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Samsung Executive Leather Case for Galaxy S 2 - Black
Samsung Executive Leather Case for Galaxy S 2 - Black

5.0 out of 5 stars Highly Professional Genuine Case.....Perfect for the Galaxy S2, 14 Sep 2011
I was looking for a professional looking case that would cover both the back and the front of my new Samsung Galaxy S2. Enter this genuine leather Galaxy S2 case. I saw this on a friend's phone and it looked highly professional. It also adds a the perfect "light-weight" for people like me who thought the Galaxy was too light and were afraid it would drop out of the pocket. This weight is no hinderance.

Fitting :
The Handset basically fits into a perfectly sized plastic frame inside the leather front and back covering. There is a small magnetic bar on the top of the frame which holds the front part of the case together when it isnt being used. With the frame fit perfectly on the handset, this is a viable option for people who want a case that is a perfect fit.

This case is very aesthetically pleasing. When the case is closed it is black leather on the front with a stitching frame across. on the back towards the bottom is the genuine Sumsung Logo. and the speaker and camera are perfectly viewable as theyre visible with the case on it. You also have full access to the above headphone socket on it. I have had many comments on my phone from people saying "that looks very professional, where did you get that case" so it has definitely caught along people as some eye candy :) .

Overall this is a very good investment. A highly professional leather case for a profesional phone. The only possibly con of it is the front part of the case might not withstand a drop as it the sides of the phone are still exposed slightly so just be cautious and careful with your new phone. Hope you enjoy this case as I certainly have.

A Recommended buy for any Galaxy S2 owner. Great Feel, Professional Look, Genuine, and a well-fit.

D-Link Wireless N ADSL2+ 4-Port Modem Router -DSL 2740R
D-Link Wireless N ADSL2+ 4-Port Modem Router -DSL 2740R
Offered by NETWORK LTD
Price: 44.95

13 of 14 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Possible the best router ive owned for a BT ADSL Connection, 24 Feb 2011
Scenario : Need a Simple Wireless Router with a strong range and throughput for Gaming and Wireless Connections to more than 2 devices in a Detached House.

Enter the D-Link Wireless N DSL-2740R Modem Router.

Straight from the Box, it was well packaged as described in other reviews. In terms of Setup, the ease of the Setup CD made it a breeze to install. I was much more comfortable setting this up than with the older generation Belkin Wireless N Router I had. 1. Pop the CD in 2. Plug the Power to the Router in and confirm the connection 3. Select the Provider and you are basically done......its literally that simple (ok a few connection diagrams it shows to confirm you are connected right for people who are new to setting up a wireless network.)
Set-Up : 5/5

Customization is simple. It has loads of options for the user to select. Compared to the normal BT Homehub, this was a nice upgrade for Network Gaming. The port forwarding can easily be navigated to from its clean set up design as well as other options such as Wireless Protection options (WEP and WPA) .A Very well and clean designed set up interface.
Customizing 5/5

Range is also a major strength. The scenario of my current location for this router is a fairly large detached family house of which my 3 brothers are also sharing the connection. The range is fine given the receivers had Wireless N Adapters and signal as well. Even through a few walls and floors of the house, all of us were very happy with the connection throughput this sustained. This connection also remained Rock Solid and hasn't dropped yet.
Range 5/5
Overall, given I have described some of the review areas in some detail, if you are looking for a strong candidate Wireless N router to run your network for an ADSL connection this is a perfect option. If you are wanting to go Wireless and have the family set up wirelessly but are afraid and dont know what to do, this router for BT Connection will do you justice as it is literally idiot-proof to set up. You will be happy with the purchase and results.

Recommended Set-up Process :
Insert CD > Power on Router > Connect Router > Select ISP > Enter Set-up Details from ISP > Confirm Successfuly Connection > Add a Wireless Protection Key (WPA or WEP) to make sure your network is Secure from unauthorised users.

