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4.0 out of 5 stars Hmmmm!!!, 3 Sep 2004
This review is from: Jojo (Audio CD)
When i first heard "Leave" i was really feelin the song then i learnt she the girl that sang it was 13 i was a but taken back but for real what does a 13 yr old no about heartbreak n love? anyway....
Jojo has a FANTASTIC voice espeically for a 13 yr old comparisons to Coco (Of SWV) And Solange (Beyonce's sister)her debut is not overly great but its a pleasant one i admit its not my favourite style of music but i thought i'd give her a chance.
I think if she was older she would been taken a bit more serious shes signed to Blackground records home to artists such as Tank,Toni Braxton & the late Aaliyah maybe in the future (if shes still singing that is) she'll work with Timbo and Missy but for now jus' give her a chance i did but if your still not convinced
GO BUY Jill Scott - Beautifully Human Words and Sounds Vol 2 its a great album i admit Jill is better but give lil Jojo a chance ya never no she could be the next big thing who knows

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5.0 out of 5 stars Unlike Moodrings this wont go out of fashion, 27 Aug 2004
This review is from: Moodring (Audio CD)
Ive always liked Mya but never really liked her albums she seemed more of a singles artist then she releases "Moodring" with the 1st strong single "My Love Is Like...Wo!" a very catchy Missy produced joint even since that ive been a fan of the album
1.My Love Is Like...Wo!/A very good song to promote the album its a strong cut produced by mega star Missy Elliott great song Wo! lol 10/10
2.Fallen/2nd single not as good as My Love... but its a great song more poppy than the 1st single but still great the video was kinda cool but Mya's a stalker lol 10/10
3.Why You Gotta Look So Good/This is a great song it features Joe Budden & he surprisingly does a good job she sings about a really good lookin guy that she cant find a reason to leave him coz hes so fine great song 10/10
4.Step/Electronic pop can describe this song its very very catchy especially the chorus Mya sounds excellent another Missy produced song 9/10
5.Sophisticated Lady/Reminds me of Old Skool Janet great song like Step its Very catchy the lyrics are cool the song overall is fun & funky 10/10
6.No Sleep Tonight/Oooo here comes Freeeky Mya this song is so sexy her vocals are excellent on this track i like the chorus could have been a single maybe 10/10
7.Anatomy 1On1/Now people rave about this song yea i admit the beat is nice & chilled out but i find the lyics kinda smutty Mya could have done more with this song 6/10
8.Hurry Up/DJ Clue & Mya produced this song the beat is sort sailor-ish with the acordian in the background its a cool song 8.10
9.Things Come And Go (Featuring Sean Paul)/This song starts off good u thinkin its gonna be a heavy slow reggae but then u relise Sean Paul's on it then u no it aint gonna be like that but after a few listens it grows on ya (not a good move Mya) 9/10
10.You/Another ballad but this ones kinda cool its very sweet actually but to me it seems like a filler but it does pick up on the chrous 9/10
11.After The Rain/Its a sorta tribute to Aaliyah & Left Eye its a nice song very sweet actually im feelin this 10/10
12.Late/Ooo this songs about being "Late" u ladies no what i mean songs about a pregnancy scare the lyrics are very clever its a cool song 10/10
13.Whatever Bitch/when i go clubs this play this alot its a cool song i fort it might have been a single also but i was wrong but its a great song for all u haterz out there 10/10
14.Taste This/A bit of a revenge song its kinda but its not my favourite 7/10
15.Take A Picture/SKIP THIS RUBBISH! 0/10
16.Free Fallin'/Not a good way to end the album Yuck 4/10
Top 5 Moodring Tunes
1.My Love Is Like...Wo
2.Whatever Bitch
4.Why You Gotta Look So Good

Angels With Dirty Faces
Angels With Dirty Faces
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5.0 out of 5 stars Sugangels, 5 Aug 2004
This review is from: Angels With Dirty Faces (Audio CD)
These girls seriously cant do wrong all 3 of theyre albums are great but "Angels" is my favourite Suga' album
1.Freak Like Me/1st single 1st #1 this song was massive a few years ago Samples Adina Howards "Freak Like Me" to be honest i prefer Adina's but this is a different & cool version Produced by Richard X 10/10
2.Blue/A raw r&b sort of song gotta say this is one of my favourites the lyrics are really good i think alot of people can relate to this should have been a single 10/10
3.Round Round/The gurls 2nd #1 a basic pop song not much special about it, it is was great song & the video was brilliant but its got a bit dry now 9/10
4.Stonger/OH MY GOD! i love this song everyone can definatly relate to this the lyrics are good & positive just listen to it after a break-up it'll make you u feel a bit better the beat is great nice strings maybe Aaliyah would have sung summin similar
5.Supernatural/To be honest i find this really annoying the beat is kinda cool tho & i do like the chorus but i have to be in the mood to listen to it 9/10
6.Angels With Dirty Faces/Another pop song but this is a great song the vocals from Mutya are great i used to play this song all the time if people think you nice & innocent then this song is 4 u 10/10
7.Virgin Sexy/I dont like this coz it doesnt apply 2 me & it is a really annoyin song 5/10
8.Shape/Samples Stings "Shape Of My Heart" this is a great song the video has to b one of theyre best they looked beautiful it goes with this song coz its also beautiful 10/10
9.Just Dont Need This/Sort of a Gritty pop/r&b song its actually really cool after a few listens 8/10
10.No Man,No Cry/A slow reggae tune i didnt like this b4 for it did grew on me its a great tune the chorus is the best part 10/10
11.Switch/THIS SONG IS SO COOL! the electronic beat is really good the blunt to-the-point lyrics make this song even better 10/10
12.More Than A Million Miles/A good acoustic sorta song Keisha does her kinda Alesha (Mis-Teeq) Flow which is actually cool the lyrics are great Heidi also sounds good on this (Gotta Love Heidi) 10/10
13.Breathe Easy [Acoustic Jam]/This is a nice was to end the album theyre vocal ability is great nice song probably the strongest vocals on the album 10/10
14.Round Round (Alternative Mix)/I like the different lyrics but its a bit long 7/10
Top 5 Angels Tunes
2.Angels With Dirty Faces
5.Breathe Easy

