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A Bit Of What You Fancy (Remastered + Bonus Tracks)
A Bit Of What You Fancy (Remastered + Bonus Tracks)
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Price: £5.02

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5.0 out of 5 stars Top Sleaze, 18 Oct. 2012
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Classic bit of Rock n Roll, I think the most obvious comparison is Guns n Roses but I don't think that comparison gets across how good the Quireboys actually are. They have a nice spread of upbeat songs which you can really rock out to and some nice downbeat songs which slowly burn with a nice smooth beat which you can get lost in. The whole thing bristles with a sleaze that must have influenced bands like the Toilet Boys, Backyard Babies and King Adora, bands which you should check out if like your rock in all different shades of sleaze, and let's face it who doesn't?

`A Bit of What You Fancy' is an incredibly dynamic album there are big piano led ballads with big backing vocals, straight ahead Rock anthems and gentle bass led chillouts; it is all here and all kept interesting because you have no idea what is coming next. All of this means that it is an album which can be enjoyed in its entirety whatever mood you are in, or you can choose some songs to match your mood.

An album which is definitely worth exploring if you like good old down n dirty Rock.

Track List:
7 o'clock
Man on the Loose
Whippin' Boy
S** Party
Sweet Mary Ann
I Dont Love You Anymore
Hey You
Long Time Comin'
Roses and Rings
There She Goes Again
Take Me Home

Bonus Tracks:
7 o'clock
Man on the Loose
I Don't Love You Anymore
Hey You
Long Time Comin'
Roses and Rings
Take Me Home

Classic Rock - Battle Hymns
Classic Rock - Battle Hymns
Price: £6.40

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5.0 out of 5 stars HEAVY METAL in capitals, 17 Oct. 2012
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Old school Heavy Metal, classic in every sense of the word; falsetto screams, roars that worship at the gates of metal in what is admittedly quite a cheesy way, leads that are so sharp that by the end of the album it is quite possible that you will find you have died by the death of a thousand cuts, and you would treasure every one of them for it. The album is also full of brick heavy grooves that guarantee head banging joy for the duration of the album.

It is all crazily over the top but resisting it is very near impossible because of the way it just sweeps you up and just doesn't let go, not that you would want to let go. Sound wise it is like the best bits of Iron Maiden and Judas Priest all smooshed together in praise to the gods of heavy metal. It really is the sound of a Hard Rocking, Heavy Metal party which takes place in a cave.

I can't say enough in praise of this gem, it's just too good so buy it now. Whatever your rock and metal persuasion.

Track List:
Death Tone
Metal Daze
Fast Taker
Shell Shock
Dark Avenger
William's Tale
Battle Hymn

Sinners Never Sleep
Sinners Never Sleep
Price: £6.89

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3.0 out of 5 stars pleasant pop, 16 Oct. 2012
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This review is from: Sinners Never Sleep (Audio CD)
Good Straight ahead Pop with some nice dashes of Rock thrown in for good measure; in line with this everything is immediate and easy on the ear, the hooks are all in plain sight and its musically simple enough that you can `get' it all in one sitting, so it isn't really a deep album. This means that the strength of the album lies in how many times you can listen to it before it becomes too boring and you end up falling asleep to it.

The album is pleasant enough and there are moments of soaring genius although its all forced into simple structures that do it no favours. Perhaps it's just me reviewing it in the wrong context because `Sinners Never Sleep' could stand as a perfectly pleasant, mildly interesting gateway band, leading people from straight up Pop into the realms of slightly more complex, deeper Rock. Who knows maybe kids who pick this up could be onto Darkthrone CDs before too long, we can but hope.

This album is good for chilling out to or to put on in the car on family trips.

Track List:
Jaws on the Floor
Bite My Tongue
This is the First Thing
No one Does it Better
Little Death
Time is Money
Little Bit of Truth
The Dilemma
When We Were Younger

Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing
Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing
Price: £4.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Punk Metal fury, 16 Oct. 2012
Want some real, explosive, politically charged Punk Rock, that flails its limbs around, never standing still and with a potent Metal edge that tears into your battered body? Well if you do `Hear Nothing...' from the mighty Discharge is the album for you because it is a fiery ball of pure rage and intelligence. It's like Napalm Death's `Scum' album dosed up on punkthetamine, or something like that.

