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British Steel
British Steel
Price: 4.99

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3.0 out of 5 stars Priest rule but other albums prove that better, 3 Sep 2012
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This review is from: British Steel (Audio CD)
It's a Judas Priest album, so yes of course buy it, however be warned, in my opinion it is just not as interesting as their other stuff and I think would be the wrong album to get if you are new to Priest. Ironically it was just as I was discovering music that I heard `Breaking the Law' and it did unfortunately put me off of looking at anything by Judas Priest for a very long time. Having bought this particular album now, I feel that a lot of `British Steel is like this. The songs are not awful and if I had bought this album all those years ago I would probably have got some use out of it but I would not have ventured to buy any of their other albums.

Rapid Fire: Rapid fire it most certainly is. The drums constantly drive the song forward and are brilliantly highlighted with solid bursts of speed from the guitars.

Metal Gods: A driving bass sound gives this song a nice groove and the cod guitars will shred your insides.

Breaking the Law: It has a nice sliding guitar but the song makes me cringe too much. It has to have an award for most cheesy chorus ever. Some will love it but I just cannot get on with it.

Grinder: This one brings the groove back and there is a very nice solo on it too.

United: This is very much a pop song but I must admit developing a bit of a soft spot for it.

You Don't Have to be Old to be Wise: Picks up the pace quite nicely, hops along nicely.

Living after Midnight: I think that again it is too simplified; it sounds too much like the pursuit of a hit. Now sometimes this can result in some magic although in my opinion this is one of those times when it didn't work out.

The Rage: Nice bass lead almost a chill out vibe juxtaposed brilliantly with more guitar led sections.

Steeler: Nice speedy number, I must admit I do prefer Judas Priest when they are going fast.

Red, White and Blue:

Grinder (Live):

There is no doubt that this album is important in the history of heavy metal. I think that maybe it hasn't quite aged very well. There are plenty of Priest classics, this for me falls short. If you are new to Judas Priest go for either `Painkiller' or `Sad Wings of Destiny' and explore the rest of their catalogue from there.

Answer That and Stay Fashionable
Answer That and Stay Fashionable
Offered by Renegade Sports Group Limited
Price: 8.46

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3.0 out of 5 stars More 2.5 but I rounded up, 2 Sep 2012
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Energetic pop punk which occasionally verges on hardcore. The songs do not hang about which means that before you know where you are a few songs would have flown past. This means that some of the songs are a bit hard to differentiate.

It is all a bit samey until we hit `Cereal Wars' which leads in nicely with a bass riff and sounds sufficiently different enough to make you go `hmm...nice' and the highlights continue through `The Mother in Me' and `Rizzo in the box' three tracks which show genuine potential, unfortunately the album trails off a bit again after these tracks, which is quite a shame.

`Shut Your Eyes and Open Your Mouth' is better than this album, but they are interesting steps ever closer to the amazing `Art of Drowning'. This album will be interesting for fans of AFI and a good cure for those who thought their later stuff was a bit too sanitized.

Two of a Kind
Half-Empty Bottle
Yurf Rendenmein
I Wanna get a Mohawk (but mum won't let me get one)
Brownie Bottom Sundae
The Checkered Demon
Cereal Wars
The Mother in Me
Rizzo in the Box
Kung-Fu Devil
Your Name Here
Don't Make Me Ill
Open Your Eyes
Highschool Football Hero

Price: 12.47

5.0 out of 5 stars click add to basket NOW! Quick, 2 Sep 2012
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This review is from: Gallows (Audio CD)
My first Landmine Marathon album and I am incredibly thrilled with it. This is unrelenting stuff, even when they slow down to almost doom like speeds there remains a claustrophobic, pummelling feeling that you just can't help but revel in.

At its core this is Death Metal but done in a way that ensures it is not limited by any puny genre boundaries. The danger sometimes is that these types of albums can have songs which sound too similar luckily this is a trap that LM deftly avoid here.

The album isn't overly long. It is a case of quality over quantity, perfectly formed to leave you wanting more. No filler here and no loitering.

Three Snake Leaves: Oh yes. Thick rhythm, relentless drums, squealing guitars and Death roars. The guitars snake this way and that giving the song a strong groove while the leads slice you to bits.

