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Malcolm Bell "Dinger" (N Wiltshire, England)

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Price: £4.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Although known as a comedian and so maybe not taken ..., 27 Nov. 2014
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This review is from: Revolution (Kindle Edition)
Although known as a comedian and so maybe not taken seriously by some, opinions should change after reading this book. I have thought for some years now that companies are too big since in some cases they are more powerful than small countries. Now I know why! He is quite right about the distribution of power and influence and I agree wholeheartedly with nearly everything I read.
This revolution is long overdue so my only question would be how do we start?

Laser 5522 Hex Bit, Set of 10
Laser 5522 Hex Bit, Set of 10
Offered by atoz autoparts
Price: £18.95

5.0 out of 5 stars Hex bits which work!, 6 Nov. 2014
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Finally found a set of hex bits which work! All the other sets I have seen had long reach bits with ball-ends. These are way better than anything else I have seen. With size adaptor to convert ratchet drive to the relevant sized socket you can accomodate pretty much all sizes of allen bolts currently in use.
In short - Excellent!

IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946 (PC DVD)
IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946 (PC DVD)
Price: £9.99

5.0 out of 5 stars See previous review "I loved it so much I sent it back" now edited., 1 Jun. 2013
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Please see previous review as above. Initially not very good since disc was faulty but now issues are resolved I am delighted

No Title Available

148 of 155 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars I love it - but with serious reservations!, 1 Jun. 2013
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I am a professional driver. I earn my living by driving and I drive a 40 ton articulated vehicle so I need to plan each and every journey very carefully. In the past I have used a car Sat-nav as an aid to my navigation and most of the time it was good enough to route me via sensible roads to my desired destination. Once or twice it didn't though so when my car device needed replacing and I saw this new device it seemed stupid not to give it a try! So I bought it.
As with all new devices which I entrust to direct me I initially used it with some degree of care/suspicion! The menus are slightly different to my old TomTom and it took a few days to become familiar with the differences. The routing seems to be very good and so far I have had no problems with the routes with which I have been presented. Last week my boss asked me to use a different vehicle (MAN 7.5 tonne) and collect a fridge unit from the beach-side cafe at Branscombe bay near Seaton in Devon. I thought this would be the journey which would give me confidence in this unit and I was right! The journey was from the centre of Exeter and despite the last couple of miles being on very narrow roads with tight bends the unit was very satisfactory. (Unlike the driving of the private cars I met along the way - but that is a different story!) My co-driver was shocked at the route we were given when we turned into the first of these narrow roads but it turned out perfectly OK, and there WERE a couple of other routes which might not have been so wonderful! So I am now confident that the truck-routing algorithms are satisfactory.
Now for the reservations.
When I bought this new device I went to Tomtom's website and registered the purchase. For some strange reason they seem to think that no-one will ever own more than one sat-nav so I had to use a different e-mail address to register this new one. The original 720t was registered previously. During this registration process I was informed that there was an updated map available.
Please note it is referred to as an 'updated' map. Now I am a simple soul and to me as a native English speaker the word 'updated' means it is just the original version with some improvements which were unavailable when it was first published. So I downloaded it and installed it onto my device. This process took around 30 minutes at the end of which I was asked which map I wanted to use. I selected the new one. The 'updated' one. (|First question - why is there a choice? If it is an update should it not be applied to 'update' the original?)
At this point although I found (as previously) the site to be a bit odd everything was going fine. I finished the entire process and was expecting to shut everything down and dis-connect when TomTom gave me a small warning - almost as an afterthought - that this new map had no truck information in it!!
What?!! No truck in....
Second and principal question - since I have bought a truck-specific device containing a map with truck-specific information to enable me to route a truck why in heaven's name would I want a map WITHOUT truck information?
My hope is in writing this review that those genius web developers working at TomTom will get a serious kick up the bum and sort this out. I find their website a strange place to go and the TomTom Home software I used previously was also odd. Their idea of 'logical and intuitive' is somewhat different to mine I fear!
Of course it might be me? Unless YOU know different...
In conclusion the device is brilliant, especially the mount, but the website needs significant improvement!
I hope this novella is helpful to all!! :)
Comment Comments (6) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Mar 21, 2016 1:35 PM GMT

IL2 Sturmovik 1946 (PC)
IL2 Sturmovik 1946 (PC)
Price: £9.99

4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Liked it so much, I sent it back!, 27 Dec. 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Have previously owned Il-2 Sturmovik and the Forgotten Battles sequel so was looking forward to this with some glee, especially at a price of £4.49!
Opened the package and then the DVD case and - no supporting paperwork? Well that's a first! Not even an advert for another product! Never mind at that price who cares! Let's get this thing installed!!
Autorun started - install screen appeared - dialog box to select language - English and click OK.....
Now what? Disc drive is working, I can hear it. Seems to be a bit erratic though. sort of starting and stopping... Install has stopped and dialog boxes disappeared...
So lets go online and do some exploring.
Several hours follow where I searched forums and discovered the following.
It might be a compatibility issue and have to be run in compatibility mode - or it might not! Some differences of opinion on that one - didn't work for me.
Don't use the install program, browse the disc contents and start the install via a program called, "a.exe". Lots of people appear to have had success with that option - except I am not one of them.
Copy the contents of the DVD on to your HDD and install it from there. Lets try that... Nope - the source disc cannot be read. More forums - Ahh some people had issues with DVD RW drives. OK! So off I go and buy a DVD ROM drive and try that? Nothing! So I take the DVD out of the drive and look at it. Looks OK. No scratches - seems in pristine condition.
The I notice a tiny little imperfection in the surface of the data side. Get the light angled just right and a mark is visible - looks like a drop of water. Then another - and another! Hardly visible except in just the right light, at just the right angle, there is a line of these marks - about 2-3MM in diameter and in a curve in line with the edge of the disc. It looks like some solvent liquid was dripped onto the plastic disc before the data layer was applied, which has resulted in molten circular marks which were then covered by the shiny data layer. Incredibly difficult to see but definitely there.
Well some lessons there for sure. If your disc is faulty look at it.
Not the usual casual examination, but carefully, in detail and with the utmost care, examine the data surface and the printed surface, since I have had a game destroyed in the past by careless handling resulting in a scratch through the printed layer deep enough to allow light through from the data side. So the laser 'sees' a hole.
Thankfully this whole sorry tale has taken well under the 30 days allowed for a refund under Amazons conditions, so the offending item has been returned.
Now, do I re-order the game?
Since I have found out about all those other people who had problems with an old game on Windows 7 can I be bothered with all the hassle? Trouble is there were some who had no issues at all and are enjoying this allegedly brilliant simulation. Having enjoyed the original game so much I think it is worth the risk. Particularly at £4.49, and with Amazons guarantee.
Hopefully I will be writing a positive review really soon!
Well I am pleased to say the issue has been resolved. I re-ordered this game and have been using it trouble-free for some months. The original disc was returned and the money came back to my account.
Positively brilliant game too!

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