This album touches the soul on a social level, for all the pain it reflects from our uncaring society it still seeks to touch our ability to empathise and to strive towards some better structure for living, even if the structure needed is improbable or even impossible, highlighted in the harrowing sound bite of the track `Cries For Help' which is supposed to sound like one of those old museum tapes, heard within the context of the album it really is quite disconcerting.

`Hear Nothing...' crashes past at near lightning speed and you come away from your first listen without really having any clue as to what happened of course this is rectified by the constant play it gets after that and listen after listen the album reveals just a little bit more to drag you in even further. Top stuff.

Track List:
Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing
The Nightmare Continues
The Final Bloodbath
Protest and Survive
I Won't Subscribe
Drunk with Power
A Hell on Earth
Cries of Help
The Possibility of Life's destruction
Q: And Children A: And Children
The Blood Runs Red
Free Speech for the Dumb
The End

Bonus Tracks:
Never Again
Death Dealers
Two Monstrous Nuclear Stockpiles
State Violence State Control
Dooms Day
Where there is a Will There is a Way
In Defence of our Future
Anger Burning

Price: £9.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars AC/DC's best, 16 Oct. 2012
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This review is from: Powerage (Audio CD)
Good time Rock n' Roll anybody? Oh yes please. Let's get this straight AC/DC are in no way clever, but they are a good excuse for a good bit of dumb fun so switch off your brain and party all day and all night long. Sure `Highway to Hell' and ` Back in Black are usually the go to albums, the ones that get the most attention when you talk about AC/DC but in my opinion this is the most consistently engaging album than either of them, Powarage is the true AC/DC classic.

The album is Hard Rock heavy and has almost illegal levels of bounce, I mean just try not dancing to it its impossible. There are some wonderful leads as well to really hook you into that rhythm. The whole album is on fire and the vocals fan the flames all the way, absolutely brilliant.

This is an album from the past that is longing to be played at every modern party so if you haven't got it get it and party like crazy.

Track List:
Rock n Roll Damnation
Down Payment Blues
Gimme a Bullet
Riff Raff
Sin City
Whats Next to the Moon
Gone Shootin'
Up to my Neck in you
Kicked in the Teeth

Price: £7.87

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4.0 out of 5 stars hard rockin' blues, 16 Oct. 2012
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This review is from: Presence (Audio CD)
Led Zeppelin are one of those big bands whose albums transcend the music itself; so much so that on some levels it doesn't matter what's on the CD, if it says Led Zeppelin it must be good, right? Well oddly enough the music on this album is really good, so it isn't just a case of buying this album to complete your Led Zep collection and show off on your shelf because it will get played over and over again.

This album is Hard Rock straight out of the blues well. Everything has a rock solid edge to it and along with the treble infused chunk of the leads it all rides out on a wave of thumping beat which drives the heaviness along in fine fashion.

If there is one problem with this album it is that it is less diverse than some of the albums released previously and so in comparison this album can feel a bit vanilla. It more closely resembles their debut `I' in its straight ahead Hard Rock feel than the especially diverse `IV' which had Hard Rock numbers but which also wasn't afraid to go panoramic when needed.

Absolutely worth purchasing today, no doubt.

Track List:
Achilles Last Stand
For Your Life
Royal Orleans
Nobody's Fault but my own
Candy Store Rock
Hots on for Nowhere
Tea for One

Price: £4.50

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4.0 out of 5 stars still rockin' today, 15 Oct. 2012
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This review is from: Aerosmith (Audio CD)
Well here is where they started, Aerosmith's first flirtation with the world and you know what it is a nice solid bluesy, rock n roll album which you can get a lot of fun out of. Sure it is no `Toys in the Attic' but you can go out and buy `Toys in the Attic' for that. As debuts go it isn't even very scruffy, everything chugs along with a nice beat that is sure to get you jiving, there are plenty of gems on here that is for sure.

If you only know Aerosmith via greatest hits albums you really should give them away and look at getting their albums properly, hearing the songs you know in context and discovering hidden gems of your own, it is a win win situation considering how cheaply you can often find the CDs. Still worth buying even today.