Cutting Flesh and Bone: Straight in and your neck will need some serious support after this one. Has an early `Deicide' feel to it.

Knife From My Sleeve: The album slows to a Doom style crawl, recalling `My Dying Bride'. It gives the album as a whole some great dynamics. The song kicks up a gear and has some amazingly intense call and response vocals, before it slips back into Doom territory for a nice lead. The end is chaos.

Liver and Lungs: Fast paced blast this one, the drums are relentless and the guitars offer a nice bounce.

Dead Horses: A more mid paced song that concentrates on the heavy and it achieves this well. `some will say the horses are all dead' indeed.

Cloaked in Red: This ups the pace yet again going for a violent full frontal assault of speed.

Beaten and Left Blind: The momentum gained on `cloaked in red' is continued here, but the groove is upped.

Morbidity: This mid paced track is a slow smashing of your skull which you end up wishing would last forever because you really do not want the album to end.

A storming album, a modern day death metal classic, which will leave you dribbling and begging for another album, until then this needs to be put on constant repeat. BUY. IT. NOW.

For fans of all death metal and even fans of bands like Arch Enemy, Slipknot and Trivium will find this a good album for digging further into the depths of metal.

The Hunter
The Hunter
Offered by Fulfillment Express
Price: 14.78

5.0 out of 5 stars You will love it, or you should, 2 Sep 2012
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This review is from: The Hunter (Audio CD)
OH NO Mastodon have gone pop but you know what it doesn't sound as bad as it could have. Yes ok they are trying to increase their fanbase, but when the songs are as good as these who cares. I hope they make enough money out of this album to buy boats... as long as they don't go whale hunting in them that is.

Shorter, sharper, more to the point, better? Probably not, just different. It does require less of an effort from the listener and so if you have less time to spare you can blast a few songs out and be satisfied. There is heaviness, there is groove, and there is occasionally a hint at their old grandeur. It's all there just different and if you want something in the style of their old albums go and buy their old albums just don't ignore The Hunter.

Black Tongue: Falling drums are a particular highlight of the track, there is certainly a swagger not seen before.

Curl of the Burl: My four year old loves this track and with good reason, the groove is tremendous and annoyingly memorable. Pop? a bit. Good? oh yes.

Blasteroid: Funny lyrics, well delivered. Most accessible vocals ever.

Stargasm: Feels a bit more like the grander Mastodon of old, Has a nice wide open space feel to it as well.

Octopus has no Friends: An interesting track which verges on the brink between repetitiveness and sublime genius.
All the Heavy Lifting: The drums are on fire on this track which cements the guitars in place.

The Hunter: Acoustic haunting introduction pulled together by the understated drumming guides in Mastodon's gentle thoughtful track. Delicate and haunting.

Dry Bone Valley: This song has a `leviathan' feel to it, just with lyrics that are a bit more pop.

Thickening: This has quite a chilled out air to it in the long build up. It holds this feel once the vocals come in despite the introduction of what should be a jarring guitar riff, which ends up fitting right in.

Creature Lives: Very strange tripped out intro, into the beautiful acoustic section with drums that highlight it brilliantly. A beautiful song like some sort of 60's hippy band. Inspired.

Spectrelight: Just to counter the ambiance of `Creature Lives' there is the smash in the face that is `Spectrelight' where even the vocals sound old school Mastodon. Relentless, heavy and hard rocking.

Bedazzled Fingernails: Unsettling. There is so much going on as well, one of the more interesting songs.

The Sparrow: Nice acoustic start again with a nice drum movement. Simple lyrics, but words to live by.

I really cannot wait to see what Mastodon do next. Whatever it is I'm sure it will at least be exciting. If you can't stand to see a band develop, this will probably make you get in a bit of a huff. For anyone who likes music this is a must. If you come to Mastodon through this album, enjoy it and make sure you check out their older albums. All of them.

