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1.0 out of 5 stars 20p for a reason., 19 Sept. 2012
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This review is from: Ash (Kindle Edition)
Well, it's times like this, i wish i could take back my 20p and buy a freddo, what a load of nonsense.

The protagonist David Ash seems so over enamoured with conforming to cliché that he finds difficulty expressing any glimpse of individuality. the characters around him extend themselves to absurd and converse with each other rather condescendingly to the reader. the plot saves only to further gnaw at the shreds of your surely ebbing intelligence.
it seems, Mr Herbert takes chapters like a teenager checks their phone, 103 in all, for a 600 page book, that's one every six pages. he also likes to buoy his over-simplified dialogue with large words that seem out of place in literature on par with a tabloid newspaper.
i've always hated the term toilet book, but if ever a book should be resigned to the bathroom this one perhaps is the proverbial taker of the fox's biscuit. having a six page chapter allows an alternative to sitting contemplating re-tiling the bathroom, the easy "no brain required/desired" reading means you will happily be able to put this down after each chapter, saving yourself from acquiring a sore back-side, or alternatively, for anyone who bought the hardback, it would useful should you ever find yourself needing a step for a small child to be able to reach the bowl.

no, i'm afraid, this book is entertaining only for those who are prepared to take the authors word that this decent into lunacy is worth the loss of intelligence along the way. i did not finish this book.

The Phoenix Conspiracy (The Phoenix Conspiracy Series Book 1)
The Phoenix Conspiracy (The Phoenix Conspiracy Series Book 1)
Price: £0.00

5.0 out of 5 stars quick 5star review, 10 Jan. 2012
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this wont be the best review you read, but i just need to give 5stars to this brilliant book.

think of it kinda like firefly the movie and you'll get an idea as to what you're getting yourself into.

it's a mystery book, (it's not called the phoenix conspiracy for nothing)

it's perfect length, not short, and in no way drawn out.

the universe is incredibly realised and fleshed out, characters, even the briefly mentioned ones feel 3d and real.

everything is realistic, you're not asked to believe in the impossible.

and above all, there's humor, there's a great story with a good ending (then a nice set up for the next book) and i read from 42% to the finish in one long long sitting because i got that engrossed.

i will be buying the new book in 2012 when it comes out.
what more can i say. the other commenters have it covered. just wanted to hit the deserved 5star button.

Uniross Universal Li-Ion Charger
Uniross Universal Li-Ion Charger

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5.0 out of 5 stars Superb Universal Charger, 11 Nov. 2010
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This is a must-have for anyone with a phone, a camera, a videocamera, or anything with a replacable lithium ion battery.

it operates from the mains (3pin plug) or a car-charger (as shown in picture)and to use, you simply slide the contacts down the central reservation until they line up with your batterys contacts. the spring loaded base-section clamps down on the battery with reasonable force. and you have an indicating light to know when there's power, and when you're charging.

whatever lithium ion battery you have, it should charge it. speed isn't its strongest suit, especailly when connected to the car charger, but it's not the worst charger i've ever used either.

the only complaints i have, are the contact rails are a little flimsy, as is the spring loaded base-section. having said that though, the clamping mechanism will easily hold a battery in place vertically, i just wouldnt reccommend dropping it too much from height too often.

as it stands, i picked this up for £10 and it's probably the best purchase i've made in years. so pick yourself up one, you'd be foolish not to.

9 Songs [DVD]
9 Songs [DVD]
Dvd ~ Kieran O'Brien
Price: £5.75

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5.0 out of 5 stars Rare 5 star Film, 23 Dec. 2008
This review is from: 9 Songs [DVD] (DVD)
this review wont stand out by itself, please read a few 1star reviews to back this up, because the only way you will understand if this film is for you, its to find out why so many people have hated it... but...
i cant fault this film.

i can accept the criticisms of everyone who has given this film a 1star review, and i am not about to sit down and argue with any of their comments, because largely they are correct. and you too may very well hate this film... but... i would list it in my top five favourite films of all time.

let me explain;
for all the graphic scenes in the film, there is really very little in the way of pornography. this is not your typical, girl pleasures guy, gets on top, they do dirty things all night long, It's not porn, and if you sit down to watch it as a porno, you will be very dissapointed.

it's also a film with very little structure, although, having said that, the structure is one of the most important parts of the film, the essense of it, but you will not find a begining, middle and end here,you can walk in, 10mins from the end, and still get to grips with the entire story.

and the plot, seems to have been a forgotten element, although, i would personally list it as one of the best scripts in modern film.

i can critisize this film like everyone else, but i cant argue with the film. and there is a difference. this film is for the thinking person, the critic among us.

the characters are flawed, the story is anti-hollywood, and an entire scene can have two lines of excruciating dialogue.

