 stars What A Talent!, 17 July 2009
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If you have been looking for a comprehensive collection of Michael's earlier work with his brothers on the Motown label then this is it. It has every great song he recorded between 1969 and 1975.

50 songs spread over 3 discs and 2.9 hours of pure listening pleasure!
Every Jackson 5 single release is featured here from 'I Want You Back'(1970) to 'Skywriter'(1973). All the classic covers are included, 'My Girl' 'Ain't No Sunshine' 'Who's Loving You' 'You've Got A Friend' and 'Never Can Say Goodbye' all have that magic touch Michael just seemed to pocess at the tender ages of 10 to 16.

'Got To Be There' 'I'll Be There' 'ABC' 'The Love You Save' the list is endless! One of the main reasons for buying this is the inclusion of 'Farewell My Summer Love' & 'Girl You're So Together' which were released in the summer of 1984 to capatalise on the huge marketing potential Michael was after 2 years of 'Thriller'. To my knowledge that album is no longer available so it was great to hear them again!

I cant praise this album enough and so it seems do thousands of others, as this album is catapulting towards No.1 as we speak. Just treat yourself and buy it to realise what a genius Michael was. Can you imagine the faces of the judges and audience of a talent show when confronted with a 10 year old Michael singing 'Who's Loving You'?

So regardless of how you felt about the man and all the controversy and myths that surrounded his later life you have to appreciate what a huge talent he was as a boy, the success he brought to his family and the legacy his recordings will be remembered for. This CD is a fitting tribute to a true musical legend.

Two Feathers
Two Feathers
Price: £11.21

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4.0 out of 5 stars Australia's Best Kept Secret, 5 July 2009
This review is from: Two Feathers (Audio CD)
Two Feathers is the 4th album by Rory Ellis and is probably his most complete work so far in a career spanning a decade. It's an album of well written tunes about his childhood, his memories and how he sees the world we live in. Rory's genre nestles in the urban folk/blues bracket with a deep voice that is such a distinctive and powerful instrument in itself. A talented guitarist, his songs are meloncholy, upbeat, catchy and thought provoking.

'Two Feathers' is almost heartbreaking as it deals with a place we all went to as children to be free and let our imaginations run wild. Rory went to an old tin shack where "with two feathers in my fingers, I thought that I could fly" I mean, who has never done that or something similar as in jump off a roof with an umbrella!
'Wrong Side Of The Tracks' is my favourite off this collection, an observation that young teenagers are so fragile and close to trouble if they take the wrong track, "hey kid don't go too fast, your little heart is like a peice of glass, waiting to be broken"
'Little One' is a song for his daughter that he never sees for most of the year, written in a loft 13,000 miles away from home with the heart warming lyric " I'd fly from this window to be with you, and i'd break every bone in this body to show you I can"
'No Love In This War' asks the question we all ask ourselves when our troops go off to fight in foriegn countries like Iraq and Afghanistan. Why? Why? Why? " why don't you run on home, the sun is setting in your home town and your children cry all alone"

The 3 albums before this one are also excellent, 'Ride' (2000), 'The Rushes' (2003) and 'Road Of The Braver Man' (2005) are all available at his gigs and go for various prices on this site.

Rory Ellis to me writes great songs, sings them with emotion and tells his audience exactly why he wrote them. I've seen him 3 times now, he always gives a great performance regardless of how many people turn up. His latest tour lasts until October 2009 so if you see his name advertised in your local paper or pub, go and check him out, you will not be disappointed.

Price: £13.15

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4.0 out of 5 stars Well Worth The Wait!, 4 Jun. 2009
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This review is from: STRANGE FLOWERS (Audio CD)
It's been five years since the quiet sombre offering of Holy Love, excellent as that was I felt there was something missing. If you were a fan of the band Love and Money in the mid to late eighties then you will know how capable James Grant is of putting together fine melodic tunes. I'm happy to reveal that the melodies are back which are more reminiscent to the aforementioned band's past output.

'This Could Be The Day' is gloriously catchy, sung with one of the best voices in the business and should be the lead single to advertise this work. The musicians involved are Donald Shaw of Capercaillie (Keyboards), Ewan Vernal of Deacon Blue (Bass) and James MacKintosh & Che Beresford (Drums). Together they make a great sound.
'Darkstar' is sounding along the same lines as 'Looking For Angeline'
'Strange Flowers' having been available on the website since February is a short simple song which has infectious vocals from his two backing singers Monica Queen & Karen Matheson.
'The Hallowing Touch' is a slow ballady type of song with a country flavour.
'My Father's Coat' is the resident classic with some impressive guitar solo's, over 9 minutes long and the subject matter speaks for itself. Having lost my father the song is quite emotional for me.
'The Bay At The Nape Of Your Neck' is an excellent tune, full of twangy guitar, very infectious with a superb string arrangement.
'Lake Louise' and 'Is This The First Kiss' are regular melodic tunes with the latter having a small hint of 'Littledeath'
'Can't Beat The Music' toys with a funky beat and a 70's boogie rhythm guitar.
'Scarecrow Song' is your average folk ballad and if pressed not my favourite James Grant song in the world.
'Catherine Burns' is a beautiful way to finish off the album with strings and a verse.

James Grant has been knocking out quality music now since 1984, so 25 years on I can safely say he's still got it, still sounding fresh and that voice is sounding better than ever. Check out Sawdust in My Veins My Thrawn Glory I Shot the Albatross to complete his solo back catalogue. You wont be dissapointed.