Price: 8.08

4.0 out of 5 stars Getting better, 1 Sep 2012
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This review is from: Th1rt3en (Audio CD)
I had very, very high hopes for this album. I must admit to being a bit disappointed although thirteen albums in you would think I'd know what to expect. Megadeth, even at their height, struggled to be consistent enough to create full albums, normally they have a few incredible tracks with the rest being fair to middling filler Th1rt3en is a strange beast. This time all the songs are generally quite good but there aren't any massively good songs; it does however stand together more as an album. Who knows maybe we are close to getting a modern day Megadeth classic with the next album, or the next two albums, maybe.

If you are new to Megadeth go straight to their earlier stuff then jump to this one. A word of warning which I feel is relevant to the album ; if you ever have the chance to hear or read about anything that Dave Mustaine has to say on anything please try and avoid it he has a habit of saying incredibly stupid things and it can ruin the joy of hearing his albums. This problem is reflected thankfully only partially in the sometimes quite childish lyrics, which are a particular weak point of the album.

Seeing the pictorial representations of all thirteen albums and trying to guess which is which is particularly fun and a nice plus point to quite a nicely laid out booklet.

Sudden Death: Nice beat, nice lead. There is a weird feel of Judas Priest's `Sad Wings of Destiny' it sounds oddly like the introduction on there. While a little bit mid paced as a Megadeth opener, it's a very good song.

Public Enemy No 1: I know its poppy and it's supposed to be the single but damn I can't get this song out of my head. Fast paced and so funny, love it.

Whose Life (is it anyways?): I like the music on this track but it really does sound like Mustaine's mum caught her son wearing eyeliner and stopped him going out, unfortunate.

We the People: This song has a really good staccato riff, screaming leads and good vocal spit.

Guns, Drugs and Money: Apart from a stupid effect applied to the vocals on the pre-chorus it's quite a good rock song, it has that alcohol fuelled night out feel to it. More sleazy rock than thrash but it's still a highlight.

Never Dead: Marching band drums, followed by a heavy but possibly over simple track.

New World Order: Moments of superb riffing and amazing leads, towards the end anyway, the first half of the song is a bit flat

Fast Lane: One of the best tracks, musically anyway.

Black Swan: No waiting just squealing guitar introduction, the rest of the track feels like it should be faster, but it does have a nice groove.

Wrecker: The guitars are full of bounce on this song, very danceable.

Millennium of the Blind: Quite disjointed, there are good sections but I think there are just too many ideas wedged together.

Deadly Nightshade: The verse riff reminds me of Weezer's `Hash Pipe' song.

13: Soft track done well.

None of the songs stand up to Megadeth's earlier stuff and the lyrics deserve minus ten, however even after all that you can still get a lot out of this album. It's not a classic but it is getting there.

Waking The Fallen
Waking The Fallen
Price: 6.85

5.0 out of 5 stars Sevenfold's best, 30 Aug 2012
This review is from: Waking The Fallen (Audio CD)
Avenged Sevenfold's best incarnation (unless you are getting ready to go to a party, then you need `City of Evil') viciously heavy at times and delightfully melodic at others, the songs veer wildly between the two styles but it always makes sense.

The drums pin you down and the guitars slap you in the face while simultaneously ripping your heart out. The lyrics are probably their best they have done; they seem to get a bit obvious after this album.

Part 1 and 2 of `I won't See You Tonight' ingeniously shows the two, quite different sides of suicide. Musically and lyrically it's very clever especially with the intended jarring of their heavy and soft musical styles which works really well stylistically as a delivery of the quite different emotions expressed.

Waking the Fallen: Nice building introduction which sets the tone nicely.

Unholy Confessions: I can remember being blown away by this one when I first heard it, must admit it sounds rather tame now. The guitar tone still sounds good though, more mid paced than I remember, still a good gateway song.

Chapter Four: Great mix of raspy and soaring vocals, another good song to prep you for the rest of the album.

Remenissions: This is where the pace picks up and the songs come alive. Watch out for the almost flamenco style of guitars on the chorus they are brilliant, they don't even sound out of place despite the brutality of before and after.

Desecrate Through Reverence: Vicious verses and crushing chorus. There is a nice harshness to this track.

Eternal Rest: This one comes on fast with a brilliant lead before moving into a fantastically groovy southern style riff.

Second Heartbeat: This one has a more general groove running through it.