Track List:
Make It
Dream On
One Way Street
Mama Kin
Write Me
Movin' Out
Walkin' the Dog

Never Say Die!
Never Say Die!
Price: £9.23

3.0 out of 5 stars two stars if you count it as a Black Sabbath record instead of pretending it is by someone else!, 15 Oct. 2012
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This review is from: Never Say Die! (Audio CD)
Hmm... Upbeat Black Sabbath. I must say I really am not sure about this, the Doomy atmosphere is gone, replaced by a highly polished operating room feel. Sure there are some nice bits going on here and there but it just feels so sterile that you will need to be wearing a space suit, that means that you can't touch and feel what is going on all you can do is watch with a slight sadness.

If there is a comparison I can make it is with Blue Oyster Cult, I think I heard that the two sounded similar and I myself could never understand the comparisons and why it was made, having heard this phase of Black Sabbath I now fully understand.

I think that underneath it all the songs aren't too bad but it is just so hard to separate it from their earlier stuff, you have to try though if you want to get anything out of this album because it compares so badly to their previous stuff. If only they had changed their name; called themselves Slack Babbath or something, anything. I must make it clear that I have nothing against bands developing and changing, it is healthy and should be applauded, it's just that here Black Sabbath didn't seem to carry over the magic when they changed style. It is a shame.
So let's pretend that this album is by somebody different then; there are some nice tunes and its solid stuff but it just isn't to my taste, unfortunately.

Track List:
Never Say Die
Johnny Blade
Junior's Eyes
A Hard Road
Shock Wave
Air Dance
Over To You
Swinging the Chain

Adios Amigos
Adios Amigos
Offered by skyvo-direct
Price: £7.33

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3.0 out of 5 stars The Ramones have done much better, 15 Oct. 2012
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This review is from: Adios Amigos (Audio CD)
Want to hear the influence for Green Day's `Nimrod' album? Look no further than this Ramones album. In my personal opinion Green Day did it better, but as it is `Adios Amigos' is a nice addition to your Ramones collection it's just it doesn't come close to their more stripped down earlier albums. I think that this is mainly to do with the urgency which seems to have been lost, as such the rollercoaster ride thrill of a Ramones album seems to have been replaced with a bus tour, you get the same sights but it is all a bit to safe; no surprises, no chance of careening of the rails, the production is too tight for that.

Its chart fodder, desperate to fit in rather than stand out, the hooks are strong but repeated ad nausea meaning that instead of enjoying them you have to fight the urge to fall asleep and at times to vomit from all the sugary sweetness.

Get this album as cheaply as you can by all means but please, if you are new to the Ramones start earlier in there, at times, outstanding discography.

Track List:
I Don't Want to Grow Up
Making Monsters For My Friends
It's Not For Me To Know
The Crusher
Life's a Gas
Take the Pain Away
I Love You
Cretin Family
Have a Nice Day
I Got a Lot To Say
She Talks to Rainbows
Born to Die in Berlin

Satyricon: Rebel Extravaganza
Satyricon: Rebel Extravaganza

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4.0 out of 5 stars Slightly aged but still a good listen, 15 Oct. 2012
Black Metal with groove anybody? You have come to the right place. If memory serves me correctly Satyricon had a lot of flak for releasing an album where the songs have a semblance of structure, they ended up losing some of their more sheep like followers, they did widen their fan base though which must have been nice. I can't judge their earlier stuff having not yet heard it so I won't try and compare. `Rebel Extravaganza' is the sound of Venom taken in a Celtic Frost type direction. The black metal fury is there but it is broken up with dynamics. It's a sound that you hear quite a bit now but I think a lot of the reason for that is that Satyricon made the brave jump and paved the way for it.

This album is certainly one for the headbangers, sure it can sound a bit flat at times but there are plenty of moments that will take you by the hair and drag you up and down the stairs; you will love it you really will. The atmosphere, despite all the bounciness going on, still gives you a bit of a chill as black metal should only this time there is more bottom end weight.

The album is worth buying but in my opinion it can't get the five stars that I probably would have given it if I had reviewed it on release, because it feels like it has aged a bit too much.

Track List:
Tied in Bronze Chains
Rhapsody in Filth
Havok Vulture
Prime Evil Renaissance
Supersonic Journey
End of Journey
A Moment of Clarity
Down South, Up North
The Scorn Torrent

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