BUT, this is the 21st century, where "p.s. i love you" and heck, even "batman" have us still spellbound by clever dialogue, and charasmatic main characters who always know the best thing to say, and say it at the best possible moments.

where-as this is life, this is for those people among us, who can appreciate silence, and slow paced film-making. People who can be in the back of cars for a journey of 200miles, and not speak, but smile, because of who they've been in the car with.

if you've ever seen no country for old men and enjoyed it, then this is something you will also love, it will challenge you, and you will fall for its charms. if you hated old country, then avoid this movie, go watch p.s. i love you, or notting hill. they'll give you all the romance you'll ever need
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3.0 out of 5 stars Almost, 6 July 2008
Something i've always wanted was a nine button mouse,
when you first transition from a three button mouse to a five button, it's one of those feelings where you open your eyes for the first time, and suddenly the realisation of what you've been doing wrong all these years, why computers haven't got you sucked in like everyone else, and why people can stay glued to their computer screens all day long. it all becomes clear, at the tip of your thumb, buttons are there, to take you from the place you are now, from executing an order in cad, to re-loading or entering a veichle in your favourite game. you control the world without so much as moving your hand.

having just built my first serious gaming pc, i thought i should get myself some serious fragging hardware, having used a 5 button mouse for over a year now, i feel i'm ready to move up to a few extra buttons...

however, i had the quote "misfortune" to start on what i still believe to be the best five button mouse ever made. the logitech MX518, feel free to look up my "other reviews" and check that one out.

this is the first mouse i've ever owned by Razer, the mouse is the perfect length for an adult hand, the cable is of good length, and the material used to coat the mouse is smooth, yet feels good in your hand... but herein the praise for design stops, perhaps it's just preference, but my old mouse used to fit in my hand, the razer is almost designed as though it should not be touched, the (deceptively) high back leaves little resting room for the hand on the mouse. the base of my palm when it sits on the mouse is left trailing on the mousemat. Any serious gamer will tell you this is a BIG no, it's the PC euivalent of standing flat on your feet, not on your toes... secondly after having used this mouse for over a week now, i've noticed the mousewheel is not as sensative as you'd like. for gamers such as myself who use the mousewheel for re-loading, and even for tabs in firefox, the wheel commands a hefty push to affirm you've clicked it, not ideal when the DPI can be raised to 4000, you would like this to be on the fly, as you're moving...

perhaps i can forgive the mouse however for this trait, perhaps too, i can forgive it for its relentlessly high back, but where i cannot forgive this mouse is how deeply inset the buttons along the side are. you will find yourself on MANY occasions having to MOVE the mouse as you're trying desperatly to hit the back side button, and that's the one next to the thumb, i expected the buttons on the back to be quite hard to reach, the human hand isn't best designed for versatility when it comes to moving yourfurthermost appendages, but to have such deep set buttons makes NO sense. i use quite a high DPI myself and i'm rarely looking inthe same direction when the buttons register i've clicked them. fatal flaw here i'm afraid.

the software isn't as bad as it looks (if you've looked up tech-reports review) colours are Gaudy and in your face, but hey, they allow you to get into the job done in the minimum of clicks. button assignments are just a few seconds, and all buttons are customisable... with a slightly more professional skin, i cant see how anyone could complain about it.

the mouse is good, the dpi settings, including the on the fly adjustments are customisable to the last and will suit whatever your needs.
but this mouse fails in its principle, it wanted to be a nine button mouse with extreme sensitivity and reaction, what i got was a very quick mouse that couldn't deliver on its extra button promises...

i can't tell you not to get one, i can only say find someone with one and have a feel of theirs. it's a good mouse, but it's sibblings are cheaper and perform to the same standard.
the best mouse crown for me right now sits firmly on the head of the logitech MX518
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5.0 out of 5 stars Logitech mx518, 19 Mar. 2007
First off, i have got to say, this is a right-handed mouse only, the features are designed solely for right handed users. Lefty's look elsewhere...


For me as a buyer, i rarely look at the five-star reviews. in general, they're mindless praise, they're un informative, and not thought out. i like people to give honest opinions on what they've bought, and let me know of what flaws i will run into if i buy this mouse myself. which is what i will fully intend to do, as i continue...


my package came well on time, i was kept well informed of when my purchases should arrive, and they came bang in the middle of my three day window and in perfect condition. everything was well padded, i also ordered some PC speakers, so this padding i was very glad to see. i have come to expect knocks on product packaging as the products fumble through various warehouses, thrown onto vans, stacked and restacked as things are eternally moved around. but this was well and trully not the case, both products were like they'd been lifted off the production line.



the mouse comes with a drivers CD, a manual, and a usb to PS/2 adapter which is crucial if you have a shortage of USB ports, a case on many older PC's. it worked straight out of the box with no drivers needed. but i installed these just to be on the safe side. There was no bumph or twaddle, just everything you needed to get going.



this is a silver and black mouse, the dark "spots" you see on the picture, are indeed on the mouse itself, they are not indents or grooves, the surface of the mouse is streamlined and smooth. they just comprise the inner stylings of the mouse. When i first came to look at the design in my hands, it really took me a long time to get used to, my initial reaction was "what were they thinking, these spots are in no obvious pattern, and in no way adding to the effect of this mouse" but then, first impressions are often wrong. i've now come to love the distinct quality of the mouse, the spots attract you to it, and they are so mouch more interesting than a plain solid colour that is on almost every other mouse on the market. they make it individual and makes you want to do something.



where this mouse shines, it has a thumb groove on the left hand side, and the two buttons on the left are always very easy to click. i use the extra buttons daily for photo editing, and gaming, and just two more buttons at your fingertips makes all the difference. the mouse fits easily into an adult hand, the mouse is a good solid weight, and yet it glides smoothly over a mousemat. the sensitivity switches, are instantaneous, and again, extremely handy in photoediting, more-so than gaming, where i found changing sensitivity to be hightly offputting.



the only faults i can see with this mouse, is that it cant be used, or at least, it would be very uncomforatable to use if you were left handed.

the rest really is flawless.

go buy one now!
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