* I recommend pairing this purchase to D-Link's Wireless N Adapter range as this is what I used on my computers and it has worked lovely. I hope you have enjoyed this review and good luck on a healthy network :).

Apple iPod - 30GB - Black [video playback] MA146B/A
Apple iPod - 30GB - Black [video playback] MA146B/A

104 of 120 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Out with my with this iPod!, 25 Nov 2005
I reviewed a 4GB Nano which I had purchased not too long ago complaining about all the flaws I had on it. I hope that review helped buyers. It turns out I returned the Nano and got this 30GB one instead....and what a difference. It comes with a solid strong case immediately in the box! The features are much better than the Nano too.

Sound : Like the Nano, this iPod has amazing sound quality. Apple really make the customers happy with a set of different EQ settings and their great sounding player. The supplied headphones are good for everyday listening but I recommend getting a pair of sony E71SX's with the notice a tremendous difference!
Score: 10/10 (Like the Nano, the sound is amazing! It is great on the supplied headphones but EVEN BETTER on other high end pairs!)
Features: UNLIKE THE NANO, this has firewire adaption, so old-skool users on USB 1.1, if they got a firewire port it makes a tremendous difference if you are transferring a massive library. Also, video playback is absolutely outstanding. The quality on the screen is the best i've seen yet. With the iTunes software you need to have the video file made before importing it and that needs to be done via other software. But it is worth it. The battery life on this is better than my Nano. I got about 5 hours of music out of the Nano at minimum volume and with the screen light off. This was appaling from the Nano. On this machine I get 12-14hours out of loud music. The VIDEO life is about 3-4 hours. As the machine uses more battery to process the video this is why it is shorter life than music playback. But well don apple! All in all, the features of this player are top-notch and best value for the money.
Score: 08/10 (Firewire,USB 2.0, Video Output, any more? This has a plethora of connections and is well located to. For video quality, it lasts a descent time but some people might be disappointed with the video life)
Aesthetics/Durability: Having already mentioned the case included WITH this product (wasn't included in the Nano), there is already great protection with this player. This player is slim and well designed. In my opinion the Nano was a bit TOO slim but this is just right. !However! IPOD USERS need to put it in the case when travelling with it because like the Nano, there is present the thin polycarbon plastic covering the screen which is what my nano recieved scratches from. As long as it is kept safe though, it seems this player is well built, strong, and a good pick.
Score: 7/10 (As long as you keep it protected in its case, this iPod will work a charm, but there is the same polycarbon plastic covering the front which tends to scratch)
Software : iTunes 6.0 and the latest iPod firmware is included so you can easily get started transfering your music into that great player. iTunes is straight forward and for many people the GUI is so much more appealing than any Windows software out there. the only bad part is the video importing as the video compression has to be done via other software! however, It is easy to use and a charm to have. Well done apple again!
Score : 9/10 (Good to use but Video Import is via other software)
Total Score: 34/40! (85% rating)
In conclusion, this iPod is a great buy for has great features offers protection and is easy to use thanks to great software!

Apple iPod nano 4GB - White [MA005FB/A]
Apple iPod nano 4GB - White [MA005FB/A]

14 of 21 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Great Sound! That's about it.......READ and buy w/Caution!, 24 Oct 2005
All in All, the main bad points, screen flaws and VERY SHORT battery life make this generation 1 iPod Nano very poor value for money. Connectivity is reduced from it's other iPod family. Sure, some other media praised this player and encouraged sales; unfortunately this doesn't satisfy my purchase. There are other MP3 players that are MUCH better value for money.
Good Points:
- Small
- Colour Screen
Bad Points:
- Poor Documentation for first time users.
- Screen flaws
- Extremely POOR battery life
- REDUCED connectivity; no Firewire!
- Headphone socket is on bottom; & weak headphones supplied
Sound: 10/10
Connectivity: 1/10 (Only USB 2.0)
Aesthetics/Battery Life: 2/10
Overall: 13/30
When Apple fixes these product faults, then it might be worth considering this MP3 player.

