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Aguilera, Christina-Christina Aguilera
Aguilera, Christina-Christina Aguilera
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4.0 out of 5 stars Good Variety of Pop, 21 May 2000
From Micky Mouse to Mulan to Pop Divas, this bright young star has certainly hit a high note with this recording.
Christina Aguilera's self titled debut album is full of pop songs from strong powerful ballads to upbeat sing-a-long tunes and each displaying a great deal of talent from this young artist.
1. Genie In A Bottle - The song that has introduced Christina to most of her fans across the globe, and is impossible to dislike. 4/5
2. What A Girl Wants - A brave follow-up single to 'Genie In A Bottle'. It has an R'n'B flavor to it and may take a few listenings to before you can appreciate it. 3.5/5
3. I Turn To You - This is a powerful song with a Whitney Houston sound that shows off Christina's vocal ability. A beautiful song dedicated to Christina's Mum. 4.5/5
4. So Emotional - Another R'n'B influenced song. It's one of the average tracks on the album, but becomes quite catchy. 3/5
5. Come On Over (All I Want Is You) - My personal favorite track. It's an upbeat, fun, sing-a-along to song, and is a perfect pop tune. 5/5
6. Reflection - If this song is familiar, it is because it was on the soundtrack to the animated movie 'Mulan'. Christina was just 16 when this was recorded and her voice is brilliant and perfect for this beautiful song. 5/5
7. Love For All Seasons - This song would perhaps have been better used as a b-side on a single. Vocally, again Christina does not fail but the song just fails to go anywhere. 2.5/5
8. Somebody's Somebody - This song is often criticised however I would dispute that. Great mid tempo song that will have you tapping away to in no time. 4/5
9. When You Put Your Hands On Me - Excellent pop song, but my only criticism is the synthesised sound to Christina's voice which is really unnecessary and annoying. 4.5/5
10. Blessed - Beautiful and unique song, that has to be heard. 5/5
11. Love Will Find A Way - Upbeat pop song that will make you want to sing along to it. This would have been a good bright song to end the album on. 4.5/5
12. Obvious - The only thing that saves this song is the vocal ability. Slow and boring and just does not go anywhere. 2/5
When Christina first came onto the music scene she was given the label 'The New Britney Spears'. This album does not only prove this entirely wrong, but makes it quite clear just who Christina's influences are. With a Mariah Carey / Whitney Houston influence, she has created her own unique style of music.
Christina Aguilera is a pop album, with a variety of different songs that will keep you listening to for hours. If you love pop music, then this is the ultimate female pop album.

I wanna be with you
I wanna be with you
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3.0 out of 5 stars Better Live Performer, 21 May 2000
This review is from: I wanna be with you (Audio CD)
If Mandy has not yet hit your shores with her debut single 'Candy' it won't be long before it's soaring up your singles charts. She's already being described as the next 'Britney / Christina', and after their success, Mandy is taking that as quite a compliment.
At just 15 years of age, she has supported Backstreet Boys and recorded her debut album titled 'So Real'. For Mandy, it's a dream come true, and for her fans, well they just can't get enough of this bright new star.
1. So Real - Upbeat, good pop song but the vocals sound a little weak in this song. 4/5
2. Candy - The debut single that everyone is singing. If this song sounds familiar, remember the Swedish singer Robyn with her single 'Show Me Love'. Once you get past the similarity and young video clip you'll want to re-play it over and over. 4.5/5
3. What You Want - Well it wouldn't be a U.S. pop album without some R'n'B. Quite a funky tune, that grows on you. 3/5
4. Walk Me Home - A good choice for the follow-up single to 'Candy'. A lovely song that really shows off Mandy's talented vocal ability. 4.5/5
5. Lock Me In Your Heart - One of the best tracks on this album. It's a mid tempo track and very sing-a-long. 4/5
6. Telephone (Interlude) - A waste of space on the album and plain annoying.
7. Quit Breaking My Heart - Slow introduction, and the build up to the chorus is excellent. Lovely melodic song, and my personal favorite on the album. 5/5
8. Let Me Be The One - It seems Mandy's voice can't handle the faster songs. Again it sounds a little weak on this song, and is saved with the backing vocals. The song itself is an upbeat catchy song. 3/5
9. Not Too Young - It begins with thunder, preparing you for a big ballad, but it's far from that. Do not be put off by the la la la, and young lyrics. It has a strong beat and you'll want to listen to it over again. 4/5
10. Love Shot - Another catchy up-beat pop tune, the chorus will definately have you singing to it in no time. 3.5/5
11. I Like It - Fast forward, this song is boring and empty. 1.5/5
12. Love You For Always - This song is very Janet Jackson sounding. The song is a little flat and lacking anything special. 2.5/5
13. Quit Breaking My Heart (Reprise) - Fantastic ending to this album. For anyone wishing to dispute Mandy's vocal ability, listen to this beautiful reprise. 5/5
Since the recording of this album, Mandy has grown up and her vocal capabilities have improved a great deal. This young girl has quite a set of lungs when it comes to live performances, and unlike her rivals, Ms. Spears and Aguilera she actually sounds better live than on the album recording.
'So Real' is an impressive pop album, containing beautiful ballads to strong beat dance songs. Forget the generalisation that pop music is for 'teeny-boppers', as anyone can enjoy it and this album can be enjoyed by everyone.
(This review is based on the original version of this album that was released in the U.S. titled 'So Real'. Note, there may be some variations in songs).

