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Say It With Flowers - E-mail Gift Certificate
Say It With Flowers - E-mail Gift Certificate
Price: £30.00

5.0 out of 5 stars great gift, 16 Nov. 2013
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This is a great idea for anyone looking for a gift for that person who is hard to buy for... Amazon has such a great range of DVDs and CDs for instance, the gift card solves the problem. It is quick and easy and you can choose your own value depending on the intended giftee. They only have to add it to their account and choose what to buy at their leisure.

Monsignor Renard [DVD]
Monsignor Renard [DVD]
Dvd ~ John Thaw
Price: £5.30

5.0 out of 5 stars meaningful WW2 series, 5 May 2013
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This review is from: Monsignor Renard [DVD] (DVD)
This was a very interesting series and John Thaw always brings such credibility to the characters he plays. It was very moving

Spoils of War [1980] [DVD]
Spoils of War [1980] [DVD]
Dvd ~ Alan Hunter
Offered by skyvo-direct
Price: £10.85

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5.0 out of 5 stars classic post war series, 2 Sept. 2011
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This review is from: Spoils of War [1980] [DVD] (DVD)
I thoroughly enjoyed this series about a family during post wartime in northern England. Times are still hard with some rationing and men returning from active service. One son who was presumed dead while in a japanese prisoner of war camp returns but has many severe mental problems with war neurosis. His wife thinking him dead has fallen in love with a european from the enemy side serving as a prisoner in England and working at a nearby farm. There are three other brothers and a sister. The older two brothers also served, one in the airforce, the other an army officer. One has strong union ties although his ambition it to write professionally, the other has become rather a capitalist and tends to do things which hurt many people. The younger son likes to spend time with his grandad who also lives in the family home. The sister falls in love with a young man who is the son of one of the local gentry, this young man was an ordinary soldier who new her brother when they were serving together in europe. He visits his ex officer one day and thereby meets the sister and their relationship starts.
This is short review of this series as I would not want to spoil the story for viewers but it will give everyone an idea of the storyline. If you enjoyed Family at War, then you will certainly enjoy this series too. The picture quality is not up to today,s standard as it is quite fuzzy but we have to consider this was made a long time ago and had to be digitised so a fairly good job has been done on it.

North West Mounted Police [DVD]
North West Mounted Police [DVD]
Dvd ~ George Bancroft
Price: £10.01

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5.0 out of 5 stars Colourful Canadian scenery, 12 April 2011
This is a really good old movie with very colourful characters. I only had a copy of an old video that had deteriorated a lot. I had copied it from TV quite a few years ago. This DVD was so good to view it in such lovely colour. It was very entertaining and Gary Cooper is always such good value plus some favourites of mine, Robert Preston in particular and Madeleine Carroll... What a beautiful woman she was.
Not being Canadian I don't really know how accurate the historical facts are but it basically was Gary Cooper, A Texas Ranger in Canada searching for a wanted man who absconded from the USA over the border to Canada. He seeks assistance and information from the RCMP and this of course brings about some friendly rivalry between Gary and the Mountie played by Preston Foster over the attraction both men have for Madeleine Carroll's character, and she is the sister of Robbie (Robert Preston) It is about the French and British struggle for power and all the personal problems involving Robbie and a French Canadian girl played by Paulette Goddard.
The famous Indian Chief Pontiac is played (against type) by Boris Karloff. Strange casting I thought but it seems to work OK.
I am sure anyone who liked these actors would really enjoy this movie

For the Moment [1993] [DVD] [2007]
For the Moment [1993] [DVD] [2007]
Dvd ~ Russell Crowe
Offered by DaaVeeDee-uk
Price: £12.37

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5.0 out of 5 stars war time romantic drama, 3 Mar. 2011
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A very nice true to life movie, well told story about a ww2 australian pilot and a canadian farm girl.
she is married to a man serving his country overseas. loneliness encourages the illicit romance between the two and it doesn't reach the desired ending which makes it more realistic. The fashions and settings etc., are excellent, everyone looks and acts just right for the period. Russell Crowe gives his usual fine performance and Christianne Hirt is very believable and natural as the canadian girl. Has something for everyone.

Our Town [DVD]
Our Town [DVD]
Dvd ~ William Holden

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5.0 out of 5 stars Fantasy, 2 Feb. 2011
This review is from: Our Town [DVD] (DVD)
This is a gentle lovely old movie with a very young handsome William Holden. It shows the Town over several generations of families with romances and tragedies and so on. The story is lovely and all the actors are so endearing. Martha Scott's lovely face and gentle style of acting suits her role exactly.
The quality of the film is the only let down with this DVD, as it is fuzzy and a little crackly too. It would have been nicer if it had been digitally remastered but it still does not detract from the charm of it.

Hustle - Series 6 [DVD] [2011]
Hustle - Series 6 [DVD] [2011]
Dvd ~ Adrian Lester
Price: £7.80

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5.0 out of 5 stars Lawful Con Artists, 2 Feb. 2011
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This whole series has been great with very likable characters. Admittedly, some of the capers stretch credibility but it is so entertaining and I am so glad Micky is back in the latest. It is funny and you always feel that the people they target deserve all they get. The series White Collar reminds me greatly of Hustle except it involves the FBI. You can't go wrong with Hustle because it has something for everyone. If you didn't enjoy it you would be most hard to please.

True Confessions [DVD]
True Confessions [DVD]
Dvd ~ Robert De Niro
Price: £6.29

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5.0 out of 5 stars True Classic, 2 Feb. 2011
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This review is from: True Confessions [DVD] (DVD)
This is fabulous and a true classic in every sense. The period detail is great as it really looks like the 1940s. Great acting especially from one of my favourites Robert Duvall, has he ever done anything wrong! My only criticism would be the ending, as it was not really clear who committed the murder of the mutilated girl.

Island at War [DVD]
Island at War [DVD]
Dvd ~ Owen Teale

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5.0 out of 5 stars wartime drama, 1 Oct. 2010
This review is from: Island at War [DVD] (DVD)
I really enjoyed this series and it opened my eyes to how things were on the Channel Isles during WW2.Having spent my early years in the South Devon region of Devonport/Plymouth I experienced plenty of bombing, at times frightening for a young child. This series was very well made with some really good actors who were most believable. Scenery was beautiful too. It was most realistic about the situation that the Islanders found themselves in and I had no idea that some of the residents were sent to concentration camps. My only disappointment is that it did not seem to be finished because I felt there was much more to the story. I found it a most worthwhile purchase though.
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Basil [DVD] [1998]
Basil [DVD] [1998]
Dvd ~ Claire Forlani
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £4.16

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3.0 out of 5 stars Period revenge intrigue, 16 May 2010
This review is from: Basil [DVD] [1998] (DVD)
I didn't know anything about this DVD before I saw it on Amazon and thought I might like it because of the era and also I like Christian Slater. I was a bit disappointed and I have to say I did not like it much. It is quite miserable and dark and the characters have no redeeming qualities. I find Claire Forlani beautiful, but a wooden actress with very predictable expressions. Others might like this movie but I'm afraid I don't really find too much to recommend.

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