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Mrs. T. A. Purnell "ramoth2002" (Wiltshire)

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Damnation Day: Hell's Angel
Damnation Day: Hell's Angel
Price: £5.99

1.0 out of 5 stars Needs a warning, 4 Mar. 2013
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Nowhere in the books description does it state that the book contains rather a lot of homosexual love scenes - had it done so I would never have downloaded it. The book is long on homo erotica but short on the drama. I found myself skipping past those bits just to try and see where the plot was going but sadly there was just too much skipping to be done and I have ended up not even bothering to finish the book. This is NOT post apocalypse fiction - its merely a homosexual romantic story set in a post apocalypse world about which we learn next to nothing.

STARGATE ATLANTIS: Inheritors (Book 6 in the Legacy series) (Stargate Atlantis: Legacy series)
STARGATE ATLANTIS: Inheritors (Book 6 in the Legacy series) (Stargate Atlantis: Legacy series)
Price: £3.22

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3.0 out of 5 stars Disappointing Set Of Books, 25 Feb. 2013
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I am really rather sad to be writing this review and being unenthusiastic about an Atlantis series of books but each one of the six has left me feeling more than a little let down. These read more like a Sheyla Fan-Fiction story than a continuation of the SGA series, at times the writing standard was quite poor and I had to force myself to read on.

I am a huge SGA fan, I own all the books in both ebook and paperback along with all the SG1 books and I do read a lot of Stargate fanfiction online some of it good some of it not so good, and had this series of books been published for free on a fanfic site then I probably would have not felt so let down nor indeed would I have bothered to leave a review. However, having paid full price for the ebooks, for the first time ever I will NOT also be buying the paperback editions to add to my collection.

The author had a good idea for a story, but this was let down badly by their lack of feel for some of the characters, in particular Sheppard the author just didn't "get him" and I was left feeling more and more unable to really immerse myself in the book because he (amongst others) weren't believable. I found myself skip reading whole pages just to get past the Sheyla stuff which was totally superfluous to the story itself, it almost at times felt like Mills & Boon does Stargate - badly.

The Keller/McKay relationship arc feels as if the author really didn't like that pairing in the series so decided to put an end to it as quickly as possible, since this was an established relationship from the series this is the one that perhaps could and should have had more focus on it, instead it felt rushed and Keller was another of the characters I felt the author "didn't get".

At times the writing itself was poor and this really should have been picked up at the editing stage, at times I wondered how old the writer was or even if English was their first language all of which meant that I was being dragged out of the story back to the real world and that started to irritate me. Instead of hardly being able to tear myself away and finishing the book in under a day I found myself feeling that I was reading merely so I could finish the book and happy to leave it and do something else for a while when I grew too impatient with it.

All in all I'm left feeling a bit let down.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Absolutely Miraculous!!, 16 Jan. 2013
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We have a walk in shower completely tiled floor to ceiling with bright white tiles and grout, we've never had a problem with mould until I made the mistake of buying a rubber shower mat. Within 48 hours of putting the mat in the shower tray horrible back mould appeared on everything including the shampoo bottles! (Turns out lots of us who bought that particular mat had the same problem - review left to warn others) I threw away the mat immediately, however, the mould had stained all along the seal of the tray and into the corner. No amount of scrubbing was able to clean it, we tried just about everything, read up on tips, down on hands and knees scrubbing with a toothbrush, applications of bleach & bicarb, white vinegar, neat bleach, cilit bang etc etc. NOTHING improved it and I was beginning to think we would have no option other than to completely remove the seal and redo the entire thing.

I came across a recommendation for this product when once again googling desperate for tips on how to clean the sealant - having read all the reviews I figured one last try with this stuff before admitting defeat.

This morning I sprayed the corner of the shower tray, the worst, most stubborn area that had utterly resisted all previous cleaning attempts - I left the room intending to leave the stuff on for 30 mins but I couldn't resist going back for a peak after about 10 mins just to see if I could see any improvement at all .... I was utterly gobsmacked the mould had completely gone and the sealant was back to being perfectly white!! It was effortless and soooooo fast! I immediately sprayed all the rest of the mouldy areas and within 30 mins the grout & sealant showed no traces of the mould and were pristine!!!

I didn't have to scrub anything, just squirt and leave for 30 mins - FANTASTIC!!!

Only problem was that having done the areas with mould that made the rest of the sealant look a little off white so a quick zap of the non mouldy areas and everything is once again brilliant white and mould free.

What a fantastic product, I'm usually so suspicious of these kinds of things, I've bought stuff loads of times only to find its useless, this spray however is the real deal!

StayPut Corner/Quadrant Shower Mat (Soft White; 23.5" x 23.5") - the softest, most luxurious non-slip mat you can buy
StayPut Corner/Quadrant Shower Mat (Soft White; 23.5" x 23.5") - the softest, most luxurious non-slip mat you can buy
Offered by Posh Porschey
Price: £25.99

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2.0 out of 5 stars Soon to be replaced, 14 Sept. 2012
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This mat has only been in use for 3 weeks, and is ready for the bin. Almost immediately after I started using it I began to notice it looking a bit "off colour" but thought I was imagining it, however, almost overnight horrible black mold started to appear and no amount of scrubbing has been able to remove the staining, so it looks grubby and dirty. Worse than that the mat seems to be attracting the mold and areas of the tiles and tray which have NEVER had any mold on them now show signs of this black mold. My bathroom is well ventilated, with an extractor fan, and is pure white, in 4 years the only time I have seen any mold in there has been since this mat arrived and went into use. It's going in the bin as soon as I can replace it with another product.

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