Honey To The B
Honey To The B
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4.0 out of 5 stars Young Songs, BIG Voice, 21 May 2000
This review is from: Honey To The B (Audio CD)
Billie is arguably the biggest and most talented U.K. teen pop star. The only thing preventing her from storming up the U.S. billboard charts is promotion. At just 17 years of age, she has an amazingly strong voice and pop songs so powerful with an R'n'B flavour to them.
'Honey To The B' caters for all age groups with it's young rebellious lyrics in 'Because We Want To' to the more mature 'Honey To The Bee'.
1. Because We Want To - This is an up-beat, extremely catchy song that you can dance too. The lyrics are young, but a good song. 4/5
2. Girlfriend - A mid-tempo song, and very sing-a-long to. The chorus isn't as good, but it will really grow on you. 4/5
3. Officially Yours - Unusal beginning, and a little boring. It's a slower song, with an R'n'B sound to it. 3/5
4. She Wants You - Upbeat pop song. This is my favorite upbeat song on this album. 4.5/5
5. Love Groove - A very American sounding song, again with the R'n'B sound to it. Reminds me of another song, but can't think what. 2.5/5
6. Party On The Phone - Very young sounding pop intro. Mid-tempo song, that will grow on you the more you hear it. It's not a bad song. 3.5/5
7. Saying I'm Sorry Now - Again a mid-tempo song with a strong beat. A little boring, but is ok. 3/5
8. You've Got It - Billie's voice sounds a little like Mandy Moore in this song. Another song that will grow on you as you hear it. 3.5/5
9. I Dream - Slower song and really nice. Her voice could have stood out a little more, as it sounds a little washed out. 4/5
10. Honey To The Bee - You'll either love or hate this song. Personally, I love it, it's a lovely song and the best on the album. 5/5
11. Whatcha Gonna Do - Awful song, it's boring and doesn't do anything. 2/5
12. Don't Forget To Remember - Piano, jazz sounding intro. It takes a while to get into the song, but when it does it's a good up-beat song. 4/5
Billie has an amazing voice, particularly for her young age. It's strong and holds up well on the pop songs, but also is perfect for her R'n'B songs. Overall, the album is above average, but it's the songs that drag it down, not Billie's vocal ability.
'Day And Night' is the title of her debut single from her second album. Let's hope Billie has matured her sound, and she will go a long long way with that voice.

Price: £4.75

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5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic Aussie Pop/Rock, 21 May 2000
This review is from: Reflector (Audio CD)
Killing Heidi are yet to take their music internationally. However, when they do, if their success at home in Australia is any indication, then they are going to literally rock the world.
Ella, Jesse, Warren and Adam make up Killing Heidi with Ella on lead vocals. Just hearing her, you'd expect a young woman in her mid 20's, but at just 16 years of age she really does make Killing Heidi what they are with her extraordinary vocals and song-writing ability.
1. Mascara - It is easy to understand why this went number 1 on the Australian charts. It's rock intro soon goes into a beautiful pop verse and then followed by a rock chorus. It's a fantastic and clever song. 5/5
2. Weir - This is the band's debut single and reached number 6 on the Australian charts. Again another very high quality pop/rock song. When I first heard it, it reminded me a little bit of Cheryl Crowe. 5/5
3. Superman / Supergirl - A very rocky intro, that changes into a slower powerful song and back into a fast rock chorus. Not as good as 'Mascara' but is still a great song, and again fantastic vocals. 4/5
4. Astral Boy - A much slower song, with lovely vocals. The music almost reminds me a bit of Jewel. 4/5
5. Leave Me Alone - Another very powerful rock intro. Only it doesn't soften, the whole song is quite edgy. 3.5/5
6. You Don't Know - Not a favorite track, it's an edgy rock song, but a bit repetitive. 3./5
7. A Jar Labelled Small - Good rock song, that contains a nice soft section before returning to the fast rock. 4/5
8. Class Celebrities - Very edgy fast rock. Unlike some of the 'harsh' sounding songs, this one almost has a melodic sound to it underneath it's edginess. 4.5/5
9. Live Without It - This is my second favorite track after 'Mascara' and should do well as their third single. It's got more a pop sound to it than the previous tracks. Fantastic song and vocals.
10. Real People - Another of the edgy rock songs. Not a bad song. 3.5/5
11. Jon's Song - Interesting intro, with nice vocals. A calmer song that builds up to a faster rock sound. A really good song, and the recipe of combining the melodic'ish pop, with the edgy rock once again works really well, with Ella's voice strong enough to handle it all. 4.5/5
12. Black Sheep - Fantastic final song. More pop than rock, and catchy. 5/5
Killing Heidi released their debut single 'Weir' in Australia a little over a year ago in Australia. Since then they have become the biggest music act in Australia, with a number 1 single and their album 'Reflector' debuting at number 1, and still remains there after 4 weeks.
In a couple of months they hope to take their music overseas where they will become Australia's biggest export without a doubt. Killing Heidi's sibling couple Ella and Jesse are the true talent behind the band, writing all the music themselves and will without a doubt steal the show at this year's A.R.I.A. awards.