Lovers Rock
Lovers Rock
Price: 9.15

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5.0 out of 5 stars Still Clinging On, 22 July 2004
This review is from: Lovers Rock (Audio CD)
Sade has to have one of the most original voices to date she was a world-wide success in the 80's
Then she disapeared forn 8 years and returned with the most sensual,emotion album of her career (In My Opinion)I am only saying this because i heard this album b4 the rest this & Love Deluxe are my favourite Sade albums this is by far the best
1.By Your Side/1st single was a worldwide smash its still fresh 4 years later its a sweet song perfect for weddings 10/10
2.Flow/This song has a mixture of a reggae & acoustic tinged beat the lyrics are very good a classy song 10/10
3.King Of Sorrow/This was the 2nd single which to be honest i never saw the video to (or even the rest of her songs..they never show them)i dont expect this got anywhere in the charts i think its a great song one of them he-broke-my-heart-but-im-coping kinda songs 10*/10
4.Somebody Already Broke My Heart/I know everyone will relate to this song "Ive been torn apart so many times/ive been hurt so many times before" if u dont relate to this in one way or another ur not human lol 10*/10
5.All About Our Love/This is sort of soft rock song its very short as well (2:40) its a nice song though its more up-lifting that the previous songs very cool song 9/10
6.Slave Song/Now when i 1st got the album i didnt like this song but it grew on my its kinda religious song i really like it again shes used Reggae to give the song that extra bounce 10/10
7.The Sweetest Gift/This is the shortest song on the album (2:18) its a nice laid back acoustic song very sweet as well 9/10
8.Everyword/Yet another cool Reggae tinged song i love this song it had to be one of the best the lyrics are superb 10/10
9.Immigrant/This is sorta religious/political song abut racism its very good just listen to the lyrics but as i said to a friend things aint like this no more so i dunno why she did this song but its a good song anyway 10/10
10.Lover's Rock/Title track sorta weak for a title song but its nice & laidback i like the was she never over sings & it seems effortless 9/10
11.Its Only Love That Gets You Through/Wow was a long title i think this is very sweet i dont think it was a good way to end the album but i mean the song isnt bad so doesnt matter 8/10
Top 5 LR Songs
1.Slave Song
2.By Your Side
3.King Of Sorrow
4.Somebody Already Broke My Heart

Worldwide Underground
Worldwide Underground
Price: 7.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars The Best Album In The Whole Worldwide Underground!, 6 July 2004
This review is from: Worldwide Underground (Audio CD)
Now Erykah never really reached out to me on a real but after hearin' a few tracks from her past albums i thought she was a really moody singer
The Love Of My Life came out as the lead song for the film Brown Sugar i fell in love with the song
I went out & got the Album/EP straight away
1.World Keeps Turnin'/Yep its an intro what what a boring one it is 0/10
2.Bump It (Featuring Zapp Mama & Karo)/8.49 Minute jam with Erykah a good was to start the album 10/10
3.Back In The Day (Puff)/This song is one of my favourites on the album nice chilled tun about Back in the day smokin weed and stuff 10/10
4.I Want You/I skipped this song alot as it takes like 5 minutes to begin her actually to sing a verse but i left it on one day & feel in love great tune 10/10
5.Woo/"Erykah...BaaaDooooo" this reminds me of an old skool hip-hop track this is also an album highlight
6.Steady On The Grind (Featuring Dead Prez)/Wow what a great tune a soulful hip-hop track also a album highlight 10/10
7.Danger (Featuring China Blac)/My Favourite song on the album i kno how she feels with the calls frm prison hehe this had a really great video as well only saw it once or twice tho 11/10
8.Think Twice (Featuring Roy Hargrove)/The beat is very electronic soundin in parts dont like this song much but its not terrible 7/10
9.Love Of My Life Worldwide (Featuring Angie Stone,Queen Latifa & Bahamadia)/Its a funky version of the original very good makes ya wanna get up & move yo a*s 10/10
10.World Keeps Turnin'(Outro)/And On & On lol 0/10
11.Love Of My Life (Ode 2 Hip-Hop)/I LOVE THIS SONG the beat the lyrics the video everything about it Common also does hes lil bit on this as well 11/10
12.Hollywood/Didnt like it at 1st but its a really cool song 9/10
Top 5 WWUG Tunes
1.Love Of My Life
2.Back In The Day (Puff)