Nokia 6230i - T-Mobile - Pay As You Go Mobile Phone - With 5 Credit
Nokia 6230i - T-Mobile - Pay As You Go Mobile Phone - With 5 Credit

54 of 58 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Great Phone! ......HOWEVER.......Mine came SILVER not black, 24 Aug 2005
This phone is great. It has every little feature you could possibly need and more. However, the advertising on this site posts "Black" while mine was recieved in a silver case. I am still happy because the phone came with 5 Credit and 60-Minutes FREE talk time. The SIM Card is provided and the phone also includes a pair of earphones for listening to music on. The Set-Up CD rom is also in thepackage when used with a data cable for the PC to exchange information such as contacts and media files. The phone also comes with a 32MB memory card which is perfect for storing enough digital photos and music to enjoy. The build quality is nice and seems that it will last for years and years. If you want a good phone for the money and would like something with free 5 credit, this phone will not disappoint you. The best phone I've ever purchased.
Quality : 10/10
Features: 10/10
Value: 20/20 * The 6230i is highly recommended.

Joytech Carry Case (Nintendo DS)
Joytech Carry Case (Nintendo DS)

10 of 10 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Good it well spent. This DS case is worth it, 8 Jun 2005
I was purchasing this as a gift with the inclusion of the Nintendo DS for my younger sibling. Having no idea about these gadgets, I was hoping this product would fit the DS appropriately and it does with great protection. Highly recommended for DS owners needing a protective way of taking there DS's to and fro. Buy it!

Bop It Extreme 2
Bop It Extreme 2
Offered by juliedoodles
Price: 49.99

26 of 31 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars It should be called "Bop to 250", 26 May 2005
= Durability:4.0 out of 5 stars  = Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars  = Educational:5.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Bop It Extreme 2 (Toy)
I was bored and decided to myself to give this gadget a try. This product was amazingly addictive and I was always wanting to find out how high of a score I could get. Unfortunately; by 250 the score finishes and the game ends. So no; for those of you hopeing to break 1000 or even 1000000, it can't be attempted as 250 is the maximum.
The durability on this is descent enough. However, I feel anymore of reaching the 200 score marks and the amount of force which I am Twisting,Boping,Spinning, or flicking at the speed by then i think will slowly break this product.
Educational wise; this game is good at focusing people's coordination. If you have the time to spend and the money; get this it is a great product to have fun in your free time.

Norton Internet Security 2005 3 User Pack
Norton Internet Security 2005 3 User Pack