Oops!... I Did It Again
Oops!... I Did It Again
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4.0 out of 5 stars Mature & Brilliant, 21 May 2000
This review is from: Oops!... I Did It Again (Audio CD)
The original pop princess is back with her second album 'Oops! I Did It Again', and her tunes are funkier than ever. Included on the album is a cover of a huge Rolling Stones hit '(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction', as well as Britney's first attempt at song writing on 'Dear Diary'.
Britney has already topped the charts in many countries with the very up-beat and all too familiar sounding 'Oops! I Did It Again', and it's no surprise. For those fans who have not yet purchased this album, you may want to consider purchasing the Australian version, which contains 15 tracks (Girl In The Mirror, You Got It and Heart) as well as a limited edition facsimile Britney Spears V.I.P. pass.
1. Oops! I Did It Again - This song may contain a hint of 'Baby One More Time' and 'Crazy', but it is excellent. A very up-beat and catchy song. 5/5
2. Strong - A very funky up-beat song, and some unusual vocals. It's very "Britney" and extremely catchy. 4.5/5
3. Don't Go Knocking On My Door - An R'n'B flavored song. Definately grows on you the more you listen to it, but a good song. 4/5
4. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction - The much talked about Rolling Stones cover. It really could have done without the talking at the start though. The "La La La" vocal at the beginning sounds a lot like the beginning of Mandy Moore's 'Not Too Young'. The song itself, is one I think you'll either love or hate. Personally, I really like it. A lot different to the original which I think is a good thing for cover songs. It's mid-tempo, and quite impressive. 4/5
5. Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know - The start of this almost sounds a bit oriental. It is a ballad, that was co-written by Shania Twain and her husband/producer "Mutt" Lange. There is a certain bit of music in this chorus that reminds me of the instrumental section in 'From This Moment On. It's a lovely song, and shows her music has really matured since her debut album. 4.5/5
6. What You See Is What You Get - Another up-beat funky song. The beginning has a 'Paula Abdul' sound to it. Very catchy and yet another great pop song. 4/5
7. Lucky - One of my favorite tracks. It's another catchy mid-up-tempo song, but the intro could almost be mistaken for 'Stand By Me'. 5/5
8. One Kiss From You - This song sounds like it belongs on 'Baby One More Time'. It just doesn't have the feel of this album, but isn't bad. 3.5/5
9. Where Are You Now - This is a really nice ballad. It's quite slow, with a lot of backing vocals and nice guitar. 4/5
10. Can't Make You Love Me - Yet another of Britney's very up-beat, danceable, singable, catchy tunes. 3.5/5
11. When Your Eyes Say It - This song has a Sophie B. Hawkins sound to it. It's a slow and calm song. 4/5
12. Girl In The Mirror (Bonus) - I don't know why this wasn't on the general release of this album, it's a really nice and 'pretty' sounding song. Definately worth getting the version with this song. 4.5/5
13. You Got It All (Bonus) - The beginning of this sounds a little like 'I Will Still Love You' from Baby One More Time. This is a mid-tempo average song. 3.5/5
14. Heart (Bonus) - A slow-mid tempo song. It's quite a good song, with a nice string section. 4/5
15. Dear Diary - So, is Britney more than a performer with a good voice? This is her first released track written by herself. It's a slow track about a boy, and not a bad attempt with a nice finishing touch to the album. 3.5/5
It's not a matter of if this album will be successful, but a matter of counting the countries it will top the charts. Britney has definately matured, and it can be heard in most of the songs on this album without losing her special touch.
Leaving 'Baby One More Time' for dead, 'Oops! I Did It Again' is a fantastic follow-up album, and is evidence that all the imitators just don't have it. An album definately worth purchasing if you've enjoyed past Britney Spears hits, you will not be disappointed.

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