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The John Lennon Letters: Edited and with an Introduction by Hunter Davies
The John Lennon Letters: Edited and with an Introduction by Hunter Davies
by John Lennon
Edition: Hardcover
Price: £12.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great!, 27 Dec 2012
Most interesting book I've read on John in the last 20 year's. A life long Beatles fan I am and this is lovely! A must buy for anyone who loves Lennon.

David Lynch Box Set [Blu-ray]
David Lynch Box Set [Blu-ray]
Dvd ~ Kyle MacLachlan
Price: £30.62

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5.0 out of 5 stars Glitches appear fixed!!, 25 Dec 2012
Just thought I'd pitch in, I got this today for Christmas. Checked my discs, all seem fine. Everything except 'Eraserhead' is 5.1 sound, 'Lost Highway' does NOT stick. So it does appear that the reported faults have been fixed. Buy with confidence if you're a Lynch fan (my old DVD of 'Blue Velvet' looked like it was mastered off a video tape! This version is a 100% improvement over that!), but just double check when you get it that you have this fixed copy of the boxset. It would appear if you buy it now then you'll get what you should and as described. Mine is fine and I have no regrets at gettng it. Great stuff!
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Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking: Be a Happy Non-smoker for the Rest of Your Life
Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking: Be a Happy Non-smoker for the Rest of Your Life
by Allen Carr
Edition: Paperback

5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing!, 17 Dec 2009
I bought this about 2 months ago. Didn't think it would work. While reading the book I found I was smoking less and less, the desire to smoke was lessening. I finished the book last Sunday, had my last fag straight after. Since then, I haven't touched a cig. I will NEVER put another fag in my mouth again. This book WORKED! I'm amazed. Spending less than a fiver on this book has saved me thousands of pounds that I would have spent on tobacco (and trips to the doctors!)!

Love [Digipack With Bonus DVDA 5.1 Surround Sound]
Love [Digipack With Bonus DVDA 5.1 Surround Sound]
Price: £14.00

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2.0 out of 5 stars Beware!!, 22 Nov 2006
While I LOVE this album , I bought this edition to listen to the 5.1 mix. I have 2 DVD players with 5.1 capabilites in my house but it won't play on either!!

Connecting them up to my DTS decoder this is what happens.

Pioneer DVD-454. This is my older player, has the DTS logo on the front, used to play MANY 5.1 discs. Put the LOVE DVD in, I get the AUDIO option on the screen this time, select 5.1 and there's NOTHING! It say's it's playing but there's NO audio coming out. Pop in a film with 5.1, works fine!!

Panasonic DMR -ES10 DVD Recorder (this has the DTS symbol on the front too). In this player the AUDIO option on the menu doesn't even SHOW! Pop in a 5.1 film, works fine.

Someone's messed up the mastering of this. Rubbish!
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Wonder Showzen: Season 1 [DVD] [2005] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]
Wonder Showzen: Season 1 [DVD] [2005] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]
Dvd ~ Vernon Chatman
Offered by supermart_usa
Price: £12.28

5 of 6 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars What???, 20 April 2006
I have just watched 3 episodes of this. Some of it is hit and miss but I burst out laughing many times! I have NEVER seen anything like this program. It's described on the guide here as 'Sesame Street on acid'.

This makes you go 'Did I REALLY just see that?' Totally ODD!

Most Haunted 5.1 (Three Discs) (DVD)
Most Haunted 5.1 (Three Discs) (DVD)
Dvd ~ Most Haunted
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £6.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Blue Peter meets Scooby-Doo, 16 Mar 2006
More odd goings-on. Whether you believe it or not it's hugely entertaining. You can laugh at it, get scared by it, get puzzled by it or just look at the jolly nice places they get to visit and learn a bit about the history about where ever they are.
One of the best TV programs recently!
I didn't even know this DVD was out. It's in NONE of the main DVD shops round here and have never seen it for sale.

