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Mark "Maxsmithy" (Staffordshire, England)

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Sony MicroVault USB 3.0 16Gb 120Mbps Aluminium Silver USM16GQ
Sony MicroVault USB 3.0 16Gb 120Mbps Aluminium Silver USM16GQ
Offered by sotel-electronics
Price: £36.58

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2.0 out of 5 stars Sleek and Stylish, but not practical, 13 Nov. 2013
This product would receive 5 star of me, however whilst it is sleek and stylish and has a lovely glowing light on it when it is plugged in, there is one fundamental flaw in it: It won't fit on to a key ring! I generally keep a memory stick on my set of keys, and this does not fit on any of my keyrings. So much so, that I have to drill a small hole in the bit where you could in theory put a keyring through (and where you then find a keyring won't fit) so that a keyring will now fit through. If you intend to put this on to set of keys/keyring, then don't buy this memory stick. Find a different one

Beats by Dr Dre Solo HD Project RED Headphones with ControlTalk  - Red
Beats by Dr Dre Solo HD Project RED Headphones with ControlTalk - Red

41 of 45 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Well worth the money, 24 Jun. 2011
After deciding that I wanted a new pair of on-ear headphones, I started to look into the 100's of different models available, before finally settling on these.
They come well packaged, with a separate carry case, which the headphones neatly fold into when you're not using them. You also get two interchangeable cables as well. One is a a plain cable with an auxiliary plug in at each end, the other has the Control/talk piece enabled for Smartphone and MP3 compatiable devices.
The headphones themselves are some what stylish compared to other makes and the colour of this particular model do make them stand out a lot. They are very comfy to wear and after wearing them for 3 hours straight whilst working, I did not have any symptoms of headaches or ear fatigue, which I have suffered when using other people's on-ear headphones.
The sound quality of these headphones is superb. The sound is crisp and clear with a wide range through the bass, mids and trebles. It doesn't sound flat or tinny, which I experienced with the Bowers & Wilkins P5 headphones. For a comparison, I own a set of Bowers & Wilkins Zepplin speakers and listening to this new pair of Headphones sounds like I am listening to my Zepplin speakers, the sound quality is that good. Songs that through some headphones and speakers sound blurry, due to the complex mix of music, on these headphones sound clear. You can hear each instrument perfectly, even in the bass tones. The noise cancellation is very good as well. Even at low volume in noisy environments, you can hear the headphones over background noise.
I am very happy that I chose these headphones, and they are well worth the price tag.
For those pondering due to the price tag, look at it like this: Buying off Amazon, the headphones are £10-15 cheaper then anywhere else, and you are paying at least £100 less then if you were buying the B&W P5's which sound half as good.

Finally a neat trick if you have these headphones: Suppose you're in a situation where you want to listen to your music, but you also need to be able to hear the environment around you, If so, do what do and where the headphones around your neck, put your music device volume to 50-75%+ and (while you lose a bit of sound quality) you have yourself a set of mini speakers!

iTALKonline BLUE Apple iPhone 4 4S (2011) 4G HD Hybrid Armour Hard Tough Shell Clip On Case Skin Cover
iTALKonline BLUE Apple iPhone 4 4S (2011) 4G HD Hybrid Armour Hard Tough Shell Clip On Case Skin Cover
Offered by iTALKonline-UK
Price: £9.95

1.0 out of 5 stars Case didn't actually fit, 16 May 2011
Ordered the case through Amazon Marketplace. It turned up rather speedily, however after opening up the packaging and fiddling about a bit, I couldn't get the case to fit snuggly to my iPhone 4. I sent the case back, and was sent another one to try, but again I had the same trouble. I sent the second case back, and this time demanded a refund from the company, which rather annoyingly took forever to come through. My advice, don't buy this case. Pay a bit more and buy something slightly more decent.

Scorpia Rising (Alex Rider)
Scorpia Rising (Alex Rider)
by Anthony Horowitz
Edition: Paperback

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5.0 out of 5 stars A finale worthy of such a brilliant series, 16 May 2011
It seems bizarre that over ten years ago, I started reading this series, as a fairly naive reader, who didn't really read much, and for that matter didn't really like reading. Now I have read the entire series cover to cover and at one point around books three and four, grew up with Alex. Now as well as all of Horowitz other books I have read other authors and really have broadened my reading literature. Though this might be the case, Horowitz books have always had a reserved spot with me, to which I have always returned when he has brought out a new book. This final instalment was no different, and writing this I feel sad at the thought that there will not be another book that in much detail follows the life of the young boy caught up in the world of MI6 and spying

