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Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of Coldplay
Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of Coldplay
Price: £23.98

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4.0 out of 5 stars Errrrrm..., 16 April 2007
Ok, so I've not actually bought it, but I have listened to all the clips, and I can say that this CD is FUNNY! It's like Coldplay played on an xylophone! Nearly died laughing when i listened to them. The songs sound similar to the origionals (tune wise anyway!) without the lyrics or much of the dynamics, although Yellow I noticed sounded a bit different. Anyway, one word to sum this up - MAD! Probably great if you're a coldplay fan with a baby who likes lullaby music. Probably great if you're a coldplay fan who is really depserate a laugh and has money going spare. Otherwise...errr...I wouldn't bother!

Fight The Tide
Fight The Tide
Offered by EliteDigital UK
Price: £12.35

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5.0 out of 5 stars Whoa., 3 Jan 2007
This review is from: Fight The Tide (Audio CD)
This album is a beast! Every single track on it is good. I think the only way to go through it is track by track:

Everything About You - Brilliant song, catchy, rocky.

The Fight Song - Amazing. Awesome guitars, great message, pounding and addictive chorus.

Alone - The song which made me buy the album and it's still my favourite. A well written, beautiful and poetic love song set to an explosive rock tune. Lyrically fantastic as well as excellent musically.

Things Like You - A more mellow song, about getting bogged down by materialism. One of the best songs on the album, despite not having the usual screeching guitars and pounding chorus.

Closer - Another catchy guitar riff and explosive chorus, this is a very good song.

Change Me - A thoroughly heartfelt song, which builds up from delicate guitar chords and bursts into a yearning finale. Another of my favourites.

The Show - Hey, guess what - yet another catchy guitar riff! How they retain origionality defies me. Another good song.

Message - Fast guitars, typical Sanctus Real.

Deeds - A very good song about the balance between faith and living right. Cheeky, edgey and wise, with another great guitar riff.

You Can't Hide - Not my favourite on this album, but it's not a bad song either.

Where Will They Go - Another slightliy softer song, it builds up into a slightly more lively climax, another good song.

Everthing About You (Alt. Version) - As good as the origional version, but more of an acoustic, quieter version. Love it.

So all in all, this is a brilliant rock album. Fantasitc, catchy, edgy guitars and thoughtful, well phrased, cliché-devoid lyrics, make this a very good album defintely worth the money. There are no bad songs on this album at all, just good songs and outstanding songs.

Offered by Giant Entertainment
Price: £9.99

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2.0 out of 5 stars Disapointing., 3 Jan 2007
This review is from: Glo (Audio CD)
Delirious? are one of the biggest Christian bands in the world, and one of my favourite bands. However, I think this album is a little over-rated. Reviewing it 6 years after its release as a christian-rock-loving teenager, I was faily dissapointed with it really. It has been described as worship music from Cutting Edge crossed with Mezzamorphis, but I would disagree, this album is not like Mezzamorphis at all.

This is a worship album. I've got nothing against worship albums, I own a few, and really enjoy them when done well, but I think this verges on too-cheesey americanised CCM worship music, and at times is a little sickly.

The first song I think is fairly stereotypical of this genre. The lyrics are simple and repetative praise, e.g. 'God you're my God', 'I will lift up my hands in sacrifice, we give you praise'. Not the best start to a Delirious? album ever.

The songs continue in a similar manner. The 'Glo in the Dark' sections basically link the songs together with 'I will praise you's, and fairly unimpressive insturmental sections. It bewilders me that with such instrumental talents as they have in Tim and Stu that they need to bring in violinnists etcetera. All the piano and guitar bits in these parts are just repeated chords or riffs, with no real melodies or solos to impress the listener. Perhaps this isn't their intended purpose, but they just get irritating after a while.

There are a few stand out songs: God's Romance, My Glorious, Hang on to You, Investigate, but I don't think they're as good as they could have been.

