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Tim Minchin and the Heritage Orchestra
Tim Minchin and the Heritage Orchestra
Price: £12.29

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4.0 out of 5 stars This is awesome in every way, 22 Dec 2011
Tim Minchin doesn't mince his words. He goes out and sings just what he likes. Some of the songs are particularly clever and witty. If you like his previous work you will love this album.

Last Track On The Album
Last Track On The Album

4.0 out of 5 stars So funny, 22 Dec 2011
I love this song. It's so typical of Chris Moyles' method of comedy. You should also check out the rest of his album. Really great song :)

The Adventures of Tintin [DVD]
The Adventures of Tintin [DVD]
Dvd ~ Stéphane Bernasconi
Price: £10.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Relive the classic Tintin adventures at your own pace!, 5 Dec 2011
When I saw this box set on the shelves, I was immediately captivated and felt like a little child again. When I remember Tintin, I remember so many things. For one thing, it was a more mature cartoon. There were acts of violence, extreme peril, gunfights, drug smugglers... Tintin really was like Indiana Jones mixed with the typical reporter stereotype. The characters and locations are fantastic. From Marlinspike Hall to the moon.

Tintin himself is an intrepid reporter who is multi-talented to the extreme, with a deadly haymaker punch (which tends to knock out bad guys in one single strike) and a universal driving licence. We have Snowy, who's Tintin's adorable dog, present in each adventure. He is silly but extremely loyal. Often he alerts others to Tintin's weakened state or chews through his ropes. Captain Haddock on the other hand is a recovering alcoholic. Originally introduced as a heavy drinker but later he is able to remain sober (at least most of the time). Haddock is fantastic foil for Tintin, he is at times pessimistic, but also fiercely loyal. At one point he even nearly sacrifices his own life to save his friend. His made up swear words like "Blue Blistering Barnacles" and "Thundering Typhoons" are a key feature of this character and never fail to entertain.

Then we have the bumbling Thompson and Thomson, the detectives wearing bowler hats. They always turn up too late or arrest the wrong people. They mean well, but often cause more trouble and typically fall over each other and generally act as comic foil. Then we have Cuthbert Calculus, who is a hard-of-hearing scientist. He is gentle and a talented inventor.

Then we have the villains. Typically 'bad guys' who wear monocles and do generally very dastardly things. Typically Tintin must practically chase the villains across the world to put a stop to their terrible schemes. The villains generally stoop very low indeed, typically knocking Tintin out from behind with a blow to the head, or else using Chloroform (this happens at least once an episode). With exceptions, episodes are typically 44 minutes in length (22 minutes if it's only a short episode) and generally told in two parts. (2x22 Minutes = 1 full episode)

Really, Tintin is a perfect TV show and I'm so glad I bought this. If you remember the original show and have fond memories, don't hesitate to buy this.
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Call Of Duty 8 Modern Warfare 3 Game DS
Call Of Duty 8 Modern Warfare 3 Game DS
Offered by Startup Media
Price: £14.20

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4.0 out of 5 stars Best FPS game on the DS. A fantastic COD game, fun online multiplayer., 14 Nov 2011
= Fun:4.0 out of 5 stars 
The DS versions of the franchise share boxart and basic premise with the console versions of Call of Duty, however the DS series also includes it's own narrative which is parallel to the console story. The story details a fictional war which happens between Russian forces and the rest of the world. You globetrot across various locations of the world and try to kill the enemy forces, before they kill you. Story mode is exciting and the voice-over work help you get immersed in the story. The music comes in just when the action starts heating up which is very nice.

Like in the Black Ops DS game, this game features some of the same functionality as the console versions. Attachments are equipment-specific items such as scopes and grenade launchers which add extra functionality to your weapon. You will unlock these in Multiplayer mode (which are listed as separately from the main weapon). There is also a perk system whereby you can equip two separate perks to two different slots. One example is Martyrdom which makes your character drop a live grenade on death, or Sleight of Hand, which increases your reload time. While Black Ops also had a perk system, in this game, there are two perk tiers which are mutually exclusive. Therefore there are limitations in which perks you can equip at any one time.