Now for the actual review: For this book, Horowitz has made it quite different to the others in the series.
Firstly Alex at the age of fifteen appears more mature and grown up and there are points in the book which remind the reader of this. I have always maintained that Horowitz should have had Alex grow older as the series progressed, ending with Alex being sixteen or seventeen in this instalment.
This books also differs due to the nature of the plot. While some very basic elements remain as standard, the plot starts and remains in the hands of the enemy almost till the penultimate chapter, thus I found it enjoyably quite difficult to work out what would happen next. This was to the point that Alex's death seemed almost imminent on the next page. The only thing that came very obviously was the supposed, 'Shock Death.' Without giving anything away, this is the most blatant, obvious part of the book and reading through the build up events, you instantly know what is about to happen, which I think with the whole, 'Shock Death,' advertising of the book, made it much of an anti-climax. I can, however forgive Horowitz of this because of all the other surprises, that I really wasn't expecting.
The ending could possibly have been better, however he does leave the ends, 'neatly tied up,' as it were, thus continuing the final chapter would have been slightly pointless and would only drag out the book and leave the reader to further ponder Alex's life after the final sentence.
As a final point to my nit picking: more romance between Alex and Sabina would have been nice, I felt that that was lacking from the book. At fifteen, I think Alex is of an age to be experiencing those sorts of things, and the argument that they are deliberately missing because this is a children's book, just doesn't figure when there are numerous vivd descriptions of deaths and killings. As one other reviewer mentions, this book is most definitely a book for early to late teenagers.

For Parents: okay, this book does have a lot of vivid deaths and killings, with at times, some very long descriptions of these scenes, and by the final chapter there is a substantial body count that I think could surpass even a record set by James Bond. This book is also more dark and sinister then any of the other books have ever been.
In terms of other parental guidance there is some mild swearing, and there is much death, killing and violence, but nothing that will give nightmares for nights afterwards.

If your child has read all the previous books, you would be cruel not to let him/her finish the series.
If you're an avid fan, then you must finish the series, even if like me, you have grown a little older then the intended reading age.
For those new to the series, start by reading Stormbreaker then work your way through the series, else parts of this book will make absolutely no sense to you at all
For parents, with children, particularly sons, who don't really like reading, get them reading The Alex Rider series, and from then on they'll be hooked. That's how I started, and since then, i've never looked back.
As a final point: should Anthony Horowitz or someone who works with him, ever read this small Amazon review, then I congratulate him on such a brilliant series, and I look forward to reading the last of the Power of Five books as well as any other books that he ends up writing.

The Joneses [DVD]
The Joneses [DVD]
Dvd ~ David Duchovny
Offered by DVD Overstocks
Price: £4.50

6 of 9 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars A interesting film but possibly not everyone's cup of tea, 10 May 2010
This review is from: The Joneses [DVD] (DVD)
When I first heard the outline for this film I was intrigued, 'A rich have-it-all family, who lose everything and have to expose their devious ways,'
This sounded interesting, however I thought that the part about their lives being turned upside down would be the prominent event of the film, however the film plods along with them marketing various things (There is so much product placement, it is unbelievable) then right in the last ten minutes the major event happens, it effects one of the characters, but then kinda works itself out anyway.
The film could have been much better if they had focused more on the 'everything going wrong,' involving the entire family and making it a bit more comedic.
Otherwise this film is a whole lot of American product placement mixed in with the problems of a family that isn't a family and an insight into a method of globally used marketing.
It's worth seeing once, so go and rent it, borrow it from a friend or put it on a Christmas/Birthday wish list, but I'm not sure I would buy the DVD myself.

Crocodile Tears (Alex Rider)
Crocodile Tears (Alex Rider)
by Anthony Horowitz
Edition: Hardcover

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Yes he's back, but is he as good, 24 Nov. 2009
Small technical point before I begin. If you don't want to read by full review, read the next paragraph then skip to the bit highlighted with the **** and then read to the end.

I firstly have to admit that I have been an avid Horowitz fan, and he is the man that all those years ago started me reading. Since then I haven't read many books, and of thise I have read, much have them have been his. The book proves itself a good read to a diehard fan like me for the fact that I've read the book in less then a weekend.
Yes it is a good read, and there is plenty of action from cover to cover. The plot is a bit more down to earth and more realistic with the use of GM crops and false charities (an idea that Horowitz has portrayed in his book, 'The Blurred Man'). Even with all this I think the plot is a bit simple, shown by the fact that I could quite quickly foresee the basic plot to the Bad Guy's evil plan, the book just told me how it arrives at that point. I think for this reason Snake Head was possibly better as it kept you guessing as to what was going to happen next.
Another problem I have with this book is the age of Alex Rider. I remember as a young teenager the imagination you could have from thinking about being Alex Rider. However, now that I'm older(approaching the end my teens) I look at some of the younger age groups in school and realise that some of them are Fourteen, and the way they act makes the idea of a fourteen year old spy seem very unrealistic. I think part of this problem is from the fact that there is hardly a week or two in real time between one book finishing and the next starting. Horowitz could have done with spreading the time between each book so that by now Alex was now 16 approaching 17 (to me, if you get the feeling that Horowitz portrays him at that age, but he keeps mentioning that he is 14). That would mean he would have grown up with a generation of readers, and that the bad guys in each book would be more realistic, in that if you think about in the eight books, most of the bad guys are aiming for world domination, mass terrorism or mass death. It is a bit unrealistic for them all to climax in the space of year. One every couple of years sounds much more believable.