Being Somebody
Being Somebody
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Price: 1.49

5.0 out of 5 stars Being Somebody, 6 Jun 2004
This review is from: Being Somebody (Audio CD)
I steer way clear of anything musically manufactured but for some reason Liberty X stood out from the rest I dont really like pop music i like a few artist but Liberty X are the best pop act i've heard for a long time.
1.Intro (Being Somebody)/Its just a 19 seconds

2.Jumpin'/The lead single i felt it was kinda weak for a lead but it's still good 8/10
3.Being Nobody/This is a great cover it does the original alot of justice 10/10
4.Everybody Cries/This is my favourite track it's very true as well great ballad 10+/10
5.Watcha Doin' Tonight/Very Hip-Hop influenced great lyrics & good beat 9/10
6.The Poet/Very clever lyrics this is another favourite of mine 10+/10
7.I'll Be Remembering/The song is a lil weak the beat is good but i feel its a poor effort to be r&b 5/10
8.The Last Goodbye/Ahh i really like this Jessica has a really nice voicei can relate to this song 9/10
9.Let's Go/I heard this song a while back on some promo CD i had i think this is really good the electronic beat is very catchy it should have been a single 10/10
10.Forever/Another ballad i think i prefer the ballads to the up-tempo songs when it comes to them they suit 'em especially the girls 9/10
11.Close Your Eyes/This is suprisingly catchy couldn't get it out my head for a while 9/10
12.I Just Wanna/This is a great song reminds me of a Mya song for some reason 8/10
13.Impossible/I have one word for this TUUUUUNNNNE! 10+/10
14.Take Me Home/Has a Spanish feel not bad very average though 7/10
15.Story Of My Life/An acoustic song very good lyrics 10/10
16.Maybe/Tony wrote this by himself very impressive 10/10
17.Bonus Track/Can't remember what this is called very poppy but good 7/10
Overall i feel they should try & crack the US they have very good material i think they we'll go far]
Top 5 Liberty X
1.Everybody Cries
2.Being Nobody
3.The Poet
5.Let's Go!

Hurt No More
Hurt No More
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Price: 2.68

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5.0 out of 5 stars Wow betta Than Debut, 16 May 2004
This review is from: Hurt No More (Audio CD)
In my opinion hes the male version of Alicia Keys the second effort frm Mario "Yellow Man" Winans is fantastic like piano loops with raw hip-hop/Soul flava
1.Ready For Love/It is like an Alicia Keys kinda interlude very cool 10/10
2.Never Really Was/It has a sample frm Papa Dont Preach (Madonna) this is a great song possible single release? 10/10
3.I Dont Wanna Know (Featuring Enya & P.Diddy)/The Lead single this is why i bought the album its a great song the beat is banging and the lyrics are summin most people can relate to 10/10
4.You Knew (Featuring Slim)/Slim from 112 makes a good effort on this track one of my favourites 10/10
5.How I Made It (Featuring Loon)/Now im not really a big fan of Loon hes album is actually kinda god but he raps too slow it sounds like hes singing this is a bashy tune 10/10
6.Already Know (Interlude)/Another interlude i think he sounds really good on this with the ad-libs 10/10
7.3 Days Ago/Its sorta got that country feel to it actually not to keen on this but its ok i guess its just average 8/10
8.What's Wrong With Me/I wish Diddy would stop talkin over the songs it kinda gets annoyin i like the old skool soul beat to this good song 10/10
9.Can't Judge Me/The beat to this is off the hook the lyrics are heavy as well i onea my favourite songs 10/10
10.Disbelief/Maybe he will release this one as well i really like this i like the way the vocals are arranged on this 10/10
11.Enough (Interlude)/Haha She's been "CAUGHT OUT THERE" Stupid B*tch love that interlude 10/10
12.Pretty Girl Bullsh*t (Featuring Foxy Brown)/The beat is grimey not a big fan of foxy but her flow is heavy and Mario sounds off tha hook 10/10
13.This Is The Thanks I Get (Featuring Blak Rob)/Its got that asian sorta beat this is a good up-beat song 10/10
14.I Got You Babe/Oh forgot sake Diddy shut the f*ck up! Not to keen on this song but the sorta wailing in the background is cool 9/10
15.So Fine/Hell Yeah i love this song i put this on Repeat alot 10/10
16.Should've Known/Nah not feelin this one 6/10
17.Turn Around/Not i like slowjams but this is kinda Whiney 6/10
18.The Game/Ahh this is an ok song good to round off the album 9/10
Wow he has impressed me yet again this is hes best album yet Hold It Up Mario -1-

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