So, in summary. This album is a american-CCM-esque worship album, with some decent tracks, but it is in my opinion a disapointment. It lacks some of the honesty and experimantal variation of Mezzamorphis and Audio Lessonover?, and indeed of their newer albums, especially the Mission Bell.

There are two kinds of song on this album - the techno-guitar worship song, and the quiet worship song. I feel that all the songs are spoilt by being over-filled with choirs and extra instruments. This isn't really Delirious?, it sounds more like a Delirious? worship concert in an American church.

This isn't a CD that I'll come back to often, I think the tracksuits they guys are wearing on the cover pretty well sums it up - oh dear =P This CD is worth buying if you want a nice CCM worship album, but it fails to really relate to the listener on everyday issues, like the best Delirious? songs do. Otherwise, maybe worth buying for a couple of songs, but this time it just feels like Delirious? have over-done it.
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Sony MDR-E818LP Acoustic Twin Turbo Headphones (discontinued by manufacturer)
Sony MDR-E818LP Acoustic Twin Turbo Headphones (discontinued by manufacturer)

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4.0 out of 5 stars Great...till they break..., 14 Dec 2006
I love these headphones. I got a very similar pair free with my sony cd walkman a few years ago. The sound quality is very good for £[...], you can hear good quality bass and treble. These are a lot better than the standard pair of sehnheisers which I got with my mp3 player, they have much more bass response.

A couple of niggles though - yeah, the cords to both earbuds are the same length, I personally don't think this is as useful as one long one short to wrap around the back of your neck, but that's a matter of opinion, but there is one big flaw:

They die! First, they tend to buzz a little, especially on bassy tracks, and then they begin to stutter. Why? Well, the wires in the headphones come loose/go somehow faulty, and so in the end you get no sound whatsoever if the wire is in a certain position. This gets worse and worse, and you can't fix it be taping it or anything (trust me I've tried).

This happened to both of my pairs of sony headphones. These ones lasted 6 months give or take. But then, the quality is great, and they're really cheap, so I'd still get another pair. If I want a cheap pair of new headphones with great sound quality. They last long enough to be worth it. Also, I should add I'm hardly a light user of mine. They're usually either in use, or bunged up in my pocket or something!

Conclusion: Great value, but flawed if you want durability.

Sea Of Faces
Sea Of Faces
Price: £11.02

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5.0 out of 5 stars One of the best albums I've ever bought., 27 Dec 2005
This review is from: Sea Of Faces (Audio CD)
Wooooow. When I bought this album it was probably the heaviest CD I owned. I bought it after hearing tracks off the album on the yahoo launchCAST service ( I thought it was good but when I bought it I wasn't aware it was such a solid album. I'll go through the tracks...
Not What You See - 94% Awesome song with heavy catchy guitar.
All Alone - 92% Another great song, chilling piano noted at the start merge into a guitar laden chorus.
Better For You - 90% Good song, cathy chorus.
Sea of Faces - 100% Musically it's great, lyrically it is awesome. "Your body's the bread/Your blood is the wine/Because you traded your life for mine/Just one in a million faces", to a Christian that means so much.
Let You In - 92% Heavier and darker song, growling guitars.
Passion - 85% Lyrics suitable for the film 'the Passion of the Christ'. Not one of my favourites especially, but still good.
Perspectives - 94% Beautiful lyrics, great guitaring, inspiring song.
Treason - 85% Heavier and darker song again, but I find it a little repetative on the chorus.
All The Words - 92% Nice more worship-ish song, nice to see a good piano line.
Troubled Heart - 90% Song singing of heartbreak, uplifting and reassuring.
It's Like Me - 90% Song about screwing up when given the chance to tell people about God, good music.
And that's it. Throughout the whole album the lyrics are fantastic, lyrically it's probably THE best album I've ever bought. The band shows it's adeptness with heavy guitars, lighter piano, loud and quiet. I'd have bought it just for the title song, but it's packed so full of awesome songs that it's an album not to be missed. An album everyone will enjoy, even rock-loving non-christians. I've got to get their other albums now!