****Finally I have some consumer advice to different consumers: ****
For an avid Horowitz and Alex Rider reader, you must read the book to find out the next instalment,
To an avid reader who likes an action book, and has read the previous books in the series, it is worth a read so go and buy it or add it to your Christmas list.
For anyone who's never read any Alex Rider or Horowitz, or is thinking or buying the book for someone of the same nature, DON'T buy the book. Instead BUY STORMBREAKER and work your way through the series. If you read Crocodile Tears first, lots of bits won't be clear as you'll have no previous knowledge of Alex Rider's history or life.

Overall I would say that the book's been good to read however, I think the series is coming to end due to the fact that Horowitz won't really be able to squeeze much more out of a kid who is only 14, Alex Rider needs to be left to grow older!

H2O Audio ISH3 Headphone
H2O Audio ISH3 Headphone

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars It's better then the last one, 7 Oct. 2009
This is an upgrade of the last iPod Shuffle case that H20 Audio made. This newer version has less extra bits that come with the case (e.g. the plastic head strap and the goggle clips). Some people might think that without the goggle clips holding the headphones in place, the headphones would simply fall out. You are wrong to think that. The new head phones are designed to be pushed into you ear and create a vacuum. Due to the vacuum they stay in fine. I will admit that at the beginning of a swimming session they take about 150m worth of swimming before they are a snug fit. The new headphones are now a funky blue colour and there are eight different sizes for the headphones and I would advise you to try all of them to see which size best suits you (If you think that sounds confusing don't be as the case comes with eight different sized pairs of headphone covers); however the overall case is a lot less inconspicuous. The sound quality produced from the headphones is better, and where as with the old case the sound quality was better underwater, now the quality is the same, both above and below the water. Overall I would say to any competitive swimmer to get this, and if you have the old case and headphones, GET THE UPGRADE!

No Title Available

5.0 out of 5 stars The photo is a bit decieving, but other then that they're great, 7 Oct. 2009
They are brilliant for any competitive swimmer who wants to make training harder and increase their fitness. One slight note about them though is that on the product photo they look slightly pinker then they actually are. The shorts are more of a deep pink towards a light purpley colour. Apart from that they are well worth getting and can turn heads in a public pool (the blue colour's there if you don't want to suffer the embarrassment)

H2O iSH2 Waterproof Headset
H2O iSH2 Waterproof Headset

5.0 out of 5 stars A really useful little gadget, 26 Jun. 2009
This Gadget is brilliant. I'm a district and county swimmer. I have always enjoyed swimming. It is the only sport I am good at, However, I will always freely admit that swimming up and down a pool continuously can become quite boring. Not now however. This iPod Case is brilliant as it works underwater, And the weird thing is that the sound quality is actually better underwater. It easily attaches on to goggles and bar the music, you don't really notice it after a while. The controls do take a bit of pushing, but do work. You do need to adjust the volume, depending on what stroke you are doing. This is mainly because certain strokes produce more background noise. The other benefit of this item is that you can use for any water sport, or even in the shower, however, Apple say the Shuffle will only operate between temperatures between 0 and 35 degrees celcius and the case works up to a maximum of 3 metres or 10 feet underwater. In conclusion, if you are a keen swimmer and are umming and arring about buying this, then I would say buy it as it will be money well spent.

UPDATE AS OF 7/10/09
What I said above is all good, but for an extra £20 (approx.) you can get the new upgraded version of this case and headphones. just copy 'Interval Waterproof Headphone System' into the Amazon search bar, and click 'search'. The upgrade is much, much better and well worth the extra cash. (I have written a full review of the product on the product page)

Inflatable Lounger iPod/MP3 ROCKING CHAIR with Speakers
Inflatable Lounger iPod/MP3 ROCKING CHAIR with Speakers

1.0 out of 5 stars Not as amazing as it is pumped up to be, 29 May 2009
There is one glimmer of usefulness in this product. That is that it is vaguely comfortable. Aprt from that though, it is quite frankly not worth the money. The speakers are appauling in quality, but worst of all is the inflatable part. it takes ages to pump with footpump, and the material it is made out of is not robobust, so that it easily picks up punctures. You can't really patch it up either as the repair kit was useless. To top iit off, the prodct lasted a week with me (I was in no way trying to test it to the limit, it just got used normally) I fell on to it, and one compartment burst, leaving it unrepairable, I was sent a second one, but the same problem occured after a week. Overall I would say: DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT, IT IS A WASTE OF MONEY. Buy a beanbag it will last a lot longer

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