Radiant Eclipse: this song takes it down a notch or two and takes its time to slowly build makes good use of `Black Label Society' type guitar riffs.

I Won't See You Tonight Part 1: Nice piano introduction which blasts into a lead whose notes seem to ring out forever. Clean vocals all the way through highlight the songs heartbreaking lyrics.

I Won't See You Tonight Part 2: A jarring listen following the nine minutes of the soaring Part one. Amazingly done.

Clairvoyant Desease: Laid back track, for the most part, wailing guitars and guttural roars make it hard to relax to despite feeling like a good song for chilling.

And All Things Will End: Feels like the birthing pangs of their next album; `City Of Evil'

This was one of those albums that I played nonstop when I first got it, truly outstanding at the time, still a blast today sure it can sound a little rough around the edges but nowhere near enough to put you off the album, the songs stand strong.

Alive Or Just Breathing
Alive Or Just Breathing
Price: 5.88

5.0 out of 5 stars it was a changing of the guards moment, 29 Aug 2012
This review is from: Alive Or Just Breathing (Audio CD)
My favourite Killswitch album bar non even better than it's rather excellent follow up `The End OF Heartache', on Alive there is more care taken to make the instruments heavy rather than leaving it up to the production job afterwards.

The songs themselves are the strongest they have made; they go from heavy to soaring in a way that makes each song feel unbelievably dynamic. The lyrics give the album a nice edge, its rousing, hopeful stuff especially on standout track `Vida Infra'

On a side note watch out for what to my ears sounds like a cheeky rip off of `Elements of One' as the title track on the follow up album.

This album is metalcore at its finest even after ten years.

Numbered Days: The drums they pound, the guitars chug and squeal, Jesse Leach roars and sings in a way that you can't help be charmed by. The whole song is very intense and like it or not you will be dragged along.

Self Revolution: This song sounds like it is constantly in danger of falling over itself; such is the power of the rhythm on this track. Like the clickety clack of a train close to breaking the speed of light. It even manages to maintain quite a majestic air amongst all the chaos.

Fixation on the Darkness: Utterly heavy, unbelievably soaring, a good track to test out if you are not sure about this album.

My Last Serenade: The first Killswitch Engage track I ever heard and I still love it, even today. Yes it's simple stuff and obviously the single but it is still emotional and powerful all the same.

Life to Lifeless: A wonderful tumbling riff makes this an impressive track; the vocals also seem to take on a harsher edge on this track.

Just Barely Breathing: Beautiful acoustic introduction gives way to a slow burn apocalypse before speeding up. The cries of `are we alive or just breathing' are clichéd but powerful all the same.

To the Sons of Man: At just under two minutes it's fast and brutal but still finds the time to emote.

The Temple from Within: Big soaring chorus along with a big tasty breakdown, what more could you ask for?

The Element of One: This song shows us the path Killswitch Engage take on later albums, less crush more atmosphere, possibly the weakest track of an amazing bunch.

Vida Infra: Violent track this one, the lyrics are spat out in rabid dog fashion.

Without a Name: Wonderful acoustic piece that edges you into the next track.

Rise Inside: Masterfully bringing together the relentlessly heavy and the soaring hope that Killswitch Engage do so well.

Early metalcore's king album which enabled guitars to lead the charge once more. It was the ultimate reaction to the age of nu-metal. Even today it stands as a truly magnificent album, it's time to start looking at it as a classic.

Exhuming The Grave Of Yeshua
Exhuming The Grave Of Yeshua

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5.0 out of 5 stars closer to prog rock than metal, 27 Aug 2012
What do you get if you cross space rock -rather in the vein of Rush- with black metal vocals, a bit of death metal guitars and the odd doom splash; the surprisingly listenable Meads of Asphodel of course.

The synths dominate, while other styles move between the foreground and background as needed. It sounds messy but it means that the songs move, grow and constantly surprise and amazingly enough the songs never seem to break up no matter how any genres are crossed.

The lyrics point to the stupidity of religion, interesting but perhaps done a little too simply.
The excellent `Guts For Sale' is superbly atmospherically calming despite the morbid lyrics. Saying that I think

it's this that makes the Meads so good; they sing about all that is wrong in blind belief over music that makes the point in a sarcastic almost ironic sort of way.