Lose This Life
Lose This Life
Price: £21.78

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5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic Album, 28 Oct 2005
This review is from: Lose This Life (Audio CD)
I'd first heard this album on yahoo's LAUNCHcast radio thing. I heard God Can You Hear Me, and that was about it, but i bought the album nonetheless 'cause it sounded so good. I've not heard much DC Talk, in fact I don't know much about the history of the band members at all, but that's nothing to do with anything, as wherever they come from they didn't half come together well. I read a review on Empty, their previous album which I haven't heard, and it was saying how you could pick out six or seven tracks as really special - and it's the same here. ALL the tracks on this album are good! I guess it'd be easier if I went through them...
Lose This Life - great song, great lyrics. Pounding chorus with a great message.
Numb - a rocky song, slightly darker than the previous track, and features Rob Beckly of Pillar which makes this track different.
Electric Avenue - Awesome cover of an Eddy Grant song. Love it. Sticks in your head like a pot of glue.
Fallen - nice piano based song, one of the quieter ones, about a girl who's having a hard time.
God Can You Hear Me - possibly my favourite track on the album, it combines catchy and meaningful lyrics with a tearing chorus.
Reconnecting - a little like numb, awesome rock song, with lower darker verses. When I say darker by the way, I generally mean quieter and lower.
Child - another quieter song, with beautiful lyrics about Jesus' love and care.
Heartache - beautiful love song, again quieter and piano based. Another favourite at the moment, especially lyrically.
Free Will - I'm quickly running out of adjectives. I'm only going to end up sounding samey anyway, so I'll leave it at good song, with a rocky chorus.
Wait - awesome rock song. Thumping beat and driving guitars.
Holding out for Grace - quieter song again, nice melody and lyrics.
The Christmas Song!? - Well it's one to add to your christmas music CD anyways... A cool Tait version of Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire. This isn't a rock version in case you were wondering :P
There's also 14 tracks of blank silence which come free as well (they seperate the christmas song form the rest of the album).
So all in all? a great album! Good fun, with inspiring lyrics, and some great rock songs too. Good all rounder.

Audio Lessonover
Audio Lessonover
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £2.97

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4.0 out of 5 stars Youch - Worth Buying, 31 Mar 2005
This review is from: Audio Lessonover (Audio CD)
Audio Lessonover? is a great album. I've only got 2 Delirious albums right now, but I'm ordering another, and this is a kind of mix of songs. I think a lot of songs in this album are amazing, and some are not so good. I am a fan of lightish rock music mainly, e.g Delirious? (obviously), Coldplay and Franz Ferdinand. The song that stand out to me are Waiting for the Summer, Take Me Away (Awesome!), Love is the Compass, Alien, Angel In Disguise (nice song, Fire, A Little Love, Show Me Heaven and America, but the rest didnt really stand out as good songs to me, and Stealing Time has about 2 minutes of silence in. This album is worth buying solely for those tracks, and you might enjoy the others too, even if i did not as much.

Coldplay  - Live 2003 (Special Edition) + Live CD [DVD]
Coldplay - Live 2003 (Special Edition) + Live CD [DVD]
Dvd ~ Coldplay

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5.0 out of 5 stars Worth It, 9 Aug 2004
Wow. This is a great DVD for everyone, whether you enjoy the emergetic, or the melodic side of Coldplay, the DVD and CD is great!
The DVD supports 2 camera angles, and not only has the concert on it, it also has the tour diary, which is a welcome extra.
This alone is worth the price, but the CD is the other part of the deal. It doesn't feature all the songs on the DVD, but covers all the nescessary ones. The CD also has an interesting dark side! if you play it on your PC (and perhaps DVD player i dont know), there is also a photo album! It didnt play in my Sony CD mp3 walkman, but does in most other sound systems.
This is a must-have for all coldplay fans, I had my doubts about it before it came, but it's definitely worth it!

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