Online Multiplayer is frantic and fun, whether you fight strangers or friends. You can have six player matches of a variety of different modes. Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch are typical modes in which you either kill other players or work as a team against the enemy. In Sabotage, one team has to defend a target while the other team tries to destroy it. This involves planting a bomb on the specific point and making sure it detonates. The teams then swap over.

There are also three game modes which have been transferred over from the console versions. These are: Gun Game (You start with a pistol and get a different weapon for each kill you make, while getting knifed will drop you down a level), Sharpshooter (Each player has a randomised weapon every 45 seconds which is shared with all the other players) and One in the Chamber (Which is a survival mode where each person only has one bullet (which is an instant kill), and a knife Killing an enemy gets you an extra bullet).

New to this DS game is the "Macro" and "Loadout" functionality. "Macro" are settings you can customise before a game so that you can definite custom game settings easily in advance without fiddling with menus in the middle of a hectic session. Loadouts are the same, but for player equipment. So you could have a "Sniper" setup and a "Shotgunner" setup as two different Loadouts which you could rapidly change.

As you rack up kills in Multiplayer mode, you unlock new titles, weapons and perks. These help bring a lot of replayability to the game and keep it fresh and fun. There are extra challenges to complete such as "Win a Multiplayer match using only a knife" or "Achieve a 15 kill streak". There are also challenges for story mode levels such as "Kill 5 enemies using throwing knives".

As a Call of Duty fan, I could easily see myself playing this game for a while. It has a lot of functionality and really does push the DS hardware as far as it can go. While not a perfect game, it is a great example of fantastic First-Person Shooter gameplay on a portable console and a good benchmark for the next generation of portable FPS games.


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5.0 out of 5 stars Epic tactical squad action! Fantastic game, great music and sounds!, 5 Nov 2011
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: SWAT 4 (PC) (Video Game)
In this game, you lead a team of five SWAT members and you must undertake some complex missions such as stopping a bank raid or arresting a dangerous suspect. In this game, rather than go in `guns ablazing', it pays to take the more stealthy approach. You are expected to give the suspects fair warning by yelling for compliance before you are allowed to take any lethal action. In general, it's best to throw smokebombs or flashbangs in order to get them to surrender faster. You can also use the taser or pepperspray but this requires some practice.

Going into this game thinking it's like Call of Duty is just going to end up with you getting a lot of penalty points or worse, running out of ammo and becoming a liability to your team. Ultimately this game is about teamwork, fairplay and tactics. You play the leader of your unit. There are also two other teams comprised of two squad members. You can assign each team a different task so while one team is stacking up against a door, the other one is preparing C4 to breach the other door. You can also order them to handcuff enemies or stick by you. The AI isn't perfect but often does a good job. They'll often ask you to move out of the way which can be annoying if you like to keep them close (which is a good idea generally).

The sound effects in this game are spot on. Every gunshot, door opening or explosion feels and sounds realistic. The voice acting is really good. The civilians sound scared and confused and the criminals sound determined and angry. The SWAT team sound cool and calculated and always sound as if they really are SWAT members. The squad leader who briefs you on your mission does an impeccable job of making you feel as if you really are eavesdropping on an important mission briefing. Online play is an interesting diversion that has it's moments. Your characters are very frail though, so moving slowly and surprising the enemy is paramount.

Overall SWAT 4 is a very fun game that has a unique approach on making FPS games more intelligent and bringing a more tactical approach to dealing with pesky criminals.