Price: £19.66

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4.0 out of 5 stars A Return To Basics!, 10 May 2009
This review is from: Lotusflow3r (Audio CD)
Lotusflow3r and MPLSound is the 25th official release from Prince which consists of 21 new songs recorded by the master and showcasing his latest protigee Bria Valente with 'Elixr'

An instrumental 'From The Lotus' sets us on our way, as if welcoming us to his wonderful world of colour and vision, which reminded me of some segmants of 'She Spoke To Me'
All the songs merge together as if the album is a concept peice, what is evident is that his love of the guitar shines through, 'Boom' is a great rocky number with solo's reminiscent to 'Let's Go Crazy'.
'Crimson & Clover' incorporates the famous hook from The Troggs 'Wild Thing' and goes on to have another stunning solo. The fact that he self taught himself how to play 26 individual instruments leaves me amazed and full of admiration.
'4Ever' sounds like something from 'The Gold Experience' and rolls along in typical fashion. 'Colonized Mind' is probably my favourite song so far from numerous listens, a slow rock/blues ballad with again great guitar and vocal harmonisation from Prince and his backing singers.
'Feel Good, Feel Better, Feel Wonderful' is an old song reworked with some excellent horns and thumping bass.
'Love Like Jazz' is pleasant enough and reaffirms belief that his main influence, Hendrix asside, is Carlos Santana.
'77 Beverly Park' is an instrumental that has an Italian flavour, you get an image of flamenco musicians serenading you at a dinner table and is a little confusing to why it's been included.
'Wall Of Berlin' is another nod towards Santana with Prince indulging in some brilliant guitar jamming with his assembled musicians.
'$' is quirky like a lot of Prince tunes with a pretty impressive bass line and drum sequence which for some reason reminds me of the obsure hit 'The Pushbike Song' by The Mixtures! I just wanted to keep singing "you look so pretty, as you were rolling along"!
This track eventually fades to bring us Prince in full Hendrix mode, 'Dreamer' has all the hooks of 'Crosstown Traffic' and 'Voodoo Chile' included and moulded into a Prince classic, by far one of his best songs this decade.
'Back To The Lotus' is another instrumental closing track which borrows slightly from N.E.W.S an album of intrumental jams released in 2003.

Considering it's been 25 years since the release of Purple Rain it's only fitting that Prince has recorded some of his lateset songs with the now famous Linn Drum machine. 'The Beautiful Ones' 'When Doves Cry' & 'Raspberry Beret' to name a few have that legendary sound.

MPLSound opens with probably the best song on here '(There'll Never Be)Another Like Me' which is quite true, I think we are witnessing at the moment a true musical genius in the prime of his career. The sheer volume of music he has produced and written not only for himself is simply staggering.
'Chocolate Box' brings his sound right upto present day with a tune similar to 'Suburbia' by Rhianna.
As the album progresses the songs diminish in quality for me hence the reason for 4 stars. 'Dance 4 Me' 'Ol Skool Company' & 'No More Candy 4 U' are standard Prince fodder and nothing special. 'U're Gonna See Me' is a reworking of a song from his 'One Night Alone' after show shows and 'Better With Time' is a predictable slow ballad that has always been a bane of contention for me, only a few have been really good. 'Here' is a little dull and dosn't really do much to enhance the overall product. 'Valentina' is the saving grace of MPLSound, a great song pure and simple.

As a Prince fan I bought this for Prince material and not his new protigee Bria Valente, having listened to it, she has an excellent voice and looks stunning, so no change from Mayte, Appolonia & Shiela E really!

Shop around for this, it will cost you $77 on the Lotusflow3r website, I found my copy on for about £15 which to me is a bargain.

All the Plans
All the Plans
Offered by westworld-
Price: £10.00

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4.0 out of 5 stars Normal Service Resumed!, 16 Mar. 2009
This review is from: All the Plans (Audio CD)
A welcome return for the soaring melodies, brilliant vocals and heart wrenching lyrics that will inspire anyone who listens. I love Starsailor and must admit to being a little concerned with the direction they took with their last opus 'On The Outside'. A harder edge to the songs and a lack of soul were my main hang ups, when compared to the beautiful debut 'Love Is Here'

'All The Plans' puts us all back on track with 11 songs that bleed with emotion and has lead singer James Walsh pouring his heart out once again. 'Neon Sky' and 'You Never Get What You Deserve' are particularly heartfelt and will have you reaching for the box of tissues! "on a life support machine, a damaged teenage queen, a danger to yourself" poetry! Try to resist singing "slip inside the eyes of your mind" as the opening bars of the title track begin, very reminiscent to 'Dont Look Back In Anger' to my ears and is every bit as good. 'Tell Me It's Not Over' is a great opener and subsequent lead single for this set, I can't believe Radio 2 hasn't adopted it on their playlist as yet. 'Boy In Waiting' a gentle acoustic intro with some soaring vocals from James, such a distinctive voice. 'Listen Up' deserves special praise as it's extremely infectious with all members excelling and I woudn't be surprised if it was released as the next single, but having said that we are spoilt for choice, as most of the songs on this album either surprise, uplift or make you ponder about life.


Prospekt's March
Prospekt's March

5.0 out of 5 stars Great music, cheeky concept!, 25 Nov. 2008
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This review is from: Prospekt's March (Audio CD)
The tracks that are included on this EP are as excellent as the ones on Viva La Vida and really shouldnt have been left off. I wondered why the album was so short, now I know why! £10-£15 for Viva La Vida and another £6 for this, a great way of making money out of one album's worth of songs as the record company know that we (the fans) will buy it for the extra tracks.

So yes, 5 stars for the music but only 2 stars for the concept, or is it just a brilliant piece of marketing? I'm a little miffed that all the songs were not all included on one album.

Oh and another thing JZ does not belong on any Coldplay track, he's ruined 'Lost' in my opinion with his inane rap over the top of the song.
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