Pipkins - Vol. 1 [DVD]
Pipkins - Vol. 1 [DVD]
Price: £9.75

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5.0 out of 5 stars Class!, 28 April 2005
This review is from: Pipkins - Vol. 1 [DVD] (DVD)
I hadn't seen this since I was a kid, about 1979 was the last time. This is CLASS. Watching it again after all this time bought the memories flooding back. I didn't remember Hartly being so CAMP!! He's even funnier now than he was then now I can see how camp and NAUGHTY he could be! Shame there's no really early epidsodes with the other intro with the classic themem tune sung by the same person who sung 'Rupert' but maybe none of them have survived, I don't know. Anyway, if you were a child in the 70's and went home for dinner at dinner time you must have watched this! Classic stuff and released for the first time on this ever DVD!

Lennon Legend [DVD] [2003]
Lennon Legend [DVD] [2003]
Dvd ~ John Lennon
Price: £13.05

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5.0 out of 5 stars Lennon Legend DVD, 4 Feb 2005
This review is from: Lennon Legend [DVD] [2003] (DVD)
It's a great package, love the menus and can't fault the picture quality given the source material. I cant comment on the 5.1 as i don't have it.
1. Nice to see the OTHER version of the TOTP 'Instant Karma'. The one on the DVD is the black polo neck version. The one on the 'John Lennon Video Collection' was the flowery shirt/denim jacket version.
2. REALLY annoyed to see that for 'Cold Turkey' they've overdubbed the single version on to of the live version footage from 'Live In NYC'. The video made for the single is GREAT. Why substitute this??
3. The video for 'Mind Games' is so lovely to see. John wandering around surrounded by people who are obviously surprised and pleased to see him. Imagine wandering around NY (im not sure thats where it is , having never been , but I presume it is) and seeing JOHN LENNON! What GREAT footage and it saddens me watching it when you realise that was it was this ability, for him to wander around and not get TOO hassled, that ultimately killed him. Fantastic film but also, the saddest on the whole of the DVD. Made me cry in fact! I so wish I could wander about outside and bump into the late great Winston O'Boogie! I look at all those people in the video and think 'You lucky baskets!' :(
4. Loads of the videos have had stuff added in and/or taken away so that means in order to still have the originals we need to hold on to our vidoes of the 'John Lennon Video Collection'. For example 'Give Peace A chance' has been changed, there's lots of footage missing of the bed in recording with footage of war and conflict and marches added in. I would have prefered to have the ORIGINAL promo made in the 60's for the promotion of the single AT THE TIME. Lots of the 84 videos have also been tampered with. 'Nobody Told Me' includes a false start, but with footage from 1972 on the
screen and they've tried to make it look like we are seeing the recording of this song but we're not (cos we know!). The song also ends and doesnt fade and they've grabbed clips of John where he COULD be saying what we're hearing but we aren't. While it looks ok and we can pretend, I'm not sure if I like it.
5. Oh, and why exactly did John and Yoko wander around New York with stethoscopes, sticking them on every one and everything? What was that all originally filmed for?
6. I DO like how a lot of the songs don't fade and you get to hear how they really ended. ('Give Peace A Chance' and 'Nobody Told Me' being 2 that I remember)
7. I wonder why alot of re-editing of videos was done? The beginning of the original 'Nobody Told Me' has gone (the whispering bit), many bits have been moved about or taken out competely. I don't get it.
Anyway I see I've waffled on a lot. I'm not moaning, just making comment. It's a great DVD but I thought I'd be able to get rid of my old video. I can't. A lot of stuff isn't here.
One thing i forgot to mention was the new video to 'Starting Over'. It is truly SO sad!! It starts off with Johns quote about being 64 years old and living off the coast of Ireland with Yoko looking at their scrapbook of madness. It then goes on to show what could have been John and Yokos retirement home, filmed off the coast of Ireland (by the same bloke who did 'Free As A Bird'?). We get to see in the house, Johns old guitars and amps, old writings and set out on the table, all old photos, as if John's putting together his aforementioned scrapbook. Then a wind come along, blows away all the old photos and we end up flying around the sky with the photos. A cartoon drawing of John and Yoko then flys around for a bit before disapearing in a puff of cartoon smoke. The camera pans back down to earth and the IMAGINE memorial in Central Park and we see the Dakota, and then youcome back to earth and are reminded that John didn't get to 64 and all what we just saw was what we all wish HAD of been. It's VERY moving.
This reminds me, at the end of too many of the videos we are reminded what happened on Dec 8th 1980. Makes for depressing watching when a lot of the videos make you remember constantly that John was taken away!!
Mark Jones

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