9 of 11 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars GOOD value for 3-Users;Excellent Security/Protection! BUY!, 7 April 2005
I use 3 different PCs in the house which all use the internet of download e-mail attachments; etc. However, I came accross the point where I began to see slow operation using IE6 on Windows due to viruses and spyware. The operation of all 3 PCs eventually slowed down so much I needed a good Internet Security Suite to counter attack this on all 3 PCs. Enter Nortan Internet Security 2005 3-User Edition! From first install for the first PC; it performs an initial scan to remove any viruses; where 19 were found, quarantined and removed. I then setup the software flawlessly with no errors or hassles on the next 2 PCs easily with the same key on the CD. Smooth integration that was and a great step into protecting my computers. I can now surf the internet with no freezing of viruses; what a charm.
Nortan Internet Security: Features offered are Security, which protects your system. Outbreak Alert protects your computer from rapidly spreading threats through downloading patches and definitions through Live Update. Personal Firewall protects your computer from intrusions; which now works like a charm on mine as I get so many messages of a malicous piece of spyware trying to access the internet; well Nortan can block this! Also, Intrusion detection warns of invaders and blocks them automatically. Privacy Control helps protect your personal information from hackers and spyware. Finally, Parental Control is a great feature to use to protect your kids from inappropriate material whilst surfing the web. All in all for this piece of software it is highly recommended; 10/10.
Nortan AntiVirus 2005 : Also included within this suite offers Viruse Protection. Yes, for those wondering if it is actually worth it, is the answer to your question. You can currently keep up to date with Symantec's virus definitions through downloading them via Live Update; which works like a breeze and takes a matter of seconds. You have the option of when to perform a system scan as well; so the system may check at a time convenient for you when you are not doing anything. A great feature there. All in All, this software is highly recommended for all internet users in order to attain protection. 10/10
AntiSpam 2005: This software is great only; many e-mail prgrams offer anti-spam functions already. However, for Outlook users, I found this to be very useful. I always recieve junk mail from 3rd Party companies especially on a free-based e-mail service, so I use Nortan AntiSpam. This software includes an allowed list of contacts for people whom only want to stay incontact with a specific group and resist all other junk that may be offered to them. This is a good feature for business men useing their home desktop for work related purposes. For those experienceing problems with The AntiSpam functions of blocking specific e-mails that you may need; use the option, "Ask Before sending sender to blocked list" which is available in the "Filtering" category. I now get all my e-mails from contacts I know! Useing BT Yahoo Broadband; there was a smooth integration of the software into the e-mail. I now am protected constantly. Overally, I give this AntiSpam a 8/10 as it is already offered through some e-mail programs and relatively the same performance.
Overall, I think this software was a great bargain. It was perfect for useing on 3 PCs. It comes with a Year Subscription of definition updates to keep you protected from new threats. the standard price for a single user version of Nortan Internet Security 2005 is 30 so if you are looking for a 3-user deal at a bargain price; then you have found it. Buy this for great protection and security.
Overall Score : 28/30 for Great Protection, Security, and Value!

Metal Gear Solid - Platinum
Metal Gear Solid - Platinum

5 of 6 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars The ultimate game to grace the PSone. BUY THIS!, 5 April 2005
I played this game in 1998, when it came out or so. I have been a fan of metal gear ever since the birth of the NES. All I have to say is; this game is incredible.
From the start, you are playing in a basement sewer, as Solid Snake; a legendary gaming hero to some. The story then unfolds through your allies The Colonel, Naomi, Mei Ling, and later on a few others. We are also introduced to Liquid Snake; Solid Snakes's Arch Rival if he has one. Anyway; the action for a PSone game is incredible. This game keeps your hands on the controller non-stop; one wrong move and your dead. I was so unbelievably amazed at this game. The guns; the fighting methods; the chocking; so many ways of playing for a PSone game.
After I completed the game, I was sad to see the game finish; however, you then are complemented sometimes by the gift of Stealth Camo and a Bandana. This increases the replay value highly. I replayed the game and found more secrets and had more fun with the items given.
For such a great game I will now say; it is worth buying; and is a must for any PSone fan into Action/Adventure.
Storyline: 10/10 - This game has an excellent story that may take some playing through retro metal gear games to fully understand some of the information. However; haveing done so, I was amazed at the storyline.
Controls: 8/10 - Takes some getting used to especially for newcomers to this type of game. When in combat sequences it is easily manageable to make a fatal crouch where the enemy then has you. However; the game includes VR missions which solves this as you get used to the controls.
Replay Value : 10/10. Like I said; the ending rewards you with special items that make the replay value great and possibly more enjoyable.
Overall: 28/30. Basically, with such a high overall score, this game is a must for any PSone fan. Get this before you can't anymore; it is a piece of gameing history.

Belkin Blue Series PureAV Digital Optical Audio Cable 0.9m
Belkin Blue Series PureAV Digital Optical Audio Cable 0.9m

14 of 14 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Wow.....I will never go back to analog sound again!, 5 April 2005
Haveing used my Speakers (Logitech Z-680's) on my Sound Blaster Card, DVD-Player, and Hi-Fi, I used the standard analog rear,centre, and sub wires that were supplied. I was encouraged to go "optical" as it said the difference is amazing. All I have to say is; yes, the reviews were right. This cable adds joy and crisp sound to my 5.1 system. A recommended buy to release your speakers full potential.

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