The atmospheric final is a masterpiece and the hidden track a joy. Now excuse me while I go and see if the Meads are still releasing stuff because I want more.

Intro- Exhuming the Grave of Yeshua: A suitably haunting background with narrative.

God is Rome: Pounding drums and sharp guitars, with a ridiculously claustrophobic feel in the chorus.

Blood Blasted Holy War: Spooky synth into before a clash of instruments which veer off into early Nine Inch Nails, there is even a light middle eastern flavoured section, ends in static.

80 Grains of Sand: Black Sabbath style raining intro into soothing bass lead into chuggathon. It's like Cradle of Filth getting their synths mixed up with Gary Numan. The Jewish sounding break is oddly hypnotic.

Guts For Sale: Winner of the summer chill out song of the decade. Really.

Utopia: Hawkwind cover. I am ashamed to say that I have not heard any of their albums. Good song though.

A Healer Made God: A nice heavy -prog heavy- track taking the idea that Jesus was an unwilling messiah.

Sons of Anak Arise: A mesmerising track that seems to do everything well. It builds atmosphere and invites quite a bit of headbanging. Watch out for the chilled lead.

Sl*ts of the Netherworld: Heavy, synthy, there's even a bit of dance thrown in there as well, what more could you want?

On Graven Images...: Sorry for not putting the full title! Dance music over classical music what more can I say? Very witty spoken word section as well.

Hidden Track: If you listened to the album from start to finish this hidden track sounds even more epically masterful. Perfect rounding off.

An amazing album which is not as heavy as you think it might be, it's a wonder why it didn't at least attempt to bother the charts when it was released. It still sounds inventive and fresh today so click buy now.

Bullet For My Valentine
Bullet For My Valentine
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: 8.96

5.0 out of 5 stars BFMV's best ever, even today., 26 Aug 2012
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This review is from: Bullet For My Valentine (Audio CD)
This EP was a wakeup call to bring back a bit of guitar technicality to the mainstream. Its heavy, its frantic, its guitars slice you to bits. This was BFMV at their very best, even today if I want to listen to this band I will put this CD on. Yes `Poison' is quite a good record but this is a finely crafted almost perfect CD of songs. No weak filler here.

If you want to hear Bullet at their best looking like they could take over the world this is the one BFMV CD to rule them all.

Hand of Blood: Violent screams, chugging rhythm, leads bursting forth all over the place. Time to breath? No way.

Cries in Vain: Starts with a sound as if emerging from water before the stop start riffing kicks in. Like Killswitch Engage drowning in a sea of Iron Maiden.

Curses: The ballad, not in a skip this track way, more to help you take a breath. Begins in a lovely acoustic way before kicking it up a notch or ten.

No Control: Letting lose after the ballad track

Just Another Star: What a closing track! Violent, technical and soaring.

No weak songs buy now.

The Monster Show [CD + DVD]
The Monster Show [CD + DVD]
Price: 12.96

3.0 out of 5 stars Lordi Lordi Lordi, 26 Aug 2012
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The vocals are a bit more gruff than what Kiss normally do but it¡s not as bad as... Oh this is Lordi not Kiss, forgot what I was listening to just then still its probably the best reference point that you could give soundwise.

I really loved this album when it first came out, unffortunatly I tired of it rather quickly which is a shame because apparently they went on to do Eurovision! Anyway it¡s a nice hair rock album, a good bit of fun and a nice compliment to a night of listening to Kiss and Motley Crue albums.

If I remember rightly Lordi was originally a costume designer and the bands costumes are designed and made by him, which bears no relation to how good the music is but makes interesting perusal of the lyric booklet.

Theatrical trailer
Bring it On
Blood Red Sandman
My Heaven is Your Hell
Would You Love a Monsterman
The Devil is a Loser
Icon of Dominance
The Children of the Night
Shotgun Divorce
Forsaken Fashion Dolls
Wake the Snake
Rock the Hell Outta You

The songs are pretty much all very kiss like and the tracks are all pretty much on an even footing quality wise so liking any one of them should lead to a purchase of the full album. Fun? Yes Essential? No unless you have the complete collection of eighties hair metal albums that is.

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