Fossil Fighters-Nla
Fossil Fighters-Nla
Offered by Game Dealz
Price: £11.43

4.0 out of 5 stars An epic adventure with colourful t-rex and raptors!, 5 Nov 2011
= Fun:4.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Fossil Fighters-Nla (Video Game)
This game is similar to Pokémon in some respects, and has been compared to Spectrobes and other monster battling/training games. In this game, you travel across a varied landscape and dig up fossils. These fossils can then be excavated by the player and can revive the dinosaurs in this game called `vivisaurs'. The monsters are composed of "Head", "Body", "Arm" and "Leg" portions, when you have the head, you can revive the monster but only with all four fossils types will the dinosaur have all of it's basic strength. While some dinosaurs are realistic, they are attempting to attract a diverse audience and so have been creative with the design of the creatures.

Graphically, the dinosaurs move in a realistic way even if some of the moves are a little more open to the imagination (ie. a T-rex doing a dropkick with it's feet, or a raptor doing kung fu and breathing fire or a typhoon). The 3v3 battles play out in quite an interesting way. You have the option of benching one of your dinosaurs and swapping it with another in the middle of a battle. The graphics of the characters do their job, although outside of battles, the game has a bit of a `barebones' feel.

Tactically there are different elemental powers which cancel out each other and act in an interesting way. This helps the player in forming a balanced team. Other vivisaurs have special abilities and moves such as "FP Plus" which increases the FP points you use in order to perform special moves with the creatures.

In terms of sound you have the `vivisaur' noises such as roaring and chirping. You have a couple of sound effects from other characters but nothing in terms of voice or complex sound effects. The teleporter noise is probably the most interesting thing, together with the radar pings. The music is serviceable and is generally above average. In particular the boss battle themes are rather good.

In terms of game hours, it is lite compared to other RPGs but will still require 10-20 hours to complete the main storyline. There are plenty of dinosaurs to discover and rare fossils, as well as a few little surprises here and there.

Overall Fossil Fighters is a game I have enjoyed as an interesting diversion to Pokémon and a great way of having fun with digital dinosaurs in a rewarding way.

Darren Lynn Bousman - Repo! The Genetic Opera [DVD]
Darren Lynn Bousman - Repo! The Genetic Opera [DVD]
Dvd ~ Darren Lynn Bousman
Price: £6.00

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4.0 out of 5 stars A real hoot! Best musical horror comedy!, 22 Oct 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
In my opinion, this is one of my favourite films. It has humor, great lyrics, catchy tunes, wicked characters and is chock full of intense action and gore. It really is a uniqie film. If you liked Sweeney Todd or Rocky Horror Picture Show, you're going to love this! Warning: Contains gore and swearing

Philips SHP2500/10 Indoor Corded Television Headphones
Philips SHP2500/10 Indoor Corded Television Headphones
Price: £14.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Great!, 22 Oct 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I simply love these headphones. Well worth the price as you hear chrisp audio again and again. Just be careful not to drop them or step on the cord.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Signature Series (Bradygames Signature Guides)
Call of Duty: Black Ops Signature Series (Bradygames Signature Guides)
by Thom Denick
Edition: Paperback

4.0 out of 5 stars Got this from my local supermarket on sale, 31 May 2011
The guide is good and goes into quite a lot of detail which may have been missed during the game itself.
It's very useful for beginners and will also give pros something to read and learn.

I would recommend this for someone who needs a bit more help. For other things, you can just go to websites to learn more.

No Title Available

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4.0 out of 5 stars Good quality sound, but quiet and small, 25 May 2011
= Fun:4.0 out of 5 stars 
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
The Headbanger is the only headset that will work on Black Ops. While this is a step in the right direction and generally is much better than Wii Speak, the audio is quiet, even on it's highest volume setting. There is a handy mute button you can just tap which mutes all recording, so it's very easy to mute yourself.

I have two main criticisms. One: It's a bit too small for me. I'm a 24 year old adult and the microphone length only extends to my cheek. I would have preferred if it extended a bit further, but alas, it doesn't. Two: The threshold for recording is high, which means you can't whisper into it. You have to talk in a reasonably loud voice to be heard. That means you can't always use it if you have a busy house or nosy parents.

But the product is good and I believe it's the best headset on the wii (you can also plug the usb into a computer and use it a headset for that too)

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