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The Day After Roswell: A Former Pentagon Official Reveals the U.S. Government's Shocking UFO Cover-up
The Day After Roswell: A Former Pentagon Official Reveals the U.S. Government's Shocking UFO Cover-up
by Philip J. Corso
Edition: Mass Market Paperback
Price: £6.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars A good read and important if true, 10 Aug. 2007
Col. Philip J. Corso's book is an excellent read.
One other reviewer stated it was a "hoax" according to an unidentified "abduction investigator" but provided no evidence to substantiate this claim.

Corso's Military credentials by contrast are impeccable and his evidence is detailed and compelling. Corso's service history is available online (released under Freedom of Information-Google it!) and confirms that Corso was indeed a highly decorated officer who headed up the "foreign technology" section of the US army at the times he specifies in his book. Corso claims in his book that "Foreign technology" was a cover-all for any technology that fel into US hands, including everything from captured MIG fighter jets to captured Alien craft!

In this context of his impeccable military credentials we have to ask ourselves why the Colonel would make this story up and thereby damage his reputation among many of the conservative, rigid-thinking people who would have previously respected him for his military career? The book is full of facts, figures, names, dates times and places. The Colonel describes in detail the construction of the crashed UFO craft and the biology of the alleged extraterrestrial occupants. His detailed descriptions of the technology which he claims was located in the Roswell crash and later "reverse engineered" by the US Army and civilian industrial complex is incredibly detailed and compelling.

Contemporaneous accounts at the time of the 1947 Roswell crash described wafer-like objects with strange metallic etchings on them. This was well before the development of printed circuits. Corso claims that it was these artifacts that led to the development of human printed circuit technology. Night vision goggles were developed from other technology gleaned from the Roswell crash, according to Corso, along with many other innovations now in daily use such as fibre-optics and kevlar.

It would be easy to dismiss the Colonel's book, written in 1997, as a post-retirement money making scheme or even as the ravings of a once-great man turned senile, were it not for the recent (2007) amazing "deathbed confession" of another well respected former US military officer, Liutenant Waler HAUT.

HAUT (not featured in Corso's book directly) was the army intelligence officer at Roswell who first released the news to the media that the army had captured a downed flying saucer, in 1947. Shortly after, HAUT released a second press release stating that the downed craft was nothing more than an experimental weather balloon. And there the controversy may have laid to rest, with only 'conspiracy theorists" believing there had been an army cover-up was it not for the recent "deathbed confession" of HAUT. HAUT recanted posthumously and stated that the original news report was actually true, a downed alien craft WAS captured at Roswell, and that he had personally seen the alien technology and alien bodies from the crash at Roswell! The artifacts described by HAUT sound very familiar when you read CORSO's book.

So what are we to believe? That both these respected military men were mad? That CORSO lied in this book and swore Affidavits after his retirement, writing a tissue of lies to make money and gain fame on retirement? If so, how do we also explain HAUT, who remained loyal to the US military to the end, denied the UFO story until after his death but effectively arranged coroboration of the facts referred to by CORSO in his book...AFTER his (HAUT's) death? HAUT obviously would gain nothing from his "deathbed confession." Certainly neither HAUT or his family would have benefitted financially. Had HAUT also written a book in his lifetime he could have written another best seller. SO what was his motivation? We have to accept that HAUT's only credible motivation could have been that he truly believed in what he saw and that there had been a "cover-up." Troubled by guilt over his part in the "cover-up" and perhaps about to "meet his maker", HAUT felt the public should know the truth as he saw it, at least once he had died.

In this context I believe that we need to re-evaluate CORSO's book.
On the balance of probabilities, bizarre as that sounds given the incredible nature of CORSO's claims, I believe that CORSO and HAUT are probably telling the truth about their parts in the Roswell cover-up and what they saw. These men in my opinion truly believed that the craft at Roswell was a downed extra-terrestrial saucer-shaped craft containing a technology far superior to our own at that time.

Once we accept this possibility, CORSO's clams do not appear so outrageous after all. I believe that Phillip CORSO was most probably a hero, not only an American hero but a hero to the entire human race. His Service to humanity included helping us to use the Extra-Terrestrial's own technology to build a credible defence against them (CORSO believed that the extra-terrestrials were not "friendly", he cites evidence to substantiate this opinion and whilst he could not be sure of their intentions he basically considered the "Extraterrestrial biological entities" as he caled them, hostile. He also believed they were genetically engineered beings, more like androids adapted for space flight - more like the artificial creatures featured in the movie 'Blade Runner' than naturally evolved life forms.)

CORSO's work, if this book is to be believed, also gave us a massive technological boost enabling the tapid development of the hightechnology we are using today, including the computers and internet that we are using right here and now. If CORSO is right, his work changed the world and this was all due to the Roswell crash and what was recovered from it. Even Amazon wouldn't exist without CORSO. If CORSO is right, this truly is "the Day after Roswell" and we partly have CORSO to thank.

If this book is viewed as a work of fiction it is a well thought out science fiction story of the highest order, reflecting scientific theories that would only be matched in fiction by the likes of the greatest Scientists to ever write Sci-Fi, such as Arthur C CLARKE or Isaac ASIMOV. If this book is factual, it surely qualifies as the most paradigm-shifting and explosive book in human history.

In either case, I highly recommend this book. 5 Stars.
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